Monday, October 23, 2017

Pre Indian/Indian Summer

You can't really call the past couple of weeks "Indian Summer" because we really have had no below average or even a freeze or hard frost to speak of{that may come to and end before the coming weekend is finished} ... Regardless of what you call it, the past week or more has been great for getting out, riding the TW, or just sitting out back watching the dogs and cats, downing a craft beer or two and smoking a good cigar....

Friday 10/20/17

Riding the Lakes....

Got out late morning, fired up the TW and headed out solo, with cameras in tow...ending up putting 130 miles on the Yamaha, and by the time I got back home I had just hit 7000 miles on the bike since I purchased it new in late March of 2014...I was disappointed with the fall colors, so far they just are not happening.  I started out heading south to that portion of Grand Lake, then across Auglaize and into Logan County heading due east towards Indian Lake....around that lake I rode, stopped and took some photos, including those of a covered bridge that I last visited, again on the TW, back in September 2015....Indian Lake had a bit more color, and more boaters and fishermen out than Grand Lake....not as polluted as our lake is the reason for the latter two items.

I circled that body of water, stopped at McDonald's for a quick afternoon breakfast and coffee, and then headed home, snapping some photos along the addition to the 130 miles, I logged about 5 hour bike time.

Saturday 10/21/17

Visiting the "K~Men"...

On Saturday morning I was up early and on my way south...a rare visit solo to Hal and his family...usually Patricia is front and center for those visits, but one of us had to stay home with Anissa, and I had not seen the older Grandson Kasyn play soccer, and this was the final game of the year....

I arrived about 8:30 and stayed until 2pm...Soccer, Pumpkin Carving, and breakfast and lunch with Hal, Lisa, and the the time I arrived home, I was pretty well gassed from all the fresh air from the previous two days....good times!

Sunday 10/22/17

Last of the Good Weather....

After Anissa and I took our weekly visit to mom's while Patricia was in church, I pretty much shut down for much of the day...sat outside {still no NFL games for me, and there won't be anytime soon, if ever} with the dogs, cats, and about 5pm I decided to sip a beer or two and partake in one of my favorite cigars, a Drew Estate Irish Hops....that pretty much closed out the weekend....and the breeze that had been kicked up by the time the sun began to set, foretold the end of the above normal and dry conditions we had been enjoying for the past couple of weeks.


Still warm, but some scattered rain has arrived, although despite the predictions of a half inch of wet...most of the rain seems to be on all sides of the lake area, north, south west, and perhaps we wont' get that much...but cooler weather is in store as I sit here typing and with the World Series at hand...Dodgers vs Astros?  Doesn't really ring a bell in my mind, but will root, somewhat, for Houston, only because they have never won a WS either league....

Meanwhile I am enjoying Game #7 of the 1952 World Series between the Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers....back before I became a Yank and Mickey Mantle fan a few years later ... a long time ago, when baseball was played by men and that cancer called "Free Agency" did not is the link to the 1952 Classic:

Game 7 1952 World Series

enjoy if you have time....pure escape for us old farts....Duke, The Mick, The Chief, Casey, Yogi, Pee Wee, and Jackie Robinson. and of course Mel Allen and Red Barber doing the play~by~play....what a great time in baseball and America it was.

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

State Athletic Ass~ociations {Ohio and Indiana} Corrupt as they come...Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges, one step at a time...

As I have posted many times before, I have no problem, and actually enjoy stirring the pot when it comes to issues with employers or organizations that I believe are corrupt....and have always spoke my mind, and enjoy poking groups and individuals in their eyes if I feel they deserve it...

After my "suspension/retirement" from officiating contests under the direction of the Ohio High School Athletic Association, I was perfectly content to retire and fight the good fight to win my appeal and retire anyway.  I had made up my mind, regardless of the outcome I was done with sport officiating under it's rules...perhaps I would do some summer work and fall baseball, but other than that I was finished, it had been a good run, and I was not about to let the bloated buzzard in charge of officiating at OHSAA and his co~whores have the last say, I would go out on my own terms.


As it turns out our neighbors in Hoosier View Indiana, it appears, have a equally corrupt and gutless list of Bean Counters in charge at the IHSAA,  and this outrage came across the wires this past Friday:

Hoosier Veteran "Suspended" by IHSAA

While Jim's suspension was for a different reason than mine...his for refusing to officiate after some malcontent little bitch decided to show her ass protesting the flag{I can only guess her skin tone and  lack of parental involvement in her life} during a contest sanctioned by the Indiana High School Athletic Association...while mine was issues having nothing to do with a OHSAA contest{just social and political commentary on this blog and other private social media sites}.  The bottom line is, the two athletic associations choose to ignore "students' who are supposed to follow rules and protocol, but instead made a show out of hating America and it's veterans, by disrespecting the flag and country, in which they are granted those rights to make asses out of themselves.

So, here I am on another "Rant" however, you only need to dig back a few posts to come up to speed on the issues involved...meanwhile here are the e-mails of those in charge of this and other outrages against officials, especially Veterans who are officials.  I suspect and am pretty sure have never served in any branch of the Military[they are welcome to comment and prove me wrong, but they won't}....

This is not about only Veterans who are working a sideline gig as officials for low pay, and little respect, it's about the average umpire and sports official who pays,  via their dues,  the salaries that these clowns make their large wages working, make that sitting, in their state funded, Ivory Towers:

IHSAA Bean Counters:

Director Bobby Cox

Volleyball Head Cheese

Kerrie Schludecker

and the head weasel in charge of Jim's season long suspension{this guy appears to be a real gutless turd}

Paul Loggan

meanwhile here in Ohio, some of those involved in their mindless power plays:

Assistant Commissioner in charge of Officiating

Beau Rugg

his assistant

Ben Ferree

and the Head Cheese, the Commish of the OHSAA

Dan Ross

and one guy who is the main culprit when it comes to the Good Ol' Boy Network/System

"Doctor' Denny Morris[not sure just what the Hell he is doctor of, except at Dr. of BS...

