Monday, March 23, 2009

"Knowing" The Weekend

Seldom in mid to late March do you get 2 almost perfect(for the season) weather weekends in a row...but that has been the case so far this month. You gotta wonder what Mother Nature has in store for us from here on out in western Ohio?

Friday night I was at Spencerville for a scrimmage with temps in the upper 40s and sunny, then Saturday back at Russia(Rue-she), Ohio, for my second and last visit there for the spring season...temps in the middle 50s for the latter part of the scrimmage between the home team and Piqua...yesterday it reached the 60 degree mark, with plenty of sunshine throughout the entire weekend.

Between baseball and backyard time I did get to spend most of the weekend outside...I did grab a few looks at the NCAA Tournament, watching Duke win a couple of times and watched Ohio State gag their opening and only game to upstart Siena. Only a few upsets in the going so far, only one remaining team(Arizona) is seeded below 5th, and only Purdue and Arizona below 4th, so despite early wins by Ohio teams Dayton and Cleveland State, the brackets are pretty much as advertised. Which makes for pretty boring stuff...although a couple of good games, highlighted by the Gonzaga-Western Kentucky contest on Saturday night, with the Zags coming out on top by 2 on a last second shot, after a furious WK comeback. My top pick, Pittsburgh, and my favorite team, Duke, are in line to meet up in the Semis, but both have tough games, {Pitt-Xavier/Duke-Villanova} before that happens.

Yesterday afternoon Patricia and I took off and walked the 6 blocks to the Celina 5 Movie Theater Complex, and took in the latest Nicolas Cage movie, "Knowing". With Cage you never know what you are going to get. Most of his movies are entertaining, but some are turkeys..."Knowing" is in the "entertaining" but complex and disturbing category.

Cage plays a professor at MIT, a recent widower with a young son....the movie in a nutshell comes down to a series of numbers written on a sheet of paper, left in a time capsule from 1959..those numbers bear the longitude/latitude, date, and number of deaths from all major disasters from 1959-2009. They were written down by a young girl(now dead) when the time capsule was placed in the ground at the opening of a new elementary school fifty years before...A professed non-believer(Cage) begins his quest to find the few remaining events which have not yet taken place. Great, albeit disturbing, special effects, highlight this movie, which challenges science(Obama and his worshippers would be so depressed, finding out science may not be the only answers), and other beliefs. I give the movie a B+...if you don't like your beliefs challenged or you are looking for sex, drugs, and rock and roll, you won't like this one...although Cage does like to down a bottle of 100 proof a day as a sedative for losing his wife, and his beliefs. Good Movie and well worth the 2 hours, but as I said...pretty disturbing, and not a feel good flick.

Oldest son, Sam, takes off this morning with his OSU Lima Barons baseball club for Hamilton, Ohio, then on to Kentucky for the week...they are scheduled for a double header in southwest Ohio tonight, and then 4 more games this week in the Hills of Kentucky... at the University of the Cumberlands...they return home late Thursday night.

Patricia and I will attend the annual Dartball Banquet tonight at Schumn, Ohio. Our team, St. Johns, will receive a trophy for coming in 2nd in the tournament. Considering the new and young players we have, and losing a couple of stalwarts, we did all right...Sam(who won't be there) and I will get T-Shirts, in place of trophies for being on the All-Star squad. The rest of the week(except Wednesday), will see the final week of baseball scrimmages before the real season is set to begin(weather approving) next Monday, March 30th.

In the meantime, I plan on enjoying the current weather as it continues to be above "normal" for this week! THANK YOU AL GORE, THANK YOU GLOBAL WARMING!(sarcasm alert)

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photos-poster from "Knowing" in movie houses everywhere/and Sam's baseball cap for the OSU-Lima "Barons"


GUYK said...

It had been Chamber of Commerce weather here until today...and still not bad. Drizzle of rain most of the afternoon...but my flora needed it and I was glad to see it

Sarge Charlie said...

I saw a nice looking pistol in my reader, where is it?

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

My money's on the Tar Heels.

PRH....... said...

Hate the Tar Heels Grey Ghost...rooting for Duke all these years in Basketball{although not my school}, I can't root for UNC, but they are a shot to win.

Sarge, it's in the mail! :)

Guyk...we are on borrowed time, this type weather in Ohio can't stand in mid March, it won't last, but will take it as long as possible.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

I have been wanting to see that movie, but is it worth going to the mall to see it, or wait till it is out on video.. decissions. Weather in Houston has been in the mid 70's to low 80's. No excuse for not getting out and doing yard work, which seems like all I do on the weekend, and drink beer and BBQ, that's what life is all about.

PRH....... said...

Worth watching on the BIG screen G-OS, well worth it.

Deborah Wilson said...

Thanks for the review, Pat, I'll have to catch it soon.

Larry said...

Yeah, Cage is quite a talent. Too liberal for my liking, but he's allowed his opinions as are we, eh, Pat? Ever see him in "Leaving Las Vegas"? A dying drunk meets a hooker and their up-n-down relationship finds two lost souls depending on each other. Heavy stuff -- but NC is at his best.