Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Proof: Americans Are Idiots

The Sun is shining
as King Barry and his gang of 500, plus Queen Michelle Antoinette Obama, head for Europe to kiss up to the Socialist and Islamic Terrorist excuse makers there. One can only hope Europe would see fit to make then King and Queen of Western Europe, and keep them...that way we would not have to see their sorry faces on US soil again, unless it was behind bars for treason....if only? But this dream will quickly become our ever evolving nightmare once the King and Queen return to Washington DC.

Meanwhile Obama lap dogs ABC/Washington Post have come out with a new poll telling us that American voters really don't blame Obama for the economic woes that have befallen us since his ascension to the throne of the west wing commode:


It appears a full 2/3rds of American voters are still dumb as rocks when it comes to their support for our Marxist-in-Chief...instead of laying the blame on Big Ears Barry and Little Timmy his troll like Treasury Secretary, they choose to blame Big Business and George Bush for not regulating enough. Sure W and Wall Street are in part to blame for this economic meltdown, but Obama wants to melt it down so much more, and he is. In a nutshell folks, there you have it...the vast majority of Americans are STUPID and ill informed. But you knew that anyway, didn't you? Anybody with a brain has to know this Chicago street punk and his "red" blooded commie wife, who envisions herself as "Queen of America", are evil as it gets...so yes Europe, please keep these 2 and you can have the lap dog press as well...Hell, Joe Biden would be a comic relief from our resident White House Satan worshippers.

Enough of bullshit politics for today,. I really am sick of it, and the 60% of American Idiots that believe this half baked half assed clown named Barack.

Opening Day___

The High School baseball season opened under sunny skies yesterday in west central Ohio. I headed for Delphos, on the Van Wert-Allen County Line, and a Varsity contest between Delphos St. Johns and Wapakoneta...the host Blue Jays moved into a temperory new diamond at Stadium Park....one that will host them until they can sod and revamp the old park in a couple of years. I did the home plate, while my partner Greg Place from Greenville did the bases...it was good to get back to work doing "real" games(as opposed to the handful of scrimmages over the past week). The temperature was only about 52, but with no wind and plenty of sunshine, I actually worked up a sweat behind all the plate gear...the game was a well played/well pitched, "quickie", with the visiting Redskins coming out on top by a 5-1 count. The game lasted less than 90 minutes. Meanwhile Sam got out of his classes at OSU-Lima and did the plate at St. Marys, where the home standing Roughriders took out Parkway 5-3. So the Western Buckeye League(WBL) came out winners over the Midwest Athletic Conference(MAC) in those 2 games.

Tonight, Garry Mosier and I will try to beat the rain, as we drive to my old home territory, and do the Haviland Wayne Trace contest with state power Defiance, also out of the WBL....Sam meanwhile heads towards Clermont County where his OSU-Lima Barons take on Clermont, Sam was named to the 15 man travel team for this one. The Barons are still looking for their first win, now standing at 0-6.

Tonight, rain is slated to move back in for the evening hours....my guess is, for the first two weeks of the season, we will be dodging rain showers and maybe some snow flurries as we head out to the diamonds...the first weeks of April usually find us with as many rain outs as games, we will see how this early season shakes out.

That will be it for now, off to the shower, and face the morning.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama's Posse' /Bemidji State and Miami Redhawks

I see our beloved emperor Barry Soetoro Obama and his posse' are heading for Europe...with a gang of 500+ members of his staff, paid for by the US Taxpayer...can you imagine the outrage if Bush had taken along this many staffers on the taxpayer's dime? Of course our current useless Prez named Barry/Barack will get a pass...why not? He plans on bailing out the lapdog media if they fail too. How many of you morons that voted for this SOB are happy with the "change" you're getting? This Marxist clown is destroying the country from within?
And spare me, if you think I will stop calling this evil creature anything other what I have been calling him. Actually I'm being way nice in my mind....I just wonder if Queen Michelle will have her own entourage, separate from Barry? "Let them eat cake" you say Michelle?

All Hell is breaking loose in Washington DC....I wonder if the folks in the heartland, the majority anyway, have a clue that this country is being hijacked by a Chicago street punk, and his Brown Shirted Gang?

Glenn Beck's 912 Project being hacked

Beck reported this morning that his 912 project is being hacked and was shutdown for awhile over the weekend:


Click the above link, or you can also click on the snake on my left border, it is the only "real" 912 project...it's free, don't buy into the ones asking for "donations"...they are bogus.

Beck also reports that left wing hackers are trying to shut down the 912 Project, which now has more than 345,000 sign ups....the left wing media, and the Obamanation can't be pleased....you can bet they will do anything, both legal and illegal, to try to discredit the project.

As I mentioned in my rare Sunday post yesterday, the NCAA Hockey Tournament has been superior to the Basketball Tournament in exciting play and close games...yesterday Top Ranked Boston University scored late to defeat New Hampshire. Then the lowest ranked team in the tournament, Bemidji State, knocked off Cornell, to join BU, Miami of Ohio, and Vermont at the Frozen Four in Washington DC, on April 9th and 11th. Miami and Bemidji are #4 seeds, Vermont a #3, and only BU was a #1 seed....remember, nobody is seeded lower than a 4, making this the first Frozen Four with a gaggle of lower ranked teams.

In addition, something I didn't know(or did many others from small town Celina), the starting Goalie from the Miami Redhawks is a kid from our town of 11,000...from a high school, Celina, without organized Hockey...his name is Cody Reichard. Cody just turned 22, and is now, along with his Redhawk teammates, heading for the final 4. It appears(although I don't know the entire story), that Cody honed his goal tending skills at the local Roller Hockey rinks..he previously played at Alaska Fairbanks. I was going to watch the Frozen 4 anyway...now with a local kid, front and center, it is with renewed interest. Vermont will take on BU, and upstarts Miami and Bemidji will face off in the Semi-Finals on April 9th.

Play Ball(Maybe)_________

Today is opening day for the High School Varsity baseball season. I guess I should say, ground conditions permitting. Heavy rains Saturday night were followed by rain, wind, snow, and cold, yesterday...I'm not sure if this morning's sunshine is going to dry off many of the diamonds in west central and northwest Ohio where I ply my umpiring skills. So far though, I've received no cancellation notice for either Sam or me. He is scheduled for a Varsity game at St. Marys against Parkway, while I'm slated to be at the new diamond in Delphos, for a St. Johns vs Wapakoneta game. Tomorrow it is slated to be warmer, before rain moves in tomorrow night, and Garry Mosier and I will be at Wayne Trace against perennial power Defiance....the first week or so of spring baseball is always a crap shoot, if you get half the games in, you have to feel lucky.

The Fox Nation___

I see Fox News has come up with a new web site for Fox fans....this would excluded most of you dumbasses that voted for Obama or support his Socialist and Marxist policies....

Limbaugh and Beck are included in the opening day editorials....

You can go here for the new site:


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Photos-Barry Soetoro Obama and his Posse' will be heading to Europe on the taxpayers dime(billions and billions of dimes). Hometown kid Cody Reichard of the Miami Redhawks is heading for the Frozen Four in DC(photo is when Cody was playing for Alaska Fairbanks)...and Chad Billingsley of the LA Dodgers...Chad iS from Defiance, Ohio, and I got to umpire his fast ball a few times during his high school and American Legion career...I am scheduled to ump his former school, tomorrow at Haviland Wayne Trace.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

NCAA Hockey/Weekend Update

While most of the sports world is concentrating on the NCAA "March Madness" and the annual basketball tournament...the best games of the post season, for the most part, have been in the annual NCAA Hockey Tournament, leading to the Frozen Final Four in Washington DC(a strange place to play a Hockey Tournament it seems to me) the first full week of April.

