Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Baseball Legend

Yesterday morning I got the call from Dave the Athletic Director at Delphos Jefferson High School..."Pat, we are shutting it down, too much rain"...this came as no surprise, the rains have been brutal, with the exception of the 4 hot days we had at the end of last week....league games moved back, non-league games cancelled, tournaments getting switched dates. This is probably the worst spring baseball weather wise I have seen since my return to umpiring some 10 years ago. More rain this morning, and another large batch back in Illinois and Indiana are probably going to wash any chance of getting tonight's games(I'm at Hicksville) in. And 9 of the next 10 days in the forecast show at least a 30% to 70% of rain as and farmers are getting the short end so far this spring...but at least it's not cold....70 is the scheduled high for today.

After Dave called, I went on my Internet schedule site and opened up yesterday's date as "available" to do a game...not much chance of that I thought, given the wet conditions and threats of more to come....but I was wrong. Harry the AD down south and east some 60 miles at Bellefontaine(pronounced Bell-Foul'-Tan), calls and says they were making up a league contest with Springfield Shawnee, and would I be willing to travel the hour plus to do the game....let's see, retired, getting bored with rainouts, $60 to do a little travel, what the Hell? Of course I would come down...especially since Bellefontaine is good baseball, and their head coach Mark Brunswick, was a all state player at Coldwater back when I was squawking ball games on the was a no brainer.

The Brunswick family are baseball in Mercer County....Lou, the dad, is one of the winningest coaches in Ohio High School history, sons Mark and Tom were drafted out of high school, Mark with the Mets, and before that Tom had a long minor league run with the Phillies organization. Youngest son Jeff was a all around ball player as well....and they have been steeped in coaching since their playing days were over.

I made the trip in about an hour, talked it over with my partner Jeff, he would do the plate this game, I will return the favor next month at Minster, when we work together again....I walked in the home Chieftain's dugout, and the first person I see is none other than Lou Brunswick...Lou, now 77 years young, was signed by the Chicago Cubs in 1948, right out of St. Henry High School...he spent 3 years with the Cubs before suffering an arm injury and then he served in the military. When Lou got out, he went to college at the University of Dayton, after graduation he headed back to Mercer County and begin his teaching and coaching careers at Coldwater. 34 years later with his retirement in 1993, Lou stood at the peak of Ohio overall record of 750 wins compared to only 166 loses(82% winners) 5 State Championships, 6 other Final Fours and 21 league trophies...add this to his summer baseball run with ACME(summer High School ball in west Ohio) where won 9 State Titles and a hand full of runners up hardware...he also coached the Coldwater American Legion team for 5 years, going 132 and 32....the man is a Baseball legend indeed.

I talked with him for a short while before the game(a 4-3 Bellefontaine win over league rival Shawnee), and again after the game...last year Coldwater celebrated the 25th anniversary of the 1983 State Champs, this weekend, on Saturday, they will do the Silver Anniversary for 1984's state title....3 more to go Lou! I told him I would do my best to make it over to McSober's for the post party celebration on Saturday Night.

In the meantime, I will continue to wait out the incessant rains, and hopefully get a chance to mow the yards, both mine and mom's before we have to bail them....speaking of which, her and brother Mike made it back to Celina, just in time for more ducky weather.

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Tomorrow--Gifts from Vietnam

photo-Ohio High School Hall of Fame coach Lou Brunswick 750 Wins 166 loses and 5 State Titles.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days of Marxism in Control...

Rain washed out all games yesterday on the area High School schedule...and looking at the radar and forecast, it appears today, tomorrow, and Friday, will see the same....what a miserable excuse for spring this has been in west Ohio. We are saturated with rain and cold for most of the early parts of the last 4 weeks, then when it warms up and the sun comes out...we get 40 mph winds, and temps 20 degrees too hot for April...Things are looking up for the weekend and next week, but stick around, I'm sure the so called "experts" at the National Weather Service, and the NBC Green Weenies at the Weather Channel will change their minds and the forecast. The spring around here has been a mini disaster for baseball teams and farmers.

Speaking of disasters....Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, our African born illegal President, has now been in office for 100 days. Never has one man done some much harm to the work of the founding fathers in such a short time...surely, if they could come back, his neck would be stretched from a high oak tree, along with members of his cabinet, his VP, and probably Michelle Antoinette Obama his Marxist wife. This guy is beginning to make Mussolini look like a sweetheart. The sad/scary part is, 60% of the American populace still supports him, and think things are going along great...meaning 6 in 10 Americans are either (1) Out of Touch (2) Stupid, or (3) so in love with the "Nanny State" that they think Socialism is a great thing. You can decide which...I have my own thoughts.

It always pays to know who your enemies are and what they are saying...

So after the NHL game last night(which saw the Washington Caps come back from 3-1 down in the series with the NY Rangers, to win 4 games to 3)..I flipped for a couple of minutes each to Keith Oldblowaman, his sidekick, the Coiffured Dyke Rachel MadCow, and a few others on MSNBC and CNN...with the exception of Lou Dobbs, they are not only in the tank for Obama, the are hard core morons...see above about stretching necks, for what the founding fathers would do to these clowns. It is amazing they have any viewers...wait! They don't....the clueless are too busy watching American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, or watching the Soaps Channel...the folks at MSNBC and CNN are talking to themselves and any others who happened by while surfing for the Cooking Channel.

Needless to say they are absolutely giddy that Pennsylvania "RINO" Senator Arlen Specter has switched to the Democrats...making their hero Barry one step closer to having a "filibuster" proof lead in the Senate...I've got news for you, with Specter, and Maine GOP hags Oly Snow and Suzi Collins, they already have one...Al Franken, when he steals Minnesota, will effectively give the Dems and King Barry about 62 or 63 lap dogs in the kennel....

As far as I can tell, it's good riddance...the quicker this Marxist tool pushes through his agenda, the quicker the Revolution can begin to get his sorry ass out of office/impeached/Birth Certificate found/whatever it takes to get rid of him and once again make the Democrats the this point, whatever it takes to "legally" get rid of him I'm for. If you are talking about armed Revolution, as John Lennon once sang..."You can count me out" least for now.

This country is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions, and most either don't believe it, or want to keep their blinders on, thinking it will all either go away, or Barry and his henchman will use the Nanny State to make it better...they can't/won't. We are on the "Highway to Hell", Obama is driving the bus, we are all just along for the ride.

Time to get the umbrella out....head over to mom's, as her and brother Mike make their return from sunny Florida today...welcome back to the land of rain and saturated fields folks.

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photos-George Washington must be trying to climb out of his grave seeing what Barack Obama has done to the Republic in just 100 days...I'm sure George, Thomas Jefferson, and the rest would love to supervise the hanging of King Barry in full view of the nation....because hanged for treason he would without a doubt be by the founding fathers, if they were around today.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tournament Assignments/The Rain Returns

After 4 straight days of summer like windy and warm(hot) weather, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, the rains returned last night in the overnight hours. This morning dawned wet, but still mild. The next 10 days appear to be mostly cloudy and wet, at least on and off. Not good for the winding down of baseball's regular season. Games are getting stacked and backlogged, especially in the various leagues, and this is leaving Athletic Directors, Coaches, and Umpires, checking their schedules to see what days they have open...In my case, not much is the answer. Just one non-Sunday opening between now and the Sectional Tournaments....

