Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Leap Year....and the Check Up List...

The once every four years, Leap Day of February 29th roared into Western Ohio overnight, as thunderstorms, carried by strong winds hit the damage was noted, but we did get a good soaking before the storms moved east.  With the rain all but out of the area, this Leap Year, Leap Day, will go out like a lamb, with near record highs in the mid to upper 60s in the forecast.

It appears that the near future forecast will have temperatures bouncing up and down, before the weekend sees colder weather:

The Weather Channel, the "Global Warming is Really Real, honest" arm of the corrupted NBC Network, is saying 5 states were hit by Tornadoes last can read that story in the page link marked so.

A Couple of Days of Medical Appointments_____

We will see if the "White Coat Syndrome" rears it's ugly head today as I head to rural New Breman for the first of two days of tests on the old ticker.  Both are out-patient procedures...

Today at the doctor's office I am scheduled to have a echo cardiogram or "echo" of the heart, an ultrasound of sorts which checks Heart functions....

Tomorrow at the bright and early hour of 7am I will be at the out-patient portion of Joint Township Hospital in St. Marys, where more tests, this one called a US Carotid test...another Ultrasound procedure, which I believe involves the arteries that run up and down the neck.  To be honest, the worst part of any of this is the waiting at the office for the doctor and tests to begin, which in many people, me included, leads to the "White Coat Syndrome" in which your Blood Pressure rises for no other reason than your at the doc's office....then they end up trying to stick more medication at higher doses into you.

At least with these two tests there is no fasting or special prepping involved...frankly I am not concerned at all about my health, nearing 63 in two weeks, and running up and down the area basketball courts for the past 4 months, I feel pretty damn good....but will see what the tests say.

Tonight, as baseball season nears, our Van Wert association meets at Frickers in Van Wert, to hold our meeting/banquet....won't be any drinking tonight, just some chicken wings and leaving early because I am going to have to get up about 5:30 in the am for tomorrow round of testing.....

back later>>>>

Photos-Night Lightning was the theme last night, but sunny and warming up at this hour...and today it is the echo cardiogram, while tomorrow the scheduled procedure is Carotid Doppler/Ultrasound

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Changes in Attitude.....and the fireball at Daytona

Being retired, or at least "semi-retired" does have it's drawbacks as well as it's good points...while you tend to have more time doing things you enjoy, you also have more time doing things that you probably should avoid, or at least do less of....after all, even too much of a good thing, is sometimes too much.  With those thoughts I have been deciding over the past days and weeks, to make some changes....nothing that I am going to announce for the world, but just some things I hope will bring me more inner peace, and more jingle in my pocket....

Some 35 years or so ago, Jimmy Buffet put out an album called "Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude" contained "Margaritaville" and some other decent songs, including the title was my first introduction to Jimmy Buffett, whose music I liked from the get-go, but his politics he could stick where the sun doesn't shine...being the Clinton and Obama ass kisser he is.

 The one thing I have tried, albeit unsuccessfully, over the years it to separate politics from musical likes, pop culture, movies, etc...and to a lesser degree from friends and family, although without a doubt, I would rather hang with people that actually think along the same lines I do....probably next to impossible to find someone as far to the right and outspoken as say the least.

That is among the things that my attitude is changing I turn 63 next month, I have made myself a pledge to basically ignore those that don't like my politics, my faith in God, my cussing, my occasional cigar smoking, etc....screw it!  In addition to the attitude changes, I do however plan on others...less drinking, less posting about politics{ why bother?, I'm not changing your mind, and you sure the Hell can't change mine}, I have other things I want to accomplish in the time I have left on this earth, that a less confrontational, less boozing, more relaxed lifestyle can do....I also shaved off the goatee, and just left the drooping mustache....hey, if your gonna change, you might as well go all out!

So there is a small look....while I will still mention politics, and my dislike for liberals, especially a certain half breed, half wit, fresh from the Chicago Gay Bathhouse scene, via Kenya.  I'm not going to argue it with anybody, friend or foe.   If someone wants to argue BS about political views with me, here, in person, or on my facebook page....don't bother, you'll get the the blink of an eye.

The Daytona 500_____

I used to be pretty well into Stock Car Racing, especially back in the days of Richard Petty.  I remember sitting in the hospital in Wausau, Wisconsin, the day after daughter Anissa was born, watching the 1979 Dayton 500.  This was the first one shown live on national TV....and it was probably the most well known, until Dale Earnhart was killed on the final lap of the 2001 race.

Here is the end of the 1979 race: 

I sat in the hospital mostly holding my 18 hour old daughter as this unfolded...can you imagine today, in NASCAR, controlled by bean counters, who only want to "diversify" the sport which was started some 65 years ago by bootleggers.   This would not be looked upon with a wink and smile like it was in the good ol' days.  That is when I enjoyed a NASCAR, not so much.

Last night, after two afternoon cancellations, one on Sunday and early yesterday, the 2012 version of the Daytona 500 finally was held.  I was not around to see the early morning Juan Montoya, hardly a "good ol' boy", crashed into a work vehicle and sent a massive fireball into the Daytona night....delaying the race for some 2 hours or more.   I said, "that's enough for me" and headed to bed.... 

As spectacular as that was, it pretty much ended the viewing for much of the nation.... as the race finished sometime after 2am eastern time.

