Sunday, July 22, 2018

A Few More Eagles from Grand Lake {OH}

I had planned on getting up early {about 5am} and heading off to the south side of the lake if the weather was's not!  But I got up at about 5:30 anyway...seems I am going to be early and getting up same for the last week or so.  My usual sleeping hours were about Midnight until 7 or 8...but of late I have not been able to stay in the sack that some adjustment was necessary, which helps me get the Eagle and Sunrise Photos of Grand are a few I left out from yesterday's post:

Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Bald Eagles of Grand Lake {Ohio}

The first nesting American Bald Eagles showed up at Grand Lake some 30 years ago, perhaps 35...after a few ups and downs, the Eagles are now fully entrenched around the 13.500+ acre shallow/alga infected lake....the problems of farm runoff and over population has not had an adverse effect on the Eagles.  On my morning photo shoots before and just after sunrise over the last few weeks have proven to me, that the once endangered American symbol is doing great, while the lake may not be doing that well.

Most mornings I can spot at least a dozen or so tagging each other in flight, or just hanging around the rocky outpoints/jetties of Windy Point Park, doing some talking and fishing.

In addition to the Eagles and Sunrise Shots, plenty of Blue and Gray Heron also abound and are waiting to be photographed.

Here are some of my Captured Shots over the past week:  The guy on top you can see has a decent sized bass in it's Talons heading for a breakfast on the lake...The younger Eagles{those without full white heads are in the majority around the Windy Point area....

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Passings and Moving On!

After the death of my Cousin Jim Poling earlier this month I needed to do some soul searching...and decide what to do from here going forward:

Jim and I were a couple of years born in 1949, Jim in 51....our families [my dad and Jim's mom were first cousins} moved from the small berg of Scott, Ohio, to SW Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico, South Venice,  in 1954 was our first stop, the Polings ended up in Englewood, and the Houseworth bunch in Venice.  Another brother of dad's, John, joined us in Florida a few years later.  Eventually there would be 6 of us male cousins...2 Poling boys, my brother Mike, me, and our Houseworth Cousin, Gary...a younger male, Kim Poling, would come along later but he was much younger and not that old when the Polings moved back to Scott in the early 60s...we would follow along about the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, moving to Celina, some 30 miles south of Scott.  Gary and his dad's family would stay in Venice.

Anyway my point being, out of the 5 older males, all born between December 1946 {Mike and Gary} and Jim in June 1951...I am the only one of those male cousins left...Kim is still around, back down in Florida...but Jack{killed in Vietnam} and Gary, Jim, both via Heart Attacks, and Mike, a form of cancer, are all gone...not one made it to 70.  Here I am 69 years 4 months...might make it, might never know what God has in his plans?

Regardless, it is time for me to finally give up Officiating and Umpire work...the Summer Heat has been brutal for lack of a better I will finish up the ACME District at Lima Central Catholic tonight, and then work the State ACME Semi Finals at Defiance this weekend, I will then hang up the Baseball Gear, next to the Football and Basketball "stuff" already on the shelves....

We will see where we go from there...but for now, my decision is final...the mind is willing but the aging body?  Not so much....

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Sunrise/Bald Eagles on Grand Lake {Ohio}

With Patricia still in Wisconsin, until Wednesday the 4th of July, I managed to crawl out of the sack early {5:25 or so} pack up the cameras and a couple of lens and headed for the south side of Grand Lake to my old High School stomping grounds at Windy Point, near Montezuma....kind of Hazy, so I thought I'd get some sunrise shots through the Gloaming...and maybe capture some wildlife....turns out I got some of both....

The sunrise was hidden behind some clouds and hazy lake early, before it burst out above the cloud bank....meanwhile a passel' of waterfowl were I finished up I looked to the southwest of the park and thought I spied a white headed American Bald Eagle....I did!  And it had some younger Eagles with are some photos for this morning:

Sunday, June 24, 2018

June 24, 1947...The UFO Hysteria Begins

On June 24, 1947, some 71 years ago today {nearly 2 years before I was born} the UFO Sighting Hysteria began, with this:

Kenneth Arnold UFO Sightings

Ken Arnold was an intelligent man with 9000 flying hours, UFOs {which had not been named as such} had not been reported or seen in nearly 40 years, and nothing like his report had ever been put forth.


There was no reason not to believe Kenneth Arnold....

Arnold Sightings

As for me?   I was a skeptic for many years, but no longer...concerning the Roswell, New Mexico, crash?  Not sure about that, but I believe the modern UFO sightings, which began in the summer of 1947 where in conjunction with the founding of Modern Israel, less than a year later in May me crazy if you will, but I truly believe many of these UFO Reports are Biblical, and the more I study them and our Bible, the more I believe UFOs are indeed a sign.

