Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sometimes you just scratch your head

It was not snowing when I finished Dartball last night, a miserable night of the team as Mt Carmel defeated us in all three games, outscoring us 21 runs to a miserable 5...we were never a factor, and fall to 6 wins 12 loses on the season's second half, which ends next week at Schumm Lutheran.  I started out slow, and finished 5 for 13, as my average dropped a couple of points to .383....still tops on the team, but most likely staying the same or dropping from my 4th place spot in the league race....the stats, as the regular season  winds down, have dropped off for me....hopefully a tick up for the post season tournament, which begins Sunday, February 26th, at Bethany here in Celina.  Having switched myself to lead off hitter, to get more men on base has affected my RBI total to say the least....a paltry 9 runs batted in for the season...this coming from someone who has won the league championship on a couple of occasions, finishing with as many as 70 in a season....those days appear gone, as our team adjusts to the changes, and our old guys struggle, and the younger guys, with the exception of Tyler, have not quite gotten in the groove.

Snowed Out!  {????}

Overnight we had perhaps an inch of snow...but for some reason, many schools, including Celina canceled, and others, including St Henry, where Patricia teaches, delayed 2 hours...I really don't know why.  The little snow we had, was not the icy, making roads dangerous to travel type....and while there my have been a bit of lite ice below, it is certainly not the type I would have delayed, let alone, called off school for....but that's not my call.

Anissa, at here every other week developmental work place, this one in St. Marys, was also delayed...and she stayed with me until a few minutes ago.  So now, I finish the blog, e-mail Lima Central Catholic, to see what they are doing as far as tonight's Middle School games.  Both LCC and their opponent, Bluffton, joined the cancel list....which may, or may not, call off the games scheduled for tonight.{Games Canceled}

Meanwhile I have to do a bit of shopping, check mom's mail, and get back home in time to get ready for the drive to Lima, if indeed, we have the games.....hopefully I will find out sooner, rather than later, one way or the other.

 The "K-Man" and Me......

Tomorrow, I will do my first "baby sitting" since Hal was a infant.  The plan is to meet up with Hal and Kasyn tomorrow morning at the Bob Evans Restaurant in Troy....after we have breakfast I will bring the Grandson home with me, as Hal back to work full time, and Lisa back to work part time, will have a somewhat full schedule on their plates.  So it will be me and Kasyn for a handful of hours...my first babysitting since I used to watch all three of our kids, while Patricia finished up her Masters at Wright State, some 25 years ago.

It's been that long since I changed a diaper, or warmed a bottle....but like learning to ride a bike, I think I am up to the challenge...."The K-Man" who turns 12 weeks old on Thursday is a good baby, and other than a short cry when hungry or tired, makes very little fuss....

So perhaps I will keep a cyber diary of my and his day....after all that will be my "job" tomorrow, and am looking forward to it.

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