Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dual Sport Riding Southeast Ohio and West "By Gawd" Virginia

Old buddy Nick and new friend for the past year, Borneo....who has done more adventuring, including International Mountain Climbing in his life than I would want to or could, in 3 lifetimes, decided to make one final Dual Sport Run before the cold weather moved in to stay for the next four months....

So the first day of November,  a Sunday, Borneo{Kurt} left from his ranch near Auburn, Indiana, and we met at Nick's place on the southside of Grand Lake....and off we headed, not sure where we would end up, but we took some back roads before I hooked us up with St Rt 29 and we blew past Sidney and continued south and east, before picking up Ohio 56 east of Urbana....we were heading towards Athens, where Nick and I had roomed together at Ohio University, while attending Hocking Technical College back in the Mid 1970s....Athens, despite it's brain dead Liberal residents, was fun those days 40 years ago....but no downtown visit was in store, we were more interested in a meal and a motel, arriving in the dark, we managed to find both.  Sadly the Mexican Restaurant we dined at...didn't sell beer or alcohol at all, I did finally pick up a six pack of Extra Stout and downed a couple while watching the final game of the World Series and back and forth with Sunday Night Football.

Fog greeted us the next morning{Monday} at our Motel 8...we delayed awhile our trip towards Marietta, Ohio on the Ohio River, but not for long and we headed the back roads and by~ways towards what we hoped would be a ferry crossing at the tiny berg of Fly, Ohio.....foiled we were, the ferry doesn't cross on Monday.  Only 4 days a week, it seems they need a extra "Captain"...anybody interested in a part time job?

So we bridged it into West Virginia by Monday Afternoon, and spent the next 24 hours riding the routes and runs of the Mountaineer State...a great ride it was, with another Motel 8 stop in Weston, West Virginia....

By Tuesday Afternoon, we were back in Ohio, and took the Ohio River Road towards our Tuesday Night destination, the city of Chillicothe....where we moteled it one final night before heading home on a cloudy Wednesday.

All in all the 72 hours or so was done in great weather, a couple of cool mornings, especially Tuesday in Weston, where we started out in 37 degrees, as well as the fog in the Athens area...the trip itself was great, even the mud fill "run" along a railroad track, where we were greeted by a disasters, although Nick did come close when taking a curve down a West Virginny Mountain road a bit to fast...but he pulled out of it in fine style.

So now home, we have chains to change and some work to do on the TWs{I already have changed out the bent gear shift lever, for a parking lot laydown along the Ohio}....Borneo by the way was riding his new purchase a 400cc Suzuki and despite his better{much better} riding skills, I thought the Jeep like TWs did a great job, off and on road.

Probably the TW riding days will be few and far between from now to the next Moab trip in March....

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Photos from the Trip.....{1} Borneo in Central West Virginia along Indian Trail Run Road{2} Covered Bridge on Rt 26 north of Marietta, Ohio, {3} Monday morning Fog near Strouds Run, east of Athens, Ohio...{4}Nick checking out the local train off route 20 in WVa in our lone "off road" portion of the ride...{5} A Tuesday stop at Cox Mills, West VA....{6} We arrived back at Nick's early Wednesday afternoon for a BS session and a few beers...left to right:  Nick, Borneo, and PRH

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Grandsons on Halloween


The K~Man and Kam~Man as Batman and Robin on Halloween.....

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Over the past week or two I have found myself{as the riding season wanes} sitting here messing around with a program that allows you to turn photos into Sketches, Cartoons, is the link:

Photos to Sketches

And here are some of the results:

Some come out well, others, not so much, but fun just to kill time working on them.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Bunker 51 and the Battle for Tan Son Nhut and Saigon

 TET 1968 occurred a full 18 months before I arrived in Vietnam and almost 2 years before I headed for Saigon and Tan Son Nhut to do duty on my 2nd Air Force Base in Country....after a stay at Nha Trang, working Law Enforcement, I was shipped off to TSN to work C Flight{overnight} first night of duty was on the rebuilt bunker O51 in Echo Sector:

Here is the updated story of The Battle of Tan Son Nhut and Bunker 51: 

Click Link Below:

Bunker 51 TET 1968

In total 111 Security and Air Police died in the Vietnam "War"....some in battle, some by accident, illness, and other means....the 4 men who died at Bunker O51 remain the faces of the Air Force Security Police of our time....