I received my final assignments for the OHSAA Tournaments last night.

Right now I am scheduled(along with Sam) to do the Sectional Brackets(Division 4, smallest schools of the 4 baseball Divisions) at Bascom, Ohio, Hopewell-Louden High School...Sam and I did the same games last year, it's a 100 mile run each way, but the miles are paid for, and it's a nice, small venue. I will then do the Division 3 District Tournament at Elida, outside Lima. This will have a couple of local teams in it, and usually produces a State Tournament favorite from it's ranks. This will cut into my Mushroom Hunt in Mesick, Michigan, but will still get up there for the last part of the Memorial all will not be lost. I will finish up my Spring schedule at the Division 4 Regional at Patrick Henry High School near Hamler, Ohio, on May 28th. I have a First Base assignment in the first semi-final game there. I was eligible for the State Tournament, but seldom do you get a State game your first time eligible, and this was not to disappointments there, especially considering only about 3% of eligible umpires get Regional assignments., and less than 1/2 of 1% get State Assignments.

I have already began to set my assignments for summer ball....but that's still a long ways off....plenty of time to consider how much I want to work in the heat.


The Stanley Cup saw it's first major upset last night....#8 Anaheim Ducks defeated the top ranked team overall, #1 San Jose Sharks, 4 games to 2 by beating them 4-1 at The Pond last night. The Chicago Black Hawks finished off Calgary in 6 as well.

With the Flyers, after blowing a 3-0 lead last Saturday, being out, and the Blue Jackets done...I have to admit I have little rooting interest left...what I hope not to see, is a repeat of last year's final snoozer between Detroit and Pittsburgh, 2 teams I cannot stand. I could root for Carolina or Boston, the Ducks, but not the Pens or Red least give me something, 1 team, to root for or against....with Pitt and Detroit, I would not bother watching.

Meanwhile in the minors...The IHL, my team, the defending Turner Cup Champion Fort Wayne Komets, move on to the finals against Muskegon...The Ks dominated last season before winning the Cup in 7 games(coming back from a 3-1 deficit)...this season Fort Wayne was not as dominant, but finished winning 13 of the final 14 to run away late...hopefully they can finish off the Michigan team in short order...Go Ks!

Politics, Swine Flu, and other ramblings___

I was originally going to talk about the Swine Flu "outbreak" and the Obama Administrations handling(see mishandling) of same. I still believe His Majesty is in this deep....speaking of deep, did anybody see this guy and his butchering of his speech on the Teleprompter last night? But rather than rant on about him and the flu, I have decided to wait and see what can be sure those in charge will screw this up if it's serious. If you think the Government is going to "cure" or solve this...get your Nanny State rose colored glasses off....they won't/can't get it right...and your Savior, Barry Soetoro Obama, isn't going to save your bacon....he is clueless, live/deal with it.

I was also going to go off on Fox News hack Shepard Smith. The so-called Right Wing Network Fox, has a bleeding heart gutless Liberal, Smith, running his mouth...this guy is becoming a closet Keith Oberman in his screaming about the so called "torture" of Islamic Terror suspects, even dropping the "F Bomb" on a show the other night when talking about it....more on his dimwitted rants later.

For now however, I will hit the shower, wait out the rain, and see if my game at Lima Central Catholic gets washed out.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap/Summer Hits Home

Yet another Monday with strange appears the rain will hit late, and if it does, that will make 4 straight Monday's of wet weather. Rather than the cold rains of the first few weeks of April, this will be a warm beginning of the "work" week....80+ for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and another record or near record is in store for today, before the resume of more normal temperatures for tomorrow and the foreseeable future. It also looks like wet weather, off and on, will be with us for at least the next 10 days or so....another hit on the baseball season schedule for our high school games. But Summer has struck home early, for at least a few days...even had to fire up the Central A/C for the weekend, I'm guessing the heat will be running before the next week is done however.

Not the case over the last few days...a single league game at St. Marys on Friday, and double headers at Celina on Saturday and Sunday north to Delphos for a rare JV Sunday Double Header....I've got to admit that yesterday's 5 hour marathon took the starch out of me...hope to bounce back tonight at Spencerville for a NWC game with Lincolnview.

Red Door Reunion______

Saturday night saw the 2nd annual Red Door Reunion...last April it was "to the wall" with old folks, this one was well attended, but not nearly so much as last years...."sequels" usually are not as well accepted as the original hit(except maybe Godfather II). While this one had "Caddy Shack II" beat, it was not up to the crowd as the original...I'm thinking they could probably get more of us "Old Farts" out with a summer during the Lake Festival. Having said that, the weather was outstanding for a April Saturday night.

Nick, Knap, Ponzi, Twig, and even Rick T showed up, but we didn't close the place down like last year....I had that double header to do on Sunday, and no way I was staying until 2:30 in the morning...Nick and I walked up and walked back, we were home by 12:30am, he crashed on one of the recliners, and I hit the sack by 1....and considering the hot weather for yesterday's games...I'm glad I made it a rather short night.

Sam spent the weekend in Detroit, Hal is finishing up his Masters work(although not without some head banging with Wright State over class issues...seems they are putting some "extra" stuff in and this will probably hose Hal's summer school teaching job at Fairborn, he's not a happy camper with education is all about Liberal Leftist theology and making money, while bashing Capitalism, something students figure out on their own eventually.

My poor wife, after getting over the stomach flu, comes down with a sinus infection...but still has to get to school, she is paying the price this spring, health wise.

The Great Pig Flu Outbreak_____

Speaking of illness of the virus variety...Swine Flu has reared it's ugly head. Starting out in the Peoples Republic of Mexico, it has followed it's illegal invaders to the US and Canada, and now our" great friends" (since Obama was crowned) in Europe are reporting the outbreak as well. Is there doubt in any sane person's mind that this contrived outbreak is the result of Barry and his Administration doing some under handed deeds to further his outrageous Marxist Agenda....I'm beginning to believe more than ever that this son of a Kansas mum is the Anti Christ or pretty close.....he is evil in a suit at the very least, and one Armageddon causing bastard at the worst.

World Flu in late April or Early May??? Like I said, does this sound contrived or not?

Something to ponder while going on with today's business....Barry and his bunch are going to use this Swine Flu "opporunity" to take more freedoms from us, you can bet your ass on it....

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photos-Which horse of the 4 Horseman is our Horse's Ass President?/a few photos of our flowers blooming/and yes indeed, those that voted for this horse's behind and the 60% of those that still support his Marxist Agenda, are as stupid as they come.

Friday, April 24, 2009

80 Degrees Today/Another Red Door Reunion Tomorrow

It appears that today will mark the first time the thermometer will hit the 80 degree mark since last October...83 with some powerful winds and in store for both today and the weekend. Cool down and more rain for next week, but we will take what we can, and live with it.

