Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Day in the World We Live.....

Gotta admit, not a Hell of a lot going on in my world today.....

Baseball Rules meeting in Van Wert tonight, I may drive to Wapak to pick up my second leather coat that had a new zipper put in it...making two of the three I own in usable condition, one more repair, damn I'm tough on zippers, to go....and by next winter, I will be good to go, coat wise.

Tomorrow, no posting, as I head towards Centerville early in the AM to sit with Kasyn, the Grandson for the day....

With lack of anything to really write about, I will post some links of things happening in our crazy it swiftly descends towards Armageddon:

The GOP Candidate face off in Arizona: 

Make no mistake, I am squarely behind Rick Santorum...but will vote for any of the others against the Kenyan Bastard Child that is currently in the process of destroying America.

Gun Rights under assault in the state that uses the motto "Live Free or Die":

It appears that New Hampshire is intent on joining their shithole neighbors of Vermont and Taxyer2shits as un-American dumps.

And who could forget those peace loving Muslims that our troops are fighting and dying for?

So riddle me this Obama, just why the Hell are we over there?  Why are we fighting for a group of assholes that worship a pedophile and child abuser named Mohammad?  Are you freaking nuts?   Burning the Koran and these bastards set their country on fire...somebody please, piss on that book of hate, and these useless bastards.

Meanwhile on a lighter note....Hell, let's face it,  there is no "Lighter Note"....

back at ya on Friday....take care>>>>>


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