So  when in Ohio or the Hoosier state and watching a school contest in just about any sport, these are the type of people who are responsible for the officials, good and bad, that you see working the games...and in charge of dealing out favors and punishment, all depending if you kiss their backsides, or dare to say or do something they choose not to agree with or like:

More on this, coming this week...

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Nitwits of the Week....thanks to the American Left/Press

Great week for the sick society of the American Left...

Here we have this "pervert" out in Wyoming {of all places} that one ugly man or one real ugly women?

Well you can talk Transgender all you want....but I took a lot of Biology Classes in my College days,  comes for majoring in Environmental Health....and I can tell you there is NO such thing...just a sick collection of sons a bitches and perverts...this guy/gal may be at the bottom of the chain:

Wyoming Pervert

Then you have this Racist Nitwit lying through her teeth, and putting a new face to the "N" word....

"Freddy" Wilson Stuck on Stupid

You gotta wonder why Black Voters continue to support and put Racist D~Bags like Wilson in office....she is the face of the "N" word...and "Stuck on Stupid" she and her supporters are.

The American Left is indeed the very people the Bible warned us about....and choose to ignore these sick bastards at your own peril.
Enjoy your weekend...back later>>>

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Color Schemes ...

A year ago today, October 19, 2016, I took the TW out for a 50 mile or so trip around Northern Mercer County and then along the Miami Erie Canal in western Auglaize County...the colors of fall were just about peak..

One year later?  Not so much...some yellows, a bunch of dried browns, some bare trees, and plenty of lingering green...Hromish and I had planned on heading over to Holmes County and that area at peak season...I guess my question now is..."When is Peak, or is there going to be a Peak"? ....

Otherwise with no games to officiate these days, and with good weather at least through the weekend{rain expected late Sunday}...I have had plenty of time to ride, work out back, and smoke a good Cigar when the mood hits....also a few Fall Ales and Brews have been downed.  However, I am not looking forward to the end of fall and the coming Winter, which it will come....hopefully another [fake science/Global Warming/Climate Change} mild winter is in store...

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Photos-Riding in the Fall, especially with low humidity and some major sunshine is always my favorite time of year...whether on the TW or just outside...

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

PRH...Russian Connectons? Weasels peaking out...VSPA

👀 Imagine my surprise when I checked out the blog stats this morning and I noticed I had more "page views" from Russia this past week than I do from the USA...

WTF?  My page views have been up since the OHSAA witch hunt but for folks in the old Soviet Union to be checking me out, must mean that the long winter has already began over there....hope the comrades are enjoying my rants...

The Weasels Continue to Peak Out from their Hideouts...

While the large variety of fellow officials and umpires continue to show support and backing for the issues with the OHSAA and me, a few, some I am not surprised out of, and others by their silence on the issue, speaks volumes...but hey, it's their opinions and that is there right, as I told one, I know who has my back, it's those I have to watch my back,  because of, that concern me.

Officiating, much like my days in Radio Broadcasting, is a profession{in Officiating/Umpiring it's not really a profession, but a lightly paid "hobby"} that you always have to watch your back while working.  Sure you have pals, and back slappers, plenty of good folks, and more than a few back stabbers, that would throw their own Mothers under the bus if they thought it would gain them some higher level of work.

Thank God, I've never been like that...and likely one reason, despite my skill{yea tooting my own bugle} and votes in baseball umpiring and my radio news work, that I never moved to a high level...sure I did well in both, they were however, Part Time Gigs, nothing more.  The 20 years in Environmental Health work is a different story, while I did my job and attained the highest local level one could reach...I never did or felt the need to "Kiss Ass" to move up that ladder...and I never had to back stab or bad mouth anybody to gain the heights I reached in any endeavor.  That is one weakness that I may have...just to damn honest for my own good...and I am damn glad I have gone that route.  I thank God for the breaks given...but that doesn't mean a bit of Karma shoved up some of these clowns backsides, won't bring a smile to my face.

Now that the issues with the OHSAA are now in the rear view mirror{yes, the legal issues will remain and be played out, but I am done with them on the fields and basketball floors} I can set my sights to the next battle...perhaps.

The VSPA...

The Vietnam Security Police Association was formed by several great guys back in the mid 1990s, I joined in 1999, and I give that group credit, along with this blog, for hooking up with old friends from Dover, Nha Trang, Tan Son Nhut, and Griffiss, and families of some of those that have passed...

However, the group has become a vast shell of it's original purpose of "taking care of our own" The Air Force Cops who served in Vietnam and Thailand during that is now a bloated organization that allows one man to rule with an iron fist...a sort of mini Benito Mussolini, who rules the group as "El Presidente" for life, while a small group of his minions follow faithfully in his shadow...and if you step out of line, you have his wrath...

This group, much like the bean counters at OHSAA if funded via the pockets of the members/working stiffs...the Dues each collect are used in part to rule over and keep them in line...

That is where I stand with this Life Member #575 I'll have more to say about this...

back later^^^^  I just noted this is post #1600 on this back to July 2007, damn over 10 years of ranting and getting **it off my chest!

Photos=  The view Map showing the Dark Green as locations of the most hits I get on this blog...and Russia has moved a bit ahead of the USA in total over the past weeks posting....working at Van Wert a few years back, and the logo of the VSPA

Monday, October 16, 2017

Changes in Weather and Life

October is probably my favorite month, weather wise at least, the changes usually come swift, as we transfer from the heat and humidity to cooler nights, drying, less humid weather...sadly it doesn't last long, because November looms and that month is a mixed bag, before winter and the Holidays set it.