Sam and I headed the back roads north yesterday afternoon for a GMC game that was switched from Wayne Trace to Ayersville due to the WT field still being saddled with a wet outfield...we were done in 2 hours with the Pilots of Ayersville winning 4-1 as their center fielder makes a circus catch with the tying run at bat to end the game. Tonight I'm back at it, with a WBL game at St. Marys taking on Wapakoneta..then I'm set to do JV Double Headers at Celina and Delphos this weekend....4 games on the weekend? That will be something I have not done since last summer's tournament season.

I will try to pace myself this weekend...after I finish up the double header on Celina's artificial field on Saturday, it will be about time to head up town for the 2nd annual Red Door Reunion.

Last year on April 5th, the owners of the Fuse(the old Red Door location) held a 40th anniversary bash for all the Red Door old timers...we showed up in force, and a great reunion was held. Usually the second time around is not the same...but it will be worth the try, I'll probably walk up, and see who's there, and walk back later in the evening/morning...with an afternoon double header at Delphos on Sunday, I am guessing I won't try to be as "involved"(getting home at 3AM) as last spring.

Nick says he's coming up for this year's event...Rick T? I'm waiting to hear from him....and will see if the other bartenders from that era, Lou, Sue, Bob, and the rest, make it this time around.

That's the short of it for this go around...really, not much to rant on about, unless you want to hear a political rant...nope, not going there. I will mention the NHL playoffs....The Flyers stay alive by beating Pittsburgh at the Pens home ice down 3 games to 2, Philly heads home tomorrow. Meanwhile as expected, Detroit closed out the Columbus Blue Jackets. This one however was a close one...6-5 for the Motor City gang, with the officials calling a bad penalty late to give Detroit a power play and the win with less than a minute least the Columbus fans got to give their young team a excellent send off after a record breaking season. Things are looking up in Columbus.

A prediction-The Red Wings will not repeat as Stanley Cup Champs.

Go Enjoy the Weekend!
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attachments-A Flyer from last year's Red Door Reunion/Mug Shot of the Bartender gang from years's past, I'm bottom row second from end on the right/and the Fuse, aka: Old Red Door as it looks today.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slow Road to Spring/Earth Day BS

Mostly sunny but cool yesterday, however, no game for me, as the AD from Lima Shawnee called and says.."Pat, we just had a big downpour go through the school area, and the field is soaked again...sorry". It's been that kind of April. 3 straight weeks of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday(make up day) rain outs...This is putting a cramp in league play, I have been getting calls daily to ask if I have a certain day open, hardly, heck I've even got a double header this that is rare. In fact, take away a couple of Sundays, and I have only May 8th and May 15th open between now and the Sectionals at Hopewell-Louden. Even after the 15th I have few days off...except time set aside to head to Mesick, Michigan, for our annual Mushroom Hunt and get together...until after the Regional Tournament.

This afternoon, after Sam returns from OSU-Lima, we will head to either Wayne Trace or Ayersville to do a Green Meadows Conference is scheduled for WT, but again may be moved{update, game has been moved to Ayersville due to wet outfield at WT}....Trace just cannot get enough nice weather to dry off their outfields. Tomorrow another league(WBL) game at St. Marys, and a couple of double headers for the weekend.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

With the Flyers and Blue Jackets on the verge of being eliminated tonight, my interest in the Stanley Cup will probably wane...especially since the weather is turning(at least they say) nice for a few days...with nobody to root for, I won't waste my time watching games rooting against someone(i.e. Detroit, Pittsburgh, and New Jersey)

The Economy

I see GM will shut-down for 9 weeks this summer...of course the UAW non-workers will continue to get most of their money, even while the company drops into the Obama Shitter. Great move America, we get the politicians and Government we deserve, and we are getting it.

How about that Earth Day celebration yesterday? I celebrated this annual bullshit "feel good day" by firing up both lawn mowers and my chain saw. I mowed mom's yard for the first time this spring, took care of our back yard....and then got the chain saw out and fired it up to cut some limbs and small trees that needed "killed off". Earth Day and Green Jobs....what a line of bullshit. And believe me, I'm as big an Environmentalist as there is...I worked in it for 20 years, and I can tell you, Al Gore, Barack Oasshole, and the rest are clueless..."Cap and Trade" will kill us. I looked at my Natural Gas Bill this annual "budget plan" went from $89 to $140 a month, while fuel prices are supposed to go down. I cannot guess how many people are going to go broke and jobs lost, paying for this son of a bitch(Obama) and his "Green Jobs" program? But you can bet it will be plenty.

Enough for this go around....67 today with sun, I plan on enjoying it.

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Photos-My Tulips are coming out, despite the 30 degree temperatures this morning./The recent and 4 or 5 days a week rains are playing havoc with baseball diamonds and the High School schedules/The Stanley Cup Round #1 winds down/and at the great Stihl Chainsaw and the limbs and small trees I took out yesterday for Earth own little way of telling Barry O and Al Gore to "Kiss my Right Wing Terrorist Ass"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1975-Time in a Bottle!

The rains continued yesterday and as I look out this morning, it is coming down, after a brief dry spell overnight. Our games were rained out, and I expect tonight, and possibly tomorrow's will be the same. League schedules, and Sam and my Sectional Tournament, have already been changed. Speaking of poor he is a big time Columbus Blue Jacket fan, gets tickets tonight for the first ever Jacket home hockey game, and boom! The stomach/flu virus that Patricia, then me, had, gets him....he was scheduled for a mid-term today at OSU-Lima, then was heading with a buddy to Columbus this afternoon. He missed the mid-term, e-mailed his prof last night(or early this morning about 3) after getting up and visiting the "throne", something I got used to for a few days while I was in my battle with the bug. I know, with $110 invested in tickets, he will make an effort to get to the game tonight, but that 2 hour drive each way and the 3 hours at the arena, will not be easy....he's young however, and at 27 he might have a chance to recover in time...maybe.

Weather wise, I guess it could be worse...Wisconsin is getting pounded by 6 to 9 inches of snow and I remember why I left Wausau in the north country after living there for 2 winters....those winters never seemed to end.


I got up this morning, saw Patricia off to work, and sat down at the computer, and checked the e-mail....I had been writing back and forth with my old buddy Rick T(pictured with me above at last years 40th RD Reunion) whom I had not seen since the "Red Door Reunion" last April. This Saturday will see another event at the Door, and I was asking him if he was going to make it.

His answer hit me as to how life ebbs and weaves at times....he said he was going to try, he needed a break and would try. Several things were on his plate however....His mom was in the Lima Hospital after undergoing double by-pass and was not responding well. I had just talked with her last month and she seemed fine, but apparently not that fine...Rick said she was struggling. Then on an even sadder note, he mentioned his 15 year old grandson was in a fierce battle at a Columbus Hospital, with leukemia, after a bone marrow transplant. I told him Patricia and I would pray for both, and hopefully he could get away for a night, if not, I would toast him with a drink Saturday night.

I then wrote another e-mail back to him and typed in: "I'm sitting here thinking about your mom and grand kid, I sit here and wonder...Don't you sometimes wish it was 1975 again? I'd like to freeze that time in a bottle, and be sitting there at the Red Door, getting stoned without a care in the world and money to match the cares(none). Our only cares were whose asses were we going to have to kick or get kicked by that night at work, how much beer we could down after we closed, and how soon we could start?