Of the 16 teams entered in the tourney, Boston University, Notre Dame, Michigan, and Denver, were ranked #1...after one round, only BU was left, via a 8-3 over our very young(23 Freshman and Sophomores) Ohio State Buckeyes....ND, UM, and Denver, were all dispatched by #4 seeds(the lowest seeds in each bracket), in order, by Bemidji State, The Air Force Academy, and Miami of Ohio. Miami won again last night, over Minnesota at Duluth to qualify for the DC event...where they will be joined by Vermont and the winners of tonight's other regional finals. Boston University, it appears, has the inside track to win it all...but the way this thing is shaking out, anything can happen...with OSU and North Dakota(love them only because they have the balls to tell the NCAA to shove it, when the Nazi governing body tried to force them to give up their nickname, "The Sioux"..told them to stick it, and kept the name) now gone, I'll root for Miami and upstart Bemidji State(if they can win tonight, they would join Miami in making their first Final 4, having just made the Tournament for the first time). Vermont made the final 4 by coming from behind to defeat Air Force last night. Two games have seen tying goals scored with less than 1 second left in regulation, while a win by Cornell(also a #3 Seed) came with 18 seconds left, coming from behind over Northeastern.

Tonight's games to decide the final 2 spots feature New Hampshire(another last second tie then OT winner over Duluth) vs Boston College at 5 and then following will be Bemidji State facing off against Cornell. Games are slated for ESPN2 and/or ESPNU.

Meanwhile on the basketball front...my bracket was blown out of the water last night when #3 seeded Villanova defeated Big East Rival and #1 seed Pittsburgh...I had Pitt winning in all my brackets. Now, all I can do is root against UCONN and UNC, and hope neither team makes the championship game.....being a Duke fan I despise both schools(Athletically Speaking). Tonight, Michigan State vs Louisville, and UNC vs Oklahoma will send the final 2 teams to fill the final 4 along with UCONN and Nova'.

Weather wise over the weekend, Friday was a perfect late March day, sunshine, low winds, and a high in the lower 60s...yesterday was cloudy and windy, a raw east wind, with temps in the middle 50s...today we are expecting some snow flurries and about 40 for the afternoon temperatures....heavy thunderstorms rolled through last night.

Despite the weather or maybe because of it, I got a scrimmage in both Friday and Saturday...making it all 7 scrimmages completed, something indeed rare for March. Usually we are lucky to get 1 or 2 in per pre-season. Tomorrow, weather permitting the regular season kicks off...I'm at Delphos St. Johns for a varsity match-up with Wapakoneta. Tuesday Wayne Trace hosts perennial power Defiance, so Garry and I will team up for that one.

Time to get around and see what this Sunday brings....

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Duke is Done!

Well my favorite basketball team got whupped last night by Villanova...Duke couldn't shoot, didn't defend in the 2nd half, and made an ungraceful exit in the sweet 16, getting thumped by the Wildcats out of Philadelphia 77-54. Down only 3 at halftime, things went south quickly in the second half for the Blue Devils. Another #2 seed, The Memphis Tigers, also went down in flames, as did Ohio's last remaining team, Xavier. X was up most of the game to #1 seeded Pittsburgh, before losing in the last 30 seconds 60-55...the only good news for me is that I have Pittsburgh winning in all 5 of my brackets...anybody but UCONNs(most corrupt program since UNLV in the 80s and 90s).....hopefully Gonzaga will knock off UNC tonight as well, giving me someone(besides Pitt) to root for.


The weather is holding out for another day before the bottom drops out over the weekend. Yesterday reached 63 with some sunshine for our scrimmage at Parkway, tonight back to Russia(Rue-she), Ohio, for my 3rd trip of the early spring scrimmage season...tomorrow the rain moves in, and Sunday is calling for some snow showers, and a high near 40. Next week looks fiftyish and wet, on and off. The opening week of the Regular season, looks like most opening weeks....a chance we won't get some games in.


April 15th is approaching fast...this year however, instead of only being Tax Day for those waiting until the last minute to file...it's going to be Tax Tea Protest Day...it appears that things are moving along, faster than those organizing the events nationwide could even imagine...should be fun. Obama, the main stream media, and his Majesty's henchman, have to be thinking of ways to drown the folks out...they hate us, and let's face it, anybody with a brain hates almost anybody serving in Washington right now...and hate may not be too strong...more like "Hate and Despise".

That's it, a short one for today...have a great weekend, even though our string of nice spring weather, is coming to an end by tomorrow night...it's that time of year.

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Yes He is, The Manchurian President!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Glenn Beck 9-12 Project

Cloudy this morning, or if you believe the radar, it's raining...if you believe the radar, I don't at this point. One thing for sure, the weather for March has been pretty nice, but that looks to change this coming weekend and into most of next week. Just in time for the start of the regular high school baseball season. Well, you can't do much about it, except complain. Meanwhile, weather permitting, I have scrimmages at Parkway tonight, Russia(Rue-she) tomorrow, and Saturday afternoon at Coldwater...as I said, weather permitting. Monday kicks off the regular season, I'm at Delphos St. Johns with Wapakoneta.

Meanwhile Sam is with the OSU-Lima Barons baseball team in Kentucky, where it looks wet as well....not sure if Sam is all that pleased with his decision to play ball and give up a thousand bucks in umpire fees, his playing time(or lack of) seems to be the issue...but as I told him, you roll the dice, sometimes it comes up "snake eyes". Sam is a damn good high school umpire, and needless to say, I was somewhat surprised he gave up a full 40% of his varsity games to follow this 1 year dream...but at 27 that decision is strictly his to make.

The 9-12 Project

Talk Radio Host and Fox News Host Glenn Beck is mad as Hell, and he doesn't plan on taking it anymore. A few weeks ago Glenn came up with the "We Surround Them" project...a meeting place where like minded folks came together to let the world know that the majority of us are pissed off about bail outs, illegal immigration, excess spending in Washington DC, and the selling out of this country by the political hacks that "lead" us.

Now Glenn has created the 9-12 project...to go there click on the snake on the top left of border of this blog, or at the link at the bottom.

Rather than me go into details about it, I suggest you go there are read the principals of 9-12. 9-12 is an attempt by Beck to bring us back to where we were and how we felt on the day after the planes crashed into the twin towers. The project is taking off like gang busters, within a week of it being kicked off, 9-12 has a quarter of a million signers. I urge you to sign up....there are no fees or requirements, except to say you agree with "most" not necessarly all of the 21 decrees.

Beck is #3 behind Limbaugh and Hannity on radio, his show can be listened to 9AM-12noon around the country or on XM Radio Channel 165. He is also on Fox News at 5PM Eastern(for you on the west coast, it's 2PM and a rerun at 11PM) for an hour Monday through Friday.

The loons on the left, like Keith Oldblowaman on MSNBC are getting their clocks cleaned by the Beck TV Show and have made him public enemy #1...their turf is being invaded, and I've got news for you sorry bastards of liberal land...GET USED TO IT! We ARE mad as Hell, because we have seen the enemy, and the UN and the American Left are.