Doctors appointments and testing coming up tomorrow and Thursday, and a chicken wing banquet and baseball rules meeting tomorrow night at Van Wert....that pretty much is the schedule on hand for the rest of the week.

back later>>>>

Photos-..Me, sans the goatee, with a new attitude in mind....Juan Pablo Montoya crashes into a work truck at Daytona, lucky all escaped major injury...and me and Anissa on February 18, 1979...she was less than 1 day old when the famous fight ending Daytona 500 was won by Richard Petty that year.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Changing of the, sports, life, etc...

Even in this "Leap Year", February has flown by, and will turn into March before the week is finished....and it appears that this month will go out with a roar.  Wednesday, February 29th, we are scheduled to see 60 degree temperatures with a good chance of sever thunderstorms....March will bring cooler, but not below temperatures.  Nothing on the weather horizon would suggest any snow storms are likely, but you never know about March, I have seen some dandy snow events, although most are short lived, and with the changing direction of the Sun, usually the white stuff doesn't stick around long.

Dartball Tournament___

Shorthanded we kicked off the Dartball Season Ending Tournament winning the first in the best of three, 4-3 over Mt. Tabor, but were eventually knocked out, losing back to back, games 2 and 3, by 6-1 and 4-2 scores.  So with the exception of the All Star Game on March 12th and the ending Banquet the following Monday, my season is finished until early next November.  I reverted to tossing at the triple mark yesterday, since we were short a couple of our better players, and finished 6 for 14, with 4 triples and an equal number of RBIs...some changes will be forthcoming next season, as our mix of young players and real old guys, tries to find a winning formula.

Youngest son Hal, working out of the house since Thanksgiving, and the birth of their first child/our first grandchild, Kasyn,  went back on the road, this trip to Canada, yesterday, a quick turnaround, and he returns today or tonight.

In Basketball,  oldest son Sam worked video for the Ohio State/Wisconsin game yesterday, as the high rated Buckeyes lost again...their second home loss of the season, and their 5th Big Ten defeat....shooting 9 for 17 from the free throw line, in a close game, will get you defeated every time.  My Duke Blue Devils struggled at home as well, to lowly Virginia Tech, but managed to get the game to overtime where they prevailed 70-65....that game was played Saturday afternoon. 

Rain canceled the Daytona 500 yesterday, it is scheduled to run at Noon today, but just talking to my old horse training buddy Tom, who lives in nearby DeLand for the is still raining, and the race may be in danger again this afternoon, although with lights, they may hold that weather window open.

For all intensive purposes, my basketball officiating season ended on Friday night, as the Celina Bulldogs took both the JV and Varsity games from Lima Bath.  With the exception of a youth tournament at Parkway High School on March 8th, I am done for the season...and frankly glad it's over...all the season, temperature wise, was mild, the basketball season, least of my favorite to officiate, was a long one. 

With no games this week, my schedule is limited to doctor appointments on Wednesday and Thursday, and a baseball banquet and business meeting at Van Wert, where we will down Wings and Beer at Frickers Wednesday night, if we don't get blown away by the predicted storms.

back later>>>>

Photos-NASCAR's Jimmy Johnson holds his daughter waiting for the rain to end yesterday at didn't, and the race was postponed, hopeful to get it in today...Dartball season has all but ended for me, just the All Star game in two weeks on my schedule....and I spent a clear Saturday night trying to get a few evening and night shots of a waning Moon...with varying degrees of success, or not.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Photos-The Week in Review....February 19th through 25th

The winter winds down, slowly but surely...and my basketball officiating all but came to an end for the season last night.  With the exception of a youth tournament at Parkway High School on March 8th, I am done for the season, and can concentrate on the upcoming baseball season.

The week  began simply enough...I got out of bed early and with the conditions, albeit they being cold, were pretty perfect to snap some sunrise photos on the west and south sides of Grand Lake:

Wednesday saw Garry and I head to Van Wert in the evening for a baseball rules meeting...although only 4 local meetings are required, I usually attend 5 or 6 in Van Wert and one at our other association, down at Indian Lake High School, to stay active in that association....usually working a game or two each season in Shelby County. and Logan County, although things are changing down that way.

Thursday was the highlight of the I traveled south to Centerville, and watch the new {and only} grandchild/grandson, Kasyn, the "K-Man" for the day....

Last night to the Fieldhouse to work my final high school game of the season...which will continue into late March, with the State Championships in Columbus...

Frankly, I am happy the season is finished for me....of the three sports I officiate/ is the most demanding on this aging body, it is also the best cardio workout....on the other hand it is my least favorite and the one of the three that I am least proficient least in my own opinions.  While baseball is my favorite, the one I have done the longest, and the one of the three that I have done District, Regional and State work in....and work not only High School, but American Legion, and ACME Summer ball as well.

Today, Saturday, Patricia is in Dayton, at a Autism Seminar, being hosted by daughter-in-law, Lisa....and also getting her chance to spoil/bond with Anissa and I get ready to head to the grocery, to pick out a few items, including some store fixed Fried Chicken...the rest of the weekend, interrupted only by the opening round of the Wabash Valley Dartball Tournament, will see me do some treadmill work, weight lift tomorrow, and watch some hoops and hockey on the tube.

Being shorthanded for Dartball this weekend, and probably next, it will be a struggle to make the finals, like we have done the past couple of seasons....but you never know.

back later for more on this exciting{insert eye roll} life...