Sad to say Rick, the world doesn't work like that, but sometimes don't you just wish it did?
Later Buddy"
Rick and I tendered bar at the infamous Red Door together from 1973 through the fall of 1975....we were the 2 constants there...I was the so-called manager, he was my right hand man....those couple of years are forever etched in my mind(and his as he wrote back) as the bell weather days of our transportation from youth to adults.

I worked 6 nights a week(Monday nights off) while Rick filled in when I was off and worked Thursday through Sunday. Without exception we would close down the place and either drink at the bar or head to my place, or Jim Olson's, or somewhere else to get our evening "party" started...few nights did we make it home before dawn, or if we did, it was just to hang out. It was one Hell of a 2 year run...something I will never forget or look back at badly for the rest of my days.

Rick drove a little red AMC Gremlin with "Levi" seats...I had an AMC Hornet with the same interior...we took those damn things everywhere. Reds games in Cincy, to beer runs to wherever...those were our fun mobiles, along with my 63 Ford Econoline Wagon, and both of us had motorcycles as well. I can see us tooling down I-75 passing back and forth with each of our cars filled with bodies and beer on the way to Riverfront Stadium. It's a wonder any of us survived...but survive we did, and are still here to talk and write about it.

Don't get me wrong...Patrica and I have been together since my Red Door days, so she knows what I'm thinking. I love my family, I couldn't go back and do those things again if I had the time. But those days, the year 1975 in particular, just before college, marriage, kids, bills, and the aches and pains of getting "mature" and older, are in fact, the days I would put in a bottle if I could.

In the meantime, say a prayer for Rick and his family, especially that young Grandson of his.....

back later>>>>>

photos-top left: Me and Rick at last year's Red Door Reunion/ The others from 1975, views from 303 North Brandon(just a block from where I live today), my first home bought. Me with Jake the Red Tick hound and my 1974, 250 Kawasaki in the background/and my 1973 AMC Hornet, complete with the Levi Package, in front of the house.

Below: Standing in front of the well used Econoline at Daytona Beach in June 1975, and a 1974 Kaw 250 similar to the one I used both on and off the road.

Monday, April 20, 2009

As Luck(or the weather) would have it/Confessions of a High School Umpire

As luck would have it...Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, turned out to be the nicest days we have had, weather wise, since back in luck would also have it, the last 2 of those days, I was saddled with the virus, the same one Patricia had. A nasty stomach flu like bug, which left me weak, tired, and not knowing which end to relieve myself out of. Yesterday, as I started to slowly recover, the weather turned back to what has been "normal" for west Ohio...rain and cooler.

I guess it all began Thursday night when Sam and I got back from Tinora High School, some 70 miles north of Celina, after completing a Green Meadows Conference game....I sat down, watched the Hockey game between Detroit and Columbus, and had a few beers....went to bed feeling OK, by any standards. However, when I got up, my stomach was in a flux...and I was trying to decide whether it was the beer and a few chocolates I snatched from Anissa's Easter basket...or I was getting the bug that had laid my wife low for the best part of a week...didn't take long to figure out it was the latter.

So I spent the better part of Friday visiting the royal suite(the upstairs bath), and wondering if I was going to feel well enough to do the trip to St. Marys to do the WBL game with eating, no coffee, just a few drinks throughout the day....I made it the 10 miles to the other side of the lake...lucky for me, my partner for the day was Greg from Greenville, and it was his rotation to do the I found out, he had been battlling the same "bug" here we are, 74 degrees warm weather, and both of us not feeling at the top of our game....we survived. The game was a rather quick one, without too may problems(see umpire story below), and was over in about 2 hours...a 3-1 win for visiting Celina.

I headed home, once again watched hockey, this time my team, The Philadelphia Flyers did battle with Pittsburgh....watched it until the refs took charge and hosed Philly late...Pitt tied it and it, went to Overtime...I pretty well knew the dye had been cast...the Flyers were set up for the loss, and they did...way to go NHL...protect those chosen teams and super stars. Anyway I didn't care by that time and headed to bed before the O.T. even began...I spend a good chunk of the night on the throne.

Saturday dawned warm and sunny again, and I headed to Ottoville for a single game...with a young replacement ump(for Sam who headed to Newark for a OSU-Lima double header), I ended up doing the plate in a 19-5, 2 hour 35 minute marathon blowout...home again, and basically resting up over the weekend, when not in the can...How Exciting?

The one thing for sure, the "bug" was a waste of what could have been great cigar and beer drinking weather...the first 3 days of the new week look to suck, cool, rain, and in the 40s and 50s....what a bummer!

Confessions of a High School Umpire

Since I returned to umpiring a decade ago, from coaching, the one thing I have noticed patience has gotten better, at least for the most part. There are exceptions, especially when you are not feeling up to par...and when a coach or player rubs you the wrong way, by making senseless or against the rules arguments, especially when you are not feeling well.

As I mentioned above...Friday and Saturday were great weather wise, but not so great, when it came to working a ball game with a virus.

Off to the other side of the lake on Friday I was scheduled to do a Western Buckeye League game with St. Marys hosting Celina. I usually don't do Celina games, only because I live here and it's my alma mater...I don't do varsity home games, but do on occasion do a weekend JV double header in Celina, and pick them up on the road, if the opponent Athletic Director or League Assigner gives me the game....not a "homer", never have been, and never will be, so the game, regardless of who is playing doesn't matter...I don't favor one team ever! Bottom Line....

Anyhow, not feeling good at all, I ended up getting into it with the first base coach in the second inning...the guy wants to argue a "check swing" call. The plate umpire asked me if the right handed batter went around.."yes he did" I say, and the young coach decides he knows better that his player didn't swing. That discussion lasted about 5 seconds...2 rules that I stick with...You don't argue judgement calls with me, and I don't argue with "assistant" coaches and players....I was pretty short with this guy...there was another call he wanted to argue later on, but guess he decided not to trip my lever...good thing too.

We got out of that game in less than 2 hours..I headed home(see above) and hoped to feel better for the Saturday contest up north.

I did the plate at Ottoville...both teams with veteran coaches. The home team struggling this season, the visiting Crestview team came in at 6 wins with a single loss. The outcome was pretty much decided early, with the visiting Knights scoring 7 runs in the top of the first, on the way to a 19-5 win.

I was feeling better, but still not ready for prime time...the game dragged, and I guess the Ottoville coach and a couple of fans didn't like my strike zone...I'll admit to have a low in the zone, strike call habit, especially if the count is 3-0. Well I called one pitch I thought was at the bottom of the zone a strike and the O coach came unhinged...I rip my mask off and proceeded to yell back that, we were not going to argue strikes and balls....about that time a moron in the crowd tells me to 'shut my pie hole'....I gave him the glare, thought about tossing his sorry ass out of the park, but figured, why escalate the situation further? The coach and I have known each other for years...he's a good guy, but a high strung one at times...nothing we said was personal, and it went no farther. I however, probably should have tossed the big mouth fan....and even the opposing coach wondered why I didn't...a weak moment on my part I guess. Fans can pretty much say what they please...but there are times they cross the line, and running them out of the park is a legit option...this was border line, next time I probably won't be so accepting.