October is usually a great month to ride the Dual Sport TW...fewer bugs, more color, and with the exception of the ever constant farm machinery on the rural roads, less traffic....on the minus side, the days grow shorter, and that once again brings thoughts of snow, and firing up the Snow Blower...of course if that is like the last 2 winters, didn't get that out all that often..."Thank God for Man~Made Global Warming" ! Yes, anybody with one ounce of Science knowledge, knows that Marxist inspired and pushed by the Media, Bullshit, is just that...BS...Climate Change is real, Man Made Climate is pure garbage, designed to tell you mere mortals how to live and to get into your pockets for some Government Cash....

Now that my officiating career has come to an end, for all but a fill in{not OHSAA Related} on occasion, I have plenty of time to re~route a course in my remaining time on this earth. 

I will head to the basement and clean off my all to neglected Weight Bench and Weider a bit more walking, a lot more photograph work, and then chart a plan to do more Dual Sport Riding at various locations around this vast country...once Patricia fully retires she can head out with me on occasion, although it won't be those long distance riding sessions...she is not a Motorcycle fan, when it comes to riding...although in our early years, she did get on the back on occasion, but not since the kids came along....

I guess I should thank Beau Ruggs for the ill~timed and bogus suspension, along with the sorry excuse for a teacher, bloated porker that ratted me out for  my personal beliefs and comments, that had nothing to do with my officiating work...but I won't, they and any others involved can kiss my ass, and one day "Karma" will bite, right where it counts...but as for me, I'm comfortable with a retirement, and letting the legal course take it's time.  As I said in previous posts, regardless, it was time to hang em' and I have officially done least in football and  We will see, but I am inclined to just walk away from that as well, satisfied that my 4 Regionals, 12 District, and uncounted Sectional Tournaments in OHSAA related contests, as well at 7 consecutives State ACME assignments, and the State Title Game this year, speak for themselves.  No amount of lying, cutting, pasting, and BSing by Beau and the rest can take those away.

So Fall awaits, hopefully a good month or so of decent weather.....and I am ready, more than ready,  to tackle that

back later>>>>

Photos-The Celina to Coldwater Bike Path in October, if the weather is nice, it's a great place to walk...down in my Basement Workout Cave a couple years ago...not sure if I can get back to this, but I'll give it a try...and riding the TW in Fall, is a rewarding experience.....especially if done solo when and where you can stop and smell the roses and photograph the great outdoors.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Part #7 PRH vs OHSAA "Where do we go from here"?

Here I am on a Friday game to officiate, well Hell I didn't have on last week either, but this week the crew, minus me and Big John Hawk who is in Lima's St. Rita's Hospital with some major health issues, but the crew cobbled together a couple of other guys and they survived a 42-7 blowout game at Riverdale over Arcadia....and you know what?  I didn't miss it at all...I put 60 miles on the TW today, riding around farm country, stopping, smelling the .... well if you live in farm country, let's just say, the country air, while snapping a few dozen photos of old buildings and country sights.

Fact of the matter is, I don't miss any of it...I thought I would have a bump, but no...I can now look forward to the next few weeks of hopefully nice weather...then Patricia and I will head to Wisconsin for an early Thanksgiving, then the Holidays...and NO Basketball...thank God!

I'm done...sure, I may pick up a baseball game or two next spring on the college scene and Summer ACME level, but to tell the truth, at this point, if I don't work another game of any kind, I am pleased with the past 2 decades and know what I did on the field was far better than most...including anything my suspender has ever done, and frankly Beau Rugg and the Ohio High School Athletic Association can Kiss My's their loss.

Yep, I will push the appeal forward, but the outcome is set, and even if it wasn't, I'm not coming back...I've never been one, even in my Air Force days, to let somebody tell me what to do or say, and I'm sure not going to let some paper pusher, sitting on his fat ass, living on his double dipping income off the backs of poor suckers working for $35 to $70 a game,  while  paying way to much for uniforms,  that for some reason, {eye roll} OHSAA feels the need to change every two or three years.  I can only guess which of these bastards are lining their pockets with that windfall cash?  Then there are the dues, now at $105 for three the bloated circus clowns can head for Vegas or some other locations for "conferences" ... yea, I want to continue to put money in those coffers and greedy pencil pusher pockets....not!

As far as legal action?  I will turn that over to Jon Everhart's guys in Columbus...I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure, no matter how wrong it might be, a business or organization can cut ties with you for just about any reason...sure I'm getting screwed out of a few hundred bucks, my reputation is being trashed by OHSAA...but as I said yesterday..."No more free or great feeling knowing that you could care less what these clowns, or anybody thinks about you" ... I have tried to live that for most of the last 5 decades since I got out of High School...and it is a great way, actually the only way, to enjoy life.

So I'm done, and at 68+ damn relaxed and glad I am....

But for the likes of Beau, his sidekick,  the head of the "Good Ol Boy" system "Dr Denny", and the bloated  band weasel that wasted his time rooting through my social media postings like some sleazy film noir Private Dick...I give you a simple middle finger "salute" ... but it's not likely you have heard the last of or from me.....

The story will continue, but my officiating career, at least for anything OHSAA related, is finished, and that in itself is a good thing.  The good and bad were always present, but it has been time to walk away for the last few seasons, especially in basketball and football...and this makes it that much easier.

back later>>>

Photos-with no game tonight, I took a ride on the TW Dual Sport and came up with a couple dozen are a few:

Below...Elida District D4 Finals 2014  Working the plate with Jim Runneals{Rockford, Ohio} at 3rd and Garry Mosier{Celina, now Casper, Wyoming} at 1st base...

