Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap/Summer Hits Home

Yet another Monday with strange appears the rain will hit late, and if it does, that will make 4 straight Monday's of wet weather. Rather than the cold rains of the first few weeks of April, this will be a warm beginning of the "work" week....80+ for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and another record or near record is in store for today, before the resume of more normal temperatures for tomorrow and the foreseeable future. It also looks like wet weather, off and on, will be with us for at least the next 10 days or so....another hit on the baseball season schedule for our high school games. But Summer has struck home early, for at least a few days...even had to fire up the Central A/C for the weekend, I'm guessing the heat will be running before the next week is done however.

Not the case over the last few days...a single league game at St. Marys on Friday, and double headers at Celina on Saturday and Sunday north to Delphos for a rare JV Sunday Double Header....I've got to admit that yesterday's 5 hour marathon took the starch out of me...hope to bounce back tonight at Spencerville for a NWC game with Lincolnview.

Red Door Reunion______

Saturday night saw the 2nd annual Red Door Reunion...last April it was "to the wall" with old folks, this one was well attended, but not nearly so much as last years...."sequels" usually are not as well accepted as the original hit(except maybe Godfather II). While this one had "Caddy Shack II" beat, it was not up to the crowd as the original...I'm thinking they could probably get more of us "Old Farts" out with a summer during the Lake Festival. Having said that, the weather was outstanding for a April Saturday night.

Nick, Knap, Ponzi, Twig, and even Rick T showed up, but we didn't close the place down like last year....I had that double header to do on Sunday, and no way I was staying until 2:30 in the morning...Nick and I walked up and walked back, we were home by 12:30am, he crashed on one of the recliners, and I hit the sack by 1....and considering the hot weather for yesterday's games...I'm glad I made it a rather short night.

Sam spent the weekend in Detroit, Hal is finishing up his Masters work(although not without some head banging with Wright State over class issues...seems they are putting some "extra" stuff in and this will probably hose Hal's summer school teaching job at Fairborn, he's not a happy camper with education is all about Liberal Leftist theology and making money, while bashing Capitalism, something students figure out on their own eventually.

My poor wife, after getting over the stomach flu, comes down with a sinus infection...but still has to get to school, she is paying the price this spring, health wise.

The Great Pig Flu Outbreak_____

Speaking of illness of the virus variety...Swine Flu has reared it's ugly head. Starting out in the Peoples Republic of Mexico, it has followed it's illegal invaders to the US and Canada, and now our" great friends" (since Obama was crowned) in Europe are reporting the outbreak as well. Is there doubt in any sane person's mind that this contrived outbreak is the result of Barry and his Administration doing some under handed deeds to further his outrageous Marxist Agenda....I'm beginning to believe more than ever that this son of a Kansas mum is the Anti Christ or pretty close.....he is evil in a suit at the very least, and one Armageddon causing bastard at the worst.

World Flu in late April or Early May??? Like I said, does this sound contrived or not?

Something to ponder while going on with today's business....Barry and his bunch are going to use this Swine Flu "opporunity" to take more freedoms from us, you can bet your ass on it....

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photos-Which horse of the 4 Horseman is our Horse's Ass President?/a few photos of our flowers blooming/and yes indeed, those that voted for this horse's behind and the 60% of those that still support his Marxist Agenda, are as stupid as they come.


Law and Order Teacher said...

It would seem nothing changes. When I got my masters I was under the impression I had taken my last class. Lo and behold, another class sprang up. The kicker it was the first class I was supposed to have taken. Nobody told me.

I eventually got it but what a pain. Hope your son's teaching is going better. It'll all be over someday.

Give your wife my best. The year's almost over.

Shrinky said...

Your garden looks to be blooming well, guess all that rain has some advantages, eh? Yes, Swine flu' is all over the news here, too. I hardly go out, and being on such a tiny island, I don't feel terribly threatened. Hopefully, like the last (bird flu') scare, it'll pass by again without wiping us all out. Sigh.