Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Obama Day and other Ramblings

March ended on a damp and cool note, but 60 degrees and a shot of rain, while not exactly a Lamb, wasn't a Lion either...meanwhile April, with the newest computer virus alert/scare, begins with sunshine and another 60 degree day. April Fools Day is upon, or as I choose to rename it in honor of our lame brained Marxist Prez...I proclaim thee "April Obama Day" , for there are no bigger fools than those that worship this President and his Euro-Style policies.
Garry, my umpiring partner, and I had a varsity game at Wayne Trace last night....WT is located a mile or so from where my Great-Grandparents, Nelson and Mary Ann Houseworth, settled with their dozen kids back in 1870 or there abouts. My brother Mike went to Blue Creek School, which eventually changed it's name to Wayne Trace, back in the early and most of the family are buried in the Scott and Blue Creek Township Cemeteries nearby. Anyway, the game was highlighted by a barrage of runs by visiting Defiance...the Bulldogs finished off the Raiders in a 5 inning run rule, by a count of 22-1. WT didn't win a game last year(0-21) but despite the way things went yesterday, things are looking up...the Raiders won their opener 9-0 over Continental, and should be vastly improved over 2008...meanwhile the Bulldogs, always a perennial power, just keep reloading and will make their usual run in the Western Buckeye League and the tournaments.

Sam was scheduled to umpire a Wayne Trace JV game tonight, but OSU-Lima picked up a double header at home, and he will participate there instead. So with a rare night off, I will instead take his game at Haviland...tomorrow Varsity at Antwerp vs Hilltop, then Spencerville hosting another WBL power, Lima Shawnee, on Friday.

State Umpire Selections

Each year the OHSAA(Ohio High School Association) selects a collection of umpires they deem eligible for tournament work. The voting came out yesterday, and for the first time in my 9 years back wearing blue, I was selected for both Regional and State Tournament eligibility. Sam and Garry both were selected for total out of our Van Wert Association, 3 of us were picked State and Regional game eligible, and 3 more OKed for Regional work. This doesn't mean we will get games, but it's always an ego booster to know you are considered among the top umps in the state.

Mesick Mushroom Logo

My buddy Rick always makes the annual late May Mushroom Hunt near Mesick, Michigan, a light hearted and heavy beer drinking(at least for us old guys) event....along with his wife Toni, they make sweatshirts and Rick comes up with a logo for the annual event....I told him this year's has a striking resemblance to Rosie O'Donut....what do you think? May 22nd through May 25 will be this year's event dates...keeping fingers crossed for weather like last year.

Have you noticed the air around the USA seems a little sweeter today? You don't think it's because The Obamanation and 500+ of his and Queen Michelle's lackeys are in Europe do you? Nope, that couldn't be, could it?

Too nice to sit on the computer today...think I'll go fire up the lawn mower to see if it's ready for the upcoming mowing season...which by the looks of the lawn, will start this weekend.
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photos-top left..Rick's new Mushroom Hunt Logo for 2009/The State Umpire Selection page/and Rick, Clint, and me, show off our 2008 Sweatshirts with Logos during last years Mesick Mushroom trip.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your selection to umpire state games, looks like quite an accomplishment.

Fire the Mower up? I started that a month ago and down here we are on our second round of mowing.

GOOO Heels !!

Sam Houseworth said...

Thanks Brother....I see Don Hamilton is not doing well out in Phoenix...keep him in your prayers.

I think the way the Tar Heels are playing, they have a good shot Sam, as long as the UCONs don't win it.

I had to take out the plug, change the oil, and the Lawn Boy is running smooth, probably Sunday for the first mowing...let it green up a bit.

PRH....... said...

lol! Sam and Sam, Sam(from NC), looks like my Sam was on my computer and signed in....that last note was from me, in case you didn't take note.


later...and thanks again!

Shrinky said...

Wow, that must be quite an honour Pat, well done hon, I am sure it's much deserved. Mushroom hunting with beer?? Be careful my friend (grin), be sure to select them carefully!

Larry said...

It truly baffles me why Dear Leader needs FIVE HUNDRED people tagging along. Secret Service is understood. But what's-her-face sure doesn't need EIGHT assistants.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Congratulations. I know as a coach, how rare good officials are. When the coaches pick you you're good. I take my picks very seriously. Well done.