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                                   >>>PRH Cop School Sept 68

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Looking Back 40 years and more....

I woke up this morning, shortly after Patricia left for Wapak....I thought it might be a day for riding the Dual Sport TW....after~all I felt better this morning.  The multiple football officiating games or just plain old age, seemed to be having a negative effect on my 66 1/2 year old body, and the last couple of days have not been pleasant, but the couple of days in a row without football and just sitting around seemed to help.

I took a quick shower, grabbed a cup of coffee and checked out the Internet, like I usually do first thing when wife is working...the forecast was not looking good for riding, it was 50 and windy and they are calling for a mix of clouds and sun.  Hell back in 1974 or 75 this would be great riding weather, after all I rode that dual sport Kawasaki 250 all year back in those "Red Door" days, before I headed off to Athens, Ohio, and my first college stop at Hocking Tech, in Nelsonville, 50, cloudy, and windy, seemed like a pain in the ass to me, at least riding Motorcycle wise....

So no TW ride today....but it did get me thinking about what has and is happening to me and this Republic these days....and it's not pleasant.

1974 was certainly not the greatest of times in American History.... however for me that period was about as good as one could have for a 25 year old....I had met Patricia, just a year after the saddest of times, when my dad had died of a massive Heart Attack on Christmas Eve of 1972...I was coming out of that and other mistakes I had made since my Air Force days.  I purchased my first motorcycle, a 1974 Kawasaki, in April of that year, and it quickly became my vehicle of choice for travel for the next 18 months, until I headed off to Hocking.

That period, Nixon Resigned, Ford came in to office, and shortly thereafter in 1976 the worst President in American History{pre-Obama} was elected....Jimmy F**king Carter, was the most useless piece of Human Dung I can imagine leading the nation, however since that time, with the exception of the Reagan years, things have not improved, and we are now saddled with a Kenyan Born Faggot, and Marxist, anti American Muslim in the White House....our Government and Military, along with the Court System has been purged of Patriots, Christians, and Straight, and replaced with a group of angry man hating, abortion loving women{in name only} Gay Rainbow Warriors, and Radical Islamic Supporters....pray all you want or can, the Republic is not coming back, we are outnumbered, and there are to few "real men" willing to pick up arms, shovels, rope, and trees, to take care of the addition to the corruption of the Government, the so called Churches, with the rare exception, have been taken over by the same groups.....

So excuse me for looking back with fondness the period of 4 decades ago...those times are done, and aren't coming back....not bitter am I, after all I had my run, and for me it was the best of times...sadly I doubt if my kids and grandsons will be able to say the same....but I would like to stick around long enough to see the bastards that have ruined this nation get what they deserve....

Meanwhile, as soon as the next sunny and somewhat warm day comes....I plan on taking a ride and smelling the sweet air of what is left of this once great nation....

You can now return to watching "The View", "Dancing with the Nitwits', and American Infidel.....or holding on to the perverted belief that Obama is really a Christian who doesn't hate America.....SUCKERS!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Where is Waldo? {Ohio}

Old Buddy Nick and I finally got in a dual sport ride of length on our own yesterday...the destination was one that I was familiar with, and Nick had been there as well, on several occasions....but not on 200cc Motorcycles via the back roads. 

Harvest has began, the leaves are just starting to change, but not that colorful just yet....however the weather was perfect, not a cloud to speak of, in the blue skies above.  We started out from Nick's place in Montezuma on the south side of Grand Lake at 8:30am, the temps were in the mid 50s, with a bit of haze, by the time we rode back into his garage to down a couple of beers, it was nearly 5pm and temps on the plus side of 80...low humidity and winds make it perfect riding weather.

First we arrived in New Bremen, Ohio, where Nick had worked at Crown Equipment for 38 years, since we left our college days at Athens, Ohio....we stopped at a little restaurant he had frequented in his early years...the breakfast was good, and the prices fantastic...between the tow of us we had the BIG breakfast and coffee, all for less that $5 9:30 we rolled out of NB and headed east via the back roads of early fall towards Waldo, Ohio....a small town some 100 miles east and slightly south of Celina and on the Marion/Delaware County Borders, about 22 miles north of downtown Columbus:

Waldo is famous for 1 thing{well 2 in my mind, since my ancestors were famous and infamous back in the 1800s}....

