Sunday, January 14, 2018

Back to the Deep Freeze

Colder then normal, but a mixed bag of weather since Mid the Global Warming Hoax Masters do some slight of hand to sell their Snake Oil that Man Made Climate Change is's not!  I may be just a garden variety science major guy with no expertise in Climatology, but I know Bullshit when it is being passed as the real truth....The Media, Obama, and Hot Air Al Gore, along with a passel of so called scientists, being paid and funded via American Tax Payers, are Hell Bent on pushing the lies and false narrative....

Anyway back to the issue at hand in Western Ohio....Cold before Christmas, then a slight warm up with snow, solidifying a White Christmas....then more brutal cold through New Year's day....and then rain and a mini January Thaw...with plenty of non frozen precipt to wash the snow away, and bang...more snow, ice, and back to the Deep Freeze!

I got out early yesterday to take some Frozen Photos around Grand Lake, Sunrises to go with my Sunsets of same:

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Birds of Prey

For the past dozen or more years a Marsh[Coopers} Hawk {perhaps the same one, perhaps a relative} has been poaching Sparrows and an occasional Pigeon from my back yard...over the years I have been able to knock down a few photos of him/her in action....the top photo is from yesterday...others from years past:

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Post Christmas Freeze Out...AKA:: Global Warming be Damned...

The Fake Science of man made Global Warming/Climate Change is now treated like a "real science" by the media and academia....of course anybody with a wisp of a brain has to realize that that thought/statement is pure Bullshit....but yet the "Weather Channel" and the fake news outlets continue to push their far left agenda to get you and I to latch on to their "truth".... "It just ain't so Joe"...but as long as the younger generations continue to believe the media, far left college hacks, high school "teachers", and Hollywood losers, they will continue to slide down the shitter towards the end of human self reliance and thought. 

There is my opinion{and Hell I'm nearly always right} for today...

Meanwhile in in good Ol' Western Ohio...3 below zero today with a wind chill of about -15....and another even colder shot for the New Year's Day weekend...6 below with - 20 or colder chill that is gonna be hard to overcome....lots of frozen pipes and non starting cars on the way...."Global Warming my Ass"!

Christmas went well, the kids and grandkids all made if for X~Mas Eve and all returned home safe and sound, and that after~all is the most important thing....with mom safe and warm at sister Kelly's in Naples, we have only to worry about staying warm and alive and keeping the pipes running and the outdoor/garage cats alive for the next couple of months....

Happy New Year to all Patriots....Liberals?  Not so much....

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

To South Florida and "Back"

Got up a week ago last Saturday {12/9/17} to prepare to take my 90 something mom down to Naples in South Florida to winter with youngest sister and her husband Denmark as luck would have it, I got out of my Man Cave shower in the basement, bent over wrong and POW! there goes the back...Damn!  First time in 10 years that I have had any issues....since the Epidural at Fort Wayne Ortho back in December 2007 the back has been in pretty good shape.  No rhyme or reason it seems...but out it went and here I am facing a 1200 mile one way trip to Florida.

We made it down, I stayed until Wednesday last {12/13} and spent some time in Denmark Mike's boat, and photo shooting in the north reaches of the Everglades and Big Cypress...the back didn't improve much and the return trip was painful to say the least.....2 days later Patricia and I headed for French Lick, Indiana, another 250 miles each way, to spend time with Hal and family at the Water Park and ride the Polar Express....once again, not helping the back...however since we returned Sunday, things appear to be getting better....100%?  Hardly, but at least 60-70% and hopefully by Christmas Eve and the family get together things will be close to "normal"...IF I don't screw it up...again!

The Everglades and Big Cypress

The back issues screwed with my plans on taking multiple photos from various locations, as I needed to stay close to the vehicle while shooting photos of Gators and Birds, you never know when you may have to make a run back to the car....and I wasn't running much at all, a slow limp at best, and just getting in and out of the Nitro was painful enough.  I did however get photos a plenty in the Glades, in the coastal waterway on Mike's boat, and again when stopping at my old home town of Venice, Florida, some 90 miles north of Naples....still amazing to see how much has changed in both Coastal towns since our family moved there some 65 years ago....both towns were under or around a thousand residents back  Naples is huge and Venice, is not far behind.  IMO they suck compared to when we moved there, but you can't go home....and it is what it is.

Enjoy the photos with descriptions....

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Photos- Top a medium size Gator off US 41 {Tamiami Trial} in the Big the posting, Loop favorite travel site in the Glades...was cool most of the  time I was in Florida...but 60s are a break for the folks that live down that way....the rest of the photos are from the Everglades, the Coastal Waterway and the Venice Jetties where I stopped on the way home...The dock and boat belongs to Kelly and Michael and where I spent much time as possible in the sun, the Meals were by Mike a world class chef from Denmark...they met when Kelly moved to DC and the Chef was Head Honcho at the Danish Embassy in the Capitol City....he now works as Head Chef at the Naples Yacht Club.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Super Moon and Super Sunsets.....

The late November and early December warm weather will be closing down and the first shot of winter to the heartland is on the way...

