Thursday, May 10, 2018

"Juan" McCain=Taking Treason to His Grave

"Songbird" has taken his treasonistic activities up to his knocking on the Devil's Door, which he will soon enter:

McCain American Traitor

I regret ever having had to cast a ballot for this low life SOB....most of us Vietnam Vets knew he was lower than a Snake's Belly and even his fellow POW for the most part didn't like or trust this little man who would not only sell them out, he would sell out his country to the influx of illegals who are slowly destroying the Republic...

McCain as a POW

USS Forrestal and McCain's Role...

There you have it, this bitter man who almost single handed was responsible for the mess and fire aboard the USS not a hero, and his bitterness is expanding as he moves closer to meeting his maker, that final meeting and the results will not be mine to judge, but I have a ballpark guess on how "Songbird" will end up:

Spring has sprung and I plan on remaining busy as I can...back later:


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Going Public...Photography Wise...

I have never considered myself much of a photography guy...sure I loved old black and white family photos and history, and took my share of bad shots, with weak cameras and bad lens....but the cost of tossing out shots that I hated or that were blurred kept me from really working hard to improve my skills...The dawn of the Digital Camera era and my wife purchasing me one of the expensive Sony lunchbox types when they first came out...those were easy, but the camera was expensive and really didn't take great photos with that floppy disk.  I still had my Vivitar 35mm which took better shots, but hey it still required film and the hit and miss of getting a good shot.....then along came point and shoot cheap cameras and they actually took decent shots.  I have never gotten into the Phone Camera scene...but did finally graduate to DSLR Cameras and Photography...mind you I never have and never will spend a fortune on camera and equipment....I don't care how expensive it are only as good as your eyes and as steady as your fingers and a tripod can make up.

So over the last couple of years I have been trying my hand a Landscape, especially Grand Lake Landscape and Water Scenes...also some night and wildlife photography....and while not great I have began to add colors and "effects" to my shots....and that has proven to have worked out, at least in part....from Grand Lake to the Everglades, to Big Bend, and even Moab, Utah, with the point and shoot back in 2015....thousands of photos and more than a few handfuls have come out to my liking....and now it seems to others as well.

Earlier this year I was asked to put together a group of photos to show at the various (8) Libraries in Mercer County {Ohio}...and that has begun...March I have put together a package of {mostly} lake photos to display, I place those in the Celina Library this month off to Coldwater, followed by the rest of the District locations in the county.

We will see how those work out....Here are some of the shots in the Display Case{shown above}

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

February 6, 1976...

Back in the winter of 1976, I hopped in my AMC "Levi" Hornet, along with our first two Airedales, Rags and Max...and drove them out to Windy Point, along the south side of Grand Lake, not far from where I spent my High School years, living in Montezuma.  Why do I remember that date, meaningless in the grand scheme of life in most respects?  No Idea really...I was home for the weekend from Hocking Tech and just remember thinking..."Well here it is, midway through Winter, and Spring isn't that far off"... I just remember it was February 6th...and each year since that time, if I'm in the area, I drive out  to Windy Point...a place I frequent these days to snap Sunset and Sunrise photos.

Yesterday, after the overnight snow, it was clean, bright and sunny, so after taking care of a few 'chores' I needed to complete, I drove the 6 miles or so and in the sun, sat around looking at the clean, cold, snow, and snapped a few photos of my old High School stomping grounds..

Photos: Top/The refurbished beach...despite being rebuilt in 2012, the Lake water quality still doesn't allow much swimming here, unlike the 60s and 70s summers, where we spent much time here, doing just that.

Below:  a couple more photos from yesterday followed by a summer shot of the channel that Rag and Max used to swim at in the mid 70s, and those two, our first of many Airedales over the next 40 years...treeing a back yard Squirrel when we lived in Dodge City back in 1980...

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Winter in Western Ohio...Up/Down and Back and Forth

Another batch of crazy swings...winter wise around Grand Lake and the Ohio Heartland....cold, a mini melt, then back and forth and do it again....a bit of snow this morning, but that is melting, then more snow for the week, mixed in with some moderating, new normal temps....

Nikon D3400...

With the recent decision by the VA that put a bit of money in my account{something I never asked for, my VA doctors advice was just being followed}...I banked most of it, paid some bills, and took some gave it to Patricia, and purchased, after some searching, and middle end Digital Camera with bundle and extra lens...a Nikon D3400...still learning the bells and whistles, but did get out Friday and snapped some photos along the south shore of Grand Lake, around the Windy Point area...those are included in today's post:


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Back to the Deep Freeze

Colder then normal, but a mixed bag of weather since Mid the Global Warming Hoax Masters do some slight of hand to sell their Snake Oil that Man Made Climate Change is's not!  I may be just a garden variety science major guy with no expertise in Climatology, but I know Bullshit when it is being passed as the real truth....The Media, Obama, and Hot Air Al Gore, along with a passel of so called scientists, being paid and funded via American Tax Payers, are Hell Bent on pushing the lies and false narrative....

Anyway back to the issue at hand in Western Ohio....Cold before Christmas, then a slight warm up with snow, solidifying a White Christmas....then more brutal cold through New Year's day....and then rain and a mini January Thaw...with plenty of non frozen precipt to wash the snow away, and bang...more snow, ice, and back to the Deep Freeze!

