Thursday, October 29, 2015


Over the past week or two I have found myself{as the riding season wanes} sitting here messing around with a program that allows you to turn photos into Sketches, Cartoons, is the link:

Photos to Sketches

And here are some of the results:

Some come out well, others, not so much, but fun just to kill time working on them.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Bunker 51 and the Battle for Tan Son Nhut and Saigon

 TET 1968 occurred a full 18 months before I arrived in Vietnam and almost 2 years before I headed for Saigon and Tan Son Nhut to do duty on my 2nd Air Force Base in Country....after a stay at Nha Trang, working Law Enforcement, I was shipped off to TSN to work C Flight{overnight} first night of duty was on the rebuilt bunker O51 in Echo Sector:

Here is the updated story of The Battle of Tan Son Nhut and Bunker 51: 

Click Link Below:

Bunker 51 TET 1968

In total 111 Security and Air Police died in the Vietnam "War"....some in battle, some by accident, illness, and other means....the 4 men who died at Bunker O51 remain the faces of the Air Force Security Police of our time....

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                                   >>>PRH Cop School Sept 68

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Looking Back 40 years and more....

I woke up this morning, shortly after Patricia left for Wapak....I thought it might be a day for riding the Dual Sport TW....after~all I felt better this morning.  The multiple football officiating games or just plain old age, seemed to be having a negative effect on my 66 1/2 year old body, and the last couple of days have not been pleasant, but the couple of days in a row without football and just sitting around seemed to help.

I took a quick shower, grabbed a cup of coffee and checked out the Internet, like I usually do first thing when wife is working...the forecast was not looking good for riding, it was 50 and windy and they are calling for a mix of clouds and sun.  Hell back in 1974 or 75 this would be great riding weather, after all I rode that dual sport Kawasaki 250 all year back in those "Red Door" days, before I headed off to Athens, Ohio, and my first college stop at Hocking Tech, in Nelsonville, 50, cloudy, and windy, seemed like a pain in the ass to me, at least riding Motorcycle wise....

So no TW ride today....but it did get me thinking about what has and is happening to me and this Republic these days....and it's not pleasant.

1974 was certainly not the greatest of times in American History.... however for me that period was about as good as one could have for a 25 year old....I had met Patricia, just a year after the saddest of times, when my dad had died of a massive Heart Attack on Christmas Eve of 1972...I was coming out of that and other mistakes I had made since my Air Force days.  I purchased my first motorcycle, a 1974 Kawasaki, in April of that year, and it quickly became my vehicle of choice for travel for the next 18 months, until I headed off to Hocking.

That period, Nixon Resigned, Ford came in to office, and shortly thereafter in 1976 the worst President in American History{pre-Obama} was elected....Jimmy F**king Carter, was the most useless piece of Human Dung I can imagine leading the nation, however since that time, with the exception of the Reagan years, things have not improved, and we are now saddled with a Kenyan Born Faggot, and Marxist, anti American Muslim in the White House....our Government and Military, along with the Court System has been purged of Patriots, Christians, and Straight, and replaced with a group of angry man hating, abortion loving women{in name only} Gay Rainbow Warriors, and Radical Islamic Supporters....pray all you want or can, the Republic is not coming back, we are outnumbered, and there are to few "real men" willing to pick up arms, shovels, rope, and trees, to take care of the addition to the corruption of the Government, the so called Churches, with the rare exception, have been taken over by the same groups.....

So excuse me for looking back with fondness the period of 4 decades ago...those times are done, and aren't coming back....not bitter am I, after all I had my run, and for me it was the best of times...sadly I doubt if my kids and grandsons will be able to say the same....but I would like to stick around long enough to see the bastards that have ruined this nation get what they deserve....

Meanwhile, as soon as the next sunny and somewhat warm day comes....I plan on taking a ride and smelling the sweet air of what is left of this once great nation....

You can now return to watching "The View", "Dancing with the Nitwits', and American Infidel.....or holding on to the perverted belief that Obama is really a Christian who doesn't hate America.....SUCKERS!