Photos-Some good photos of spectacular sunrises were seen in the early morning this week over Grand Lake, I managed to get these and a couple dozen others...Me and Kasyn giving the digital the "left eye stare" on Thursday, The historic Fieldhouse was the scene of my final high school basketball game of the season last night...We hosted the Dartball Tournament in 09-10 and like last year at Hopewell, we finished in the Runners-Up spot.  Not sure if we will make the finals this time around at Bethany, we have been struggling all season...and with basketball finished up for all intensive purposes, baseball umpiring, and warmer weather beckons.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sittin' With the 'K-man"...

After I showered this morning, I checked the blood pressure....average at 111/65 with a low pulse rate of 52 beats per minute, this left me scratching my head wondering if I should even be taking any BP meds, let alone the double-plus they have prescribed?  Anyway, I guess better low than high, so I headed out into the morning sun to give the Squirrels and the band of Sparrows, Doves, Blue Jays, and Cardinals, their ration of seeds for the the time I finished, a short five minutes or so, the calm winds and sunshine turned to 40 mph gusts, and the clouds rolled in...accompanied by colder temperatures, it appears this weekend will be windy and March-like...before for more warmer conditions arrive back in town next week.

Tomorrow I will have Anissa around the house, as Patricia, and others attend a work session on Autism that our daughter-in-law, Lisa will be giving in Dayton.  Sunday, we begin the tournament trail in Dartball at Bethany Church...if we get by that round, the Semi and Championships will be held the following Sunday, same location.  The All-Star game, which I made for the 15 time in 18 years, will be held March 12th, with the banquet to follow on Monday March the Widdy Darts and Boards are put away until next fall.

A Day with the "K-man"_____

Hal has a couple of work sessions out of their condo yesterday, so even though he was home, with Lisa back at work, they needed someone to take a turn at watching Grandson Kasyn....yesterday was my chance, so I got up early, and drove the 90 or so miles south down I-75 to Centerville...where I would spend some 8 hours "sitting".  For the most part, K-Man stayed awake early and slept late....ate well, and we got some bonding time.... I mainly watched crime shows on TV...watching TV?  Now that is sometime I don't do much of, except for sports and old classic movies in the evening.

The day moved along quickly, and Lisa arrived home about 5pm.  Hal invited me out for supper, but I turned that down...not that I wouldn't have went, or enjoyed it, but I figured the young couple, with younger child, didn't need to be spending money on me....and besides, I had already cheated on my low carb, low sodium diet, having breakfast by stopping by McDonald's{something else I rarely do} on my way down, and grabbed a carb, salt, and calorie filled "Skillet Breakfast Burrito", along with a cream filled large coffee.  So I said my good-byes to the family, and left during the middle of rush hour, which in a pleasant surprise, the traffic was almost non existent in the Dayton area and I-75 on the return trip.

Tonight I will officiate my final High School game of the year....and with gas prices approaching $4 per gallon, glad that I don't have to drive far.  The game is here in Celina, as the Bulldogs finish the regular season against Lima Bath, the boys tournament action begins next week.  The girls have already started their final push towards seasons end.

After tonight, just a youth tournament to work in two weeks, and I can concentrate on baseball for the next five months or so....indeed my favorite time of the year....back later>>>>

Photos-"The K-Man" and me....yesterday at the Condo.  Kasyn with his new toy bank....keeping him somewhat amused, when I wasn't holding him or he wasn't sleeping....and the historic Celina Fieldhouse, built during the depression, and by far the oldest venue still hosting varsity basketball games in the area....I'll work my final game of the season at the there tonight.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Day in the World We Live.....

Gotta admit, not a Hell of a lot going on in my world today.....

Baseball Rules meeting in Van Wert tonight, I may drive to Wapak to pick up my second leather coat that had a new zipper put in it...making two of the three I own in usable condition, one more repair, damn I'm tough on zippers, to go....and by next winter, I will be good to go, coat wise.

Tomorrow, no posting, as I head towards Centerville early in the AM to sit with Kasyn, the Grandson for the day....

With lack of anything to really write about, I will post some links of things happening in our crazy it swiftly descends towards Armageddon:

The GOP Candidate face off in Arizona: 

Make no mistake, I am squarely behind Rick Santorum...but will vote for any of the others against the Kenyan Bastard Child that is currently in the process of destroying America.

Gun Rights under assault in the state that uses the motto "Live Free or Die":

It appears that New Hampshire is intent on joining their shithole neighbors of Vermont and Taxyer2shits as un-American dumps.

And who could forget those peace loving Muslims that our troops are fighting and dying for?

So riddle me this Obama, just why the Hell are we over there?  Why are we fighting for a group of assholes that worship a pedophile and child abuser named Mohammad?  Are you freaking nuts?   Burning the Koran and these bastards set their country on fire...somebody please, piss on that book of hate, and these useless bastards.

Meanwhile on a lighter note....Hell, let's face it,  there is no "Lighter Note"....

back at ya on Friday....take care>>>>>


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Yesterday dawned sunny and cold, a perfect, if not for the cold conditions, day to snap photos along and around the lake....this morning was just the opposite, a bit warmer, but windy, raw, and rain in and around the area.  As you can see, not the best of photo taking mornings.

Last night we finished off our regular Dartball season....winning the first game at Schumm 3-2, then with both teams out of the race for the championship(a rarity for Schumm Lutheran)...we were playing for home runs, etc...and ended up losing the last two contests...4-2, and 3-0.  I finished the season at .380 and just 10 RBIs...still good enough for the top five in league batting average, and making my 15th straight all star game.  The tournament playoffs begin next Sunday at Bethany...if we can get hot at the right time, we can make a championship run like last year, if not, the all star game and banquet will be all that remains for this season.

