Thursday, February 9, 2012

Duke Knocks Off UNC.... and The Day After The Appointment.....

I got home from Van Wert last night and began fasting at 9:30 for today's blood draw....I did have a shot of Brandy on the rocks before the required fasting..  I headed out this morning to get the blood draw.  The technician was pretty good, this one didn't have to poke around, and the draw was quick and pain free.  The results will be sent on before my cardio check up next week....

Earlier I began my double dose of BP meds, and checking my blood pressure after my morning shower, I was pleased it had dwindled to an average of 117/71 to go with a heart/pulse rate of 62.  After the blood draw and a quick trip to Wally World for some fresh veggies and Diet 7up, I checked it again on arriving home, and the average for 3 checks was 140/73 with a pulse of 63...will check it before and after basketball tonight and see what the results look like.

Frankly I don't like the way I feel, although I did get a weight lifting session in late yesterday afternoon...since the back issues resurfaced a couple of weeks ago, the aches and pains have been roving around various parts of the body.  I know some of this comes with aging...but that doesn't mean I have to like it....will be glad to get the appointments done with and see what they think the problems might be...easier to deal with something when and if you know something is wrong.

Duke wins a thriller_____

After getting home, taking a quick shower, and sipping on that brandy, I turned on the Duke at North Carolina game...Duke/UNC basketball, is much like the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry in Football...except they play two or 3 times a year, depending on the ACC Tournament draw and results, while the Buckeyes and scUM only meet one time in November....the rivalry is no less heated, especially given the fact the two schools are only eight miles apart.

Duke led early by as much as 8 points, but the Tar Heels caught them before the half and took a 43-40 lead into the locker room at halftime.   North Carolina kicked it into high gear in the early stages of the 2nd half and push their lead to 13....I flipped the remote to the "Chiller" Channel, it appeared a foregone conclusion that hated UNC was going to win this one and send the Dookies to their second straight ACC defeat.....I checked back in with about 5 minutes left and the Heels up by a dozen or so....Glad I did, things got just a little crazy: 

To say the miracle 85-84 win for the Blue Devils, especially coming at UNC, was a classic, is a gross understatement....this one had to rank in the top 3 or 4 of all time, at least since I began following Duke Basketball some 30 years ago.

Not to rest on this one however...they need to enjoy and move on...after all, the second game is coming up on March 3rd at Cameron Indoor Stadium at should be another good one.  Meanwhile with Florida State losing in a major upset at home to Boston College, the ACC has a three way tie at the top, between Duke, UNC, and FSU.

The baseball rules meeting went well...we got the budget and elections out of the way, and settled down with the first night agenda.  It appears that I will be taking the lead roll in the "Mentor Program", where the older, more experienced umpires, like me, Garry, and a handful of others will be taking some younger umpires under wing and helping them along, and keeping them interested in sticking around the game for many years to come....after all, guys like me, Garry, Ron Goleman, and others are not getting any younger, and we need good young umpires at the High School and lower levels to step in.  I will coordinate the program for now.

Tonight I will stay in Celina as the Bulldog Junior High Girls take on Lima Shawnee.....I should be home by 7:30, and not have to worry about "fasting" tonight....

back later>>>>

Photos-One of the many Tee Shirts around for the Duke/UNC Clash...Duke Freshman Austin Rivers celebrates after his 3-pointer sinks the Tar Heels....and Coack K gets emotional from the bench.

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