Friday, March 20, 2009

Baseball, Tax Tea Party, and Nero Obama Fiddles...

A sunny but cool day is slated for this Friday...much like yesterday, but instead of 53 it will be more like 45F. However, you still can't complain that on the 20th of March, you will see sunny and cool temps. Tomorrow 55 and sun, with some rain moving in for late in the weekend. Next week looks wet.

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled the gear out, put it in the car trunk and headed the 40 miles of back roads to Russia(Rue-She), Ohio, for the first baseball scrimmage of the season...a JV match-up between the Russia Raiders and the Lima Central Catholic was originally at Lima, but the field wasn't quite set to moved it was. I worked the contest by myself, not hard to do with a scrimmage...the teams, despite little outdoor work looked good, and LCC came away with a 9-7 win, Russia left the bases loaded in the bottom of the 7th.

Tonight, back at it, a Varsity scrimmage at Spencerville...tomorrow back to Russia and a 12 Noon scrimmage. Actually getting this many scrimmages(usually only 1 or 2 a season) is rare...the weather puts the kibosh to most scrimmage days in late March...I have a few more scheduled for next week, but the weather is "iffy"...the regular season is scheduled to begin March 30th, I'm at Delphos for a St. Johns/Wapakoneta Varsity Contest.
In case you missed it, and I did, our beloved Majesty Barry Soetoro Obama, was on Jay Leno's Tonight show last night...wonder what the ratings were compared to the NCAA Tournament? My guess is The Barry and Jay Show came up a loser.

So what is this? Barack Nero Obama fiddles in L.A. while Rome(the US Financial system) burns...the guy is clueless, his followers are like visitors to Disney Land...they don't have a clue, and just love Barry's fantasy world.

So while Barack is off to Hollywood, where he is quite popular of course, the "real" American Patriots are planning to fight back...April 15th is the date. So far 150 Tax Protest Tea Party events have been planned(with more on the way) for that day...What are the odds that most of the main stream media, with the exception of Fox News, will ignore the message and the events? You can bet it will be near 100%...the media, with NBC and MSNBC in the lead, will continue to ignore the coming depression, and the anger that bubbles below the surface...The American Tax Revolution is at hand...the majority of "legal" Citizens are sick and tired of the waste in Washington and the criminals in the White House and the Halls of Congress, that are destroying this once great Republic. And on a personal note, seems Barack made a Special Olympics joke about his bowling prowless last night with Leno...being a parent of someone who once ran in Special Olympics, I would be offended, but considering where this useless punk is coming from, I could care less what stupid verbal mistakes he's the one's that put America in danger I get pissed off about.
Finishing on a lighter note:

Back to the NCAA Tournament. I've filled out 4 bracket sheets, so far I'm doing good on 1, and fair on the other 3...the "good" one I missed 2 games yesterday, and neither of those teams did I have surviving the I've still got a chance in that "money pool". Today and tonight 3 Ohio teams get started(Akron lost to Gonzaga last night), Dayton, Cleveland State, and Ohio State start their trail, hopefully all 3 will continue, but there is a good chance none will make it, CSU and Dayton are underdogs, and the Buckeyes face a tough Siena team.

I plan on enjoying the roundball weekend, and my baseball....the back and legs are a little sore, but all-in-all, things feel pretty good for an 60 year "old man".

Enjoy the weekend...

back later>>>>>

TV ALERT! Freed border agents Ramos and Compean, with their ankle bracelets finally off, will make their first TV appearances on the Glenn Beck Show on Fox News tonight at 5PM Eastern Time...they were on his radio show this morning. The 2 men "railroaded" by the Bush Administration will talk tonight, how much they will be allowed by the government to say, is still up in the air.


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Just can't bring myself to watch anyting obama related. From what I am reading he made as ass out of himself. Not hard to do though

PRH....... said...

I'm like you, I don't need the rise in BP...I'd rather get worked up over the know that is a passing thing, Obama and his mindless minions are going to be with us for much too long.

Sarge Charlie said...

obama kills me, he is such a jerk, I could not help myself, I stole the nero photo, I am sure I will find some place to use it.

Anonymous said...

I hope the tea party gets some attention, but I wonder. I know if he keeps putting the squeeze on working people, a lot of them are just going to quit working and stay home. Why bust your ass when you wind up paying 45% of what you make to the federal, state or county governments? You don't get anything in return.

Shrinky said...

I just love that cute photo at the top - what a sweetie, bet you made all the mum's hearts melt!

PRH....... said...

45% is a low ball figure Hermint...counting all taxes, local, state, and fed, I say we are paying close to 70% for us average Joe's and Jane's..the "rich"(those making over $75 grand according to His Majesty) are paying more.

Yep Shrinky, I am, er was a!

Law and Order Teacher said...

My Flyers did it. I have season tickets to the games and I picked them to win, 80% with my heart. Now, how will they do against Kansas?

On the BO front, what do you think the chances are that the MSM would have ignored stupidity like making fun of the Special Olympics if Bush had done it. What an elitist jerk he is for that remark.

I've worked the Special Olympics and these kids are the greatest. BO is an ass.

Jerry said...

I'm dredging the bottom on my NCAA pool. I picked all the wrong upsets. I missed all the OT games late last night. Who'd a thunk?

It's good fun though.

PRH....... said...

Played 5 brackets, and they range for 29%(bad) to 91%(pretty good)...but I've got Pittsburg(?) winning them all, playing Duke with my heart though....they are in a close one with Texas tonight.

PRH....... said...

Duke Wins!

Now I've got Duke and the Dayton Flyers to root for....and if Pittsburgh happens to win, a few $bucks$ for me....