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Rolling with the Punches PRH vs OHSAA part # 6

Yesterday was VA Colonoscopy day...Patrica and I headed for Columbus and arrived early, and as luck would have it, I got in and out likely pre-cancerous polyp was found, and instead of 10 I'll be back for another "look' in five.  That will put me near 74 and if I'm still kicking I will be more than glad to down that vile lemon juice and do it again....slept through most of the procedure, and that's OK as well...I am nearly 30 hours later, starting to get back to "normal".

The Weasels and the OHSAA....

I've been battling back and forth, in my mind, where to go next on the Ohio High School Suspension of my Baseball, Basketball, and Officiating License....some guys who have suits in the works want me to join theirs, other people want me to sue the crap of the them for violating my 1st Amendment for myself....I have given notice to appeal my "sentence" for some arbitrary and contrived "Unethical Conduct".  At least those are the words of the Head Weasel of Officials one Assistant Commish Beau Rugg.  Mr. Rugg worked at The Ohio State University for many years, the same school my oldest son Sam Graduated from in 2012....Sam is now a successful "Math Guy" out in Illinois, and also a High School sports official in Baseball, Football, and Volleyball...he previously did same here in Ohio...with this "Witch Hunt" by Rugg and Company against his old man, Sam Is probably glad to be out of the OHSAA looking glass.

Beau Rugg is also a Football Official, and I saw him work {via  LimaTV} the game at Coldwater a few weeks ago...him and his crew, IMO, are decent and just above mediocre at best.  This is likely where my suspension came into of the people involved in this is a teacher, band gerbil, and PA announcer for Football and Baseball at that local school...with the information he supplied to one of my friends concerning my "quotes" that were used against me in the mailing to Rugg and Company, it is my opinion that, lets call him jl for the time being, this guy either contacted Rugg with his "information" or was in the loop when that garbage was forwarded to Rugg's office in Columbus.

Only a person in the know would be able to describe the half truths, and edited information that Rugg used to suspend me.  Lets say jl and I have had a few back and forth sessions on social media, Facebook for the most part, where he could gain information again me by scrubbing it off a common friends page.  Here is how he described my facebook and twitter postings:

"I realize that Pat Houseworth is a friend, but your reporting says nothing of what he posted. Including anti-Semitic, racist (including the N-word), mysognistic and more hateful speech. It wasn't a matter of a difference of opinion".

That garbage is a lie or at least a major stretching of the truth....and as a middle school teacher, you would think he at least would have used "spell check"'s   Misogynistic...But I digress, we all make mistakes.

Lie #1  "Anti~Semitic"  Bull Sheet...I have called Hollywood, Media, and Political, types with Jewish names "Fake Jews"  because????  Due to the fact, they are.  They are no more a follower of Judaism than I am.  In short it's not Anti Semitic to call out fake jews...sorry jl they ain't Jews, and I'm not a Anti fact I am one of the biggest supporters of Israel and Biblical Jews you will find around these sorry, you're a liar.

Lie #2  "Racist" I despise Liberal Blacks, Obama, his husband Man~Chelle, Jesse Jackass, Al Sharpton, Mad Max Waters the BLM Clowns?  Hell yes~!  Did I call the Missouri Moron that called for Trump's murder a "Niqqer"?  Yep.  Have I used the real N word on these social media pages?  Not a Chance...I dislike Black Liberals no more or less than White Liberals, like you and the Clintons...meanwhile some of my favorite people are of color...Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, George Foreman, Col. Allen West, and some of my Air Force buddies, all very black and very Conservative, they are hated by the White Liberals who would keep them down on the DNC Plantation more than any white Conservative jl are one time again, A Liar.

Lie #3  Yea, I'm a misogynist ... right!  I guess if you are a half baked abortion loving women who voted for Killary, I probably dislike you, very much, and I'm thinking that goes both for my 600 or so followers of the female variety on my facebook page, or my wife, I suggest you ask are once again jl, a Liar...

Now, have I called Shep Smith a faggot?  Yep, Hillary Klinton "The Iron Dyke" ?  yep, and how about MSNBC's Rachael "Mad~Cow"?  Guilty again...look in the mirror son, we are all bigots, and you as a rotund of one I've seen around, you might try some working out, and a bit less works wonders, especially when you start to grow might help you get there.

Up Next....What I have finally decided to do with this mess....

back later>>>>

Photos-#1 Speaks for itself...#2  Al Sharpton=Racist Nitwit who happens to be black...#3 Allen West=American Hero, who happens to be black

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Getting "Hosed" at the VA

I will update my OHSAA suspension story on Thursday...if I survive the next 36 hours.  Today begins the "Clear Liquid Diet" portion of the pre colonoscopy which will take place early tomorrow afternoon down at the Columbus VA Medical Center.  Patricia suggested we get a motel down near there for tonight, however being the cheap ass I am, no way I'm going to buy a motel room for the night at $100 plus just so I can sit on the toilet and drink some god awful liquid...if I'm blowing money on a motel I'm gonna enjoy it, especially if it has a bar...

So tomorrow after drinking all this, as I call it, "Liquid Enema", we will head the 115 mile 2 hour trip to the Capitol City, or would that be "Crapetal" City?  I will take what precautions I need in hopes of making it down without incident...a change of clothes and a couple of clear rest areas on the way down US 33 are mapped out.

So anyway, I've mixed up the formula and am having some unsweetened coffee at this hour...the rest of the day it will be carbonated sweet water, and the about 4pm the fun begins.

