Friday, March 27, 2009

Duke is Done!

Well my favorite basketball team got whupped last night by Villanova...Duke couldn't shoot, didn't defend in the 2nd half, and made an ungraceful exit in the sweet 16, getting thumped by the Wildcats out of Philadelphia 77-54. Down only 3 at halftime, things went south quickly in the second half for the Blue Devils. Another #2 seed, The Memphis Tigers, also went down in flames, as did Ohio's last remaining team, Xavier. X was up most of the game to #1 seeded Pittsburgh, before losing in the last 30 seconds 60-55...the only good news for me is that I have Pittsburgh winning in all 5 of my brackets...anybody but UCONNs(most corrupt program since UNLV in the 80s and 90s).....hopefully Gonzaga will knock off UNC tonight as well, giving me someone(besides Pitt) to root for.


The weather is holding out for another day before the bottom drops out over the weekend. Yesterday reached 63 with some sunshine for our scrimmage at Parkway, tonight back to Russia(Rue-she), Ohio, for my 3rd trip of the early spring scrimmage season...tomorrow the rain moves in, and Sunday is calling for some snow showers, and a high near 40. Next week looks fiftyish and wet, on and off. The opening week of the Regular season, looks like most opening weeks....a chance we won't get some games in.


April 15th is approaching fast...this year however, instead of only being Tax Day for those waiting until the last minute to's going to be Tax Tea Protest appears that things are moving along, faster than those organizing the events nationwide could even imagine...should be fun. Obama, the main stream media, and his Majesty's henchman, have to be thinking of ways to drown the folks out...they hate us, and let's face it, anybody with a brain hates almost anybody serving in Washington right now...and hate may not be too strong...more like "Hate and Despise".

That's it, a short one for today...have a great weekend, even though our string of nice spring weather, is coming to an end by tomorrow's that time of year.

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Yes He is, The Manchurian President!


Sarge Charlie said...

I wanted duke to win just to shove it up barrys ass.....

PRH....... said...

lol...Barry might like that Sarge, I'm surprised he didn't pick UCONs...much like Barry's team, that team is loaded with criminals, from top to bottom.

FHB said...

Try as I might, I just can't get into Broball.

Law and Order Teacher said...

My Flyers lost, but worse they were trashed by Jason Whitlock, KC Star writer. Oh well, they were there and they will be there for the foreseeable future. I hope you are well, my friend.

Anonymous said...

The folks in my office are considering closing down that day and going to Atlanta to participate in a Tea Party.

Ron Simpson said...

Pat, now you can root for MY team.
OU is doing pretty dang good.
It is pissing me off that the other teams are playing dirty and getting way to rough with Blake Griffin though. If you cannot beat him with skill, and try to beat him with thug play, then what does that say about YOUR team?

Deborah Wilson said...


In response to the Tea Parties - I see that Atlanta has one scheduled on the 15th - I plan on being there, camera in hand.

Trish said...

Nova fan here, bunch of family went there, got married there, were buried there, so I gotta stick by them!
We are holding a Tea party in West Chester PA-this Saturday (so we can get to the bigger one in Phila on the 15th) And we expect a big turnout!