Being in the game as a player, coach, and umpire for 50 years...I guess I have heard and seen it all...The state ranking say I'm good enough to do the State Tournament, but you still have to prove yourself to yourself every game...I noticed my ranking with coaches was sailing along at a 4.2 out of 5 rating going into Friday's dropped just enough to let me know that one coach gave me a 2 somewhere before Saturday...doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out when that occurred. It's not a big thing, coaches rankings are but a small part of the overall picture, and mine are in the top group....but there are times when you wish you could rank the coaches, at least a few of them, but enough said of that.

Today I am scheduled for a league game (Northwest Conference) at Bluffton, and tomorrow a WBL game at Lima appears however, that for the 3rd straight week, the Monday and Tuesday games are going to get washed out....The league make-up games in May, combined with the tournament schedule, should put the squeeze on pitching staffs throughout the area....making coaching decisions all that much harder. It will be interesting.
The virus is still with me, feeling better yes, but still tired, not ready to pig out, or down a beer...on the plus side, I have lost another 7 pounds, making it easier obtain my goal fo 25 down....I'm now 60% there...perhaps not the way you want to lose it, but we will take it.

back later>>>>>

photo---This mornings Radar...the low pressure area spins around the midwest, 3 straight weeks of Monday and Tuesday rains, but I guess that's better than Friday/Saturday wet.

Friday, April 17, 2009

NHL Playoffs...Wimps Rule

The sun is shining bright this morning, but checking out the temperatures, it is only 35 degrees at, not exactly "summer like" just yet. It does however we will get by today and tomorrow with good amounts of sun and warm weather. It may hit 70 or so, before dropping back into the 50s with 3 rain days for Sunday thru Tuesday....the area farmers should have gotten into the fields earlier, because the ground remains saturated for now, with no real dry off in sight.

Yesterday Sam and I were to work together at Wayne Trace...their field is notorious for staying wet, especially in the outfield, after even a couple of days of sunshine....The Old Black Swamp still has a hold on the soil of Blue Creek Township, and things are slow to dry. Anyway about 3 O'Clock, the WT coach called and said they were moving their game to Defiance Tinora...some 70 miles north of Celina, for a league game with the Rams. We got our gear, left early as we could, and arrived north of Defiance just before game time. They had a back up umpire for the area, so we worked a 3 man crew...things went quickly, and Tinora came out on top of the Raiders by a 7-0 count. Back we came, Sam driving and me checking out the Blue Jackets-Red Wings on XM Radio...more on that later.

Tonight I'm at St. Marys for a Western Buckeye League game with my home town team, Celina...I usually don't do Celina games, but even arch rival St. Mary's AD and Coaches don't seem to have a problem with me doing this one, since this is the 2nd time in as many years that I have been assigned the game by Roughrider assigners. Not a problem for me, because, I have never been a "homer"....I call em' like I see em', no matter who is on the diamond, tonight will be no exception...tomorrow I drive north to Ottoville for a single non-league game with Convoy Crestview.

NHL-Gary Bettman is a Wimp!

Message to the National Hockey League:

Do you wonder why few fans outside the hard core have any use for your league and sport? Wonder no more, here is the answer....."Your Leadership Stinks".

Philadelphia played a lousy game Monday night at Pittsburgh, let's make no mistake about it....the Flyers who slumped out of home ice advantage last weekend, continued to look miserable on the ice Monday...sure the NHL feels the need to protect prim-a-dona Pen-queens like Eve Malkin and Cindy Crosby, I just wonder why they don't dress these sissies boys in pink tights or a dress, so nobody will put a hit on the man children? Anyway down 4-1 the Flyers decided to "send a message" to Pittsburgh, and laid a smack down on a couple of Pen wimps as time expired..."Can't be doing that" says the sock puppets in the NHL Boardroom. So they fine the Flyers coach, John Stevens(no big deal here), and suspend Danny Circillo 1 game, for hitting one of the precious Pen-queens with 7 seconds left....

Nice move you wonder why you have become a joke? There is more hitting in the NBA that you clowns allow in the playoffs, and real fans think it stinks.

Meanwhile, the Blue Jackets in their first ever playoff game, played even with Detroit for 30 minutes before folding like a cheap lawn chair and falling 4-1. Game #2 in Detroit becomes a key win for Columbus if they want to avoid a large turnout of Detroit fans in Columbus on Tuesday night....Sam has tickets, and I'm thinking he's not too keen on seeing the band wagon Red Wings fans invade Columbus. In other games, Chicago won 12 seconds into Overtime, the Ducks surprised top seeded San Jose, and in the east Boston, the top seeded eastern team, doubled up to see No Canada teams left after the first round...give our northern neighbors more time to look for gay marriage partners, since it's legal all over Cana-duh these days.

The way March weather turned out, it appeared that I would be mowing late last month or within the first couple of days of April. Ohio's fickle weather however, way laid those plans, and with the exception of last weekend, doing our back yard...both our front and side yard and mom's remain unmowed...I plan on tackling those today, before I head out to do time to get at it.

Have a great weekend...back later>>>>>
Danny Carcillo of the Flyers, back when the NHL actually let them fight....and the new style pink uni's for the NHL....Eve Malkin and Cindy Crosby would look fantastic in these.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anti Tax Tea Day Wrap Up/I'm a Right Wing Terrorist?

After 3 days of miserable cold, rain, and drizzle, I see the sun is rising above the city of Celina from the east this morning....whoopee! 3 games rained out, and probably wet grounds will either wash or move this afternoon's GMC contest at Wayne Trace....but it does appear we will have a couple or 3 nice days with sunshine and temps in the 60s and 70s....finallly, but let me check the forecast, because it could have changed since last night................................

Yep, 3 days of sun, then back to rain and cool for late weekend and early next week.....April in Ohio{stick around, it changes often}.

Tax/Tea Protest Day

If you were living in a cave or watching MSNBC yesterday you probably missed the hundreds of thousands of Tax Paying Americans...Oh wait, MSNBC was covering it, making fun of the folks, that hate overpaying taxes....which means about 40% of the folks, who actually pay Federal Taxes. It does seem the better the weather, the larger the turnouts....the crowds in San Antonio, and Austin, Texas, Sacremento, California, Boston, Charleston, SC, and Birmingham, Alabama, and Atlanta, Georgia, were huge....Washington and Chicago had miserable weather and the crowds were smaller....the crowds in St. Marys, Ohio, and Lima, were decent, Lima had several hundred....overall the working folks of the nation who took off to attend these events were well behaved, unlike the left wing fockwads who usually protest their Marxist supported events...{see University of North Carolina protesting Tom Tancredo speech the other day}

July 4th is schedule for another go around, hopefully the folks will remain pissed off at The Messiah and Congress, because they still don't get it...the weather should be dry and hot, get out and protest these bastards in DC.


I'm a potential terrorist....are you?

Department of Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano {And you thought Janet Reno wanted to be a man} has released a report concerning "Right Wing Extremists" a report much more hard hitting and in dept than the one on "Left Wing Extremists"...anyway, it appears me and many of those that think like me or who are even less right leaning are being eyed by DHS as potential domestic terrorists.....