Time to hit the shower and shave....I'll be back later.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Emperor Strikes Back/Remembering My Lai

Did anybody watch our Presidential Ass Clown talk down to his loving supporters in the Press last night? I have to say...No, on my part. But I did catch snippets of the Emperor's work on Fox in between periods of the Hockey and NIT Basketball games last night. And nothing has changed, Obama is still out of his league, and it appears doesn't have a freaking clue what is going on...his only answers this time were scripted from a large TV in the back, rather than his usual teleprompters. The only one agreeing with his Majesty was fat assed Bob Beckel on Fox, even Juan Williams and other lefties are steering clear of this Bullshit Artist and his attempt to spread his own brand of American Marxism around.

I long ago concluded that this Harvard Educated piss ant is not only dangerous, he is truly stupid and unprepared as well. We are heading to Hell, and we've already lost the handbasket.

Did another scrimmage last night, this one in Convoy, at Crestview High School....then after the game and a couple of cold ones, I hit the sack, only to be awakened by the sound of strong winds from the southwest and rain hitting the bedroom windows upstairs. I can pretty well guess the trees over at mom's house have deposited a large number of old branches on the lawn...something else to get me out of the house...I am guessing there are a few on my sidewalks and in the yard as well.

Baseball meeting at Van Wert tonight, I've already met my quota, but will probably attend this one and the final one next week as well....a young umpire who went to the same umpire training school as Sam(Harry Wendelstadt in Daytona Beach) has been doing an excellent job of presenting rules and situations with video and power point over the past 6 weeks...making the 90 minute sessions worthwhile.

Tomorrow, if the fields dry, and that's a big if, I have a scrimmage at Rockford Parkway, then Friday back to Russia, and Saturday the final pre-season game at Coldwater....then it's on to the real games starting at Delphos St. Johns on Monday the 30th. Of course the games are all subject to the whims of the weather, especially these early season one...March and April in Ohio is pretty fickle.

Youngest son Hal called last night and asked me my opinions about the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam. The My Lai incident was the alleged killing of over 500 civilians by Lt. William Calley and his troops, on March 16, 1968(that happened to be my 19th birthday). I was a few months away from joining the Air Force when My Lai occured...and really don't remember the incident until the Calley Trial(Witch Hunt) began after I returned stateside from my summer trip to the RVN.
As I told Hal...I am not sure what happened. In reality, I suspect the reports by the media, the left wing hacks they were even back then, were written to bring disgrace and dishonor to those fighting in Vietnam. The media hated the US Government and those fighting through no fault of our own, in Vietnam. Most reporters were/are gutless bastards who didn't' have the soul or nuts to serve this country or anything but their own self interest(there are of course exceptions throughout history). That aside, I told him Calley was probably guilty of some form of genocide in the incident, and the slaughter of innocents, even in a time of war, and even if the adults in the town of My Lai were supporting the VC and NVA, could not be justified.

I also told him my problem with the whole trial of William Calley was that Calley, one man, was left to be the scapegoat for a few dozen others, especially his immediate superiors, who got off scott-free. The brass were given a pass...it turns out that William Calley was as well, serving a few years on house arrest, then let out to live with his own demons.

In summation, I told Hal, that I really didn't have thoughts other than those stated...but I did know at the time of the trial, the men I served with at Griffiss AFB, in Rome, NY, were almost to the man, supportive of Lt Calley and against the sentence...He(Hal) would have to go it alone when he gave his report on My Lai to the kids at Fairborn High School this morning. I, for one of the few times in my life, would have to sit the fence on this one.
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photos-top left, the Emperor himself King Barry Obama...A Time Magazine
cover during the My Lai trial of Lt William Calley back in 1971...and I would be remiss if I failed to mention my latest collection
of Cigars from Cigar International came via
UPS yesterday. The 2 boxes of the fat little
Flor Del Todo torpedoes and silver tubed
Alteza millennium 2000s from the start
of the decade only ran about a $ buck or so a stick....nothing special, but on any budget affordable, and worth lighting up outdoors in the coming warm weather months, 60 cigars should last me until at least July, maybe longer...click on Mr Smiley on the left border for the CI Web Page.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finishing up Dartball

The early spring weather continues to feel and look like mid to late spring as we enter the last week of March. Upper 60s today, with rain on the way for tonight, but no "cold" weather in sight for the time being. Baseball Scrimmage at Convoy Crestview tonight. Sam is in Kentucky at the University of the Cumberland for 4 games over the next 3 days...yesterday OSU-Lima dropped to 0 wins 3 loses on the young season, losing to Miami University at Hamilton(Ohio) 10-4...Sam warmed the bench, so he remains 0 for 2 on the season, the ego may be getting a little bruised, but hey at 27, he's still in the game, and the second oldest on the team, a distance cousin being the oldest at 29.

Last night Patricia and I headed to the metropolis of Schumm, Ohio(population about 25 not counting Dairy Cattle), and attended the Wabash Valley Dartball League banquet...food, entertainment, and the hand out of the awards. We got our 2nd place Tournament Trophy for St. Johns-Celina Lutheran, and I picked up Sam and my "All Star Shirts" for making the All-Star team...this marks my 12 time in 15 years, even though my stats were rather pedestrian this season....a .362 batting average and just 22 runs batted in. I have managed to bat over 400 in 11 of 15 years, but have failed the last 2 years, hitting .353 last season and this years .362.

The Wabash Valley Dartball League began back in 1938, making this the 71st consecutive year according to our records which the "host" team keeps in it's possession each season. Schumm was the host church this season just ended, we(St. John Lutheran-Celina), will take over for 2009-10. The host church/team takes over the finances, hosts the playoffs, the tournament, and the season ending banquet, and takes care of the trophies and awards. So, I'm league President this coming season, meaning a figurehead that gets to dole out the other positions, so I don't have to do most of the work....smart move.

When originally founded the league was strictly Lutheran Churches situated around the Wabash River Valley of west Ohio and the Indiana border of Ohio....teams from Van Wert, Mercer, and Darke Counties made up the 12 team league. Now days we have 3 Lutheran Churches and other denominations scattered throughout Mercer County, with Schumm, being in Van Wert County...and are down to 8 teams. We don't have the numbers as past years, seems the teens have little interest in "Dartball", but we keep recruiting enough young guys to keep the league going...our team ranged in age from 10 to 90(Original League member Martin ), with the 90 year young guy still hitting as good as just about anybody, Martin is usually around or above the .300 average mark each year.

So we will keep plugging away, Wabash Valley Dartball season #72 starts in October.

Today, working on the floors and some spot removal on the lite colored throw rugs, that comes with an almost 11 year old Airedale deciding to come into "heat" at an advanced age...had to put the disposal diapers on Reagan, and needless to say, she is not all that happy about it...but tough, that, or she goes outside or the back storage room for the duration, making her even less happy.

Got home last night from the banquet, and watched the Philadelphia Flyers take on New Jersey. Philly pretty much secured themselves a home rink advantage for the Stanley Cup Playoffs coming up in April, with a 4-2 win over the Division leaders....unless they do a total collapse. It's also looking like the Columbus Blue Jackets may make the playoffs for the first time in their 8 year history, hopefully so, they have a great fan base, and that base needs to be rewarded.

I am reaching for stories as you can tell...guess I'll shut it down for this post.

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Photos-front of my "All Star" T-Shirt. and front and back sides of the Dartball Tournament Banquet Flyer.

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Knowing" The Weekend

Seldom in mid to late March do you get 2 almost perfect(for the season) weather weekends in a row...but that has been the case so far this month. You gotta wonder what Mother Nature has in store for us from here on out in western Ohio?