First off the Famous Baloney is was the reason, or so we told ourselves, for the trip....G&R Tavern, home of the World Famous Bologna Sandwiches:

G & R Waldo

So we zig-zagged our way down back country {mostly} paved roads....checked out the harvests going on, as the farmers were taking off the beans, and some corn...the weather is allowing for this for the time being.  South of Huntsville, where we stopped to fill up the TW's small 1.6 gallon tanks, I thought I saw a dead cat on the roads....I should have stopped and taken a photo, it turned out to be a Albino with Red tinges
Opossum all my years I had never seen one in person, sadly he didn't survive the trip across the country road...

Being armed with a compass and Ohio Road Map, don't need no stinking GPS{although both our phones are equipped with same} we were not concerned with getting lost....I did however have to use the map one time, I came up on Ohio 347 between Marysville and Delaware, and checked out the map to get us going back east and slightly north towards Waldo...we ended up putting on 115 from my house to get there, about 18 miles longer than a straight shot...that after all is what we wanted, back road miles....

Once to Waldo we hate the usual fare, I had a Baloney with Pepper Jack and Sweet Pickle, Nick ordered the same, he had a side of Onion Rings, me?  I had a side of Deep Fried Mushroom with Horseradish Sauce...we each had a long neck to go with the meal.

We filled up at the BP station on the north side of town and then wandered our way back to the Town Cemetery where many Houseworth ancestors are buried, including my GG Grandma Ursula,  a descendent of the Mayflower Bunch and  who owned large tracks of land in Waldo back in the mid and late 1800s.  Great Great Uncle "Maish" the longest living Civil War Veteran {98+ years} in Marion County is also buried nearby...a couple of photographs and we headed a different course, somewhat more north, back towards Montezuma...about 1/3 way back we stripped off the riding coats, it had become much to warm for we passed Bayview Lodge less than a mile for Nick's the time and temp sign read "81"  A full 35 degrees more than when we had taken off some 8 hours earlier...

A good ride finished, we tossed down a couple Amber Ale Long Necks....

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Photos-from top to bottom:

Arriving at G&R and ready to eat..{2} A refurbished one room school house near Kettlersville {3} Crossing I-75 on separate overpassed both ways to and from our destinations...{4} Ohio still has several active covered bridges, this one between Indian Lake and Jackson Center we came across quite by accident on the way home..{5} Great Great Grandma Ursula Scribner Houseworth grave stone needs dome cleaning, some mold has grown it....maybe I will do that next trip to Waldo, I usual make 2 visits to town every year, mostly for the G&R fare....{6}  Solomon "Maish" Houseworth's stone....the guy would make book material by himself, he was quite the famous resident of Waldo for a variety of can find more about him in the page of my Blog on Houseworth Family History:

Houseworth Family Genealogy

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Looking back at the upper Great Lakes Ride 2015

It's been about 5 1/2 weeks since we got back from our Great Lakes Ride on the TWs....since that time Kurt has rode his TW as far north as James Bay in Canada, about 3200 miles round trip in 8 days, making our ride, half that much in the same time frame, seem pretty tame.  Fact of the matter is however, I would rather average 150-175 miles a day and take in the sites and scenery, much more enjoyable, especially if the weather is like it was back in July and early August...since our trip, some rains have returned and the  heat and humidity has been brutal...not something you want as football officiating season begins.

I though I would put down some of my favorite photos of the trip that may or may not have been posted before....I will probably make one more "Road Trip" before putting the  TW away for the winter....that will be at my old stomping grounds from here to Waldo, Ohio, where the family ancestors lived back in the mid 1800s and some remained until the early 20th Century...Nick and I will likely do that as the leaves change in early October....Waldo is also home to the world famous Baloney Sandwiches at G&R Tavern, which we will surly partake in.

In the meantime, here are some of the Great Lake Photos I enjoyed taking and looking back at:

Riding Northern Wisconsin and Michigan's "Yooper" aka  The U P

Friday, August 28, 2015

Part #8 2015 TW Adventure Riding....Meals at Moab


It was a total of 10 days from the time we left Celina, to Auburn, then on to Moab, and despite motels, small cramped cabin, convenience store foods and coffee, we actually ate pretty well, especially after we arrived in Utah.