Details of the report can be found at Hot Air and other Internet sites, as can looks at yesterday's tax revolt/tea party events:

It seems that Iron Maiden Janet and her storm troopers from DHS say that if you are a military veteran, especially a returning veteran, dislike illegal immigration, are Pro-Life, support the Second Amendment, and several other things that Barry Soetoro and his ilk don't see eye-to-eye with you on...YOU ARE A POTENTIAL FREAKING TERRORIST!

Guess I should plead guilty to that....Should you? This country's Government just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? What a bunch of assholes we have in charge.....

The major bread winner in the family(the wife) headed back to school today after 2 days off with what appears to be the flu or some other nasty guess is she should have waited another day, because she still didn't look all that chipper this morning....I expect her back early, or to be in the sack by the time I return from baseball this evening. Hopefully I don't catch it!

The NHL Playoffs begin....

The Flyers stunk up the joint at Pittsburgh last night, no other way to put it. If they play the same way Friday, they will be out of the Cup race sooner, rather than, later. Other winners included The Rangers(on the road), Devils, and Vancouver. Tonight the Columbus Blue Jackets take on the defending champ Red Wings in Detroit, the first ever playoff game for the Ohio team.

Today, with the sun out, I'm getting outside. It's still to wet to mow the lawns, but I've gotta get out and walk, and head downstairs to the weight room.

back later
Photos--America is Tea-ed Off!/DHS Says I'm a potential terrorist, are you?/part of the Lima, Ohio, Tax Protest crowd/Janet Napolitano, DHS Chief....pssst! She thinks we are Terrorists...she does terrorize me, that's for sure.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Main Stream Media and Ingnoring the Tax Protests

The skies continue to be leaden grey for the 3rd straight day...and it appears my games will be washed and wet fielded out again today, and even with tomorrow's predicted sunshine and 60 things don't look all the great for getting out on the diamonds.

Well here it is...Tax Day April 15th. Ours have been in long ago, as have the boys, the payments have been made, and for the most part the refunds have been received. But today is the "other" April 15th...the one nationwide where thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of pissed off tax payers will head to the streets of some 500 cities and towns to protest the over taxation of a people. They will also protest money going to illegal invaders and I'm sure other "pet" issues.

The big question is....Will the Main Stream Media cover the events? Probably not, or if they do, just in passing. Fox News and Radio Talkers will be out...I'm sure a flew counter protesters from radical trash like ACORN will try to intimidate, almost laughable, since most of these gutter snipes won't get off their dead asses except to collect food stamps or welfare. So the major media will either ignore or bash. You can bet your ass, if this was a bunch of radicals faggots protesting queer marriage rights with a couple hundred flamers dressed in pink tights, they would be on it like smell on a monkey. Or if some piece murdering trash that happened to be of the African persuasion was shot by cops after killing a handful of law enforcement types, was being memorized by Reverends Al and Jesse Jackass, the media would be there...but for Americans, real Americans, white, black, Asian, and brown, to be out protesting the Socialism of America via over taxation, you can bet the major outlets will ignore or belittle.

So gang, it's up to can sit on your ass and do and say nothing, you can go to one of the events nearest you(just check on the April 15th Tax logo on the top left to find one), or you can at least watch Fox and see how many actually show will be a bunch, especially in places like Austin, Texas, San Antonio, Miami, Dayton, Columbus, Boston, and others....the weather will be a factor.....but it should be fun to watch.

Of course left wing blogs like the Huffington Post, and the Daily Kos, as well as Marxist trash like ACORN, will try to infiltrate the marches, some are saying to ignore them....I say, don't be intimidated, if they get in your face, do what you have to do.

The major media say their polls show 70% support the Obamanation's plans on getting the economy jump started, here is your chance to show them 30% of us have a brain....and don't plan on going quiet into the dark. I doubt if 70% of American are this brain dead, but I am guessing at least 53%(the % that voted for Barry Soetoro), like some of the dumb asses in my own extended family, actually think Socialism is a good thing, and over bloated union's are worth saving.....I no longer talk politics with those folks, I've long ago decided they are idiots and not worth my time.

In a nutshell, the Second American Revolution is just around the corner, these Tea Parties are just the beginning salvo. The time is at hand to decide if we are a nation of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and Reagan, or a nation of Wilson, FDR, Carter, Clinton, and a radical Islamic liar named Barack Obama.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tax/Tea Day Minus 1

Tomorrow is tax day, the day the sheep must turn our taxes into the criminal is also the day of the Great American Tax Tea Party. At some 2000 locations across the nation, tax protesters will be gathering to let the Government know they are pissed off. Of course the Obama Lap Dog Press will either (1) Ignore the protests, (2) downplay the numbers, (3) lie about the real reasons for the protests. My advice is...ignore the main stream press, and go with talk radio and Fox News to get a hint/insight what is really going on tomorrow.

Good luck to all involved, and hopefully the doucebags in Washington DC will get the message....don't count on it, but keep the pressure up anyway. Keep an eye out for the Obamanation henchman that will surely be out in force, taking names and photos of us so-called "domestic terrorists".
A miserable stretch of weather has hit the upper Midwest. Rain, cold, leaden skies, just plain miserable...needless to say our High School games were cancelled yesterday, they will be today, and probably tomorrow....then we wait for the diamonds to dry out. My beer and cigar money is taking a hit! Hopefully later in the week, the talking weather heads will get it right, and we will see sunshine and upper 60s, but even that is not guaranteed.
Quiet around the homestead today...Patricia went off to school, but returned. Appears she is coming down a bug and is resting it off upstairs. Anissa is gone until Friday at care givers, Sam at OSU-Lima, and it's just me the sleeping dog and cat downstairs. I have Glenn Beck tuned in for my daily update on Obama's Assault on the First and Second Amendment, and the Socialism of America. I am the "Lonesome Dove" this morning....guess I'll wait for the game cancellation, and maybe get out and walk in the fog and drizzle.

back later>>>>

photo-Took the shot of the "Lonesome Dove" out our kitchen window this morning, seems he/she was winging it alone, but it's partner is usually not far away.....
Youngest Son Hal will be attending the one in Dayton, Ohio.
Friend Andy is helping organize the one in Louisville, KY...
And our area Tax and Tea Protest begins in Lima, Ohio, at 12 Noon tomorrow at City Center Town Square......

Monday, April 13, 2009

Red Sky in Morning/Easter Rehash

Taking a look out the landing window just minutes before sunrise this morning, the old adage "Red Sky in Morning, Sailor's Warning" seems to be coming into focus for the western Ohio region. We are talking 90% chance of rain, and that should arrive before noon. The chances of getting my game in at Ottoville tonight and the MAC League game at New Knoxville tomorrow, seem to be slim indeed. I can't complain much though, so far, counting scrimmages, I've umpired in 17 or 20 scheduled games. Sam and I got a double dip in at Haviland on Saturday, in sunny, albeit, windy and coolish temps...yesterday for our family Easter get together, we had sunshine and 55 or so.

A few items to cover this morning.....