I got out early yesterday to take some Frozen Photos around Grand Lake, Sunrises to go with my Sunsets of same:

back later>>>>

Friday, January 5, 2018

Birds of Prey

For the past dozen or more years a Marsh[Coopers} Hawk {perhaps the same one, perhaps a relative} has been poaching Sparrows and an occasional Pigeon from my back yard...over the years I have been able to knock down a few photos of him/her in action....the top photo is from yesterday...others from years past:

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Post Christmas Freeze Out...AKA:: Global Warming be Damned...

The Fake Science of man made Global Warming/Climate Change is now treated like a "real science" by the media and academia....of course anybody with a wisp of a brain has to realize that that thought/statement is pure Bullshit....but yet the "Weather Channel" and the fake news outlets continue to push their far left agenda to get you and I to latch on to their "truth".... "It just ain't so Joe"...but as long as the younger generations continue to believe the media, far left college hacks, high school "teachers", and Hollywood losers, they will continue to slide down the shitter towards the end of human self reliance and thought. 

There is my opinion{and Hell I'm nearly always right} for today...

Meanwhile in in good Ol' Western Ohio...3 below zero today with a wind chill of about -15....and another even colder shot for the New Year's Day weekend...6 below with - 20 or colder chill that is gonna be hard to overcome....lots of frozen pipes and non starting cars on the way...."Global Warming my Ass"!

Christmas went well, the kids and grandkids all made if for X~Mas Eve and all returned home safe and sound, and that after~all is the most important thing....with mom safe and warm at sister Kelly's in Naples, we have only to worry about staying warm and alive and keeping the pipes running and the outdoor/garage cats alive for the next couple of months....

Happy New Year to all Patriots....Liberals?  Not so much....

back later....>>>>

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

To South Florida and "Back"

Got up a week ago last Saturday {12/9/17} to prepare to take my 90 something mom down to Naples in South Florida to winter with youngest sister and her husband Denmark as luck would have it, I got out of my Man Cave shower in the basement, bent over wrong and POW! there goes the back...Damn!  First time in 10 years that I have had any issues....since the Epidural at Fort Wayne Ortho back in December 2007 the back has been in pretty good shape.  No rhyme or reason it seems...but out it went and here I am facing a 1200 mile one way trip to Florida.

We made it down, I stayed until Wednesday last {12/13} and spent some time in Denmark Mike's boat, and photo shooting in the north reaches of the Everglades and Big Cypress...the back didn't improve much and the return trip was painful to say the least.....2 days later Patricia and I headed for French Lick, Indiana, another 250 miles each way, to spend time with Hal and family at the Water Park and ride the Polar Express....once again, not helping the back...however since we returned Sunday, things appear to be getting better....100%?  Hardly, but at least 60-70% and hopefully by Christmas Eve and the family get together things will be close to "normal"...IF I don't screw it up...again!

The Everglades and Big Cypress

The back issues screwed with my plans on taking multiple photos from various locations, as I needed to stay close to the vehicle while shooting photos of Gators and Birds, you never know when you may have to make a run back to the car....and I wasn't running much at all, a slow limp at best, and just getting in and out of the Nitro was painful enough.  I did however get photos a plenty in the Glades, in the coastal waterway on Mike's boat, and again when stopping at my old home town of Venice, Florida, some 90 miles north of Naples....still amazing to see how much has changed in both Coastal towns since our family moved there some 65 years ago....both towns were under or around a thousand residents back  Naples is huge and Venice, is not far behind.  IMO they suck compared to when we moved there, but you can't go home....and it is what it is.

Enjoy the photos with descriptions....

back later>>>>

Photos- Top a medium size Gator off US 41 {Tamiami Trial} in the Big the posting, Loop favorite travel site in the Glades...was cool most of the  time I was in Florida...but 60s are a break for the folks that live down that way....the rest of the photos are from the Everglades, the Coastal Waterway and the Venice Jetties where I stopped on the way home...The dock and boat belongs to Kelly and Michael and where I spent much time as possible in the sun, the Meals were by Mike a world class chef from Denmark...they met when Kelly moved to DC and the Chef was Head Honcho at the Danish Embassy in the Capitol City....he now works as Head Chef at the Naples Yacht Club.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Super Moon and Super Sunsets.....

The late November and early December warm weather will be closing down and the first shot of winter to the heartland is on the way...

In between gigs at the fill in/part time job {yea even at 69 3/4 I still need to get out and stretch my legs} I managed to get out and get some photos yesterday other items Ohio State knocked off undefeated Wisconsin 27-21 to claim the Big Ten Championship, but were left out of the CFB playoffs and will settle with a date against Southern California at the Cotton Bowl in Texas...

On a more somber note we lost one of the Kittens from last spring, sadly it was my favorite and a real people friendly Tom that I called "Whitey" ... he decided to cross Brandon Avenue and on his way back some idiot ran him down...was it on purpose?  Can't say, but since it is a 4 way stop, I would not be surprised....such is the life of non house cats, even though he came in on occasion and liked the indoors, he also was an adventurous outdoor Kitty..."RIP Whitey" your short time on God's Earth was appreciated by me, Patricia, and the Grandsons when they visited.

With Winter coming I will be taking mom to Florida, leaving for Naples with a quick turn around...and following that a weekend down at French Lick, Indiana, for a winter pre Christmas with Hal and his family, and I believe Lisa's family as well....going to be a fast moving/busy December.

Back to the Photos....Last Night the "Super Moon" over Grand Lake was pretty spectacular...the setting sun in the hour and more before was not bad either...