Saturday, February 25, 2012

Photos-The Week in Review....February 19th through 25th

The winter winds down, slowly but surely...and my basketball officiating all but came to an end for the season last night.  With the exception of a youth tournament at Parkway High School on March 8th, I am done for the season, and can concentrate on the upcoming baseball season.

The week  began simply enough...I got out of bed early and with the conditions, albeit they being cold, were pretty perfect to snap some sunrise photos on the west and south sides of Grand Lake:

Wednesday saw Garry and I head to Van Wert in the evening for a baseball rules meeting...although only 4 local meetings are required, I usually attend 5 or 6 in Van Wert and one at our other association, down at Indian Lake High School, to stay active in that association....usually working a game or two each season in Shelby County. and Logan County, although things are changing down that way.

Thursday was the highlight of the I traveled south to Centerville, and watch the new {and only} grandchild/grandson, Kasyn, the "K-Man" for the day....

Last night to the Fieldhouse to work my final high school game of the season...which will continue into late March, with the State Championships in Columbus...

Frankly, I am happy the season is finished for me....of the three sports I officiate/ is the most demanding on this aging body, it is also the best cardio workout....on the other hand it is my least favorite and the one of the three that I am least proficient least in my own opinions.  While baseball is my favorite, the one I have done the longest, and the one of the three that I have done District, Regional and State work in....and work not only High School, but American Legion, and ACME Summer ball as well.

Today, Saturday, Patricia is in Dayton, at a Autism Seminar, being hosted by daughter-in-law, Lisa....and also getting her chance to spoil/bond with Anissa and I get ready to head to the grocery, to pick out a few items, including some store fixed Fried Chicken...the rest of the weekend, interrupted only by the opening round of the Wabash Valley Dartball Tournament, will see me do some treadmill work, weight lift tomorrow, and watch some hoops and hockey on the tube.

Being shorthanded for Dartball this weekend, and probably next, it will be a struggle to make the finals, like we have done the past couple of seasons....but you never know.

back later for more on this exciting{insert eye roll} life...

Photos-Some good photos of spectacular sunrises were seen in the early morning this week over Grand Lake, I managed to get these and a couple dozen others...Me and Kasyn giving the digital the "left eye stare" on Thursday, The historic Fieldhouse was the scene of my final high school basketball game of the season last night...We hosted the Dartball Tournament in 09-10 and like last year at Hopewell, we finished in the Runners-Up spot.  Not sure if we will make the finals this time around at Bethany, we have been struggling all season...and with basketball finished up for all intensive purposes, baseball umpiring, and warmer weather beckons.

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