Friday, April 17, 2009

NHL Playoffs...Wimps Rule

The sun is shining bright this morning, but checking out the temperatures, it is only 35 degrees at, not exactly "summer like" just yet. It does however we will get by today and tomorrow with good amounts of sun and warm weather. It may hit 70 or so, before dropping back into the 50s with 3 rain days for Sunday thru Tuesday....the area farmers should have gotten into the fields earlier, because the ground remains saturated for now, with no real dry off in sight.

Yesterday Sam and I were to work together at Wayne Trace...their field is notorious for staying wet, especially in the outfield, after even a couple of days of sunshine....The Old Black Swamp still has a hold on the soil of Blue Creek Township, and things are slow to dry. Anyway about 3 O'Clock, the WT coach called and said they were moving their game to Defiance Tinora...some 70 miles north of Celina, for a league game with the Rams. We got our gear, left early as we could, and arrived north of Defiance just before game time. They had a back up umpire for the area, so we worked a 3 man crew...things went quickly, and Tinora came out on top of the Raiders by a 7-0 count. Back we came, Sam driving and me checking out the Blue Jackets-Red Wings on XM Radio...more on that later.

Tonight I'm at St. Marys for a Western Buckeye League game with my home town team, Celina...I usually don't do Celina games, but even arch rival St. Mary's AD and Coaches don't seem to have a problem with me doing this one, since this is the 2nd time in as many years that I have been assigned the game by Roughrider assigners. Not a problem for me, because, I have never been a "homer"....I call em' like I see em', no matter who is on the diamond, tonight will be no exception...tomorrow I drive north to Ottoville for a single non-league game with Convoy Crestview.

NHL-Gary Bettman is a Wimp!

Message to the National Hockey League:

Do you wonder why few fans outside the hard core have any use for your league and sport? Wonder no more, here is the answer....."Your Leadership Stinks".

Philadelphia played a lousy game Monday night at Pittsburgh, let's make no mistake about it....the Flyers who slumped out of home ice advantage last weekend, continued to look miserable on the ice Monday...sure the NHL feels the need to protect prim-a-dona Pen-queens like Eve Malkin and Cindy Crosby, I just wonder why they don't dress these sissies boys in pink tights or a dress, so nobody will put a hit on the man children? Anyway down 4-1 the Flyers decided to "send a message" to Pittsburgh, and laid a smack down on a couple of Pen wimps as time expired..."Can't be doing that" says the sock puppets in the NHL Boardroom. So they fine the Flyers coach, John Stevens(no big deal here), and suspend Danny Circillo 1 game, for hitting one of the precious Pen-queens with 7 seconds left....

Nice move you wonder why you have become a joke? There is more hitting in the NBA that you clowns allow in the playoffs, and real fans think it stinks.

Meanwhile, the Blue Jackets in their first ever playoff game, played even with Detroit for 30 minutes before folding like a cheap lawn chair and falling 4-1. Game #2 in Detroit becomes a key win for Columbus if they want to avoid a large turnout of Detroit fans in Columbus on Tuesday night....Sam has tickets, and I'm thinking he's not too keen on seeing the band wagon Red Wings fans invade Columbus. In other games, Chicago won 12 seconds into Overtime, the Ducks surprised top seeded San Jose, and in the east Boston, the top seeded eastern team, doubled up to see No Canada teams left after the first round...give our northern neighbors more time to look for gay marriage partners, since it's legal all over Cana-duh these days.

The way March weather turned out, it appeared that I would be mowing late last month or within the first couple of days of April. Ohio's fickle weather however, way laid those plans, and with the exception of last weekend, doing our back yard...both our front and side yard and mom's remain unmowed...I plan on tackling those today, before I head out to do time to get at it.

Have a great weekend...back later>>>>>
Danny Carcillo of the Flyers, back when the NHL actually let them fight....and the new style pink uni's for the NHL....Eve Malkin and Cindy Crosby would look fantastic in these.


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

We don't have much hockey in Texas or the South, but I watched part of a game the other day, and damn, that is a bad ass sport. Not many of them seem to have any front teeth, what's up with that. Ha. I liked it, but I don't understand it.

PRH....... said...

Basically it's a bunch of White Guys(there are a handful of black players) from Canada, Europe, and the US, kicking the crap out of each other....I've loved it for 50 years, even while growing up in Florida....

Hockey is "Soccer on Ice, with an Attitude"

Law and Order Teacher said...

Don't mean to hijack, but I found a great video about SPs. It made my heart race. Both your bases are mentioned in the video. Mine isn't, but that's OK. Enjoy. Let me know what you think.

Sarge Charlie said...

Us old vets are considered armed and dangerous, I expressed my thoughts about the idiot HSD leader.