The news media is all ga-ga that the American Navy has dispatched 3 of the 4 half assed "Pirates" that held the American ship and Captain hostage over the past few days, and of course the lap dog media is saying what a hero Barack Obama is for having the guts to order the use of force..."use of force, in a time where Americans were being held hostage" Wow! How quaint....congrats to the Navy Seals who performed their duties...the only thing that surprises me is the Barry actually let them take out a few of his Islamic brothers....guess they weren't family? One thing Obama is, he's a politician, and with his poll numbers down and the economy in the tank, Barry must have figured he could get the sheeple back in line, by doing something besides bowing down and kissing the ass of the Saudi King...but by the looks of other blogs and the Internet, he has scored some political points.

Happy Birthday to Mom and Hal

Margaret Houseworth, born Margaret Helen DeVore in Chester, Pennsylvania,
on this date in 1924, turns 85 today....she is with the "rest" of the family completing her winter in Florida, with oldest Mike and at youngest Kelly's place outside Naples....meanwhile her youngest Grandson Hal Stanley Houseworth turns the big 25 today. Hal is back down in Fairborn, Ohio, after spending most of Easter with us...or out on the town with old local friends....Hal was born on mom's 60th birthday at Coldwater, Ohio.
Yesterday we had Easter Dinner at our place, and my niece Molly and her husband Aaron, had the youngest member of the family Lilly here, Lilly was born the day before my 60th birthday, March 15th, in lower Michigan.

Over the past few years, rather than a sit down big dinner for Easter, Patricia has opted with sister Marty to have Buffet type combination meals of meats, deserts, salads, and side dishes....this seems to work out best for all. yesterday we had several kinds of meats(London Broil, Burritos, and home made Chicken Noodle Soup), along with many side dishes, fruits, salads, and deserts(Coffee Cake, Upside Down Cake, Apple Pie), and many other items, more than enough that 11 of us made only a partial dent in it.....the holiday get together worked out well, and we all go a chance to meet Lilly.

Hockey News

The NHL and IHL both ended their regular seasons over the weekend, with mixed results for our family favorites....

In the International Hockey League, the defending league and cup champions, Fort Wayne Komets, finished on top again this season in the 6 team league, and enter the 2 rounds of Turner Cup action with all the momentum they need...taking 13 out of their last 14 games to finish ahead of the pack.

Meanwhile in the National Hockey League, my favorite team, the Philadelphia Flyers, and Sam's, the Columbus Blue Jackets both staggered into the playoffs. The Flyers needing only 1 point in their final game, for home ice advantage, blew 3 leads at home and lost to the NY Rangers, thus after holding 4th place for most of the winter, end up tied with Pittsburgh, but losing the tie breaker and have to open at the Pen-queens, led by Cindy Crosby and Michelle Maulkin, rather than having home ice....The Blue Jackets who held 6th place since January managed to blow that, and fall to 7th, where they will now face defending champion Detroit. As Sam(who has tickets for the first ever playoff game in Columbus) said...It's not that they can't beat the Red Wings(the 2 teams tied the season series at 3 games a piece), it't the influx of Red Wing fans who will pay any price to infiltrate Nationwide Arena in Columbus to make the Columbus home games look like neutral ice. Columbus has not been in the league to form a strong rivalry with any one team...but I can tell you, Blue Jacket fans despise Red Wing fans, especially the band wagon trash from the Toledo area(the same set of losers that root for Michigan Football over Ohio State)...we all sort of wish Islamic infested Toledo would cede to would make the IQ of the state go up by a few digits for sure. {sarcasm alert, it's only sports}

A rainy Monday it's going to least around here, enjoy the start of the week regardless.

back later>>>>>
photos-logos-Top Left-The sunrise before the rain moves in over the city of Celina this morning, as taken from my staircase landing window./The beginnings of our family Easter Buffet set up and Patricia holding the newest member of the family Lilly(born March 15th)/The Blue Jackets can no longer be made fun of...after 8 season they finally make the Stanley Cup Playoffs, question is, can the win at least one from the Red Wings? And The Flyers of Philadelphia and the Komets of Fort Wayne are back in the playoffs...the K's will try to defend their IHL Turner Cup Championship.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Obama Apology/Treason Tour Wrap-Up

We received plenty of sunshine, albeit still cool weather, for Wednesday/Thursday...Garry and I went to New Haven, Indiana, a Fort Wayne east berg Wednesday afternoon for a game that had been moved due to a wet outfield from Wayne Trace. The purple Bulldogs have a great facility and the field was in excellent condition. Yesterday I headed to the Ohio/Indiana line city of Fort Recovery to umpire the plate for the home standing Indians against Union City, Indiana. A quick contest which saw the Fort's ace shut down UC...16 batters faced, no walks, 2 hits, and 13 strike outs. The Fort jumped out 7-0 in the first inning, and finished the 10-0 win in 5 innings by scoring 2 to end it in the bottom of the 5th.

No games today due to Good Friday, there would not have been any locally anyway, another hard rain hit overnight, and the steady cold drizzle continues at this hour. Tomorrow oldest son Sam and I are at Wayne Trace again, this for a double header, but wet fields could shut that down, if the weather cancels that, Sam will head to Zanesville to be with his OSU-Lima Barons teammates to take on OU-Zanesville....balancing work(umpiring), classes, and baseball(playing) for the Barons, has become juggle work for Sam...but he still is riding along with a 3.9 GPA in his Actuarial Science major.

Sunday is our turn to host the family for Easter....sister Marty with her husband Pat, and 2 of their daughters with husbands, and Molly and Aaron's first child will be here, our first chance to see Lilly, who was born a few hours before my 60th Birthday on March 15th. Mike has left for Florida, where he will bring home mom for the summer, but not before they hit the Sanibel condo until the first of May.

Speaking of old buddy Tom left his horse training job in Florida and returned home to train them up north until November or December....he stopped by and we grabbed a bite to eat. After my game last night we along with Nick, hooked up at Smedley's Irish pub for a couple of rounds, where we were joined by Garry and Paul for a couple more. Tom stayed at Nick's last night and stopped by the house this morning before heading north to Angola to stay with his sister, until the spring training for horses begins May 1st near Dreshler, Ohio.

The Obama Non-Reality Tour

Our asshole of a fearful leader and his lovely wife Queen Michelle Antoinette Obama returned to the states a couple of days ago...and the reverberations are still flowing across the non-left wing news media, the lap dog left continues to ignore the rookie-in-chief's faults..."What Faults?" they say.

In addition to bowing down to the King of Saudi Arabia, Barry managed to insult his country(well we all know he really isn't American, but let's pretend, he was born here, and not in Africa), and make apology for winning WW2, digging Europe out of that same war, saying Islam is not our enemy{of course maybe it was white Christians who flew those planes into the Twin Towers, right Barry?}, and insulting the American troops and laws for everything from GITMO to really not winning the War on Terror.

As one of the Radio Talkers said this morning...."This Obama Administration has all the looks of a 2nd Jimmy Carter Administration" I had my "Worst Presidents of my life time" post back when The Messiah was installed as the potente'

I may have to upgrade that from Carter being the worst President of my life to Barry Soetoro being the worst....even Jimmy the Weasel may not be able to hold the crown of this imbecile.

