Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Return of Our Savior

Just like the bright sunshine that greeted western Ohio this morning, the bright light of our beloved Savior, Barry Soetoro Obama, and Queen Michelle Antoinette Obama, have returned to the USSA....and it was quite a show the past 9 days. Quite frankly, I don't know how we, as a people, survived the past week plus without our Harvard educated leader and his Amazonian Bride.

So our Savior has spent the past 9 days traveling, bowing down to Islamic Kings, and trashing the country of his mother's birth, The former United States of America. The dutiful main stream press has reported with glee on our master and his trashing of his predecessor George W. Bush, while at the same time doing the fashion news thing with Queen Michelle. But back they are, and damn am I happy!!!

{I now return to the serious part of today's post}

What would our forefathers think?

I often wonder what those patriots that founded this country, to get away from European rule, would think of today's Liberals, especially the likes of Obama, that want to return our Republic to that same kind of Socialist Elite Rule? I suspect the likes of Barack and Michelle would end up like King Louie and Marie Antoinette did back in the late 1790s. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Fag, and those in the Obama Cabinet{and in the GW Bush Cabinet as well) would be tossed into Prison for theft of Government and taxpayer funds. Most of our Congressman and Senators would be rounded up and tried for treason.

My Ancestors all came from various regions of can read about my Houseworth(nee' Hauswirth) line on my Genealogy Blog @

Jacob Hauswirth, my GGGG-Grandfather, came over from Zwierbrucken, Germany, on the "Ship Janet" in Great Grandfather, on mom's mother's side, Patrick Feeley(who I was named after and photo appears just to the right) came over from Ireland during the Civil War...The DeVores came from France. The blood of the Waldrons from England, and the Gibsons from Ireland all flow through my does the Scribners, who are direct descendants of John Smith, from the "Mayflower". My ancestors have been here from the beginning, only the American Indians have been here longer. I say without reservations that it makes me sick to see what Obama and his henchman are doing to my and your country. We as a people have lost our way, the country is close, oh so close, to being in complete turmoil.

Tax Freedom Day around the country is next Wednesday, April 15, 2009. It appears there will be massive crowds throughout the nation participating...and now it appears the likes of ACORN, The Daily Kos, and the Huffington Post, will attempt to infiltrate the marches....I would say just ignore these Anti American scums, and take the high road. But if I really said I felt that way, I would be lying...these folks need to know, this is our country, we pay the taxes, and they will not intimidate those of us that care. I urge you to participate next Wednesday and despite the fact the main stream media will ignore you(except Fox News)...don't ignore those that will try to disrupt these events.

As I mentioned earlier, the sun is shining today, but the cold will continue. Good Friday will bring rain, but Easter Sunday looks to be sunny and 60....In this Holy Week, I urge you to pray for this country and our leaders, not that we or they deserve it...we don't. Pray for the citizens to do what must be done, to preserve the Republic, and for God to do his will.

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photos-top Barry Obama, our "Savior" in all his Glory.....and my Great-Grandfather and the Patrick I was named after...Patrick Feeley, born in Ireland in the late 1850s, a Chester, Pennsylvania, City Commissioner in the early 20th Century, Patrick Feeley died in 1929.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Interesting post. I'll be at the Tea Party in Dayton. I've read of the possible try by leftist scumbags to crash the parties. They can say what they want as long as they keep their distance. I won't be disrespected or physically intimidated. Been through too much for that. Nice job.

I'll take you up this summer on the help with geneaology. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am planning to ride over to our Tea party in Pulaski , Va on the Harley on Wednesday in all my Leather Glory.. Not looking for any of the Acorn or the likes trash in that Redneck Town but one never knows what Lib Scum might drift over from VT or RU just a few miles away. Might get the chance to stick the front end of the bike up one of this scumbag Asses but I surely wouldnt want to mess up my 20 Thou dollar machine on the likes of them . Have a great easter Weekend and Keep on Keeping on Brother. Armegedon is closer that most ,not us, think. sam

Sam Lewis said...

Why does this thing come up Anonymous / I have NEVER AND NEVER WILL BE ASHAIMED OF ANYTHING I SAY. sam

Anonymous said...

Just the thought of any Liberal Scum showing up at or Tea Party excites me to no limit . Reminds me of the trip I took to DC with the Gathering of the Guard at a what started as a Protest of the Troops by none other than the likes of Hanoi Jane and Dumn As Sheehan leading the way WHERE A GROUP OF US OLD SALTY VETS OUTNUMBERED AND SHOUTED A GROUP OF MOOMBAT LIBS . Bring them on, Im ready. sam

PRH....... said...

Guess you have to be a blogger(google) signee problem brother, I am planning on an Obama Apology/Treason Tour post later today....Have a great Easter to all.

Deborah Wilson said...


What a photo of Obama - almost requires sunglasses - lol

About the scheduled Tea Parties - there's something that I want to say -

We the people have the right to 'peacefully assemble'

The people do not have the right to get aggressive - get so mad or worked up that someone is hurt or property is damaged.

So my point is this -

By all means, peacefully assemble.

However, if groups such as Acorn or anyone else should attempt to disrupt or act aggressively - move away from them.

All of this is only an intimidation tactic - apparently many people have appointed themselves 'protectors' of Obama's policies, including criticism. And that too is ok, as long as they don't try to bully or prevent the opposite view from voicing their opinions and grievances.

I hope Atlanta behaves - but one just never can tell, especially when it pertains to political issues.

I have a gut feeling that the tea parties will give the people at least a tiny taste of their future - that counter-activism is what can be expected if the people choose to disagree not only with Obama's policies, but with D.C. itself.