Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tax/Tea Day Minus 1

Tomorrow is tax day, the day the sheep must turn our taxes into the criminal IRS....it is also the day of the Great American Tax Tea Party. At some 2000 locations across the nation, tax protesters will be gathering to let the Government know they are pissed off. Of course the Obama Lap Dog Press will either (1) Ignore the protests, (2) downplay the numbers, (3) lie about the real reasons for the protests. My advice is...ignore the main stream press, and go with talk radio and Fox News to get a hint/insight what is really going on tomorrow.

Good luck to all involved, and hopefully the doucebags in Washington DC will get the message....don't count on it, but keep the pressure up anyway. Keep an eye out for the Obamanation henchman that will surely be out in force, taking names and photos of us so-called "domestic terrorists".
A miserable stretch of weather has hit the upper Midwest. Rain, cold, leaden skies, just plain miserable...needless to say our High School games were cancelled yesterday, they will be today, and probably tomorrow....then we wait for the diamonds to dry out. My beer and cigar money is taking a hit! Hopefully later in the week, the talking weather heads will get it right, and we will see sunshine and upper 60s, but even that is not guaranteed.
Quiet around the homestead today...Patricia went off to school, but returned. Appears she is coming down a bug and is resting it off upstairs. Anissa is gone until Friday at care givers, Sam at OSU-Lima, and it's just me the sleeping dog and cat downstairs. I have Glenn Beck tuned in for my daily update on Obama's Assault on the First and Second Amendment, and the Socialism of America. I am the "Lonesome Dove" this morning....guess I'll wait for the game cancellation, and maybe get out and walk in the fog and drizzle.

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photo-Took the shot of the "Lonesome Dove" out our kitchen window this morning, seems he/she was winging it alone, but it's partner is usually not far away.....
Youngest Son Hal will be attending the one in Dayton, Ohio.
Friend Andy is helping organize the one in Louisville, KY...
And our area Tax and Tea Protest begins in Lima, Ohio, at 12 Noon tomorrow at City Center Town Square......

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