Patricia, done with the 4 day President's Day holiday, is back at school....and my routine is back to "normal"....well as normal as it gets these days.  No games until Friday, but I do have a baseball rules meeting tomorrow at Van Wert, then Thursday, I make the drive to Centerville, to spend the day sitting with "The K-man"...Kasyn, the Grandson....this time at the Condo, while Lisa works at her office, and Hal works from the home office{computer}....

Friday my final high school basketball game of the season, a JV/Western Buckeye League game here in Celina vs league rival Bath....this is the last weekend of boys action, with the tournament starting next week.  Next week I have a couple of appointments, one back at the Cardio Doc for a Echo Test, then the following day, March 1st at the Hospital for a Diabetes check up....although I feel fine, and appear in great shape for my age, approaching 63 next month, the past few weeks, have signaled some possible health issues, although frankly I really don't believe that there is anything serious going on....time and tests will tell.

The following weekend, March 9th through 11th will have us attend another Vietnam Reunion, this one, that I have arranged, a "mini" reunion at Dayton and Wright Patterson, will have a few old "Sky Cops" from the VSPA {Vietnam Security Police Association} gather with wives at the Hope Hotel for a couple of days at the Air Force Museum and a few hours of telling 'war stories'.

Turner Movie Classics_____

I am not a fan of Ted Turner....he is frankly a nutjob, a wacko, and a conniving Marxist tool....add to that the fact that he wed Hanoi Jane, the Traitor of American Troops during "my war" more that enough to despise his very presence.

However the one thing he has done right, is Television...beginning with "The Super Station" WTBS...the was followed by other "Cable Only" stations, and the best, without a doubt, in my opinion, is TMC.   A combination of old and mostly classic movies from yesteryear.  I also enjoy the shoot off web site...especially the old radio programs that have been placed online.  The mystery genre have always been my favorite, especially The Whistler, Suspense, The Shadow, and addition I like many of comedies, including Jack Benny, and Bob Hope.

I can pick these up on my XM Radio Classics channel, as well as online on the TMC website.  They certainly take you back in time....not necessarily a better time, but certainly more interesting that the cyber/high tech world of today.  The years, basically 1939 through 1950, with a handful of years on either side, were without a doubt the Golden Age of Radio, and the age of innocence in America.  Thanks to Ted Turner, for all of his faults,  for bringing this age back to life.

back later>>>>

Photos-Today Grand Lake looked my different than the sun filled morning of yesrterday....and the Whistler and other old time radio shows are one of the staples on the Turner Classic Movie/Radio Library.

Monday, February 20, 2012

2 {Winter} Months Down, Just One {Winter} Month to Go.....

Much of the weekend, especially yesterday {Sunday} felt like winter....not that is was bitter cold, but there was a stiff breeze from the north with temperatures failing to move beyond the low 30s.  After working the JV boys game at Van Wert on Friday night, the rest of the weekend was pretty much a relaxing time.  I watched a little basketball, Duke wins on Sunday, while Ohio State lost at hated Michigan, or "scUM" as we call that school around these parts, on Saturday Night at Ann Arbor.  Yesterday was Hockey Day in America, as coined on NBC, as they try to get their hockey ratings up.  I love Hockey, but despise NBC, so while I want more NHL games on non-pay television, I would rather not have NBC, the Obama butt kissing, biased, network succeed at anything.

Winter Sunrise on Grand Lake_____

Today being the Holiday of President's Day. leaves us with just one official month of winter left...2 down 1 to go....and although it has been a mostly snowless and mild winter by all accounts, I am tired of it.  I do not enjoy rising on a cold winter day and venturing outside...those are the simple facts.

However yesterday I pondered that if the skies would dawn clear that I would get up and head out to a couple of spots on the lake, that I usually reserve for shooting photos only in the warm summer months.  So I headed to bed early and arose some 10 hours later....only interrupted by the now nearing 14 year old Airedale, Reagan, as she decided at least three times during the night to wake me, needing to relieve herself....of course as I age, I usually get up that many times during the night what the Hell?

Patricia got out of bed shortly after 6am, and I soon followed.  As she headed out to the fitness center on the other side of Celina, I warmed up the van, grabbed the camera and a cup of coffee....then headed out and scraped the ice off the windows on the Montana.  The temperature was reading just at the 20 degree mark, as I entered the gloam, and drove towards Windy Point.

 When I arrived on the southwest side of the lake, the sun had not yet risen above the eastern shoreline, some 10 miles across Grand Lake.  I snapped a few photos of the ice and snow that was sticking to the rocks and low lying tree limbs that covered the shores around the jetty known as Windy Point.  I took perhaps 15 photos, and jumped back in the van, hopeful that I could arrive back at West Bank Road, before the Sun popped....I arrived just a minute or two after the Ol' Sol had risen...the results of this morning's photos are in capsule on this site this morning.

I still hate the morning winter weather....but the fact that it is nearing the end makes it bearable, sure there will be another 2 or three months of cool or cold conditions in the early mornings....howeverf, the end of winter and the beginning of several months of better conditions beckons.

