Thursday, April 2, 2009

Family Blue Creek Roots/Old Man Winter Set to Return?

As I drove north via the back roads(yes the orange barrel, detour season is here in full force already) to Wayne Trace High School in southern Paulding County, I still sometimes am amazed that my Great Grandparents moved to that area in 1870. Setting in Blue Creek Township just north of the Van Wert County Line, Wayne Trace baseball is played in an area that the wind is almost always reminds me of the months Patricia, Anissa, and I lived in Dodge City, Kansas, back in 1980, the wind was always blowing hard, and usually out of the south and west. Blue Creek Township is located in the southern part of what was once the Great Black Swamp of Northwest far as I can tell from researching my family history...the Houseworth Clan of Nelson, Mary Ann, and their 7(4 more, including my Grandfather Sam would be born in Blue Creek Township, making a total of 11) kids headed north and west from Waldo in southern Marion County, 120 miles, or so as the crow flies, to Blue Creek to homestead the free land they were letting go in what was at the time a God forbidden area of mosquitoes , Typhoid and Scarlet Fever. The first would kill Nelson at the age of 50 in 1887, the second had taken Nelson and Mary Ann's youngest child, William Nelson at the age of 4 in 1879.

Blue Creek Township is a sparsely populated area these days with only the small town of Haviland, and 1/2 of the town of Scott(the other half is in Van Wert County)...of about 800 folks, who call Blue Creek Township, Ohio, home. This is where my family moved to just after the Civil War. Nelson S. Houseworth, wife Mary Ann, and their brood spread out from there. Their graves are all that remain of the Houseworth Clan in Paulding County today.

After getting to the High School, doing a JV game that Sam was slated to do, but with him at school and a OSU-Lima double header to follow, I volunteered to take this place....My partner Gene had suffered a severe wrist sprain, so I did the plate...As I mentioned the wind almost is always blowing across the flat lands of Blue Creek Township, yesterday afternoon was no exception. A 30 to 40 MPH wind coming over the center field fence was blowing dust and debris right into my face the time the 2 hour, 7 inning, game(won by Miller City 6-5)was over I felt I needed a gallon of Visine, perhaps industrial power, would be in eyes were a mess. I finished up and headed for Van Wert, taking in our final rules meeting of the year. Afterward several of us, including Sam(who had returned from his double header loss), got together at Pizza Hut and toasted the start of another baseball season.

Tonight I will make another long trip north to Paulding County, this time to Antwerp, about 50 miles away, and do a Varsity game between the home standing Archers and Hilltop. Meanwhile tomorrow and next week's games look to be hit and miss affairs, wind, rain, and even some snow, with temperatures(some in the low 40s) coming for tomorrow and early next week.

Yes, it appears that winter will make an unwelcome return to western Ohio...but this is April in the Buckeye State, if you don't like the weather, stick around a couple of hours, and it will change.

Glenn Beck continues to drive the left wingers nuts.

Beck has the leftist morons of entertainment and media running scared...the NY Times, PBS, David Letterman, MSNBC, and Comedy Central Democratic Lapdogs, Stewart and Colbert, have Glenn in their sights more than they ever had the likes of Limbaugh and O'Reilly...Beck is saying stuff about the coming Socialist/Fascist takeover of the Government, that these folks don't like. This means he must be hitting close to home..

Keep it up Glenn....we have your back....Woodrow Wilson lives, he just has a darker tan, big ears, a funny Islamic name, and a wife who should remind all of of a combination of Eva Peron and Marie Antoinette.

God, Guns, Goods, and Voting these sonsabitches out of office...all of them, are the only ways to save the USA. The Republicans and especially the Democrats are out to destroy the Republic, and sweeping them, all of them, out of office is the only way to save this country and take it back.

"Unite or Die" and "Don't Tread on Us" has to be the Battle Cry of those that care about his this nation.

Join the Tea Party Revolution near you April 15th!--don't know where to go to find the one near you? on the Glenn Beck 9-12 project on the top left border on this blog.

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photos-top left-Blue Creek as it winds through the township named after it. Map of the Great Black Swamp of Northwest Ohio...Paulding County and Blue Creek lie in the southwestern part of the former swamp, now windy, flat, farmland. Great-Grandpappy Nelson Houseworth on his wedding day in 1859...before his Civil War service and before the family moved to Blue Creek Township and Paulding County. "Don't Tread on Me" The former and future rallying cry of new revolution of Americans.


Ron Simpson said...

I have been to Dodge City, Kansas. And after one night there, I understood the phrase, "Let's get the Hell outta Dodge....."

PRH....... said...

The place wasn't all that bad in 1980 Ron(I was News Director at KGNO Radio), but I went back in 2005...the place had become an illegal infested, gang ridden dump of a town....Not good, not good at all.

Sarge Charlie said...

Glenn is the man, we have someone willing to get in people's face

Anonymous said...

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