Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Rains of March...

North of us still getting the worst of it....today will be 60? Although I doubt if it gets that high, considering the leaden dark sky. Cooler after today...more March like.

In other news, Obama the Puppet and his henchman continue their assault on Americans in general, and Christians in particular. The "Economic Pearl Harbor"(as described by Obama Butt Boy Billionaire Warren Buffet) continues unabated.....

I March towards another birthday milestone...60 next Monday, and I will have a comment on that, if and when God allows me to reach the Big 6-0.

"March Madness" has kicked off...NCAA Basketball is in the early stages of the various conference tournaments, and this coming Sunday the round of 65 for the NCAA National Tournaments will be seeded and slotted...my favorite time of Basketball Season is upon us.

The Wabash Valley Dartball League held it's annual All-Star get together last night at Zion-Schumm Lutheran. Sam and I both made the team....his 1st time, my 14th in 16 years. I had a couple of hits and Sam had the same...I actually threw well, but many were 1 dart outs...i.e. throwing one dart and hitting the orange out(see photo of board), just off the hit bases...actually few played well, nobody with more than 3 hits on either team...but we(South Division) played well enough to come out and win the first 2 games, ending any need for a 3rd game in the best of 3...scores were 3-2 and 5-4...as low of scoring as you'll find in a "All Star" Dartball game....but what the heck? A good get together was had by all. The League Banquet is March 23rd...also at Schumm.

This weekend sees the "Spring" Clean-up in Celina...March 14th? Spring? Seems to get earlier and earlier every year....I think the City BureaHacks start earlier, knowing it's to damn cold to put a lot of stuff at the curb for pick-up, thus saving them money they can use to spend on more vacant buildings....but let's not get started on our elected leaders(some, like those nationally, in for their own personal agenda or gain). These folks just love to buy junk or old buildings and use them for ? Storage, tear downs for Parking Lots we don't need? Suffice to say....I smell a rat or 2 in the food pantry.

Anyway, I have a few things I need to put out...our Ward's pick-up is the first week(this Saturday)...and I have some backyard junk and old fencing I need to put out for the crews.

That sums it up for this routine Tuesday morning....

back later>>>>>>>>


Deborah Wilson said...


No rain in my neck of the woods since last week. We are really enjoying the warm weather, today it reached 80 degrees. It is 11:14 and the temp is 61. It will cool down a bit this weekend but warm weather for the season is on the way.

Speaking of Obama -
(or not)

I think I might catch Glenn Beck's special on Friday at 5:00 (Fox) - "We Surround Them".

I'm still leary of the news media and have spent the past 5 weeks with the tube off, ignoring all of the talking heads, just scanning the Internet news, but I'm going to break down and check out Beck this week.

I agree that Washington is broken - and with half of all states now with resolution bills - I believe at least half of the American public is finally waking up.

Shrinky said...

It's raining cats and dogs over here, sigh. Had a rumour of spring last week, but looks like it was premature.

The big 6 zero?? Whey-hey! I sense a party coming up, hope you keep the camera at hand..!