Friday night I was at Spencerville for a scrimmage with temps in the upper 40s and sunny, then Saturday back at Russia(Rue-she), Ohio, for my second and last visit there for the spring season...temps in the middle 50s for the latter part of the scrimmage between the home team and Piqua...yesterday it reached the 60 degree mark, with plenty of sunshine throughout the entire weekend.

Between baseball and backyard time I did get to spend most of the weekend outside...I did grab a few looks at the NCAA Tournament, watching Duke win a couple of times and watched Ohio State gag their opening and only game to upstart Siena. Only a few upsets in the going so far, only one remaining team(Arizona) is seeded below 5th, and only Purdue and Arizona below 4th, so despite early wins by Ohio teams Dayton and Cleveland State, the brackets are pretty much as advertised. Which makes for pretty boring stuff...although a couple of good games, highlighted by the Gonzaga-Western Kentucky contest on Saturday night, with the Zags coming out on top by 2 on a last second shot, after a furious WK comeback. My top pick, Pittsburgh, and my favorite team, Duke, are in line to meet up in the Semis, but both have tough games, {Pitt-Xavier/Duke-Villanova} before that happens.

Yesterday afternoon Patricia and I took off and walked the 6 blocks to the Celina 5 Movie Theater Complex, and took in the latest Nicolas Cage movie, "Knowing". With Cage you never know what you are going to get. Most of his movies are entertaining, but some are turkeys..."Knowing" is in the "entertaining" but complex and disturbing category.

Cage plays a professor at MIT, a recent widower with a young son....the movie in a nutshell comes down to a series of numbers written on a sheet of paper, left in a time capsule from 1959..those numbers bear the longitude/latitude, date, and number of deaths from all major disasters from 1959-2009. They were written down by a young girl(now dead) when the time capsule was placed in the ground at the opening of a new elementary school fifty years before...A professed non-believer(Cage) begins his quest to find the few remaining events which have not yet taken place. Great, albeit disturbing, special effects, highlight this movie, which challenges science(Obama and his worshippers would be so depressed, finding out science may not be the only answers), and other beliefs. I give the movie a B+...if you don't like your beliefs challenged or you are looking for sex, drugs, and rock and roll, you won't like this one...although Cage does like to down a bottle of 100 proof a day as a sedative for losing his wife, and his beliefs. Good Movie and well worth the 2 hours, but as I said...pretty disturbing, and not a feel good flick.

Oldest son, Sam, takes off this morning with his OSU Lima Barons baseball club for Hamilton, Ohio, then on to Kentucky for the week...they are scheduled for a double header in southwest Ohio tonight, and then 4 more games this week in the Hills of Kentucky... at the University of the Cumberlands...they return home late Thursday night.

Patricia and I will attend the annual Dartball Banquet tonight at Schumn, Ohio. Our team, St. Johns, will receive a trophy for coming in 2nd in the tournament. Considering the new and young players we have, and losing a couple of stalwarts, we did all right...Sam(who won't be there) and I will get T-Shirts, in place of trophies for being on the All-Star squad. The rest of the week(except Wednesday), will see the final week of baseball scrimmages before the real season is set to begin(weather approving) next Monday, March 30th.

In the meantime, I plan on enjoying the current weather as it continues to be above "normal" for this week! THANK YOU AL GORE, THANK YOU GLOBAL WARMING!(sarcasm alert)

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photos-poster from "Knowing" in movie houses everywhere/and Sam's baseball cap for the OSU-Lima "Barons"

Friday, March 20, 2009

Baseball, Tax Tea Party, and Nero Obama Fiddles...

A sunny but cool day is slated for this Friday...much like yesterday, but instead of 53 it will be more like 45F. However, you still can't complain that on the 20th of March, you will see sunny and cool temps. Tomorrow 55 and sun, with some rain moving in for late in the weekend. Next week looks wet.

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled the gear out, put it in the car trunk and headed the 40 miles of back roads to Russia(Rue-She), Ohio, for the first baseball scrimmage of the season...a JV match-up between the Russia Raiders and the Lima Central Catholic T-Birds...game was originally at Lima, but the field wasn't quite set to go....so moved it was. I worked the contest by myself, not hard to do with a scrimmage...the teams, despite little outdoor work looked good, and LCC came away with a 9-7 win, Russia left the bases loaded in the bottom of the 7th.

Tonight, back at it, a Varsity scrimmage at Spencerville...tomorrow back to Russia and a 12 Noon scrimmage. Actually getting this many scrimmages(usually only 1 or 2 a season) is rare...the weather puts the kibosh to most scrimmage days in late March...I have a few more scheduled for next week, but the weather is "iffy"...the regular season is scheduled to begin March 30th, I'm at Delphos for a St. Johns/Wapakoneta Varsity Contest.
In case you missed it, and I did, our beloved Majesty Barry Soetoro Obama, was on Jay Leno's Tonight show last night...wonder what the ratings were compared to the NCAA Tournament? My guess is The Barry and Jay Show came up a loser.

So what is this? Barack Nero Obama fiddles in L.A. while Rome(the US Financial system) burns...the guy is clueless, his followers are like visitors to Disney Land...they don't have a clue, and just love Barry's fantasy world.

So while Barack is off to Hollywood, where he is quite popular of course, the "real" American Patriots are planning to fight back...April 15th is the date. So far 150 Tax Protest Tea Party events have been planned(with more on the way) for that day...What are the odds that most of the main stream media, with the exception of Fox News, will ignore the message and the events? You can bet it will be near 100%...the media, with NBC and MSNBC in the lead, will continue to ignore the coming depression, and the anger that bubbles below the surface...The American Tax Revolution is at hand...the majority of "legal" Citizens are sick and tired of the waste in Washington and the criminals in the White House and the Halls of Congress, that are destroying this once great Republic. And on a personal note, seems Barack made a Special Olympics joke about his bowling prowless last night with Leno...being a parent of someone who once ran in Special Olympics, I would be offended, but considering where this useless punk is coming from, I could care less what stupid verbal mistakes he makes...it's the one's that put America in danger I get pissed off about.
Finishing on a lighter note:

Back to the NCAA Tournament. I've filled out 4 bracket sheets, so far I'm doing good on 1, and fair on the other 3...the "good" one I missed 2 games yesterday, and neither of those teams did I have surviving the weekend...so I've still got a chance in that "money pool". Today and tonight 3 Ohio teams get started(Akron lost to Gonzaga last night), Dayton, Cleveland State, and Ohio State start their trail, hopefully all 3 will continue, but there is a good chance none will make it, CSU and Dayton are underdogs, and the Buckeyes face a tough Siena team.

I plan on enjoying the roundball weekend, and my baseball....the back and legs are a little sore, but all-in-all, things feel pretty good for an 60 year "old man".

Enjoy the weekend...

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TV ALERT! Freed border agents Ramos and Compean, with their ankle bracelets finally off, will make their first TV appearances on the Glenn Beck Show on Fox News tonight at 5PM Eastern Time...they were on his radio show this morning. The 2 men "railroaded" by the Bush Administration will talk tonight, how much they will be allowed by the government to say, is still up in the air.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Washington DC Nuthouse

Our June-Like temperatures came to an abrupt end yesterday afternoon. It hit 70 during the early day sunshine, but that quickly slipped into dark skies by 4 O'Clock...around 5 the rains came and they lasted well into the night and were just clearing out when I hit the sack about 11pm. Today is it more March-like with low 50s and some sun in order...then 47 tomorrow and low 50s for the weekend, with rain back for late weekend and early next week.