Tonight I head for Schumm for the final Dartball regular season contest, that will be followed by the tournament beginning next Sunday and the All-Star Game, Monday, March 12th, and Banquet, March 19th...the season will finisher  for another 7 months or so.

back later>>>>

Photos-A cold February morning on Grand Lake, mostly ice free this year...with the exception of some Ice and lingering snow along the rocks and weeds that surround the shoreline.

Friday, February 17, 2012

What the Hell is White Coat Syndrome?

Sun shining bright this morning....Patricia is home for the day through Monday for the President's Day Holiday weekend....the schools seldom get this time off, because usually they are making up days that have been cancelled due to fog or snow...this year, Patricia's school system, St. Henry has had no days canceled for 2011-12, while here in Celina, I believe they have had but two.....and with the best of winter passed us, I'm guessing, except for a fog day or perhaps a rare late snow or ice event, there won't be many days canceled....which of course doesn't make the kiddies happy, everybody wants a day or more off during the school year.

The High today, with the sunshine, will be in the middle 40s, with some cooler/colder weather moving in for late in the weekend, but any precipitation will remain south and east....the 10 days down the road forecast looks above normal temperature-wise with a bit of rain in the forecast.

Off to the Doctor's Office_____

After the high blood pressure findings at last week's visit to our Nurse Practitioner....I was scheduled for an afternoon EKG Cardio visit with the cardiologist in New Bremen.  I had checked my blood pressure in the morning, and it stood at 118/72 with a resting heart rate*(pulse) at 65...good by any readings.  I arrived at the doctor's office at 12:15, and waited for over an hour to be ushered in to the back offices.

I have to admit, I wasn't happy with the wait....if for no other reason than I had way to much time to the time my BP was taken, it was 180/100...What the Hell???  For the first time I began to actually believe in what is called "White Coat Syndrome" friend Rick gets it...the condition comes from being in a doctor's office and waiting to have your BP is what the MD web page says: 

It appears on the surface that I am one of the 10 or 20%....meanwhile the EKG was "normal"  no surprise to me there.....

Frankly my BP has always been high/normal, but I never had a severely elevated reading until the day back in late 2007 when I was scheduled to get my epidural for back pain....and they would not do the procedure until my blood pressure levels would drop.  That is when Doc Bergman put me on the  Lisinopril...the epidural was completed a week later, and my back problems were gone within a month or two....only to return on short length occasions, since that day in December 2007.  With the medications and my home monitor my BP has remained usually in the somewhat good range....until last week.

I will admit that I had slacked off on testing the BP at I was surprised when my readings were through the roof at last weeks appointment with Bergman's replacement NP Amy....but when the readings remained high for several hours after the appointment, I had no reason to doubt their validity....until yesterday.

With the increased dosage of Lisinopril my home readings were in the good range...usually in the 115/70 range in the morning, while the later day readings were still pretty good at 130/72, or at least in that range....that is why the office readings shocked{see pissed off} me.   I know my home monitor is pretty accurate, because even when I got home the readings were still high...165/ the time I headed to work the basketball double header, they were down to the 145/82 range...and last night, back in the 130/75 range.

This morning.....111/72  !!!   So in addition to the double dose of Lisinopril...the Cardio doc wants me to take a 10mg dose of Bystolic....he gave me a three week supply.  With the BP readings where they were this morning....I did not start taking that....more convinced than ever that I do indeed have "White Coat Syndrome"...who would have thunk it?

Meanwhile the cholesterol reading from the blood work last week were high, so back on the Zocor I went.... while still taking the Omega 3 fish oil....with a return visit scheduled for the leap year day February 29th for an Echo cardiogram at the office, then a hospital visit in St. Marys the next day Bilateral Carotid check???  Whatever the Hell that is....?

So there you have it....meanwhile I am feeling fine.  The biggest question I have is "Just how much medication do I need?"  I have always said I will not become a prisoner to pills....and approaching 63 next month, I see way too many people, many younger than me, taking way too many prescription drugs...I have a set limit in my mind, and even though I am no medical expert, I know how I feel, and I have a set limit of just how far I will go in feeding my body more drugs, whether prescribed or not.  I'd rather kick back and have a cold is good, and I would rather enjoy it, than fear what may be beyond this life...if I don't stretch it out with so called "miracle drugs".

Off to Van Wert tonight for a JV the roundball season comes down to the end, at least officiating wise for me....I am ready for baseball and warm weather, although to be honest, this has been one easy to handle winter so far.  Gotta love the Global Warming !!!  {which of course only resides in the weak minds of Liberals and their fake Science Gods}.

back later>>>>

Photos-White Coat Syndrome....The home monitor system for Blood Pressure I use....and a look at a "normal" EKG....and mine fit that profile yesterday....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Day with Grandpa and the K-man....

Got up bright and early yesterday, showered, dressed, switched vehicles with Patricia, and headed south to Troy, where I would meet up with Hal and Grandson Kasyn.  The plan was for 12 week old Kasyn to spend the day with Granddad PRH.

Unlike with your own kids{at least from my point of view}, having to take care of grand kids, especially for the first time, can be a bit unnerving.  From the driving part to making sure no disasters, big or small occurred during the stay, which would be almost 8 hours long, until Patricia came home and then his mother would drive to Celina and safely whisk him home....I need not have worried, even with it being well over 20 years since my last "baby sitting" gig, things went without much of a hitch.