In the MLB Playoffs, the Dodgers and Houston have made their respective League Championship Series...meanwhile the Cubs are up 2-1 on Washington in the NL and the Indians and Yankees are now tied at 2-2 with New York winning at home...I really could care less about he Cubs and Nationals, hopefully the Tribe will take the rubber match at Cleveland tomorrow over New York.

I grew up a Yankee fan in Florida, but the days of Yogi and The Mick are long gone....and I despise the Free Agency that has virtually ruined the game.

Back Thursday with a report on how things "came out" and another installment of the OHSAA Files..


Friday, October 6, 2017

PRH vs OHSAA part #5 Where We Go From Here?/Smoking Out the Rats

"Where We Go From Here"

I have to admit I am pleased, more that I can say, of the response I have received from old friends, coaches, athletic directors, assigners, fellow umpires/officials, parents of kids I umpired games for, and guys I coached as kids, has been far not one negative comment, although I am sure they are out there, and will chime in eventually...or perhaps not!  However that is their right...after~all, they have the right of Free Speech.

This all has come down so quickly there has been little time to soak it all in, but I suspect things will now slow down, and the wheels will turn slowly or perhaps come to a complete stand~still...first off this is where we go from here, and what I know.

"Forward with the Appeal"

I will appeal my suspension...I will likely inform Beau Rugg and his assistant, as well as the OHSAA Commish of that fact this weekend, thus getting it done within the 7 day requirement, and to keep my legal options open.   That is the only reason, because appealing to this bunch is akin to asking Judge Roy Beam to overturn a hanging that he has just sentenced you to...the appeal is worthless, except to keep my legal options alive.

The fact of the matter is, I will never sign a contract through the OHSAA again, regardless of any final outcome...that is not to say I won't work lower level or scrimmage games at I said, anything to put a burr in their shorts.  The facts are however, that I was ready to get out of both High School and Middle School football and basketball after this season, regardless, and although I would have kept working HS Varsity Baseball, the fact that I won't have to go out in March and April and freeze my tail off for a couple of hours 45 days out of 60, brings a smile of relief to my face....although I will likely do Summer baseball, those games are not controlled by OHSAA, and I would rather sweat than freeze.

So while I am effectively done with high school sports...I am not done with this battle, I have a view of this mess, and would like to right the wrongs, not for any money, but from myself and to clear the air for future officials and those currently being hosed by the power brokers at the Ohio High School Association.

"Smoking out the Rat{s}"

When this half baked letter of "Allegations of Unethical Conduct" was e-mailed through my G~Mail account, I was first taken aback, then pissed off, and finally I realized that I was being railroaded by Assistant Commissioner Beau Rugg...the question was "who put this train of lies on the track?"

My first thought of who the gutless Weasel was,  it appears was spot on.  Lucky for me, I have been around long enough and have enough contacts both in the OHSAA and various Official's Associations, after all I was voted in as President of the Mid~West Buckeye Umpire Association and held that position for 6 years, from 2011 through this year...

Those contacts told me the name of the Rat...let's just call him DM for lack of a being 100% sure, yea, 99% is close, but I will refrain from ratting out the rat...for now!  This guy is the poster child for the "Good Ol' Boy" system that is alive and well at the OHSAA.  He is a weak official in both basketball and football, and goes about hand picking those, whether they are qualified or not, to the top games along the Regional and Tournament trail in the two sports mentioned...that made no matter to me, I don't apply for tournaments in those two sports...don't want to freeze and travel hundreds of miles in November for football, and seldom worked the required number of Varsity Basketball games during that seasons winter months...I was content to work the Spring and Summer Baseball Tournaments, all the way to state.  The Rat really didn't have his fingers in that pie, and that was a good thing for me, and anybody that didn't have to kiss his ass to gain favor.

Well anyway, the Rat must have had a bone to pick with me....don't know or care for what reason...with enemies like him, you know you are doing something right in life.  He must have spent quite a bit of time however, gleaning through my social media accounts...accounts he had zero access to, expect via proxy...with thousands of posts, he came up with a handful or two that he was offended by...looking at the ones listed that offended, tells you more about him and his lifestyle and politics, that it does about me.  Beau Rugg's responses to me, tell you much about him as well...calling him a weak man, is being kind.

So I will move forward from here knowing regardless of how this turns out, or if it goes south, that I am right, they are wrong, and I will never have to put up with them or the OHSAA again.  After all, I was never their employee, never wanted to be, and never will be bound by them or their bloated bureaucracy again.  There is something special about being old, and being pretty free from interference in one's life, free from the OHSAA or the paid Rat's that sit in their Ivory Tower,  taking money, dishing out new guidelines that one must follow for $45 or {up to} $75 per game, while they have no intention of following them, themselves.

So I will move on...but you have not heard the last of this, I will update as needed, and hopefully will have a final report before I assume room temperature, and hopefully that will include the end of the "Good Ol' Boy" system at the Ohio High School Athletic Association;

Up Next....another bloated private bureaucracy in my Crosshairs.....VSPA, the Vietnam Security Police Association....

back later>>>>

Photos:  Me and Hall of Fame Coach Mike "Spank" Schumm "discussing" a call during a tournament Sectional game a few years ago....the 'Allegations" ...  and the "Suspension"

Thursday, October 5, 2017

OHSAA vs PRH "The Ban Hammer" part #4

I wanted to make it official, although I have known since Monday, that the "suspension" was coming down from those locked in their Ivory Tower at the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

My old play by play buddy from 35 and more years ago at WCSM Radio is covering the entire story, correspondents, and issues on his Internet Sports Outlet:

State Line Sports Network

In addition to my blog writings,  Dave is covering this story and by connection,  I was featured in a story earlier this year:

Good Ol Boy System

Little did I realize at this time that it would come down to this:

SL Sports Legal Options

and finally the Ban Hammer that followed:


I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy this, just a little.  And I especially enjoy the backing I am getting from my fellow officials, crew mates, and especially fellow Umpires and school Athletic Directors.

