Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Day with Grandpa and the K-man....

Got up bright and early yesterday, showered, dressed, switched vehicles with Patricia, and headed south to Troy, where I would meet up with Hal and Grandson Kasyn.  The plan was for 12 week old Kasyn to spend the day with Granddad PRH.

Unlike with your own kids{at least from my point of view}, having to take care of grand kids, especially for the first time, can be a bit unnerving.  From the driving part to making sure no disasters, big or small occurred during the stay, which would be almost 8 hours long, until Patricia came home and then his mother would drive to Celina and safely whisk him home....I need not have worried, even with it being well over 20 years since my last "baby sitting" gig, things went without much of a hitch.

A Day with Kasyn_____

The 60 mile drive down I-75 to Troy and the Bob Evans Restaurant there went smoothly...Hal and Kasyn arrived from the south about 5 minutes after my arrival at 7:45....the youngest son bought me breakfast for the granddad duties that would come this day.  Meanwhile The K-man would sleep through the meal.  After we finished our breakfast,  Hal set up the car seat in the back of the Nitro, boy have those things changed since my day as a young father, and of course when I was Kasyn's age, there were no such was Mom's lap back in the day, or on a blanket in the back seat.

K-man fussed for about two minutes on the early part of the journey back to Celina...but quickly fell asleep, and remained in that state for the rest of the hour long drive.   Arriving home around 10am I would set into my minds motion the skills that I had long ago ceased doing......

Much like all three of our kids at his age and older, the K-man is a pretty easy child to watch....a few cries of hunger or being tired were the only interruptions that I saw through the day...even at 12 weeks(today, as he was born on Thanksgiving evening last) he smiles and "talks" a lot.  Yesterday we had about four diaper changes, but no really messy ones, which was a good thing...he didn't eat as much as usual, nor did he sleep as much as I was told....but all in all it was a chance to see him one on one, and do some bonding....after all, at my age, and the 90 mile distance between us,you never know how many times or how much time I will get to do this...?

Patricia arrived home just before 5pm, knowing she didn't get as much of a chance to be with him as she would have she would get to spoil him for a couple of hours before and during the meeting that Lisa had with Anissa's care givers.  So for the day both grandparents on this side, at least got a chance to have some quality time with the K-man..  Next week on Thursday I will get to do this again...but this time it will be in Centerville at the Condo....while Hal works from the house and Lisa is back at her office.

 At 6 O'clock I took leave of Kasyn and his Grandma and headed north to Van Wert for the weekly baseball rules meeting, and was back home by 9....sipping on a fresh Christmas Ale, called "12 Dogs of Christmas Ale" out of the Thirsty Dog Brewing Company in Akron.  The one part of winter I hate to see end, is the vast variety of Winter Ale and Beers that are produced around the Midwest by the small micro breweries...."12 Dog Christmas" is one tasty but powerful 9% alcohol, you don't want to toss em' down with any speed.

Today it's off to the Cardio specialist in New Bremen, and a look at the far the BP is dropping with the increase in meds...standing at 116/70 this morning with a resting heart rate of 65.  The blood tests that I took last week showed most things "normal" except the high Cholesterol count....which, despite my best efforts with diet and fish oil, seems only to respond to the I began back on that last weekend....not happy about it, but will give it another try.

Meanwhile the weight I gained over Christmas is gone, and I am back at 193....with 8 pounds to lose the goal before my first baseball scrimmage on March 16th...which happens to be my 63rd life moves on....

After the physical check up this afternoon, I return to the Celina 7th Grade Basketball Tournament, with a double header beginning at 4pm...after that just two JV games, tomorrow night in Van Wert and next Friday at Celina remain on the regular season schedule.   A youth tournament on March 8th and then following the Mini Vietnam Reunion in Dayton March 9th through 11th, I turn my attention to baseball for the remainder of the Spring and Summer to come.

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sam said...

Ive had the BP thing since 2 yrs after I got back from Nam in 68. Its Been under control most of my life though AND YES I sometimes suffer from the White Coat Syndrom thingy.
Interesting day yesterday , after finding out a heavy snow storm might very well happening today with a scheduled cleaning this morning I hurriedly rounded up the crew to clean just after a Mens overtime thriller with GT yesterday . As usual when there are seats avalable when we arrive early before the game is over the crew and I got to sit and watch the last 8 mins. or so and then the overtime before we dragged out the cleaning equipment . Always a thrill for the crew to do that . We got the cleaning done and I got home around 11 PM. Now I'll sit and watch as the storm materializes today , I dont have to go anywhere even tommorow if I dont have to . Doesnt look like much right now at 8 AM with the temp at 45 degrees but all the weather outlets still say its comming big time. Might get to fire up the new snowblower for the first time this season after all.
BTW we watched off and as Fox News covered Whitney's funeral.It came on around 11:30 AM and was still going on when I left for work at 3 with the preacher just starting to preach. I told the crew if they hurried they might get her in the ground before dark. Of course she wasnt in any hurry go go under Aand I guess it didnt matter. Later Bro, sam

sam said...

I also heard the rival gangs in NJ yesterday declared a truce for the day to honor Whitney. They will make that up with a snow day later in the Season, (smile) !