Friday, February 24, 2012

Sittin' With the 'K-man"...

After I showered this morning, I checked the blood pressure....average at 111/65 with a low pulse rate of 52 beats per minute, this left me scratching my head wondering if I should even be taking any BP meds, let alone the double-plus they have prescribed?  Anyway, I guess better low than high, so I headed out into the morning sun to give the Squirrels and the band of Sparrows, Doves, Blue Jays, and Cardinals, their ration of seeds for the the time I finished, a short five minutes or so, the calm winds and sunshine turned to 40 mph gusts, and the clouds rolled in...accompanied by colder temperatures, it appears this weekend will be windy and March-like...before for more warmer conditions arrive back in town next week.

Tomorrow I will have Anissa around the house, as Patricia, and others attend a work session on Autism that our daughter-in-law, Lisa will be giving in Dayton.  Sunday, we begin the tournament trail in Dartball at Bethany Church...if we get by that round, the Semi and Championships will be held the following Sunday, same location.  The All-Star game, which I made for the 15 time in 18 years, will be held March 12th, with the banquet to follow on Monday March the Widdy Darts and Boards are put away until next fall.

A Day with the "K-man"_____

Hal has a couple of work sessions out of their condo yesterday, so even though he was home, with Lisa back at work, they needed someone to take a turn at watching Grandson Kasyn....yesterday was my chance, so I got up early, and drove the 90 or so miles south down I-75 to Centerville...where I would spend some 8 hours "sitting".  For the most part, K-Man stayed awake early and slept late....ate well, and we got some bonding time.... I mainly watched crime shows on TV...watching TV?  Now that is sometime I don't do much of, except for sports and old classic movies in the evening.

The day moved along quickly, and Lisa arrived home about 5pm.  Hal invited me out for supper, but I turned that down...not that I wouldn't have went, or enjoyed it, but I figured the young couple, with younger child, didn't need to be spending money on me....and besides, I had already cheated on my low carb, low sodium diet, having breakfast by stopping by McDonald's{something else I rarely do} on my way down, and grabbed a carb, salt, and calorie filled "Skillet Breakfast Burrito", along with a cream filled large coffee.  So I said my good-byes to the family, and left during the middle of rush hour, which in a pleasant surprise, the traffic was almost non existent in the Dayton area and I-75 on the return trip.

Tonight I will officiate my final High School game of the year....and with gas prices approaching $4 per gallon, glad that I don't have to drive far.  The game is here in Celina, as the Bulldogs finish the regular season against Lima Bath, the boys tournament action begins next week.  The girls have already started their final push towards seasons end.

After tonight, just a youth tournament to work in two weeks, and I can concentrate on baseball for the next five months or so....indeed my favorite time of the year....back later>>>>

Photos-"The K-Man" and me....yesterday at the Condo.  Kasyn with his new toy bank....keeping him somewhat amused, when I wasn't holding him or he wasn't sleeping....and the historic Celina Fieldhouse, built during the depression, and by far the oldest venue still hosting varsity basketball games in the area....I'll work my final game of the season at the there tonight.

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