Israel Founded

Now that I've turned many of you off, tough luck...!  I don't care.  I hardly am an expert on UFOs or the Bible, but it is as good an idea as little green men from Mars.  

While not mine, this is but one opinion of the connection between UFOs and Biblical Prophecy.

UFOs and the Bible

There you have today's post...take it with a grain of salt...but salt that as your daily food for thought!

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

This Week in History...a personal look back. 6/23/2018

Several things, on both the historical and personal stage happened this coming week...first off the "historical" happenings.

The Battle of Little Big Horn  June 25, 26, 1876...

Custer's Last Stand was indeed a defeat by the Redskins over the Americans...but while winning the battle, they pissed off the average American, and eventually lost the war and their freedoms...Liberals and freeloading foreign types call it one way, patriots call it can pick your side, but the bottom line is, this was in almost every way, the end of the "Indian Wars" and America won....

The notion that the American Indians were somehow an innocent people is pure this case "Sitting Bullshit":

Sitting BS

On a Personal Level the coming week marks 3 anniversaries that I can think of off the top of my aging brow:

50 years ago, June 24-26th 1968...Leaving Ohio for Basic Training at Amarillo, AFB, Texas..

My first airplane ride ever on June 24, 1968 took me from Columbus, Ohio to Amarillo, Texas, via Dallas and Lubbock, Texas....I arrived at the base on the dusty flatlands of the Texas Panhandle on the early morning of June 25th, and my processing was completed on June 26th when they snapped photos of our little crew.

49 years ago June 30th, 1969....I left for South Vietnam.  Landing at Tan Son Nhut on July 1st, then after an overnight in the Transit Barracks, I flew on to my first base at Nha Trang, on July
2nd, when I was quickly assigned to Day {A} Flight Law Enforcement by Tech Sgt Phil Lange...war zone or not, Nha Trang was as good a duty as I would have in my 4 years in the Air Force.

48 years ago on 29 June 1970...Heading Home!

Back at Tan Son Nhut after a short stint working Security on C {overnight} Flights...I received my orders {Griffiss AFB, upstate New York, worst and last duty of my 4 years}...and headed home for 39 days of Hell Raising fun....looking back I should have finished out my Air Force days in Vietnam...but hindsight is always 20/20 and perhaps my life would not have been as good as it has turned out.

That is a quick look back on some of the things that happened in history on these days....more to come in later postings.

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Friday, June 22, 2018

So Many People to offend and So Little Time to Bother with That!

Sitting here contemplating on having the first beer of the day and maybe firing up a hand rolled Cigar....

Wife, Patricia, is gone to Wisconsin for her annual two week visit with her family up that way in SE Wisconsin, in her home area of Oconomowoc...and I have been rained out 2 nights in a row from Summer ACME Baseball Umpire work.  I will have Anissa over for 6 hours tomorrow and Sunday, she is our special needs daughter that was born in northern Wisconsin some 39 years ago...she lives in a home with assistant living folks on the other side of Celina and spends most weekends a few hours {12 or so} with us.  Next week I plan on scraping out 2000 sq foot old parsonage home of the 6 year old 69 this will probably be the last time I will do this task...but I don't want to leave it to someone else just's not my style.  When I get around to painting it, is anybody's guess...perhaps this fall, perhaps next summer...I really don't have a time table, it doesn't pay to at my age.

In addition to scraping, mowing, feeding the cats, and checking on mom, who also is now in assisted living, at least for the Summer, at the age of 94, I plan on heading to Fort Wayne next Wednesday and heading up to Rick Pearson's place and down a few beers and spend the night there....late next week, weather permitting, I have a few make up games to work...then another weekend watching Anissa, Patricia arrives home on the 4th, then a couple of weeks of ACME Tournament Games to Umpire, ending with the State Tournament in Defiance.  Brown County for a few days in Late July/early August and Hell Summer will be on the wane....

In the meantime I need to get my ass off social media, like Facebook, and the Snowflakes, Hard Core Leftists, Troll, Rainbow Warriors, Islamic Trash, and other dregs, including Never Trumpsters, RINOs, and whiners of every ilk and every walk of life....I need to ride the TW, do a bit of work at Honda, just to keep busy, and contemplate what lies ahead.  To be sure, hanging around pissing people off on Facebook is no longer in the least not to the extent that I have for the past few year.  I currently have 3 of my 4 Facebook IDs either banned or banished....Mark Suckenberg and his far left Islamic/Faggot loving lefties hate Conservatives..especially Christian Conservatives, don't you know?

However I will be getting my outlet on this blog more than I have over the past 5 or 6 years...but not as much as in the first few.  I plan on starting that next week, looking back at my personal and not~so~personal history.  

Just how I will deliver that remains up in the air....give me time, in the meantime I think I will have that beer and enjoy a cigar.

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