Not sure how much rain we got, or they got down in Russia, Ohio, where I am slated to work a scrimmage tonight...if the fields are wet, I'll go out to eat tonight with Patricia, otherwise I'll settle for my first baseball work of the season, and test my back and my calf muscle....It's Hell getting old----

The insane asylum called Washington DC is in full bloom as we approach spring. Our out of his league Marxist President is off on a campaign tour...mainly because this Chicago punk isn't up to the task of leading a 4th grade softball team, let alone the United States of America. "Little Barry" will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno this evening....Why, you ask, is the President of these United State going on a talk show, while DC is burning?...Hell if I know, but I suspect it's because the situation in Washington(It's the Economy Stupid!) has big eared Barry realizing he's out of his league...the guy is clueless, so he's going back on the Campaign Trail. My question is..."Is Obama going to take his teleprompter along with him?" Because without it, His Majesty is pretty well lost.

While Big Eared Barry is out of town, the spectacle of Washington's resident loons is at it's finest. Here are some examples of what has happened this week.

The AIG furor over the bonuses is slapped in the headlines....Barney "The Banking Queen" Frank and Chris Dodd continue to make lying asses of themselves in calling out the $1 per year head of 80% taxpayer owned AIG. Dodd the soon-to-be Ex Connecticut Senator was caught in a lie yesterday(how could that be? A political hack lying to us) finally admitting he wrote the law that allowed the AIG bonuses to be paid to employees of the struggling insurance giant. The same company which appears to hold the fate of the American financial nation in it's hands. And the Republicans don't get a pass...you need look further than the idiotic statements made by Iowa Senator Charles Grassley, "....the (AIG) people should face the American citizens and commit suicide". Nice touch, Mr. Grassly...I would much rather see everyone of you son of a bitches drop over...a sort of American Body Flush. 500+ new members of Congress could do no worse than you clowns or the last 3 Presidents have done in damage to this nation.

Meanwhile the Stock Market is in a full "Rally"...up almost 600 points in the past week...blow the horns and toss the confetti...I've got news folks, let it rise a couple thousand more points(which is doubtful)...but if it does reach 9 or 10 thousand...sell, sell, sell. It's a sucker's market....and any boom is going to to bust! Expert?, me? Hardly...but I know the economy is in deep dung, and hyper-inflation is on the way. No way in Hell we can print and spend money like this and the crash not happen.

So Barry Soetoro Obama can jet off to Hollywood at taxpayers expense, Nanny State Pelosi, the rubber face hag with multi face lifts can fly in her private military jets, at taxpayer expense, Barney "fag" Frank can run male whore houses out of his DC digs, at taxpayers expense, and Chris Dodd can lie through his teeth, at taxpayer expense, because after all, the Conservatives are no longer in charge(actually they never were), and all is good in the main stream media...their boys and girls are running the show, and you won't hear squat about "their" mistakes. After all, they can still blame George Bush and the Republicans, because most of America is still watching "American Idol" and "Dancing with the Stars"....almost almost nobody cares, and those of us that actually do, are called crazy and UnAmerican...how can we dare question our first half black and half assed President?

Enough ranting for one morning...

photos-Our fearless leaders, loved by the media, morons, Marxists, and kiddies under the age of 12....otherwise, anybody without a brain or soul. And 2 of the culprits in the AIG scandal and the fall of the American Financial System...Barry Frank and Chis Dodd.
One more thing before I sign off for today....
It seems the Missouri State Government is compliling a list of what they consider "American Terrorists"....I think I'd be on that list today, and guess what? You probably are as well...you are if you believe in God, the Second Amendment, a Libertarian, or happen to be a Conservative or especially a Christian Conservative. The American Terrorist are described by The American Thinker:
Check out the article from March 18th on the Missouri Police...
Be concerned, very concerned..Glenn Beck asked the questions on this morning's radio show...yep, it appears I am considered a Terrorist by the powers in Government that be....and my guess is, so are you.
Now, I'll be back later......unless the Jack Boots come after me first. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Spring Tease/March Roundball Madness

Yesterday was unlike most St. Patrick's Days you will find in west Ohio. 74 degrees, no clouds, and a slight southern breeze was the order of the day. Seldom does St. Paddy's Day fall like that, weather wise.

I remember 36 years ago on March 17, 1973. My sister Marty and her husband-to-be, Pat(yep another Pat in the family...Pats and Mikes come in bunches, whether by marriage or birth in our American Family) were married...I woke up that morning of the wedding and the surprise storm of that winter had struck overnight....6 to 8 inches of heavy wet snow, with temps in the 20s greeted us. The wedding at the Immaculate Conception Church went off, as did the reception, without a hitch...but the storm caused some anxious moments. Despite that, the Houseworth part of the family drove from as far as 60 miles to make the gig.

Other mid March days, and even late March have brought us plenty of snow....I remember a dozen or so years ago, March 28th, the opening of the State High School Basketball Tournament saw a blizzard...just last year the second day of the Girls State Tournament was postponed by 14 inches of snow...Sam and I were on our way to California with a couple of RVs, so we missed that one....March is not always kind, weather wise.

So yesterday was a tease...today we will stay fairly warm, 65 for a high, but showers moving in tonight, and then 50s for the rest of the week...Next week looks damp, but with normal or above normal temps.

March Madness, the NCAA Men's Tournament began last night, with the "play-in" game down at the University of Dayton....Morehead State(Kentucky) won that game, and the field of 64 is set.

The teams I follow, Duke and Ohio State are set to play. Duke takes on Bighamton(NY), while the Buckeyes take on a tough Sienna team at the aforementioned Dayton Arena...if(and that is a big "if") they will be rewarded by getting top ranked Louisville. The Blue Devils with a win would take on the Minnesota-Texas winner.

I sent youngest son Hal my picks, after filling out 2 brackets...I did win some money last year, but for the most part the past few years, my picks have not all been that good...I usually ride my Duke Blue Devils and have been tossed off that mule, this year Pittsburgh is my team of choice in both the brackets I have filled out....tomorrow it starts.
Tomorrow will also see baseball scrimmage season begin for me, weather permitting. I head to Russia(pronounced Rue-She so not to look Commie inspired) and will be back there Saturday as well...Friday night I'm at Spencerville....next week, depending on the rain forecast...I have 4 more dates scheduled, but not likely to get all in...especially if Coldwater makes the State Basketball Tournament, that Saturday game would be cancelled, with the Cavs in Columbus playing roundball.

The Regular Season gets underway on March 30th, I am scheduled to do a Varsity Contest between visiting Wapakoneta and host Delphos St. Johns, at Delphos.

So, I am ready, hope my back and the weather cooperates this spring....frankly I've been pretty bored since I shut down, or rather the calf muscle shut down, the basketball season a month or more ago.

Heading out to enjoy today's "Tease of Spring"....we may not see a day like this again for weeks, you never know.
And one final thought for today..Why the Hell is our "Annoited Leader" one Barry Soetoro Obama, going on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight? Does this over-his-head out-of-his league rookie think it's still the Campaign Season? I say...Get to Work Slacker, or resign, because you are not making it as a "leader" in any sense of the word.

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Photos-My Bracket...rooting for Duke, but taking Pittsburgh, Spring gets an early start, but how long will it last, and the high school baseball season(scrimmages) begin for me tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty's Day/My Irish Roots!

