Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Yesterday dawned sunny and cold, a perfect, if not for the cold conditions, day to snap photos along and around the lake....this morning was just the opposite, a bit warmer, but windy, raw, and rain in and around the area.  As you can see, not the best of photo taking mornings.

Last night we finished off our regular Dartball season....winning the first game at Schumm 3-2, then with both teams out of the race for the championship(a rarity for Schumm Lutheran)...we were playing for home runs, etc...and ended up losing the last two contests...4-2, and 3-0.  I finished the season at .380 and just 10 RBIs...still good enough for the top five in league batting average, and making my 15th straight all star game.  The tournament playoffs begin next Sunday at Bethany...if we can get hot at the right time, we can make a championship run like last year, if not, the all star game and banquet will be all that remains for this season.

Patricia, done with the 4 day President's Day holiday, is back at school....and my routine is back to "normal"....well as normal as it gets these days.  No games until Friday, but I do have a baseball rules meeting tomorrow at Van Wert, then Thursday, I make the drive to Centerville, to spend the day sitting with "The K-man"...Kasyn, the Grandson....this time at the Condo, while Lisa works at her office, and Hal works from the home office{computer}....

Friday my final high school basketball game of the season, a JV/Western Buckeye League game here in Celina vs league rival Bath....this is the last weekend of boys action, with the tournament starting next week.  Next week I have a couple of appointments, one back at the Cardio Doc for a Echo Test, then the following day, March 1st at the Hospital for a Diabetes check up....although I feel fine, and appear in great shape for my age, approaching 63 next month, the past few weeks, have signaled some possible health issues, although frankly I really don't believe that there is anything serious going on....time and tests will tell.

The following weekend, March 9th through 11th will have us attend another Vietnam Reunion, this one, that I have arranged, a "mini" reunion at Dayton and Wright Patterson, will have a few old "Sky Cops" from the VSPA {Vietnam Security Police Association} gather with wives at the Hope Hotel for a couple of days at the Air Force Museum and a few hours of telling 'war stories'.

Turner Movie Classics_____

I am not a fan of Ted Turner....he is frankly a nutjob, a wacko, and a conniving Marxist tool....add to that the fact that he wed Hanoi Jane, the Traitor of American Troops during "my war"...is more that enough to despise his very presence.

However the one thing he has done right, is Television...beginning with "The Super Station" WTBS...the was followed by other "Cable Only" stations, and the best, without a doubt, in my opinion, is TMC.   A combination of old and mostly classic movies from yesteryear.  I also enjoy the shoot off web site...especially the old radio programs that have been placed online.  The mystery genre have always been my favorite, especially The Whistler, Suspense, The Shadow, and Escape....in addition I like many of comedies, including Jack Benny, and Bob Hope.

I can pick these up on my XM Radio Classics channel, as well as online on the TMC website.  They certainly take you back in time....not necessarily a better time, but certainly more interesting that the cyber/high tech world of today.  The years, basically 1939 through 1950, with a handful of years on either side, were without a doubt the Golden Age of Radio, and the age of innocence in America.  Thanks to Ted Turner, for all of his faults,  for bringing this age back to life.

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Photos-Today Grand Lake looked my different than the sun filled morning of yesrterday....and the Whistler and other old time radio shows are one of the staples on the Turner Classic Movie/Radio Library.

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