In addition to some fine bar/restaurants and outdoor seating pubs, we had Mel....the senior member of our party was staying at the north camp and fixed several nice night we were treated to more steaks that a small army could eat...but we did our best.....

The restaurant fare downtown was a mixed bag...we had some good breakfasts at several locations, ate out of doors at pubs, and a couple indoor meals, the most memorable for me was the supper at the Blu Pig, when my meal was paid for by Mr Iron Butt himself, Twilight Mike....we had never met in person, but we made a bet, to be paid off at Moab, on the Oregon vs Ohio State National Title Game....of course the Buckeyes handled the Ducks and the meal was paid in full at the "Pig"

Moab's Blue Pig

spelled Blu Pig....

In total we ate either at the North Camp or downtown most meals...and the prices were reasonable....I think we used the grill at the KOA only one time, and I believe that was the Friday night before we were to head home.

Other places we stopped that were worth the mention included:

Eddie McStiffs

The first morning we dined at the pricy but great food place called the:

Jailhouse Café

The most reasonable breakfast house we tried was

Pancake Haus   although I am no pancake fan, the eggs and taters were great

If you get to Moab, any of these places get my recommended seal of approval...

The Moab trip would end on Saturday and we would be back in Indiana and home to Ohio by Sunday you might expect, after a week plus of near perfect weather, it was spitting rain and snow when we pulled into Borneo's Ranch, outside of Auburn....the first volley of a coming wet and cold spring and early summer had come....

Our next big adventure riding would be 1600 miles or so around the Upper Great Lakes...details of that ride coming up next;

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

TW200 Adventure Riding 2015...part #7 Moab Solo Ride


Riding Moab Solo.....

On Thursday of our week in Moab, Utah, most of the KOA Crew decided to stay around town and shop, or hang around the camp...{dang the more I write about this, the more I miss Moab}...well I decided it would be a good day for me, just to kick back and ride solo.  Not having to follow or go to a certain point, or be back at any one point in time.

So I headed out mid morning and rode for about 100 miles in 3 or 4 hours...some of the ground I had covered previous rides, most of it along Kane Creek Canyon, but today I would ride both sides of the creek....nothing to challenging, but a good high above the canyon and over the Colorado River....plenty of photos to the time I got back in the middle of the afternoon, I was satisfied and ready to down a few beers....and did so with some of the gang at a little restaurant not far north of the from riding to stop and smell the red dirt and enjoyed the Hell out of it...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Yamaha TW Adventure Riding...Part #6 Mel's Moab Ride...


On Wednesday of our week plus riding Moab our Senior TWer{even older than me} Mel, who fixed many a quality meal at the North Camp, decided to take a ride with the gang up Kane Creek Canyon....after my experience the day before, I was eager to go along, but not ride as far as the day before.  Mel was going part way, and Nick and I decided to go that far with Mel, and then let the rest of the gang finish what Borneo, Fred, and I, had started previous day....


We met at the local McDonald's dressed in a variety of costumes and bike colors...  :) 

Borneo checks out Fred's Lid befoe heading out on Mel's Ride>>>>>

As a group we rode along the paved portion of the Kane Creek Road through a couple of small water filled we neared the portion of the road that would lead us to the summit, Mel decided that was enough for him....and after taking a couple of photos of the group, the dozen plus headed towards the overlook and beyond, while Nick, Mel, and I, retreated to the McDonald's to visit over coffee...

Frankly I can't remember what happened to the rest of the day....I suspect Nick and I retreated to the KOA for a couple beers and a cigar...but damn I forget...another reason I must do a written diary on these trips, so I can transfer them to blog form.

<<<Group Shot of the gang before Mel, me, and Nick headed back into town, and the rest rode for hours and miles...

Mel, as I said, fixed a couple of great meals and more at the North Camp, and we also hit restaurants in the town of Moab....those "Meal Stories" will come up later in the report....

Next Up...."Solo Ride"

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Mel, Left, Admires Fred's "Iron Nuts" at the North Camp.....