Well Hell, turning 60 wasn't all that bad yesterday, even though I never thought it would be. Other than my back acting up, probably in anticipation of baseball season about to start, all went well. My first umpire assignment is at Lima Central Catholic this Thursday...a scrimmage game, but after a 10 day stretch of that, the real season begins March 30th...and you just know plenty of cold weather games will follow. Gives me frostbite just thinking about it.

It won't seem like winter for the next 2 days in west central Ohio however. 73 is slated from a high today...that has to be somewhere near a record high, must be that damn Global Warming! Tomorrow 68, but thunder storms moving in, and cooler(48) for Thursday, with sunshine.

March 17th...St Patrick's Day...the Irish Patron Saint or something like that. Which brings me to today's rant.

Although my surname Houseworth(nee Hauswirth) is about as German as it gets, my family is pretty mixed in it's European Ancestry. Since I have been a student of Genealogy for about 10 years, I have broken down my "roots" in percentages...and they come out about like this.

German 40%...Irish 40% English, French(which we refuse to claim) and American Indian make up the rest...and I'm sure there are a few other mixed breeds somewhere in that mess. I knew little about those 'roots" of mine until I decided, in 1999, to go hunting dead family members in grave yards, libraries, and the Internet.

Anyway, on to St. Patrick's Day and that is where the subject of today lies.
My Great Grandfather was named Patrick Feeley and along with his wife, Mary Boyle Feeley, arrived from Ireland about 1860 or so in Philadelphia...Patrick lived the rest of his life in Chester, Pennsylvania, where he was on the City Council as a Republican back in the early days of the 20th century. I got my name and probably my politics from him(although my Grandmother Houseworth was a hard core right wing Republican back in the 1930s and 40s when FDR ruled...Wilda and I also had politics in common). My oldest brother Michael was born in 1946...so mom and dad already had the first half of the "Mike and Pat" team when I came along in March 1949. I guess mom tried to hold out for a St. Patrick's Day birth...but alas! She came up 6 hours short, me being born at 6PM or so on March 16, 1949. Close enough though, so Patick I was.

My dad's side also had a bit of Irish in them...my Great-Great Grandmother was named Mary Gibson. The Gibson clan, or at least my side of that family, arrived from Ireland in the mid 1840s...not sure how they would have got along with the Feeleys though, the Gibson's being Protestant and the Feeleys and Boyles being about as Irish Catholic as you can be.

So there you have it...if I choose, I can wear Green today, and it would be my right, because I have plenty of Irish blood flowing through these veins, and plenty of Beer and some Irish Whiskey has passed my lips on occasion as well.


Now go and make it a good one!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Sixty Turning the Big 6-0

A beautiful weekend by March standards...low 50s Saturday and 60 yesterday...more of the same through Wednesday, before more March-like weather returns for the latter part of week, but no frigid temps or conditions on the horizon. I spent most of both days outside, Anissa and Reagan the Airedale joined me...Patricia spent much of the weekend finishing up some "due now" school work...but did get out for a walk on Sunday. Friday night we(Patricia, Anissa, and me) went to the newest Mexican Restaurant in Celina, where I promptly set back my diet a couple of days....but it's still on Target, I've lost 9 pounds in 4 weeks after this morning's weight in....down to 206 from 215....21 to go by summers end.

Sam began his college baseball career at the age of 27 Saturday...starting at the DH(Designated Hitter) for The Ohio State-Lima Barons. He went 0 for 2 Striking out the first career at bat and popping out the second...the team went on to lose a tri-team double header to Clark and Southern Colleges by 9-2 and 9-6 scores. Sam's first competitive games since 1999 back in High School...says he enjoyed it. Now it's finals week for both him and younger brother Hal, who is finishing up his Masters at Wright State.

A quick note on our "Savior-and-Thief" Barack Barry Soetoro Obama... over the weekend he says he now wants to TAX Health Care...the very same thing he jumped on McCain for saying during the Campaign...how's that Change working out for you who voted for this worthless sonofabitch?

Amazing how utterly stupid the vast majority of American voters are.
Turning 60______

Birthdays have never been a big deal to me...I can remember thinking about a few milestones however. I always couldn't wait until I turned 25...guessing that would actually make me an adult, or seem mature. Kind of stupid I know, here I had already spent 4 years in the military, been to war, and I was thinking a certain age would make or make me seem "mature"...it didn't and I wasn't.

Or how about 30? I actually think this is the only birthday I actually dreaded...30 seemed old back in 1979..I had just became a father for the first time, and looked at it as being "over-the-hill"...it wasn't, and I wasn't.

Now 50 was old...there was little doubt I couldn't do what I had once done. By this time however, I was into some heavy weight lifting and training...my back was in pretty good shape, after suffering from the lingering effects of a major motorcycle accident when I was 38. At 50, despite being "old", I was probably in the best shape, and strongest condition of my adult life.

And today...I turn 60, sixty, the Big 6-O! And yes, I no longer can bench press 300 pounds..the joints just can't take it...can't set at a bar downtown for hours and pour down the 12 oz curls a 12 pack a night...nor do I want to. I still feel pretty good for my age, and try to stay in shape...yes I need to lose some of the pounds I gained during my weight lifting days. But let's face it, 60 is just a number, and today happens to be the 60 anniversary of the day back in 1949 that mom popped me out in Van Wert, Ohio....a lot of days and experiences under the bridge...hopefully some productive ones to come....regardless, I am ready for what comes my way.

Sixty is-No Big Deal! I plan on doing some reading, cleaning up the house a little, and toss my Birthday Dinner in the oven about 3 O'clock....Patricia wanted to bake me something, but I declined. She's a great cook and makes great desserts...but if I fall off the no sweets wagon in a big way this early on the modified Weight Watchers Diet, I may not be able to climb back on...so for now I will decline, and save that one for later.

The High School Baseball Scrimmage season begins this week as the Basketball Season winds down...Coldwater is still left among the boys, after knocking off the defending state champions, Ottawa-Glandorf, in the Division 3 District Finals....good luck to them. My season is set to begin on Thursday at Lima Central Catholic for a scrimmage, then on to Russia(Rue-She) Saturday morning....I am ready, hopefully my legs and rest of my 60 year old body are.

And speaking of Birthdays...My niece Molly and her husband Aaron had a new entry into the family last night "Lilly" was born 3 hours before my birthday in Michigan....Welcome to the family kid!

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Photos-(top left)-Me this morning turning 60....and a few photos throughout my life. Brother Mike and me at Manasota Beach Florida back in the winter of 1955-56....My 6th grade mugshot in 1960 at Venice(Florida) Elementary...San Antonio, Lackland AFB, my Air Force Cop School photo...On the Waikiki Beach Hawaii 1970, on my Vietnam R&R...nearing 30 in 1977...playing News/Weather anchor in 1992 Cable Channel 7...looking like a Bad Ass wannabee at 51 in the summer of 2000

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bristol Palin/Ted Kennedy....and taking out the trash

Tomorrow begins the "Celina Yearly Trash Pickup". Each Spring(so why are they starting in late winter?) The City of Celina, Ohio, has a semi-restricted trash/junk Collection. My west and the southwest section of town are always first...meaning we get to toss our junk out, so the scavengers can come around, pick out what they want, and dump the rest in their yards before their section comes up. Usually anything with metal is gone within 5 minutes of laying the stuff at the curb of the yard...last year, I had plenty to toss...this year? Not so much.