A Day with Kasyn_____

The 60 mile drive down I-75 to Troy and the Bob Evans Restaurant there went smoothly...Hal and Kasyn arrived from the south about 5 minutes after my arrival at 7:45....the youngest son bought me breakfast for the granddad duties that would come this day.  Meanwhile The K-man would sleep through the meal.  After we finished our breakfast,  Hal set up the car seat in the back of the Nitro, boy have those things changed since my day as a young father, and of course when I was Kasyn's age, there were no such was Mom's lap back in the day, or on a blanket in the back seat.

K-man fussed for about two minutes on the early part of the journey back to Celina...but quickly fell asleep, and remained in that state for the rest of the hour long drive.   Arriving home around 10am I would set into my minds motion the skills that I had long ago ceased doing......

Much like all three of our kids at his age and older, the K-man is a pretty easy child to watch....a few cries of hunger or being tired were the only interruptions that I saw through the day...even at 12 weeks(today, as he was born on Thanksgiving evening last) he smiles and "talks" a lot.  Yesterday we had about four diaper changes, but no really messy ones, which was a good thing...he didn't eat as much as usual, nor did he sleep as much as I was told....but all in all it was a chance to see him one on one, and do some bonding....after all, at my age, and the 90 mile distance between us,you never know how many times or how much time I will get to do this...?

Patricia arrived home just before 5pm, knowing she didn't get as much of a chance to be with him as she would have she would get to spoil him for a couple of hours before and during the meeting that Lisa had with Anissa's care givers.  So for the day both grandparents on this side, at least got a chance to have some quality time with the K-man..  Next week on Thursday I will get to do this again...but this time it will be in Centerville at the Condo....while Hal works from the house and Lisa is back at her office.

 At 6 O'clock I took leave of Kasyn and his Grandma and headed north to Van Wert for the weekly baseball rules meeting, and was back home by 9....sipping on a fresh Christmas Ale, called "12 Dogs of Christmas Ale" out of the Thirsty Dog Brewing Company in Akron.  The one part of winter I hate to see end, is the vast variety of Winter Ale and Beers that are produced around the Midwest by the small micro breweries...."12 Dog Christmas" is one tasty but powerful 9% alcohol, you don't want to toss em' down with any speed.

Today it's off to the Cardio specialist in New Bremen, and a look at the far the BP is dropping with the increase in meds...standing at 116/70 this morning with a resting heart rate of 65.  The blood tests that I took last week showed most things "normal" except the high Cholesterol count....which, despite my best efforts with diet and fish oil, seems only to respond to the I began back on that last weekend....not happy about it, but will give it another try.

Meanwhile the weight I gained over Christmas is gone, and I am back at 193....with 8 pounds to lose the goal before my first baseball scrimmage on March 16th...which happens to be my 63rd life moves on....

After the physical check up this afternoon, I return to the Celina 7th Grade Basketball Tournament, with a double header beginning at 4pm...after that just two JV games, tomorrow night in Van Wert and next Friday at Celina remain on the regular season schedule.   A youth tournament on March 8th and then following the Mini Vietnam Reunion in Dayton March 9th through 11th, I turn my attention to baseball for the remainder of the Spring and Summer to come.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sometimes you just scratch your head

It was not snowing when I finished Dartball last night, a miserable night of the team as Mt Carmel defeated us in all three games, outscoring us 21 runs to a miserable 5...we were never a factor, and fall to 6 wins 12 loses on the season's second half, which ends next week at Schumm Lutheran.  I started out slow, and finished 5 for 13, as my average dropped a couple of points to .383....still tops on the team, but most likely staying the same or dropping from my 4th place spot in the league race....the stats, as the regular season  winds down, have dropped off for me....hopefully a tick up for the post season tournament, which begins Sunday, February 26th, at Bethany here in Celina.  Having switched myself to lead off hitter, to get more men on base has affected my RBI total to say the least....a paltry 9 runs batted in for the season...this coming from someone who has won the league championship on a couple of occasions, finishing with as many as 70 in a season....those days appear gone, as our team adjusts to the changes, and our old guys struggle, and the younger guys, with the exception of Tyler, have not quite gotten in the groove.

Snowed Out!  {????}

Overnight we had perhaps an inch of snow...but for some reason, many schools, including Celina canceled, and others, including St Henry, where Patricia teaches, delayed 2 hours...I really don't know why.  The little snow we had, was not the icy, making roads dangerous to travel type....and while there my have been a bit of lite ice below, it is certainly not the type I would have delayed, let alone, called off school for....but that's not my call.

Anissa, at here every other week developmental work place, this one in St. Marys, was also delayed...and she stayed with me until a few minutes ago.  So now, I finish the blog, e-mail Lima Central Catholic, to see what they are doing as far as tonight's Middle School games.  Both LCC and their opponent, Bluffton, joined the cancel list....which may, or may not, call off the games scheduled for tonight.{Games Canceled}

Meanwhile I have to do a bit of shopping, check mom's mail, and get back home in time to get ready for the drive to Lima, if indeed, we have the games.....hopefully I will find out sooner, rather than later, one way or the other.

 The "K-Man" and Me......

Tomorrow, I will do my first "baby sitting" since Hal was a infant.  The plan is to meet up with Hal and Kasyn tomorrow morning at the Bob Evans Restaurant in Troy....after we have breakfast I will bring the Grandson home with me, as Hal back to work full time, and Lisa back to work part time, will have a somewhat full schedule on their plates.  So it will be me and Kasyn for a handful of first babysitting since I used to watch all three of our kids, while Patricia finished up her Masters at Wright State, some 25 years ago.