I will leave you with this for today...lot's of reading to digest today, so I will let you get at it....

back later{probably tomorrow} with the next installment!


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

PRH vs the OHSAA part #3

It came out of the blue about 10 days ago....this letter from Beau Rugg's Office:

A surprise?  Kind of...I have never doubted that if some Bean Counter or a Malcontent fellow Official could get access to my private Social Media sites, they would go after me.  This appears to be a case of another official on a social site that was either "following" me or had friended a friend of mine, and got the stuff second hand.  There are some real assholes in the Officiating "Profession" at these lower levels, some trying to move up the ladder, some on the top rung who think that they own the rights to rule those of us who don't suck up to them, some with a personal axe to grind, and some far left wing clowns that hate me for my views and the fact that over the years I have moved beyond their limited umpiring ability. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe any of the young or even older guys I work with on a regular basis has anything to do with this, but there are some on the fringes that work with those I work with that would throw their own mother overboard for a chance to gain favor or at least run me out of the profession....anybody that sees the money we make, even with three sports, per year, would never call this a "profession".

 The fact that it came the week after I {as Crew Chief} had suspended a couple of players in a Varsity Football blow out the previous Friday and the coach of the losing team{63-8 after a 51-0 ass kicking at half time} complained to the OHSAA that we threw out the wrong player on his squad...when the facts were, we could have tossed dozen players.  I choose to limit the suspension damage by only tossing the first two combatants. 

Whether this has anything to do with the investigation and following suspension threat, is not known...but I suspect not....I believe this has been brewing and whoever decided to act, waited until I had posted enough on Facebook and Twitter that he or she didn't like, they would go after me.

The Bottom Line in all of this is....the so called "unethical postings" were only that in the mind of Beau and his Cohorts, along with the "perp" who chose to be a "Weasel" ....God, IMO, has a special place for those to gutless to face you in the light of day...after all I'm just a 68 year old crazy old Vietnam Air Force Police Veteran...what could I do?  :)

To some, especially those locked in their Ivory Towers, which are funded by the very people{officials/umpires} they serve, the only thing that matters is that we don't offend them.

So here I have been today, talking to assigners and ADs that this mess has affected....telling them that although I have no longer a dog this fight, in their issues of having few officials to cover their now new openings, that since the OHSAA won't help them out, I would...Why am I doing this?  Because unlike Beau Ruggs and his ilk, I actually have had a working relation with these people.  And it is a low paid, thankless job...especially sports assigners, none who make over $5000 a year in a part time job, which with issues like this becomes worse than full time.  Beau Rugg and Company hand out suspensions to honest brokers and rewards to their obedient slaves who hope to get a state title game or semi final game for a $150 or so...who the Hell would sell their souls for that?  Not me, but some do....amazing, isn't it?

part #4 coming up tomorrow...the on going issues at hand and what I plan on doing about it.

back later!

photos:  The First "Beau" Letter informing me of my possible "Crimes"  and a copy of a Regional Tournament Assignment contest back in 2010...I think it was $80 bucks or so with one way mileage money...if you drove 50 miles or more...Elida is 35 miles tops...damn no gas money.  Over the years I have been in Baseball assigned to 4 Regionals, a State Assignment, and at least 12 District triple games, as well as dozens of Sectional contests and 8 consecutive State ACME Summer don't get those by being a "bad" umpire, since you fellow umpires, coaches and ADs, vote...the only fly in the Ointment for younger officials and those ignored by the higher up, is the fact that the Boys in the Ivory Tower at OHSAA and their officiating lackeys have the final say in State Spring Games....those usually are reserved for their small circle, at least these days....

PRH vs OHSAA aka: "Little Dictators" part #2

After chronicling my life yesterday over the past 68 1/2 years as a "trouble maker", which is not to be confused with Felon, Criminal, Deviate, etc.  By my sort of trouble, it means never being able to take orders, follow rules, that I consider stupid, or bow down to any self appointed Kings or Queens...for some reason, I enjoy pissing people off and poking them verbally, in the eyes...must be in the DNA?

Enter the OHSAA{Ohio High School Athletic Association} and one dictator~in~waiting, named Beau Rugg....he is one of the assistant commissioners of the OHSAA and in control, so it seems, of officials in all sports under that organization.  He is also a football official, and having seen his work...not exactly at the top of his game.

Beau and his assistants , are often seen in the news, both print and electronic media, sharing their and their organization's concerns about the lack numbers and aging of the official membership rolls.  They blame fans, coaches, pay, young people's lack of commitment and interest in taking abuse from all the reasons listed.  They blame everybody it seems but the main culprits...THEM! and the OHSAA.

I rejoined the OHSAA back in 2001 after oldest son Sam decided to forego college for awhile and take up baseball umpiring and work menial jobs, while calling balls, strikes, outs, and safe!  He took off for Harry Wendelstadt School of Umpiring in Daytona Beach, and although he didn't get a professional gig, he had a great time and came home to umpire High School and lower level baseball.  18 seasons later, now a Actuarial Science Grad of The Ohio State University, he is living in the Chicago Bergs, with a great AS related job, no wife or kids, and is still umpiring as well as officiating football and volleyball in Illinois.  When he returned, he asked me to "get my old license back" and join him umpiring 51 years old, and nearing retirement at the Van Wert County Health Department...I said "Why Not"?  Sometime later I would pick up Basketball and Football, and enjoyed all three for well over a decade...the latter two, roundball and running up and down the football fields, has began to wear on me the past few years, and despite the shortage of officials, I really wanted to get out of those two, but planned on continuing baseball umpire work.