I did tear down an old dog house yesterday that hadn't been used since L.T., our old adopted Beagle died a few years ago...Jack the Airedale used the backyard and kennel, so he never needed it(plus he was too damn big for that wooden/metal house)...Jack passed away a year and a half ago, leaving us with his daughter Reagan, who is the house dog. So anyway the dog house was dismantled, the metal siding separated from the wood and insulation, and is laying in the back yard, along with some old garden wire, the top of the kennel run(which I took off last summer) and a useless garden hose. Not much for the scavengers to pick over...a few things out of the garage will complete my "deposit" for this year. At least I've got nice weather to do the project.

I have been watching the Main Stream Media, along with the Radical Left Wing websites, dish it out to 18 year Bristol Palin, the 18 year old unmarried, but with child, daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Seems the left is masturbating themselves into bliss with the fact that Bristol and her boyfriend/father of her infant son, have broken off their marriage...Why is the loving left so gleeful you say? Well let's say, the left wing loons at MSNBC, The Daily Kos, Huffington Post, and the NY Times, despise her momma so much(because of her perceived Conservative agenda), that Bristol is fair game....yep, the compassioned left, aren't they great?

The left wing losers of America just can't get over the fact that middle America is saddled with the same problems the Palin family has....a unwed teen mother as a daughter, a handicapped child, and bills to pay....and the Palins do it without the nanny state Government paying the bills...well in a sense maybe they do(at least the folks in Alaska pay the bills, Sarah works for them you see)...but the Palins are proof you can survive life without the freaking US or State Government jumping in, telling you how to live. IMO Britol Palin is far more brave than the gutless bastards hiding behind fake names on the Internet, and the slime reporting from the major news media.....as someone with an adult mentally retarded daughter, I can tell you...she has more going for her, than anybody east of the Hudson River, especially those in the so-called elite media. The Palins are part of America, the left wing media, should be part of my city trash pickup tomorrow, the trash may be worth more.

Then there is Ted Kennedy. Seems old Teddy is heading towards Hell and the news media and aforementioned left wing blogs, are having a pity party for this Patriarch of the Inbred Kennedy Clan...the heroes of the American Elite and the American Brain Dead....Yep, Old Ted won't be around much longer, and who cares? I don't! The murdering bastard outlived his usefulness years ago...pardon me if I don't shed a tear when Teddy assumes room temperature.

Rush Limbaugh made light the other day about the bloated "Universal Health Care Bill"...and said by the time it is passed they can name it "The Teddy Kennedy Memorial Health Care Bill"...the left wing media(yep the same group that squeals in delight at the problems of an 18 year old girl, who has done nothing to them, except be born to what they consider the wrong mother), was crying out in anger..."How dare" they ask, "can Limbaugh make fun of a dying hero?"

Ted Kennedy as a hero? Well let's see...Old Teddy?, I'm not sure....Ted Kennedy drunken abuser. Ted Kennedy driving off a bridge with a co-worker, drunk...leaving said co-worker Mary Jo Kopechne to drown, while he swam away and hunted for an alibi. Ted Kennedy, championing any and every pro abortion bill that comes down the pike...thus continuing to be responsible in part for millions of innocent unborn being murdered without a voice. Ted Kennedy a Hero?

I don't think so....in fact, unless I miss my guess, Ol' Teddy, the fat, slobbering, drunken product of inbreeding and an American Nazi, might, just might, be roasting in Hell before long....of course, that's not mine to judge. But I will make a comment on him, and I think I just did.
So, I ask you, who is more worthy of real America's compassion...Bristol Palin, or Ted Kennedy?....What you would answer says more about you, than about either of them.

Well that's enough ranting for this post....Friday and the weekend are almost here, and here is what is coming up for PRH.

This will be my last weekend as a 50 something semi-retired redneck...Monday will see my 60th birthday....I'll have something on that on Monday. Next week, weather permitting, the high school baseball season begins, with scrimmages in Lima, Russia(Rue-She), and Rockford...the regular season begins March 30th...my leg seems to be pretty much back to normal, I will be doing some serious stretching before doing in base or plate work, y0u can count on that. Sam and his Ohio State University-Lima Branch baseball team begins it's 40 game season tomorrow with a double header at Xenia(about 75 miles south)...and the weather looks to be warming up and dry for the time being.

Enjoy your weekend...

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Photos-Top, my back yard trash being readied for dragging to the curb. Sarah Palin's daughter and teen mom, Bristol Palin, and the drunken, bloated Ted Kennedy...Hero of the American Left.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is a Revolution at Hand?

The 100% chance of rain pretty well missed us, at least in Mercer County and south...the northern parts of western Ohio, and northeast Indiana were not as lucky, and continued to get dumped on. The "Hawk" is blowing today...40MPH which should start to dry things out as baseball season for the High Schools and area College teams approaches....I am 10 days away from the first scheduled scrimmage...meanwhile Sam(the oldest son) is going to double dip...he has 30 or so high school varsity games to umpire, while his Ohio State University-Lima Barons have about 40 on their schedule to play, which begins this Saturday at Xenia with a double header...we will see how his 27 year old body keeps up with the 19 and 20 year old teammates.

On the agenda for today...Rick is coming over from Indiana to work on knocking out a wall at his mom's house....he will call when he gets in town, I'll probably stop by and 'watch' him work. Baseball Rules meeting at Van Wert tonight...this will give me 4, and I will be legal for another year. You must attend 4 local and 1 State of Ohio rules meetings each season...the additional ones you attend will look good on your Resume when assignors are looking for Tournament Umpires...I usually get my share.

If you follow my rants with any frequency, you know I'm a pretty far right kind of guy, but a right leaning Libertarian is what I call myself. Never one to set rules for others...unless(like most abortions) they cause harm to others, especially innocents. Sure, I'm a Christian, but I believe that other folks are going to have to find Jesus Christ on their own...I'll give my opinion, and let them think they are heading for Hell in a handbasket, but their salvation, as is mine, is their own concern. Yes, I will pray for them to find Christ, but I won't try beating it into them...that just doesn't work. As far as where the country is headed, especially under the leadership(or lack of) of one Barry Soetoro Obama, is another thing.

The winds(and just not those in western Ohio) are bringing a sense of 'Change', and we are not talking about the type his Majesty was talking about on the campaign trail....The kind I am smelling are from those that realize they have been dealt cards from the bottom of the deck. I feel no pity for those fools that voted for this son of a bitch from Chicago, you get what you pay for. I do however, sense an anger from the middle class, who is getting bent over by this big eared bozo, as well as those that support the right to bear arms, oppose illegal immigration, and want us to stop "Democracy Building" in countries filled with those that hate our very existence. Those haters would be the Islamics. Those of us that support Israel, whom Obama is about to hang out to dry, are on that list as well.

As for me? As I mentioned during the campaign...not a Hell of a lot of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats...one, the Dems want to send us to Hell and destroy the Republic in a Jet, while the GOP would prefer the slow death of a thousand paper cuts, or take us down in a tug boat....either way, we are getting there, unless something changes.

I sense a Revolution against Big Government is brewing...and a class war like we have not seen before. It's us(those that believe in little Government) against them(those folks who think BIG Government and BIG Unions are their own personal saviors). Right now them, The Obamanation and his minions, have the upper hand...things will get worse before they get better on the economic front. In the meantime you have to ask yourself where you stand....and be careful, those that stand in the middle of the road(American Idol watchers and political Moderates) tend to get run over by the fringes on both sides...just saying.