In between gigs at the fill in/part time job {yea even at 69 3/4 I still need to get out and stretch my legs} I managed to get out and get some photos yesterday other items Ohio State knocked off undefeated Wisconsin 27-21 to claim the Big Ten Championship, but were left out of the CFB playoffs and will settle with a date against Southern California at the Cotton Bowl in Texas...

On a more somber note we lost one of the Kittens from last spring, sadly it was my favorite and a real people friendly Tom that I called "Whitey" ... he decided to cross Brandon Avenue and on his way back some idiot ran him down...was it on purpose?  Can't say, but since it is a 4 way stop, I would not be surprised....such is the life of non house cats, even though he came in on occasion and liked the indoors, he also was an adventurous outdoor Kitty..."RIP Whitey" your short time on God's Earth was appreciated by me, Patricia, and the Grandsons when they visited.

With Winter coming I will be taking mom to Florida, leaving for Naples with a quick turn around...and following that a weekend down at French Lick, Indiana, for a winter pre Christmas with Hal and his family, and I believe Lisa's family as well....going to be a fast moving/busy December.

Back to the Photos....Last Night the "Super Moon" over Grand Lake was pretty spectacular...the setting sun in the hour and more before was not bad either...

Monday, November 27, 2017

Post Thanksgiving/OSU over MICH/Grand Lake Photos

We had 19 in total for Thanksgiving...including mom, everybody else was from either my family, or sister Marty's, and niece Lori along with Rick and daughter from Columbus...a good time, ate to much, but the weather was decent and the grandkids, and various grand nieces and nephews got some outdoor time.

Then on Saturday another round in the Ohio State vs Michigan Rivalry ... It is called the "greatest rivalry in college sports" used to be, but the way the Buckeyes have had UM's number of late, not so much in my mind.  With the come from behind 31-20 win, OSU has won 6 in a row, 13 of 14, and 15 of the last 17 games played....making the series, lopsided in scUM favor now much more fact, if not for the John Cooper years, OSU would be ahead overall....needless to say that really doesn't matter, the domination of the new century is reward enough.

Saturday Night Ohio State takes on #3 unbeaten Wisconsin for the Big 10 Championship, in Indianapolis, and a possible berth in the CFB Playoffs...a Badger win would certainly put them in that final 4.

The rest of the weekend I spent a boatload of time driving and sitting around the {mostly} south and west sides of Grand Lake...snapping a variety of photos of the cold lake, although the weather has been pretty nice for the past week or more...with 56 for today and perhaps 60 for tomorrow, I'm not gonna complain for the last week of November.

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Photos of Grand Lake at day and Night....

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Moving On.....Ohio State vs Michigan Week

The Ohio State/Michigan Rivalry is without a doubt the top hate filled college football yearly contest in history, nothing has come along to unseating that match~up, although I will admit that the Auburn/Alabama game is closing in, and this season as far as importance, that contest has passed OSU vs scUM...

Back 30+ years ago and even more recently, when college and professional sports seemed much more important in my life, I would hang on every article on report about the game, in the days leading up to the Saturday at 12Noon{usually} kickoff.  These days, while the rivalry has turned largely in favor of the Buckeyes, it usually is important in the football landscape.  This year is no exception.

While the Buckeyes have already clinched a spot in the Big Ten finals vs Bucky Badger of Wisconsin, and undefeated Badger team at that....frankly I have little doubt OSU will win, they are the better team despite the records.  On the other hand, the game against Michigan {"The Team Up North" as Woody Hayes referred to them in the glory days}, despite the OSU dominance of this new century 14-2 over the past 16 games, and 5-0 by Urban Meyers, the rivalry still exists and with the 2017 game at Ann Arbor will be up for grabs.  The game wont' matter in the Big Ten Chase, that championship game match has already been decided, for Michigan it does mean a chance to kill OSU's chance of becoming a final 4 team in the CFB Playoffs for the 3 time in 4 years, and securing a better bowl game for much is on the line, and frankly Wisconsin as well, because beating at 10 win OSU team in the Big10 Championship will look better on their Playoff Resume than a win over a team that just lost to Michigan.

Frankly I think the Buckeyes are much to strong for scUM, but then again, who would have seen that "beat down" at Iowa{a team that yesterday lost at home to a mediocre Purdue at home in Iowa}?

Regardless I will be sitting on the leather recliner next Saturday at Noon EST as OSU goes up against Michigan for the 114th time, and despite OSU's dominance since 2001 scUM still leads 58-49-6 thanks to the early years, Ohio State has been in control over all since Woody Haeys arrived on the scene in 1950.

Go Bucks!

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Moving On From VSPA and OHSAA

This will be the last Blog Post that I mention either of the bloated "Ass~ociations" listed on the I do indeed move on from both after a short round of fire at them.

A mere six weeks ago I was cruising along in the middle of football season, when I received the word from the Ohio High School Athletic Association that I was being investigated for....drum roll please..."unethical conduct"...WTF? was my first thought.  As it turns out my unethical conduct was for daring to post on social media my thoughts on politics and today's headlines....well that went over like a lead balloon.  I answered the charges and was suspended without a hearing, all because of the fat little Dictator in Columbus, named Beau Rugg...pretty much a failed official {and likely human being} who somehow fell into power at the OHSAA, and now gets to hand out praise, and crumbs to those who follow like blind sheep his wishes and commands.  And there are those that will in hopes of getting a prized tournament gig at the state and regional levels...of course you might "earn" and extra $100 or $200 bucks a season, if you kiss the King's back side....hardly seems worth it...does it?