Athletic Directors have basically pleaded with me to continue to  help them out with both basketball and football at the lower levels, while they continued to fill my spring and summer baseball schedules with Varsity contests.  This summer while attempting to distance myself from Varsity Football, our crew chief, 50 year veteran official Jon Everhart was "suspended" under unclear circumstances ...  I was asked to take over as the "White Hat" for the entire 2017 Varsity Football season, I was reluctant but agreed...what a mistake that has turned out to be!

There is a time to move on...despite being in good shape and health, for my age, I should have cut ties with the entire mess at least those under the Iron Fisted Dictatorial Rule of the OHSAA.

The story continues next...

Photos:  The Logo of the Ohio High School Athletic times I believe a Hammer and Sickle would be more appropriate ...I have worked every level of Tournament baseball in Ohio, both in High School, as well as Summer ACME and American Legion, and lower level record, assignments, and ratings speak for themselves...This photo is from a D4 District Contest at Elida a few years ago.  The final is a Saturday JV game of Football at Parkway...

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Changes in Attitude....or The Little Dictators Among Us...part #1

 October 2, 2017

Just checking out my blog, before I get started on this newest collections of rants.  I was very active on this site from the time I began in July 2007 through 2014.  I posted about politics, social issues,  my Air Force and especially Vietnam service,  past life remembering, and photos of daily life. For the last 3 years or so, blogging lagged and I turned my "social media" attention to facebook, mostly, with an occasional political and social rant on twitter...never really could get into "tweeting" or is it "twitting"?  Regardless, the blogs, all three or 4 of them, suffered from my own personal boredom.  The events of the past couple of weeks have improved my outlook, as the old fires of troublemaking have began to surface. 

Before I get into my latest wars, with the OHSAA{Ohio High School Athletic Association} and the VSPA {Vietnam Security Police Association}, let me give a bit of background for those not up to snuff on my past life.

Since I was a kid growing up in the {at that time} the small berg of Venice, Florida, I had a big that was a problem, since I wasn't the biggest kid on the block...but I took it when it came at me, and maintained my ability to speak my mind, often getting me in trouble with peers and teachers.  The "Board" of Education was used back in the 1950s and early 60s and I paid them dues on more than a handful of occasions.

With the family moving back to Ohio in 1962 during the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis...I was pretty much a nobody, Hell being from south Florida, what did I have in common with a bunch of bumpkins from Celina, Ohio?  I made a handful of close friends, the Jones Brothers and a few guys from Coldwater, but even though I still live here in Celina today{moving back in my radio days in 1980, to be a morning DJ and Program Director at WCSM}, I never have considered Celina my "Home"...Venice, the old Venice of the 50s and early 60s will always be home.  Not that I have anything bad, well some but wont' cover that here, about Celina these days, it was a good place to raise the family {nee: Watching my wife raise the family} and a safe and friendly town to reside in.

After High School, graduating from Celina in 1967{50th reunion is the 13th and 14th of October, I won't likely attend} and a year of partying around Mercer County, I joined the Air Force, and my Hell raising began anew.  The facts being,  I never was good at following orders or being told what I had to do, or act.   Or shutting my Pie Hole!  Although I enjoyed my time at Nha Trang, AB, in Vietnam, the rest of the entire four years was pretty much PRH vs The Lifers.  The fact that I made Buck Sgt in 17 short months, at the time I was at Tan Son Nhut{Saigon} in early 1970 was amazing, especially to me and the older NCOs...I was lucky to have any stripes, let alone three, which was NCO Material at that time....I continued to dodge Article 15s for the rest of my time in the Military...finally get a early out by about 6 weeks in May 1972...after getting into an {let's call it} 'incident" with a little Hitler Like First Lt...The Squadron Commander, Major Bartless{?} I think that was the spelling, told me they would like to give me an Honorable Discharge with no inactive reserve time, if I would "just go"...I agreed and added to the Major, "If I had known it was that easy, I would have slugged that SOB six months ago"

Back to Ohio in the early to mid 70s, where bartending and various colleges, under the GI Bill, were in my life...more Hell raising, but of the more innocent variety.  By this time, I had learned to handle myself physically, and once Vietnam Duty was done, I never have taken 'stuff" off anybody, regardless if they were an employer, or superior at the work place or a unruly drunk while I ran the Red Door in downtown Celina.  After finishing college I finally headed to north Wisconsin, with my wife, Patricia, in tow, I began a short career in Radio Broadcasting.  I was as outspoken on the air as I was off.  Radio owners tend to be nimrods in the true sense of things, and I moved from Wisconsin, then to Kokomo to work Radio News, Dodge City followed, now as News Director at a station called KGNO, then back to Celina as a AM Disk Jockey and Program Director at WCSM, I continued to be outspoken on the air and especially sports play by play...which on occasion got me in Hot Water.

After 5 years of full time radio,  I secured a job with the Mercer County Health Department as a staff sanitarian, something I majored in at College, both at Hocking Tech in southeast Ohio, and locally in Celina at Wright State's Lake Campus.  I still stayed in broadcasting as news anchor and sports director/ play~by~play guy for a dozen years...I majored in ripping officials in both basketball and football,  Who would have expected me to end up doing just that for nearly 2 decades and running?

On to the Van Wert County Health Department as Environmental Health Director and Chief Sanitarian for another dozen years before I finally "retired" from both broadcasting and Environmental Health work at the ripe old age of 53.  For the next 15 years I would deliver RVs{6 years} around the country and umpire High School, College, and Summer/American Legion Baseball, and then picking up football and basketball officiating for the next decade and a half.

