Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Proof: Americans Are Idiots

The Sun is shining
as King Barry and his gang of 500, plus Queen Michelle Antoinette Obama, head for Europe to kiss up to the Socialist and Islamic Terrorist excuse makers there. One can only hope Europe would see fit to make then King and Queen of Western Europe, and keep them...that way we would not have to see their sorry faces on US soil again, unless it was behind bars for treason....if only? But this dream will quickly become our ever evolving nightmare once the King and Queen return to Washington DC.

Meanwhile Obama lap dogs ABC/Washington Post have come out with a new poll telling us that American voters really don't blame Obama for the economic woes that have befallen us since his ascension to the throne of the west wing commode:


It appears a full 2/3rds of American voters are still dumb as rocks when it comes to their support for our Marxist-in-Chief...instead of laying the blame on Big Ears Barry and Little Timmy his troll like Treasury Secretary, they choose to blame Big Business and George Bush for not regulating enough. Sure W and Wall Street are in part to blame for this economic meltdown, but Obama wants to melt it down so much more, and he is. In a nutshell folks, there you have it...the vast majority of Americans are STUPID and ill informed. But you knew that anyway, didn't you? Anybody with a brain has to know this Chicago street punk and his "red" blooded commie wife, who envisions herself as "Queen of America", are evil as it gets...so yes Europe, please keep these 2 and you can have the lap dog press as well...Hell, Joe Biden would be a comic relief from our resident White House Satan worshippers.

Enough of bullshit politics for today,. I really am sick of it, and the 60% of American Idiots that believe this half baked half assed clown named Barack.

Opening Day___

The High School baseball season opened under sunny skies yesterday in west central Ohio. I headed for Delphos, on the Van Wert-Allen County Line, and a Varsity contest between Delphos St. Johns and Wapakoneta...the host Blue Jays moved into a temperory new diamond at Stadium Park....one that will host them until they can sod and revamp the old park in a couple of years. I did the home plate, while my partner Greg Place from Greenville did the bases...it was good to get back to work doing "real" games(as opposed to the handful of scrimmages over the past week). The temperature was only about 52, but with no wind and plenty of sunshine, I actually worked up a sweat behind all the plate gear...the game was a well played/well pitched, "quickie", with the visiting Redskins coming out on top by a 5-1 count. The game lasted less than 90 minutes. Meanwhile Sam got out of his classes at OSU-Lima and did the plate at St. Marys, where the home standing Roughriders took out Parkway 5-3. So the Western Buckeye League(WBL) came out winners over the Midwest Athletic Conference(MAC) in those 2 games.

Tonight, Garry Mosier and I will try to beat the rain, as we drive to my old home territory, and do the Haviland Wayne Trace contest with state power Defiance, also out of the WBL....Sam meanwhile heads towards Clermont County where his OSU-Lima Barons take on Clermont, Sam was named to the 15 man travel team for this one. The Barons are still looking for their first win, now standing at 0-6.

Tonight, rain is slated to move back in for the evening hours....my guess is, for the first two weeks of the season, we will be dodging rain showers and maybe some snow flurries as we head out to the diamonds...the first weeks of April usually find us with as many rain outs as games, we will see how this early season shakes out.

That will be it for now, off to the shower, and face the morning.

back later>>>>


Sarge Charlie said...

Americans are Idiots. GM = Government Motors, holy crap.

The Hermit said...

I'd have to agree that the vast majority of people living in America today are sheeple, even if they aren't all Americans. But I guess if you don't speak the language, as so many of them don't, it's hard to keep up with what's going on.

The Lonely Conservative said...

I saw that poll earlier. Who are these idiots living among us? Oh wait, I know a lot of them:-(

Trish said...

Stupid is as stupid does. If these are true numbers.
WHO are they polling? I don’t know a single soul who would give him a totally positive rating! Even some who voted for him, are having at least some doubts. It has to be rigged, and it's so deceitful. How do we prove it's all lies?

PRH....... said...

We can't Trish....the lap dog press is cooking the books for the Obamanation.

Ron Simpson said...

Actually, I don't blame Bush at all for the economic meltdown.
I blame CONGRESS. They are the ones that have the responsibility for creating laws. Granted, Bush signed a few that I thought he should not have, but Congress was there longer than Bush.

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