Monday, April 6, 2009

Taking out the Monday Morning Trash

Monday is "Trash" day on our side, the southwest and west side, of Celina. Faithfully I take out a couple of large garbage bags and usually a recycle bag, and place them at the corner of my lot, and keep my fingers crossed the neighborhood cats don't tear through it....Monday morning seems a good enough day to collect the trash from the weekend and post it here, especially since I really don't have much to "toss out" at you today.

Here it is April 6, 2009, and it's snowing this morning. Not that snow in early April is all that unusual, even on the opening day of the Cincinnati Reds traditional home opener. The Reds, the oldest Major League Baseball team have always had, or should I say always had, the first opener of the season at home. I remember sitting in the top row at Riverfront Stadium about 15 years ago, on opening day, watching the flakes come down and reading the time and temperature sign across the parking lot, which read 31, the beer had ice in it if I recall. I used to attend "Opening Day" every year, but gave that up about the time it snowed on opening day 1994. The Reds still get the opening day at home, but MLB whored themselves out to ESPN and the networks, and the Reds no longer get the first played game, instead of the first Monday in April, it is now on Sunday night, and sometimes not even in the USA....last night the opener belonged to Philadelphia, as the Phillies lost to Atlanta in their first regular season game since winning the World Series last fall. Anyway, opening day in Cincinnati looks to be miserable weather wise....we are some 100 miles north, and we received at least 2 more inches of rain last night, and this morning, I stuck my Sony out the landing window, and caught a few of the flakes coming down...miserable weather indeed. 37 for a high with wind today, more flurries tomorrow, with a slight warm up scheduled for Wednesday.

Guess I shouldn't complain that much...Saturday, although cool and breezy, was sunny, and we got our double header in at Montgomery Field, here in Celina(making 13 of 14 games completed thus far). The sun was out in force, making it not a bad day on the artificial turf. Celina and Greenville JVs split 2 games....tonight Heritage(Indiana) at Crestview has zero chance of being played...tomorrow Crestview at Parkway, doesn't look promising either...but time will tell.

Our fearless leader, Barry "The Halfrican" Soetoro, remains in Europe(not sure when our chief asshole will return, nor do I care)...I suspect Barry and Queen Michelle feel right at home in the Socialist conclaves of the old countries...well at least my family "old countries"...Socialist Europe is just so Politically Correct and so worshipping of the Obama's. I am sure they enjoy the worship over there. Coming back home will be a downer for the dynamic duo, you know? Barry might actually have to work on the economy, or should I say, work on destroying the economy?, rather than getting worship from the slave like followers in EuroLand. Welcome home Barry, wish you would stay there awhile FOREVER!

Of course I give the GOP no kudos former party sold out this country while GW Bush was in office...he started us down the road to "bail outs" and trillion $ spending, and the tax and spenders in the House and Senate went right along with him...very few Republicans complained. Those that now are fighting the Socialist/Marxist agenda of dear King Barry are late to the game.

About 2 years ago, I switched to the Constitution Party:

The Constitution Party is now the 3rd largest party in America. It's beats out the Greenie Weenies, the Communist, and even the Libertarian Party....but still these 4 and others don't make a dent in the utterly corrupt 2 party system.

The Constitution Party, the best of a bad lot, in my mind, still has a few issues that I don't agree with...#1 among those is they still give Islamic Terrorists a free pass. Their platform still thinks that if we "just be nice" to the smelly, murdering, bastards of the Middle East, they will be nice to us, so we shouldn't be killing them on their soil. They are in la-la land....there is only one answer for Radical Islam.... and we(the US) won't do anything about it, let's hope that Israel's new government will. I have a feeling, sooner, rather than later, Israel will take out Iran's Nuclear plants....let's hope we give them our support.

One last thing for Monday's trash:

is widely hailed as the Internet site that puts to rest all of the "Urban Legends" and lies that fester in cyber space.

I have for quite a few years laughed at this notion...while Snopes does good work in some areas, they are lacking it many others, especially politics. Seems Babs and David Mikkelson(Snopes owners) are a couple of California left wing hacks who worship on the alter of far left politics...especially those of the likes of the aforementioned Barrack Obama, and Hillbilly Bill Clinton....anything thing that puts a bad light on Barry, or our first black President, Bill Clinton is automatically labeled with a RED DOT...false, not true, a lie, etc. Nothing the far left trash in the US does in America can be bad, according to Snopes.

So if you want to see if the vision of Mother Mary appeared on a Oatmeal Cookie, go to see if our current administration is really full of Marxist infested morons, don't bother with Babs or Davy at Snopes, because they are fully in bed with the fully far left.

OK...opening day for the Reds(unless it it snowed/rained out), maybe a few other items on my "A" list agenda, and see what the day brings.

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Photos-Snow falling outside on my driveway and side yard this morning. Opening Day(if the weather permits) for the Reds. The Constitution Party Logo. And the logo of the Left Wing Liars at Snopes.Com.


Larry said...

Yo! Didn't know this about Snopes, Pat. I'll sure be mindful of this as I read their "reports" from now on.

PRH....... said...

Most of the little "Urban Ledgen" stuff is OK Larry, but when you dwelve into their political spin...they seldom give a green to anything said about liberal or the Democrats....they also cite "bogas" sources for the info the use to excuse Obama, Clinton, the Kennedys, etc....they are more than welcome to fire away with green spots at the right however.