Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anti Tax Tea Day Wrap Up/I'm a Right Wing Terrorist?

After 3 days of miserable cold, rain, and drizzle, I see the sun is rising above the city of Celina from the east this morning....whoopee! 3 games rained out, and probably wet grounds will either wash or move this afternoon's GMC contest at Wayne Trace....but it does appear we will have a couple or 3 nice days with sunshine and temps in the 60s and 70s....finallly, but let me check the forecast, because it could have changed since last night................................

Yep, 3 days of sun, then back to rain and cool for late weekend and early next week.....April in Ohio{stick around, it changes often}.

Tax/Tea Protest Day

If you were living in a cave or watching MSNBC yesterday you probably missed the hundreds of thousands of Tax Paying Americans...Oh wait, MSNBC was covering it, making fun of the folks, that hate overpaying taxes....which means about 40% of the folks, who actually pay Federal Taxes. It does seem the better the weather, the larger the turnouts....the crowds in San Antonio, and Austin, Texas, Sacremento, California, Boston, Charleston, SC, and Birmingham, Alabama, and Atlanta, Georgia, were huge....Washington and Chicago had miserable weather and the crowds were smaller....the crowds in St. Marys, Ohio, and Lima, were decent, Lima had several hundred....overall the working folks of the nation who took off to attend these events were well behaved, unlike the left wing fockwads who usually protest their Marxist supported events...{see University of North Carolina protesting Tom Tancredo speech the other day}

July 4th is schedule for another go around, hopefully the folks will remain pissed off at The Messiah and Congress, because they still don't get it...the weather should be dry and hot, get out and protest these bastards in DC.


I'm a potential terrorist....are you?

Department of Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano {And you thought Janet Reno wanted to be a man} has released a report concerning "Right Wing Extremists" a report much more hard hitting and in dept than the one on "Left Wing Extremists"...anyway, it appears me and many of those that think like me or who are even less right leaning are being eyed by DHS as potential domestic terrorists.....

Details of the report can be found at Hot Air and other Internet sites, as can looks at yesterday's tax revolt/tea party events:

It seems that Iron Maiden Janet and her storm troopers from DHS say that if you are a military veteran, especially a returning veteran, dislike illegal immigration, are Pro-Life, support the Second Amendment, and several other things that Barry Soetoro and his ilk don't see eye-to-eye with you on...YOU ARE A POTENTIAL FREAKING TERRORIST!

Guess I should plead guilty to that....Should you? This country's Government just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? What a bunch of assholes we have in charge.....

The major bread winner in the family(the wife) headed back to school today after 2 days off with what appears to be the flu or some other nasty guess is she should have waited another day, because she still didn't look all that chipper this morning....I expect her back early, or to be in the sack by the time I return from baseball this evening. Hopefully I don't catch it!

The NHL Playoffs begin....

The Flyers stunk up the joint at Pittsburgh last night, no other way to put it. If they play the same way Friday, they will be out of the Cup race sooner, rather than, later. Other winners included The Rangers(on the road), Devils, and Vancouver. Tonight the Columbus Blue Jackets take on the defending champ Red Wings in Detroit, the first ever playoff game for the Ohio team.

Today, with the sun out, I'm getting outside. It's still to wet to mow the lawns, but I've gotta get out and walk, and head downstairs to the weight room.

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Photos--America is Tea-ed Off!/DHS Says I'm a potential terrorist, are you?/part of the Lima, Ohio, Tax Protest crowd/Janet Napolitano, DHS Chief....pssst! She thinks we are Terrorists...she does terrorize me, that's for sure.


Cookie..... said...

HEY THERE YOU FELLER TERRORIST and EXTREMIST! HOW Y'ALL DOIN? Pat, I'm so fed up and disgusted with what has and is happening in our country I could just spit nails!

The MSM has labled us as "stupid and ignorant disgruntled Republicans" and folks like Pelosi and Reid have stated they are not impressed by the hundreds of thousands of protestors out yesterday. THEY DIDN'T HEAR US AT ALL!

It's too bad that elections aren't until 2010, because all those so called "representative" assholes will hear us then. They are attempting to marginalyze and minimize us as "fringe" right wingers, and they didn't even see that all out groups were made up of good folks from ALL parties. The best thing that folks like you and I can do now is to keep pumping out our blogs with the truth as to what is really happening here in this country. The MSM certainly won't.


Law and Order Teacher said...

I sure never thought of myself as a terrorist, but I guess if the shoe fits. Isn't it kind of hard to swallow that those who serve country are terrorists? Where in the hell is our country.

PRH....... said...

Right Wing "Terrorist" and proud of it gang...what are the going to do? Put us in jail(3 meals and a cot)? or make us re-enist?

Fvck Em'

Crackerbox said...


I told you and Cookie about this pinko-commie Mohawk MF a long time ago. Both of you came to his defense because of his past service. If his "Hanoi Jane" stance didn't sway you, maybe his recent remarks will.

You and Cookie keep up the good work and count me in!


Anonymous said...

When I first read that document on line, it was so asinine I was sure it was a hoax. Hard to believe a branch of government, even an Obama government, could be so stupid.

PRH....... said...

Crackerbox were correct, the guy has some serious "issues" or is just a lost soul stuck on the stupid "Democrats are Good", "Conservatives/Republicans are Evil" wave length....he's a DNC Tool, and I have realitives like him....I unassed them long ago.

Hermit...this should not come as a surprise...back when I was a News Director at KGNO Radio(Dodge City) in the heat of the 1980 Presidential Campaign, I heard and learned much about the CFR and their plans...Obama is just their latest(albeit more dangerous) is coming.