Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Global Warming my Rosie Red.....

Now don't get me wrong, I know it snows in Ohio in early April, heck it snows in early May, sometimes mid May...and when I lived in upstate New York and northern Wisconsin, we saw a few June snow days...so this flurry activity in western Ohio is not rare. But Global Warming, man made Global Warming is a sad, sick, joke. A comedy foisted upon us by Al Gore and other left wing idiots(yes including left wing 'scientists' looking for power), trying to get the world to fall for their bullshit.

No more proof is needed that to see temperatures have actually fallen over the past decade, and no amount of "climate change" lingo is going to change the fact that we are not warming up. You need to look no farther than the Florida Panhandle this morning...BELOW FREEZING! Florida, freezing in early April? Global Warming my Ass! I worked in the Environmental Health field for 20 years, most of my college years were spent majoring in Environmental Health and the Sciences....we knew/thought Global Warming was a hoax 20 years ago, I still believe it is today....you can disagree, but no way you can show me any real science that proves that the earth is warming because of the activity of man...end of story!

Anyway, I stuck the camera out the kitchen window this morning and out at the bird feeders, the Squirrels were doing battle with the Sparrows and Doves for their morning rations....they probably think winter has just arrived, and want to store up.

Needless to say all area baseball on the High School level was cancelled yesterday, and looking at the ground, I see little prospects for getting in tonight's either...Garry and I are scheduled to do Parkway hosting Crestview at Rockford. That is usually a good match-up between 2 of the areas better programs, but it probably will be cancelled, if not, I will need my industrial strength long johns on behind the plate, because 39 is all the higher it is going to get.

Speaking of High School...I received a Regional Tournament assignment yesterday.....in late May I will get to participate in the Division IV Patrick Henry Regional at Hamler....PH has a real nice facility, and put on a good regional tourney. I'm looking forward to that one. Sam and I also got our contracts to do the Sectional Final Double Header in Bascom @Hopewell-Loudon High School on May 16th...we were there last tournament season and were treated very well, they asked us back, and we jumped on that.

Started back lifting light weights in the basement weight center yesterday....feel the need to get back in shape as the long baseball season has begun, plus the treadmill has been set on INCLINE, as to get ready for the upcoming Mushroom Hunt in Mesick, Michigan, coming up over Memorial Day....there is no looking back age wise, but you do what you can to stay healthy/fit as possible.

Sports finals

The Reds started out as the "hit less wonders" yesterday for the home opener...losing 2-1 to the NY Mets. Once again Dusty Baker's boys proved they could neither hit or field, and wasted a good pitching effort by Aaron Harang in the rather boring opening loss.

Speaking of boring...how about that NCAA Championship game? Being a Duke basketball fan, I held my nose and rooted for Michigan State(Ohio State's Big Ten rival) to no avail last night...the game was over before it started, The Tar Heels of UNC dominated and toyed with the Spartans....the only good thing is, most of those guys will be gone, giving the Blue Devils a much better opportunity next season to get back on top.

That about wraps in up for this morning....

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Sarge Charlie said...

I read this morning where the ice bridge holding the polar cap collosped, the nut cases will be all over that.

Anonymous said...

It's snowing like hell here, and it's April. I don't feel very warm, global or otherwise.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Snowing here in Upstate NY, so you aren't missing anything. I can't wait until July and I can put my little space heater away for a month or two.

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