Friday, February 10, 2012

As the Republic Crumbles....Obama Fiddles with America...

Looks like we will receive a bit of snow tonight, that will usher in a band of light to moderate snow.....2 maybe 3 inches of the white stuff, along with winds to match and dropping temperatures will make it seem more "winter-like" than it has been all season....lows in the teens are forecast for tonight, with a high only in the mid 20s for the weekend.  Although we have not had much winter weather this year, when we do get it, I seem to always have a game far out of town....tonight being back in the Lima area for a Western Buckeye League game at Shawnee.  Last night Shawnee's Junior High girls visited Celina, where I worked both games, each being a win for the home team.

No games tomorrow, in fact, my Saturday schedule is clear until baseball starts in late March...

Obama The Destroyer_____

My political rants have been fewer in recent months...not because I don't have a concern or interest in it...more because I am beginning to realize the hopelessness of what it going on.  The Republic is being destroyed and our Constitution has been trashed, by one useless son of a bitch, named Barack Obama, Barry Soetoro, or whatever he wants to call himself.  And it doesn't matter if he was born in Kenya, Hawaii, Timbuktu, or Mars....this slimy, bony fingered bastard has one goal in mind...."Destroy the USA"...and the sad part is, at least half the population is buying or ignoring what is happening.

The latest is his mandate that all employers pay for "birth control"{i.e. abortion services} for the women they employee....even those Religious employers that are against birth control{i.e. the Catholic Church}.  So, what ever happened to "Freedom of Religion" or Separation of Church and State?  Without a doubt this is against the US Constitution....but, when has that ever mattered to these ghouls on the left?

Today I see Obammy is planning a late Friday "Surprise"....he will attempt to accommodate religious concerns, by making a "bold" statement about the new law{un-Constitutional as it is}, but his gerbils doing the speaking say they won't change the face of the law, just how some can get around it{where have we seen this before?}....the only hope is that even Liberal Catholics, who voted for this piece of garbage, will be pissed off enough to vote against him this time around.  However, anything outside a major revolution, will not change a damn thing...Obama wants a nation of serfs....and he and his supporters are well on their way to making the majority of the population just that....our forefathers have to be spinning in their graves.

These, indeed, are not good times....a nation more tuned into "American Idol" as opposed to the coming campaign for President, is a nation that deserves the sell out government they get.  By the time they wake and smell the coffee, it will be too late.....frankly folks, we are doomed to repeat the demise of all great nations that came before us....greed and laziness will end this Republic.   Hopefully I am wrong, but I don't believe that for a minute.

Didn't want to be a downer going into the weekend, but unless things change, you might want to stock up on food, water, ammo, and toilet paper....because a "Shit Storm" of Biblical Proportions is coming at all of us....meanwhile kick back, grab a cold one, light up a fine torpedo, and watch the least until the come for you and yours....then "Game On"!

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Deborah Wilson said...

Sadly, I agree. And it would be a good idea for everyone to stock up in case anything bad happens...

I'm just not ready to lose the faith or the fight yet.

Like the old saying goes,

"It ain't over 'till the big lady sings!