Monday, February 6, 2012

Just another Monday.....Weather Changes....

Saw a bit of it all over the weekend, weather wise, but for the most part the conditions remain better than your average winter weather.

With no game on Friday, I spent the majority of the day cleaning the wood floors in the 3 living room spaces of the house....the wood floors,  hard pine, have been without wall to wall carpet for about 5 or 6 years now, and despite Reagan the Airedale, making her marks with paws on them, they remain a plus over the carpet which covered them for many years.  The house, build as the old Church of God parsonage, was constructed beginning in late 1923, with the kitchen area and second half bath added in 1945.  For the first 60 years it was the home of many a pastor and their families, including one Tennyson Guyer, the former Mayor of Celina during the World War II years, and  a pastor at the First Church of God back in the late 1930s and 40s...before turning his attention to politics full time, and eventually becoming the US House of Representative member from this district, serving until the time of his death:

The church moved to the north and farther west side of town, rebuilding in the 1980s. We became the 2nd owners after the church sold it....purchasing it in 1995.  We ripped out the carpet a decade or so later.  Anyhow, the floors needed cleaning after the wet winter thus far, and I worked a few hours on them Friday afternoon.

Once done with that chore, I decided, with the sun out and the temperatures near 50, it was time to smoke my first Cigar since October, being I seldom partake in the winter months...after all it is not enjoyable, at least to me, to freeze ones backside off standing outside smoking a good cigar...and I don't smoke inside or in the car.  So seldom do I fire one up from November until about May, unless the conditions warrant and I have the time to waste an hour or so.

The weather stayed nice for a couple of hours in the late afternoon, so I lit one up, and enjoyed a couple of Mad Hat Winter Lagers, and a 1876 cigar, over remainder of the afternoon and daylight hours.


After the sunny and mild Friday, it rained overnight into Saturday morning....then the snow started.  We may have received an inch or two, however when that ended, the melting started, and by the time I headed out to Antwerp, some 50 miles north, at 4:15, the majority was gone....until I got to the game site.  It seems Antwerp had received 3 or 4 inches, and that had not melted.  The JV games was a fast mover, afterward I showered and didn't stick around for any of the Varsity contest, leaving by 7:30 and pulling into the drive by 8:30 Saturday night.


Patricia, Anissa, and I waited out the early morning fog, which had formed on the wet ground and roadways, it seems that was only in the Celina area and south, north of town was sunny and clear...we left for Indiana, and Rick and wife Toni's place some 70 miles north and west, about 10:30...we drove out of the thick fog 10 miles north of town, and nothing but sunshine, and pleasant conditions would remain for the rest of the drive and day.

We spent a few hours, with Toni giving Patricia the tour of the new home they built on 17 acres within the last two years....I had been to the site many times over the past several years, both before and after construction, this was her first trip.   After the tour, we ate lunch, talked for a couple of hours, and, having to get Anissa back to her place, where her care giver was waiting, took the road home...sunshine all the way.

I managed to catch the end of a disappointing Duke game, where the Blue Devils came from 16 points down to Miami, only to lose in overtime by going a sorry 0 for 6 from the free throw line...doesn't get any easier for Coach K and Company, as they are at North Carolina on Wednesday.

The Super Bowl came on at 6:30 and for the second time in 4 years, the NY Giants defeated the Patriots on a late TD....the final was 21-17.  I didn't have a dog in the fight, but preferred the Giants, although, let's face it....professional sports has become a sideshow for millionaires and the jet setters, and seriously, I don't waste much time on it.

 Dartball tonight, basketball back on the agenda, tomorrow at Spencerville, and a Baseball Rules meeting in Van Wert on Wednesday....that is how the week begins, along with more spring-like temperatures and sunshine, at least for today....

back later>>>>

Photos-The weather was back and forth, give and take over the past 72 hours or so...Sunshine on Friday Afternoon, snow Saturday Morning, and back to Sunshine for Sunday and again this morning....Meanwhile I took the opportunity to clean the 88 year old wood floors in the downstairs, smoke a cigar on Friday afternoon, and sip a couple of Winter Dark Lagers in the afternoon sun that was bright in the backyard.


Mike from KY said...

My sincere condolances for your teams loss. I won't even mention that UK won by 40 points!

PRH....... said...

UK? Gotta wonder how long those players will be sticking around? :0 Johnny C doesn't recruit, he rents players on the one year plan.