Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days of Marxism in Control...

Rain washed out all games yesterday on the area High School schedule...and looking at the radar and forecast, it appears today, tomorrow, and Friday, will see the same....what a miserable excuse for spring this has been in west Ohio. We are saturated with rain and cold for most of the early parts of the last 4 weeks, then when it warms up and the sun comes out...we get 40 mph winds, and temps 20 degrees too hot for April...Things are looking up for the weekend and next week, but stick around, I'm sure the so called "experts" at the National Weather Service, and the NBC Green Weenies at the Weather Channel will change their minds and the forecast. The spring around here has been a mini disaster for baseball teams and farmers.

Speaking of disasters....Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, our African born illegal President, has now been in office for 100 days. Never has one man done some much harm to the work of the founding fathers in such a short time...surely, if they could come back, his neck would be stretched from a high oak tree, along with members of his cabinet, his VP, and probably Michelle Antoinette Obama his Marxist wife. This guy is beginning to make Mussolini look like a sweetheart. The sad/scary part is, 60% of the American populace still supports him, and think things are going along great...meaning 6 in 10 Americans are either (1) Out of Touch (2) Stupid, or (3) so in love with the "Nanny State" that they think Socialism is a great thing. You can decide which...I have my own thoughts.

It always pays to know who your enemies are and what they are saying...

So after the NHL game last night(which saw the Washington Caps come back from 3-1 down in the series with the NY Rangers, to win 4 games to 3)..I flipped for a couple of minutes each to Keith Oldblowaman, his sidekick, the Coiffured Dyke Rachel MadCow, and a few others on MSNBC and CNN...with the exception of Lou Dobbs, they are not only in the tank for Obama, the are hard core morons...see above about stretching necks, for what the founding fathers would do to these clowns. It is amazing they have any viewers...wait! They don't....the clueless are too busy watching American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, or watching the Soaps Channel...the folks at MSNBC and CNN are talking to themselves and any others who happened by while surfing for the Cooking Channel.

Needless to say they are absolutely giddy that Pennsylvania "RINO" Senator Arlen Specter has switched to the Democrats...making their hero Barry one step closer to having a "filibuster" proof lead in the Senate...I've got news for you, with Specter, and Maine GOP hags Oly Snow and Suzi Collins, they already have one...Al Franken, when he steals Minnesota, will effectively give the Dems and King Barry about 62 or 63 lap dogs in the kennel....

As far as I can tell, it's good riddance...the quicker this Marxist tool pushes through his agenda, the quicker the Revolution can begin to get his sorry ass out of office/impeached/Birth Certificate found/whatever it takes to get rid of him and once again make the Democrats the this point, whatever it takes to "legally" get rid of him I'm for. If you are talking about armed Revolution, as John Lennon once sang..."You can count me out" least for now.

This country is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions, and most either don't believe it, or want to keep their blinders on, thinking it will all either go away, or Barry and his henchman will use the Nanny State to make it better...they can't/won't. We are on the "Highway to Hell", Obama is driving the bus, we are all just along for the ride.

Time to get the umbrella out....head over to mom's, as her and brother Mike make their return from sunny Florida today...welcome back to the land of rain and saturated fields folks.

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photos-George Washington must be trying to climb out of his grave seeing what Barack Obama has done to the Republic in just 100 days...I'm sure George, Thomas Jefferson, and the rest would love to supervise the hanging of King Barry in full view of the nation....because hanged for treason he would without a doubt be by the founding fathers, if they were around today.


Sarge Charlie said...

I am going to add part of your post to mine.

PRH....... said...

Go with it Sarge...:)We are on the same side on this one for sure.

Deborah Wilson said...

Speaking of treason -

I read this article today on

[One dictionary defines treason as "disloyalty or treachery to one’s country or its government," but Article III of the U.S. Constitution takes a narrower view, specifically limiting charges of treason to time of war "in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort." The Federalist Papers reveal that this definition of treason was crafted deliberately to avoid politically motivated ex post facto exploitation of the only crime named as a capital offense in the Constitution. The Founding Fathers knew full well from their own personal experience that English kings had played fast and loose with the concept of treason, frequently trying and executing opponents without any actual evidence that a crime had been committed. Charges of treason intended to destroy political rivals would not be permitted in the new republic.]

During the years of 1861-1865, the Constitution of the Confederate States, very similar to the US Constitution, defined treason in the same way. See article 3, section 3.

It is very clear that all of our fathers were on the same page concerning the act of treason.

Think about it:

If Obama were found to be illegally in the White House, would it be considered an act of treason, against the US and its constitution?

Not according to what I'm reading.

Were Obama found to be an imposter, he would most likely have to be impeached.

However, I get the feeling that if Washington and Jefferson were to come back and see what is going on today, they would start a revolution all by themselves. Jeff Davis too.

The old ones did not take kindly to imperialism (and later, marxism) in any form or fashion.

I don't know what is going to happen but I get the feeling that something bad will have to occur to wake Americans up to what is at stake. And time is running out.