Monday, April 13, 2009

Red Sky in Morning/Easter Rehash

Taking a look out the landing window just minutes before sunrise this morning, the old adage "Red Sky in Morning, Sailor's Warning" seems to be coming into focus for the western Ohio region. We are talking 90% chance of rain, and that should arrive before noon. The chances of getting my game in at Ottoville tonight and the MAC League game at New Knoxville tomorrow, seem to be slim indeed. I can't complain much though, so far, counting scrimmages, I've umpired in 17 or 20 scheduled games. Sam and I got a double dip in at Haviland on Saturday, in sunny, albeit, windy and coolish temps...yesterday for our family Easter get together, we had sunshine and 55 or so.

A few items to cover this morning.....

The news media is all ga-ga that the American Navy has dispatched 3 of the 4 half assed "Pirates" that held the American ship and Captain hostage over the past few days, and of course the lap dog media is saying what a hero Barack Obama is for having the guts to order the use of force..."use of force, in a time where Americans were being held hostage" Wow! How quaint....congrats to the Navy Seals who performed their duties...the only thing that surprises me is the Barry actually let them take out a few of his Islamic brothers....guess they weren't family? One thing Obama is, he's a politician, and with his poll numbers down and the economy in the tank, Barry must have figured he could get the sheeple back in line, by doing something besides bowing down and kissing the ass of the Saudi King...but by the looks of other blogs and the Internet, he has scored some political points.

Happy Birthday to Mom and Hal

Margaret Houseworth, born Margaret Helen DeVore in Chester, Pennsylvania,
on this date in 1924, turns 85 today....she is with the "rest" of the family completing her winter in Florida, with oldest Mike and at youngest Kelly's place outside Naples....meanwhile her youngest Grandson Hal Stanley Houseworth turns the big 25 today. Hal is back down in Fairborn, Ohio, after spending most of Easter with us...or out on the town with old local friends....Hal was born on mom's 60th birthday at Coldwater, Ohio.
Yesterday we had Easter Dinner at our place, and my niece Molly and her husband Aaron, had the youngest member of the family Lilly here, Lilly was born the day before my 60th birthday, March 15th, in lower Michigan.

Over the past few years, rather than a sit down big dinner for Easter, Patricia has opted with sister Marty to have Buffet type combination meals of meats, deserts, salads, and side dishes....this seems to work out best for all. yesterday we had several kinds of meats(London Broil, Burritos, and home made Chicken Noodle Soup), along with many side dishes, fruits, salads, and deserts(Coffee Cake, Upside Down Cake, Apple Pie), and many other items, more than enough that 11 of us made only a partial dent in it.....the holiday get together worked out well, and we all go a chance to meet Lilly.

Hockey News

The NHL and IHL both ended their regular seasons over the weekend, with mixed results for our family favorites....

In the International Hockey League, the defending league and cup champions, Fort Wayne Komets, finished on top again this season in the 6 team league, and enter the 2 rounds of Turner Cup action with all the momentum they need...taking 13 out of their last 14 games to finish ahead of the pack.

Meanwhile in the National Hockey League, my favorite team, the Philadelphia Flyers, and Sam's, the Columbus Blue Jackets both staggered into the playoffs. The Flyers needing only 1 point in their final game, for home ice advantage, blew 3 leads at home and lost to the NY Rangers, thus after holding 4th place for most of the winter, end up tied with Pittsburgh, but losing the tie breaker and have to open at the Pen-queens, led by Cindy Crosby and Michelle Maulkin, rather than having home ice....The Blue Jackets who held 6th place since January managed to blow that, and fall to 7th, where they will now face defending champion Detroit. As Sam(who has tickets for the first ever playoff game in Columbus) said...It's not that they can't beat the Red Wings(the 2 teams tied the season series at 3 games a piece), it't the influx of Red Wing fans who will pay any price to infiltrate Nationwide Arena in Columbus to make the Columbus home games look like neutral ice. Columbus has not been in the league to form a strong rivalry with any one team...but I can tell you, Blue Jacket fans despise Red Wing fans, especially the band wagon trash from the Toledo area(the same set of losers that root for Michigan Football over Ohio State)...we all sort of wish Islamic infested Toledo would cede to would make the IQ of the state go up by a few digits for sure. {sarcasm alert, it's only sports}

A rainy Monday it's going to least around here, enjoy the start of the week regardless.

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photos-logos-Top Left-The sunrise before the rain moves in over the city of Celina this morning, as taken from my staircase landing window./The beginnings of our family Easter Buffet set up and Patricia holding the newest member of the family Lilly(born March 15th)/The Blue Jackets can no longer be made fun of...after 8 season they finally make the Stanley Cup Playoffs, question is, can the win at least one from the Red Wings? And The Flyers of Philadelphia and the Komets of Fort Wayne are back in the playoffs...the K's will try to defend their IHL Turner Cup Championship.


Deborah Wilson said...

Lilly is a pretty baby. I hope everyone had a good Easter, we did. I'm sooo tired, all of the kids just about did me in. lol

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good Easter. Maybe winter will give us a break now and spring will come and stay.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

I grew up an Islanders fan, when they won all those Stanley cups...seems so long ago now that they finished dead last this year.

Trish said...

Go Flyers!

PRH....... said...

Trish...I think Philly needs to win one of the first 2 in Pittsburgh to have a legit shot at taking out the Pens...

Go Flyers!