I can assure you I've never had to kiss anybody's ass for the post season games I've received, nor anything, good or bad, that I have gained on God's earth, and I'm not about to start now, as I approach 69 years late this winter.  I did make the two mandatory appeals in order to keep my legal options open...they were rejected as I knew they would be...they "invited" me to Columbus {my expense of course} to appeal directly to the Board of Bean Counters under Rugg and his Superior "Doctor" Dan Ross...what the Hell he is a doctor of is anybody's guess?...likely bean counting and bullshit like the rest of them.  I balked on the November 1st date, and Rugg's little toady, named Ben,  told me that January 2018 would be the next available date..."Fine" I responded, giving me more time to plot my options...after some soul searching, I knew my what my decision would be.

I would retire, I was perfectly happy not having to run up and down football fields and basketball courts, I had been sick of that action for years and the only reason I continued was because the various Athletic Directors and Assigners liked me and my work, and good officials, Hell even poor officials, are hard to find these days.  As far as baseball?  I would miss some of that, but not freezing my tail off in Mach and April, so I would retire from that as well, except for Summer and Fall Baseball...where OHSAA, Rugg, and Company, had zero say and where I have a good working relation with all....whether I continue to do baseball is a decision I will make sometime this winter, as for now my options are open, but my decision to retire from anything OHSAA is set in stone...good bye to them and good riddance.

VSPA {Vietnam Security Police Association}

The next shoe to drop was the VSPA Ban Hammer....

A few months ago a shit storm was started on the nearly dead VSPA Bulletin Board, a joke of a board because of the heavy hand of one Don Poss, a former LA Cop who came up with some half baked idea that politics and personal opinions could not be placed on the BB of the association because it would threaten the "Tax Free Status" of the group.  So much BS, those rules don't apply in this situation, it was Poss and the Dictator for Life, Steve Gattis' rule, designed to keep Gattis in charge and the peons under his thumb...

Why anybody would abide by those rules is a mystery?  Hell I never took orders well in the my Air Force days, let alone to let some half baked "War Heroes" {sic} tell me what to say, think, or do...

Without going into all the details {you can read them on previous posts over the last weeks on both groups}...a little toad of a racist VP of the group, one Hector Ramos, decided to pull his "Brown Power" out of his ass and insult long time member, 85 year old Jackie Kays, a good friend of mine...several of us responded to Ramos, mine was the most harsh, and I was eventually banned from both public and private bulletin board and ultimately dismissed from the group, although I was Life Member #575 and had been a member since 1999...what did I lose?  Not much!  A chance to attend the annual reunion place variously at Air Force Bases around the country, where for $2 or $3 thousand dollars who could watch Gattis, Poss, Ramos, current Prez Puppet Cain, and the list of a dozen or more people in power, hand out awards to each other for their "War Hero" exploits and keeping the lid on how much money was really in the coffers....

And the Comments that got me banned?  Well they were crude and I stand by every gawd damn word of them, and more:

    " You Hector are a disrespecting Son of a Bitch....who needs his anti American Ass Kicked out of this are not a PATRIOT and for certain not a brother of anybody worth a low life POS"

And when the thread started by Jackie was removed and he resigned, not because of me, but because of the Ramos insults, I responded to the charges thusly:

      "No apology from my end, let the chips fall where they may, I meant what I said and I say what I mean....Hector {Ramos} and Richard {Garcia, treasure} should both be removed as "leaders" of this organization....and I'm hardly the only member that feels this way"

Of course Gattis via Cain did the only thing they could do...remove co founder Terry Morris, and Me, from the group, forever, and banned the other co~founder John Langley, and my buddy Sam Lewis from the boards...I feel the pain, NOT!  Much like OHSAA, freedom from the bean counters and power hungry bigots at both associations is a good thing.  While the founders of the VSPA have some legal tricks up their sleeves to force the association to blink, I will no longer mention them on this blog, unless the Ivory Tower comes crashing down on top of them or the group in Columbus....

So what am I to do?  Continue to be the front man, along with Jack Smith at the Dayton Vietnam/Thailand Sky Cop Reunion which has grown wildly successful and pretty much cost free, except what one chooses to spend, the photo Session, complete hospitality rooms, and Air Force Museum are totally free, you spend only for what you choose to donate and the banquet if you choose to attend...I also have the Kokomo Vietnam Reunion and Boar's Nest, which are far more enjoyable than anything the VSPA could put out....and less costly to be sure.

Long Winded I Know.....but I needed to get the last report in and end this 6 weeks of comedy.  Next post will be something more enjoyable, I hope.

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Photos-Logos from the VSPA and OHSAA, me working the Elida D4 District Tourney a few years ago,  and a couple of shots from 2017 and 2009 at Dayton Sky Cops, a group I co~founded as a successful alternate to the continues to grow strong.