A couple of hints for our Arsehole-in-Chief:

Dear Barry: American Presidents don't bow to anybody, especially the ruling ragheaded sons a bitches, that torture women and slaughter 3000 citzens of the world by flying planes into buildings.

You don't go on foreign soil and trash your country in front of spineless bastards unable to fend for themselves without our Military.

You don't trash the men who served as Presidents before you, even if you disagree with their policies. Especially you don't trash dead Presidents like Harry Truman, for bombing the shit out of the Japs(yes that's what we called them back then) thus saving thousands of American GI's lives, and probably hundreds of thousands of citizens.

So, you sorry big eared dufus son of a Kansas _____, what most thinking Americans want you to do, is shut the Hell up, quit bashing this country and it's people, and serve out the remainder of your illegal Presidency, and do so without destroying the you and your worshippers have a clue? I think not!

With no due respect


I had to get that off my chest, and hate to do so in the religious holiday season....I wish you all a Happy Easter, and I ask God to forgive me for my angry rants towards this treasonous criminal that is infecting the White House.

back later>>>>

Photos-The King of America bows down to his Islamic Lords....and Jesus on the Cross, the real thing we all should be concentrating on this Easter season.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Return of Our Savior

Just like the bright sunshine that greeted western Ohio this morning, the bright light of our beloved Savior, Barry Soetoro Obama, and Queen Michelle Antoinette Obama, have returned to the USSA....and it was quite a show the past 9 days. Quite frankly, I don't know how we, as a people, survived the past week plus without our Harvard educated leader and his Amazonian Bride.

So our Savior has spent the past 9 days traveling, bowing down to Islamic Kings, and trashing the country of his mother's birth, The former United States of America. The dutiful main stream press has reported with glee on our master and his trashing of his predecessor George W. Bush, while at the same time doing the fashion news thing with Queen Michelle. But back they are, and damn am I happy!!!

{I now return to the serious part of today's post}

What would our forefathers think?

I often wonder what those patriots that founded this country, to get away from European rule, would think of today's Liberals, especially the likes of Obama, that want to return our Republic to that same kind of Socialist Elite Rule? I suspect the likes of Barack and Michelle would end up like King Louie and Marie Antoinette did back in the late 1790s. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Fag, and those in the Obama Cabinet{and in the GW Bush Cabinet as well) would be tossed into Prison for theft of Government and taxpayer funds. Most of our Congressman and Senators would be rounded up and tried for treason.

My Ancestors all came from various regions of can read about my Houseworth(nee' Hauswirth) line on my Genealogy Blog @

Jacob Hauswirth, my GGGG-Grandfather, came over from Zwierbrucken, Germany, on the "Ship Janet" in Great Grandfather, on mom's mother's side, Patrick Feeley(who I was named after and photo appears just to the right) came over from Ireland during the Civil War...The DeVores came from France. The blood of the Waldrons from England, and the Gibsons from Ireland all flow through my does the Scribners, who are direct descendants of John Smith, from the "Mayflower". My ancestors have been here from the beginning, only the American Indians have been here longer. I say without reservations that it makes me sick to see what Obama and his henchman are doing to my and your country. We as a people have lost our way, the country is close, oh so close, to being in complete turmoil.

Tax Freedom Day around the country is next Wednesday, April 15, 2009. It appears there will be massive crowds throughout the nation participating...and now it appears the likes of ACORN, The Daily Kos, and the Huffington Post, will attempt to infiltrate the marches....I would say just ignore these Anti American scums, and take the high road. But if I really said I felt that way, I would be lying...these folks need to know, this is our country, we pay the taxes, and they will not intimidate those of us that care. I urge you to participate next Wednesday and despite the fact the main stream media will ignore you(except Fox News)...don't ignore those that will try to disrupt these events.

As I mentioned earlier, the sun is shining today, but the cold will continue. Good Friday will bring rain, but Easter Sunday looks to be sunny and 60....In this Holy Week, I urge you to pray for this country and our leaders, not that we or they deserve it...we don't. Pray for the citizens to do what must be done, to preserve the Republic, and for God to do his will.

back later>>>>>
photos-top Barry Obama, our "Savior" in all his Glory.....and my Great-Grandfather and the Patrick I was named after...Patrick Feeley, born in Ireland in the late 1850s, a Chester, Pennsylvania, City Commissioner in the early 20th Century, Patrick Feeley died in 1929.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Global Warming my Rosie Red.....

Now don't get me wrong, I know it snows in Ohio in early April, heck it snows in early May, sometimes mid May...and when I lived in upstate New York and northern Wisconsin, we saw a few June snow this flurry activity in western Ohio is not rare. But Global Warming, man made Global Warming is a sad, sick, joke. A comedy foisted upon us by Al Gore and other left wing idiots(yes including left wing 'scientists' looking for power), trying to get the world to fall for their bullshit.

No more proof is needed that to see temperatures have actually fallen over the past decade, and no amount of "climate change" lingo is going to change the fact that we are not warming up. You need to look no farther than the Florida Panhandle this morning...BELOW FREEZING! Florida, freezing in early April? Global Warming my Ass! I worked in the Environmental Health field for 20 years, most of my college years were spent majoring in Environmental Health and the Sciences....we knew/thought Global Warming was a hoax 20 years ago, I still believe it is can disagree, but no way you can show me any real science that proves that the earth is warming because of the activity of man...end of story!

Anyway, I stuck the camera out the kitchen window this morning and out at the bird feeders, the Squirrels were doing battle with the Sparrows and Doves for their morning rations....they probably think winter has just arrived, and want to store up.

Needless to say all area baseball on the High School level was cancelled yesterday, and looking at the ground, I see little prospects for getting in tonight's either...Garry and I are scheduled to do Parkway hosting Crestview at Rockford. That is usually a good match-up between 2 of the areas better programs, but it probably will be cancelled, if not, I will need my industrial strength long johns on behind the plate, because 39 is all the higher it is going to get.

Speaking of High School...I received a Regional Tournament assignment late May I will get to participate in the Division IV Patrick Henry Regional at Hamler....PH has a real nice facility, and put on a good regional tourney. I'm looking forward to that one. Sam and I also got our contracts to do the Sectional Final Double Header in Bascom @Hopewell-Loudon High School on May 16th...we were there last tournament season and were treated very well, they asked us back, and we jumped on that.

Started back lifting light weights in the basement weight center yesterday....feel the need to get back in shape as the long baseball season has begun, plus the treadmill has been set on INCLINE, as to get ready for the upcoming Mushroom Hunt in Mesick, Michigan, coming up over Memorial Day....there is no looking back age wise, but you do what you can to stay healthy/fit as possible.

Sports finals

The Reds started out as the "hit less wonders" yesterday for the home opener...losing 2-1 to the NY Mets. Once again Dusty Baker's boys proved they could neither hit or field, and wasted a good pitching effort by Aaron Harang in the rather boring opening loss.

Speaking of about that NCAA Championship game? Being a Duke basketball fan, I held my nose and rooted for Michigan State(Ohio State's Big Ten rival) to no avail last night...the game was over before it started, The Tar Heels of UNC dominated and toyed with the Spartans....the only good thing is, most of those guys will be gone, giving the Blue Devils a much better opportunity next season to get back on top.

That about wraps in up for this morning....

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