It's been that long since I changed a diaper, or warmed a bottle....but like learning to ride a bike, I think I am up to the challenge...."The K-Man" who turns 12 weeks old on Thursday is a good baby, and other than a short cry when hungry or tired, makes very little fuss....

So perhaps I will keep a cyber diary of my and his day....after all that will be my "job" tomorrow, and am looking forward to it.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Week Ahead....the Weekend Past...

After the Friday night game at Shawnee finished, I headed home through a lite snow, and was sipping on a dark lager, while watching the tube, when my cell phone was a bit past 10 and I was thinking, as I looked a a number that I did not recognize.."Who at this hour"?  Turns out it was a umpire/official out of Greenville that I had worked with on several occasions...he had accidentally double booked, and needed help at Celina the next afternoon for the 7th grade tournament...a venue that I wasn't scheduled to work until Thursday.   Since I didn't have a scheduled game on Saturday, I told him I would help out.  So Saturday at Noon I headed to the Middle School gym, where I worked a double header.

The thing about the Celina Middle School is, that damn old wooden floor has no give...and is where my back issues appeared to have began several weeks ago...this weekend it looks that the same issues have arisen.

The K-Man_____

Yesterday Patricia, Anissa, and I,  headed down to Centerville for the "Dedication" of Grandson Kasyn at the church that Hal and Lisa attend.  We left Celina about 9am, went straight to the Church for the ceremony.  Dedications are now common practice at some churches, they use instead of a formal Baptism...with the Baptism coming along later, when the child can understand the meaning. 

After the ceremony and service, we headed to the Condo, with the rest of the grandparents, a uncle, Tyler, from Lisa's family, and some of their friends, where we had a carry in meal, and got a chance to get the grandparents 'fix' holding Kasyn.   We headed home about 2:30 so we could get Anissa back to her provider close to on time.

This morning, from {probably} the basketball, the drive to Centerville and back, and just aging, wear, and tear, the back is more than a bit sore....hopefully with the end of basketball officiating season in sight, I can rest it up, and be in shape by baseball season beginnings in mid March.

The rest of the week looks pretty full, even for the retired:  Today a board meeting at MRSI, tonight the next to last week of Dartball, before the tournament and all-star season.  Tomorrow, with some snow in the forecast, I will head to LCC for a Junior High double in Lima....then Wednesday, I will head to Troy early, meet up with Hal, where I will pick up the K-Man and bring him back to Celina for the day.  Hal and Lisa are back to work, and I will get my first taste of "baby sitting" in 25 years or so Kasyn will spend the day with me....Lisa has work in Celina to do in the Afternoon, a meeting concerning Anissa and her care, so I will watch the Grandson until Patricia comes home....then I will head to Van Wert for a baseball rules meeting.

On Thursday it's off for a Cardio consultation with the doctors....then the return to the Celina Middle School for another round in the 7th grade tournament.  Friday back to Van Wert for a JV game with St. Marys, which leaves me only one more officiating gig on the 24th a final boys JV game in Celina, with the exception of a youth tournament at Parkway March 8th.

Meanwhile I will try to rest the back as much as possible and keep the Blood Pressure lower with the increased medication far that seems to be working, along with dropping some of the Holiday far I'm down about 7 pounds since the New Year began....I would like to drop another 10 or so by baseball....we will see if I can do that.

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Photo-The Pastor, Hal, Kasyn, and Lisa, on the Dedication at Fairhaven Church in Centerville.

Friday, February 10, 2012

As the Republic Crumbles....Obama Fiddles with America...

Looks like we will receive a bit of snow tonight, that will usher in a band of light to moderate snow.....2 maybe 3 inches of the white stuff, along with winds to match and dropping temperatures will make it seem more "winter-like" than it has been all season....lows in the teens are forecast for tonight, with a high only in the mid 20s for the weekend.  Although we have not had much winter weather this year, when we do get it, I seem to always have a game far out of town....tonight being back in the Lima area for a Western Buckeye League game at Shawnee.  Last night Shawnee's Junior High girls visited Celina, where I worked both games, each being a win for the home team.

No games tomorrow, in fact, my Saturday schedule is clear until baseball starts in late March...

Obama The Destroyer_____

My political rants have been fewer in recent months...not because I don't have a concern or interest in it...more because I am beginning to realize the hopelessness of what it going on.  The Republic is being destroyed and our Constitution has been trashed, by one useless son of a bitch, named Barack Obama, Barry Soetoro, or whatever he wants to call himself.  And it doesn't matter if he was born in Kenya, Hawaii, Timbuktu, or Mars....this slimy, bony fingered bastard has one goal in mind...."Destroy the USA"...and the sad part is, at least half the population is buying or ignoring what is happening.

The latest is his mandate that all employers pay for "birth control"{i.e. abortion services} for the women they employee....even those Religious employers that are against birth control{i.e. the Catholic Church}.  So, what ever happened to "Freedom of Religion" or Separation of Church and State?  Without a doubt this is against the US Constitution....but, when has that ever mattered to these ghouls on the left?

Today I see Obammy is planning a late Friday "Surprise"....he will attempt to accommodate religious concerns, by making a "bold" statement about the new law{un-Constitutional as it is}, but his gerbils doing the speaking say they won't change the face of the law, just how some can get around it{where have we seen this before?}....the only hope is that even Liberal Catholics, who voted for this piece of garbage, will be pissed off enough to vote against him this time around.  However, anything outside a major revolution, will not change a damn thing...Obama wants a nation of serfs....and he and his supporters are well on their way to making the majority of the population just that....our forefathers have to be spinning in their graves.

