Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Main Stream Media and Ingnoring the Tax Protests

The skies continue to be leaden grey for the 3rd straight day...and it appears my games will be washed and wet fielded out again today, and even with tomorrow's predicted sunshine and 60 things don't look all the great for getting out on the diamonds.

Well here it is...Tax Day April 15th. Ours have been in long ago, as have the boys, the payments have been made, and for the most part the refunds have been received. But today is the "other" April 15th...the one nationwide where thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of pissed off tax payers will head to the streets of some 500 cities and towns to protest the over taxation of a people. They will also protest money going to illegal invaders and I'm sure other "pet" issues.

The big question is....Will the Main Stream Media cover the events? Probably not, or if they do, just in passing. Fox News and Radio Talkers will be out...I'm sure a flew counter protesters from radical trash like ACORN will try to intimidate, almost laughable, since most of these gutter snipes won't get off their dead asses except to collect food stamps or welfare. So the major media will either ignore or bash. You can bet your ass, if this was a bunch of radicals faggots protesting queer marriage rights with a couple hundred flamers dressed in pink tights, they would be on it like smell on a monkey. Or if some piece murdering trash that happened to be of the African persuasion was shot by cops after killing a handful of law enforcement types, was being memorized by Reverends Al and Jesse Jackass, the media would be there...but for Americans, real Americans, white, black, Asian, and brown, to be out protesting the Socialism of America via over taxation, you can bet the major outlets will ignore or belittle.

So gang, it's up to can sit on your ass and do and say nothing, you can go to one of the events nearest you(just check on the April 15th Tax logo on the top left to find one), or you can at least watch Fox and see how many actually show will be a bunch, especially in places like Austin, Texas, San Antonio, Miami, Dayton, Columbus, Boston, and others....the weather will be a factor.....but it should be fun to watch.

Of course left wing blogs like the Huffington Post, and the Daily Kos, as well as Marxist trash like ACORN, will try to infiltrate the marches, some are saying to ignore them....I say, don't be intimidated, if they get in your face, do what you have to do.

The major media say their polls show 70% support the Obamanation's plans on getting the economy jump started, here is your chance to show them 30% of us have a brain....and don't plan on going quiet into the dark. I doubt if 70% of American are this brain dead, but I am guessing at least 53%(the % that voted for Barry Soetoro), like some of the dumb asses in my own extended family, actually think Socialism is a good thing, and over bloated union's are worth saving.....I no longer talk politics with those folks, I've long ago decided they are idiots and not worth my time.

In a nutshell, the Second American Revolution is just around the corner, these Tea Parties are just the beginning salvo. The time is at hand to decide if we are a nation of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and Reagan, or a nation of Wilson, FDR, Carter, Clinton, and a radical Islamic liar named Barack Obama.

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Anonymous said...

I went to the T Party in the town where I work. It's a very small town, and turnout was good. They are having it on the town square, and the response of the people driving through the traffic circle has been very positive.