Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Changes in Attitude.....and the fireball at Daytona

Being retired, or at least "semi-retired" does have it's drawbacks as well as it's good points...while you tend to have more time doing things you enjoy, you also have more time doing things that you probably should avoid, or at least do less of....after all, even too much of a good thing, is sometimes too much.  With those thoughts I have been deciding over the past days and weeks, to make some changes....nothing that I am going to announce for the world, but just some things I hope will bring me more inner peace, and more jingle in my pocket....

Some 35 years or so ago, Jimmy Buffet put out an album called "Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude"...it contained "Margaritaville" and some other decent songs, including the title tune....it was my first introduction to Jimmy Buffett, whose music I liked from the get-go, but his politics he could stick where the sun doesn't shine...being the Clinton and Obama ass kisser he is.


 The one thing I have tried, albeit unsuccessfully, over the years it to separate politics from musical likes, pop culture, movies, etc...and to a lesser degree from friends and family, although without a doubt, I would rather hang with people that actually think along the same lines I do....probably next to impossible to find someone as far to the right and outspoken as me...to say the least.

That is among the things that my attitude is changing about....as I turn 63 next month, I have made myself a pledge to basically ignore those that don't like my politics, my faith in God, my cussing, my occasional cigar smoking, etc....screw it!  In addition to the attitude changes, I do however plan on others...less drinking, less posting about politics{ why bother?, I'm not changing your mind, and you sure the Hell can't change mine}, I have other things I want to accomplish in the time I have left on this earth, that a less confrontational, less boozing, more relaxed lifestyle can do....I also shaved off the goatee, and just left the drooping mustache....hey, if your gonna change, you might as well go all out!

So there is a small look....while I will still mention politics, and my dislike for liberals, especially a certain half breed, half wit, fresh from the Chicago Gay Bathhouse scene, via Kenya.  I'm not going to argue it with anybody, friend or foe.   If someone wants to argue BS about political views with me, here, in person, or on my facebook page....don't bother, you'll get the heave-ho....in the blink of an eye.

The Daytona 500_____

I used to be pretty well into Stock Car Racing, especially back in the days of Richard Petty.  I remember sitting in the hospital in Wausau, Wisconsin, the day after daughter Anissa was born, watching the 1979 Dayton 500.  This was the first one shown live on national TV....and it was probably the most well known, until Dale Earnhart was killed on the final lap of the 2001 race.

Here is the end of the 1979 race:


I sat in the hospital mostly holding my 18 hour old daughter as this unfolded...can you imagine today, in NASCAR, controlled by bean counters, who only want to "diversify" the sport which was started some 65 years ago by bootleggers.   This would not be looked upon with a wink and smile like it was in the good ol' days.  That is when I enjoyed a NASCAR race....today, not so much.

Last night, after two afternoon cancellations, one on Sunday and early yesterday, the 2012 version of the Daytona 500 finally was held.  I was not around to see the early morning final....as Juan Montoya, hardly a "good ol' boy", crashed into a work vehicle and sent a massive fireball into the Daytona night....delaying the race for some 2 hours or more.   I said, "that's enough for me" and headed to bed....


As spectacular as that was, it pretty much ended the viewing for much of the nation.... as the race finished sometime after 2am eastern time.

Doctors appointments and testing coming up tomorrow and Thursday, and a chicken wing banquet and baseball rules meeting tomorrow night at Van Wert....that pretty much is the schedule on hand for the rest of the week.

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Photos-..Me, sans the goatee, with a new attitude in mind....Juan Pablo Montoya crashes into a work truck at Daytona, lucky all escaped major injury...and me and Anissa on February 18, 1979...she was less than 1 day old when the famous fight ending Daytona 500 was won by Richard Petty that year.

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