These, indeed, are not good times....a nation more tuned into "American Idol" as opposed to the coming campaign for President, is a nation that deserves the sell out government they get.  By the time they wake and smell the coffee, it will be too late.....frankly folks, we are doomed to repeat the demise of all great nations that came before us....greed and laziness will end this Republic.   Hopefully I am wrong, but I don't believe that for a minute.

Didn't want to be a downer going into the weekend, but unless things change, you might want to stock up on food, water, ammo, and toilet paper....because a "Shit Storm" of Biblical Proportions is coming at all of us....meanwhile kick back, grab a cold one, light up a fine torpedo, and watch the least until the come for you and yours....then "Game On"!

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Duke Knocks Off UNC.... and The Day After The Appointment.....

I got home from Van Wert last night and began fasting at 9:30 for today's blood draw....I did have a shot of Brandy on the rocks before the required fasting..  I headed out this morning to get the blood draw.  The technician was pretty good, this one didn't have to poke around, and the draw was quick and pain free.  The results will be sent on before my cardio check up next week....

Earlier I began my double dose of BP meds, and checking my blood pressure after my morning shower, I was pleased it had dwindled to an average of 117/71 to go with a heart/pulse rate of 62.  After the blood draw and a quick trip to Wally World for some fresh veggies and Diet 7up, I checked it again on arriving home, and the average for 3 checks was 140/73 with a pulse of 63...will check it before and after basketball tonight and see what the results look like.

Frankly I don't like the way I feel, although I did get a weight lifting session in late yesterday afternoon...since the back issues resurfaced a couple of weeks ago, the aches and pains have been roving around various parts of the body.  I know some of this comes with aging...but that doesn't mean I have to like it....will be glad to get the appointments done with and see what they think the problems might be...easier to deal with something when and if you know something is wrong.

Duke wins a thriller_____

After getting home, taking a quick shower, and sipping on that brandy, I turned on the Duke at North Carolina game...Duke/UNC basketball, is much like the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry in Football...except they play two or 3 times a year, depending on the ACC Tournament draw and results, while the Buckeyes and scUM only meet one time in November....the rivalry is no less heated, especially given the fact the two schools are only eight miles apart.

Duke led early by as much as 8 points, but the Tar Heels caught them before the half and took a 43-40 lead into the locker room at halftime.   North Carolina kicked it into high gear in the early stages of the 2nd half and push their lead to 13....I flipped the remote to the "Chiller" Channel, it appeared a foregone conclusion that hated UNC was going to win this one and send the Dookies to their second straight ACC defeat.....I checked back in with about 5 minutes left and the Heels up by a dozen or so....Glad I did, things got just a little crazy: 

To say the miracle 85-84 win for the Blue Devils, especially coming at UNC, was a classic, is a gross understatement....this one had to rank in the top 3 or 4 of all time, at least since I began following Duke Basketball some 30 years ago.

Not to rest on this one however...they need to enjoy and move on...after all, the second game is coming up on March 3rd at Cameron Indoor Stadium at should be another good one.  Meanwhile with Florida State losing in a major upset at home to Boston College, the ACC has a three way tie at the top, between Duke, UNC, and FSU.

The baseball rules meeting went well...we got the budget and elections out of the way, and settled down with the first night agenda.  It appears that I will be taking the lead roll in the "Mentor Program", where the older, more experienced umpires, like me, Garry, and a handful of others will be taking some younger umpires under wing and helping them along, and keeping them interested in sticking around the game for many years to come....after all, guys like me, Garry, Ron Goleman, and others are not getting any younger, and we need good young umpires at the High School and lower levels to step in.  I will coordinate the program for now.

Tonight I will stay in Celina as the Bulldog Junior High Girls take on Lima Shawnee.....I should be home by 7:30, and not have to worry about "fasting" tonight....

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Photos-One of the many Tee Shirts around for the Duke/UNC Clash...Duke Freshman Austin Rivers celebrates after his 3-pointer sinks the Tar Heels....and Coack K gets emotional from the bench.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Away for the day....

Headed to Minster, Ohio, for an appointment with our Nurse the time I was done, I was wondering to myself..."What the Hell/When the Hell" did this all happen?

Seems despite all my good work at diet and exercise, a few things are out of whack...

BP was 200/107 when first checked....funny didn't feel any different...that is the highest, by far, since my late 2007 back issues put me in great pain for a few was running about the same back then, when Doc Bergman, who retired last year, put me on a 10-12.5 dosage of Lisinopril.  After that procedure my BP stabilized and I had been pretty good, especially with the weight loss plan of 2 1/2 years ago.  That all came crashing down this my dosage has been ratchet up to double for now, and the blood draw will be tomorrow, followed by a cardio consultation and treadmill exam on February 16th....

Well Hell, that's about it for now....the only good news that I saw over the past 24 hours are the results of Rick Santorum taking Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado, in the GOP battle....thus holding off the coronation of Mitt Romney as the sacrificial lamb to King Barry in November....maybe, just maybe, the republic can be saved from another four years of Hell.....meanwhile I guess my job is to see if I can survive, regardless of who is in the White House.

No basketball tonight, but our first local baseball rules meeting in on the agenda at Van Wert tonight...

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