Monday, February 27, 2012

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Even in this "Leap Year", February has flown by, and will turn into March before the week is finished....and it appears that this month will go out with a roar.  Wednesday, February 29th, we are scheduled to see 60 degree temperatures with a good chance of sever thunderstorms....March will bring cooler, but not below temperatures.  Nothing on the weather horizon would suggest any snow storms are likely, but you never know about March, I have seen some dandy snow events, although most are short lived, and with the changing direction of the Sun, usually the white stuff doesn't stick around long.

Dartball Tournament___

Shorthanded we kicked off the Dartball Season Ending Tournament winning the first in the best of three, 4-3 over Mt. Tabor, but were eventually knocked out, losing back to back, games 2 and 3, by 6-1 and 4-2 scores.  So with the exception of the All Star Game on March 12th and the ending Banquet the following Monday, my season is finished until early next November.  I reverted to tossing at the triple mark yesterday, since we were short a couple of our better players, and finished 6 for 14, with 4 triples and an equal number of RBIs...some changes will be forthcoming next season, as our mix of young players and real old guys, tries to find a winning formula.

Youngest son Hal, working out of the house since Thanksgiving, and the birth of their first child/our first grandchild, Kasyn,  went back on the road, this trip to Canada, yesterday, a quick turnaround, and he returns today or tonight.

In Basketball,  oldest son Sam worked video for the Ohio State/Wisconsin game yesterday, as the high rated Buckeyes lost again...their second home loss of the season, and their 5th Big Ten defeat....shooting 9 for 17 from the free throw line, in a close game, will get you defeated every time.  My Duke Blue Devils struggled at home as well, to lowly Virginia Tech, but managed to get the game to overtime where they prevailed 70-65....that game was played Saturday afternoon. 

Rain canceled the Daytona 500 yesterday, it is scheduled to run at Noon today, but just talking to my old horse training buddy Tom, who lives in nearby DeLand for the is still raining, and the race may be in danger again this afternoon, although with lights, they may hold that weather window open.

For all intensive purposes, my basketball officiating season ended on Friday night, as the Celina Bulldogs took both the JV and Varsity games from Lima Bath.  With the exception of a youth tournament at Parkway High School on March 8th, I am done for the season...and frankly glad it's over...all the season, temperature wise, was mild, the basketball season, least of my favorite to officiate, was a long one. 

With no games this week, my schedule is limited to doctor appointments on Wednesday and Thursday, and a baseball banquet and business meeting at Van Wert, where we will down Wings and Beer at Frickers Wednesday night, if we don't get blown away by the predicted storms.

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Photos-NASCAR's Jimmy Johnson holds his daughter waiting for the rain to end yesterday at didn't, and the race was postponed, hopeful to get it in today...Dartball season has all but ended for me, just the All Star game in two weeks on my schedule....and I spent a clear Saturday night trying to get a few evening and night shots of a waning Moon...with varying degrees of success, or not.

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