I know where I stand, do you?

Scary stuff is coming....I am not sure how it will work itself out or how it will end...but I believe the beginning is here. I have a pretty good handle on who the enemies are...and most of them sit in their Ivory Towers in Washington DC. Now don't read anything into this post, I am not calling or advocating anything...I am just saying, citizens beware.
Remember Glenn Beck and his "We Surround Them" get togethers are set for this Friday Afternoon at 5PM(EDT)....if you can't make one, you can see it on Fox News.
Back with lighter stuff later on.....this rant was heavy enough for this morning.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Rains of March...

North of us still getting the worst of it....today will be 60? Although I doubt if it gets that high, considering the leaden dark sky. Cooler after today...more March like.

In other news, Obama the Puppet and his henchman continue their assault on Americans in general, and Christians in particular. The "Economic Pearl Harbor"(as described by Obama Butt Boy Billionaire Warren Buffet) continues unabated.....

I March towards another birthday milestone...60 next Monday, and I will have a comment on that, if and when God allows me to reach the Big 6-0.

"March Madness" has kicked off...NCAA Basketball is in the early stages of the various conference tournaments, and this coming Sunday the round of 65 for the NCAA National Tournaments will be seeded and slotted...my favorite time of Basketball Season is upon us.

The Wabash Valley Dartball League held it's annual All-Star get together last night at Zion-Schumm Lutheran. Sam and I both made the team....his 1st time, my 14th in 16 years. I had a couple of hits and Sam had the same...I actually threw well, but many were 1 dart outs...i.e. throwing one dart and hitting the orange out(see photo of board), just off the hit bases...actually few played well, nobody with more than 3 hits on either team...but we(South Division) played well enough to come out and win the first 2 games, ending any need for a 3rd game in the best of 3...scores were 3-2 and 5-4...as low of scoring as you'll find in a "All Star" Dartball game....but what the heck? A good get together was had by all. The League Banquet is March 23rd...also at Schumm.

This weekend sees the "Spring" Clean-up in Celina...March 14th? Spring? Seems to get earlier and earlier every year....I think the City BureaHacks start earlier, knowing it's to damn cold to put a lot of stuff at the curb for pick-up, thus saving them money they can use to spend on more vacant buildings....but let's not get started on our elected leaders(some, like those nationally, in for their own personal agenda or gain). These folks just love to buy junk or old buildings and use them for ? Storage, tear downs for Parking Lots we don't need? Suffice to say....I smell a rat or 2 in the food pantry.

Anyway, I have a few things I need to put out...our Ward's pick-up is the first week(this Saturday)...and I have some backyard junk and old fencing I need to put out for the crews.

That sums it up for this routine Tuesday morning....

back later>>>>>>>>

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Wrap/Rain, Gun Shows, Red River Gorge Hike, etc

Spring came to western Ohio over the weekend, and in some cases with a vengeance. Celina and south got plenty of rain, my guess is we received an inch or two at the house, those folks like Rick in northeast Indiana, Fort Wayne and northwest Ohio like, Van Wert, Delphos, Lima, and especially Findlay to our north and Northwest got dumped on, probably 4 or more inches and more on way for tomorrow...the steams, rivers, and roadside ditches will be overflowing...hopefully the promised dry weather after tomorrow will take root.

In addition to the rains, we saw plenty of warm weather, Saturday reached 72, and yesterday, despite heavy morning showers, got into the 60s...cooler for today(50) with north winds...60 tomorrow with heavy rains, then back to sunshine and the 40s for the rest of the week.

Both Fort Wayne(55 miles) and Lima(35) had gun shows over the weekend. I met up with Pearson at the Indiana location Saturday morning, we stuck around for 3 hours..Rick bought some boots, I was going to buy a handgun for my collection but forgot about the "home state" rule...If I purchased one, being from Ohio, they would have to take my money and send me the weapon...Hell with that I thought, and didn't purchase...plus the registration of these is something I would rather not do. We headed up north to Rick's Ranch...he has 17 acres complete with ready permits, electric, 3 car workshop, garage, and a large pond...{see photos from the first blog post of 2009}, he plans on building a new house there down the road, within the next couple of years...it was kinda muddy but with the gravel drive we headed back, parked the vehicles, walked the property and smoked a cigar, while bullshitting for an hour or two....I left about 4pm for Celina, got home to sunshine, and warm weather, and fired up another cigar, and popped the caps on a couple of Miller Lites.

Yesterday dawned wet, but still warm...and I decided that I still wanted to look for another gun...have been looking for a snub nosed .38 Special for awhile...so I headed to Lima...being in Ohio, it has obvious advantages for me over Indiana. To my welcome surprise, despite the old fairground barn buildings(all 4 of them) being not as nice as the Fort Wayne Coliseum...it cost only $4(compared to $6 at FW) and no parking fee(compared to $4), so I was ahead of the game already...when I got inside the 4 connected fair buildings, I saw a much larger supply of almost everything(except for new gun dealers that required "registration")..ammo, used guns, parts for antique guns, antique guns themselves, and "junk"....I ended up doing 2 walk-bys of each building, searching for what I might want, before making the 3rd and final trip...where I made an offer to a private dealer for a new, in the box Taurus .38 Special with a 2" barrel. I offered, he counter offered, and we made the transaction....I also picked up a few boxes of ammo, which was in pretty good supply of most(but no all) types. I paid for it, walked out into a major downpour, got to the car, and headed home.

I got home, watched the Duke/UNC basketball game, where my Blue Devils dropped a 8 point decision to their hated rivals, in what in reality was a boring ass game...something rare for those 2 schools...I went outside fired up my 5th cigar of the weekend and tossed down a couple of cold ones....and that ended the long weekend for me..except some tube time.

Hal's Red River Gorge Hike_______

While heading for Fort Wayne on Saturday, my cell phone rings, and it's youngest son Hal on the other end..."71 degrees in Kentucky, and we are heading for Daniel Boone Park, and plan on hiking the Red River area"...having hiked the Hocking Hills of southeast Ohio during my college days at Athens and Nelsonville, I know a little about hiking hilly areas...and the Red is even more mountainous and hilly than those places in SE Ohio..., well I told him, just don't drink and do it...smarter than I, he says the didn't plan on drinking and hiking...I get a call from him yesterday, later afternoon, telling me to check the e-mail and take a look at the photos from their hike. We did and his mom almost had a fit...they had some pretty good shots of the terrain below, with the boys(all in their mid 20s) hanging over the cliffs...Hal admitted some of the photos were "staged" for effect, but some were pretty close to the edge....thing is, they made it back alive. A few of photos are posted here.

Today I have a board meeting at noon, and Sam and I will meet up in Schumm tonight for the North vs South(us) Dartball All Star game....Sam, Cowboy, and I are the representatives from St. John, and will meet 9 other guys to go 12 on 12 against the north boys at 7:30pm.

That should top off a busy day, and give us time to get ready for tomorrow's predicted downpour.

back later>>>>

photos-The Taurus .38 Special w/2" barrel... 4 shots from Hal and friend's Red River Gorge Hike this past Saturday...(11) Hal sitting on the rock overlooking the Gorge...(2) Levi(the Dog), Nick, Styer, and Hal...(3) Hal holding on to a dead looking branch over looking the Red, and(4) Styer standing on the road, making the fall, look mighty far.