My ability to "piss off" the self appointment elites, Liberal lackey types, and folks in bloated, lazy, organizations, like the Ohio High School Athletic Association {OHSAA} and the Vietnam Security Police Association{VSPA} have not dimmed in my Senior Citizen days...and it appears I have opened a new chapter, can of worms,  especially with the bloated "Bean Counters" in the officiating office of the OHSAA.


That is the Next Chapter...PRH vs The Dictators and their Toadies in the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

Photos:  A "selfie" from a couple of years ago, showing my attitude for all to see.  1969 @ Nha Trang Air Base RVN October 1969.  In Wausau, Wisconsin, in February 1979 with first child, daughter Anissa, at Wausau South Hospital.  Working the plate during the Sectional Baseball Finals at Lima Shawnee in 2013...and the Logo of the bloated self appointed Ruler of Ohio School Sports...

Friday, September 15, 2017

Summer Winds Down 2017

Not a major Dual Sport Ride finished, or even started in Calendar Year 2017...just have not gotten around to it....we had plans to go to Big Bend in March, then they were pushed back to late October, and now?  The Summer Ride to Southern Indiana and Upper Michigan, as well crapped out...

Turning 69 next March, I'm not sure how many more opportunities will avail themselves....

VA{Veterans Administration Medical Center} visits not withstanding, time is running out...same goes for the annual{or sometimes twice annual} visits to the Howard County Vietnam Veterans Reunions outside Kokomo are become shorter each year as well...a grand total of perhaps 48 hours since last September....the only thing constant these days seems to be the April Sky Cop Mini Reunion at Dayton, and the fact that I plan on cutting back on football and basketball officiating gigs{which never seems to happen} ...Baseball Umpiring work{which I don't plan on cutting back on}} is still going full steam, despite my advancing age.

I actually feel pretty good, although my VA visits tell me that I probably shouldn't....Oh well!  Since each year more of those I know and have worked with seem to assume Room Temperature...I should consider myself lucky...

Week #4 of Varsity Football is tonight...Me and my crew are at Antwerp{about 52miles north of Celina} when rival Wayne Trace visits for a GMC contest...I opted out of games this weekend at all levels, so I can rest up over the weekend...and perhaps get in a ride.

Back Later>>>>

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mid Summer in the Heartland

July 23, 2017

Heat, Rain, and Humidity, have been the calling cards for the Summer of 2017, at least so far...

Back from Brown County, Indiana, and a few days at the yearly Cabin Visit...

While my Back Yard Sunflowers are fewer in numbers than most years....and the colors less Diverse, I still have a few good ones...such as this from this morning:

Baseball is finished for the season, I finished last Monday working the State Championship game at Defiance between the home town team and defending champion Archbold...the Blue Streaks from Archbold defended the title 3-1 while preventing the host Bulldogs from capturing their 12th State Title in High School Summer ball...

Working the Semi Finals at Lima Shawnee on Sunday a massive rain storm arrived as we tried to finish up the second Semi...causing the final game to be moved to Defiance and it's turf field....I worked the 3rd base spot in the 3 man a few weeks off before Football begins with my first Varsity Scrimmage slated for August 18th

back later>>>>


Friday, June 16, 2017

Just Postin'

Just to let anybody that stops by know....I'm still alive and umpire work in full swing and not getting out enough on the Dual Sport...but I'm 68 and still alive, at least to this point:

Returned from Covered Bridge Ride in Southern Indiana  August 2016...

Friday, March 31, 2017

March...Out Like a "Lion"?

Actually the Temperatures are normal to a bit above for the past few days...however, the rains have been "way above" normal...and after getting games in to start the season, as well as a few scrimmages, things have gone south....rained out Tuesday, no game Wednesday, rained out last night...and today didn't look good, and Wapak did indeed cancel...however their opponent Fort Loramie{where wife taught for several years back in the late 90s and early 2000s before finishing up her full time career at St Henry} said it's field was ready to go, and despite some rain at this hour, they were planning on playing, unless I hear otherwise, I be heading south about 25 miles in about an hour.

Cooler and dryer tomorrow, and it's anyone's guess if Wayne Trace gets their field dried off...I have my doubts...and next week, the rains are not going to abate, it appears....

So that's my Out Like a Lion story for this last day of March...Tomorrow "April Fools" Day....and look no farther than  CNN or MSNBC for all the fools you would ever want to see.

back later>>>>

Monday, March 20, 2017

Never Let a Little Rain

March 20, 2015...

Officially the first day of Spring...and despite the recent cold snap, today is pretty much your garden variety "Spring Day"....heavy rains from 4am till about 8:30 and it was mid 30s..but rain did not turn to Snow...then the sun came out about Noon, and now at 3pm more rain.

I am scheduled to umpire a Varsity Scrimmage at Delphos, some 30 miles north...and just got word that the game is still "on" unless it rains more...well, looking at the Radar...they are about to get "more" will see if the Athletic Director gives me a call or e-mail saying 'Cancelled" ...

That has been my day, since I really have little interest in the NCAA Basketball doings, now that Duke is out and my brackets have been officially "toasted" ... I'll just wait for that call saying

"No Game Today" 

back later...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

March Drags On!

After a much warmer than normal February, March has returned to the same old format, Man~Made 'Fake" Climate Change be Damn...March weather in Ohio sucks and Spring, these days, cannot be counted on until June....

So already 4 games{scrimmage cancelled} and more likely will get the same this upcoming week...meanwhile, while I don't like riding in temps under 70, the TW will likely set in the garage for the time being...

Old Ore Road, Big Bend NP, Texas March 2016.....