Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Glenn Beck 9-12 Project

Cloudy this morning, or if you believe the radar, it's raining...if you believe the radar, I don't at this point. One thing for sure, the weather for March has been pretty nice, but that looks to change this coming weekend and into most of next week. Just in time for the start of the regular high school baseball season. Well, you can't do much about it, except complain. Meanwhile, weather permitting, I have scrimmages at Parkway tonight, Russia(Rue-she) tomorrow, and Saturday afternoon at I said, weather permitting. Monday kicks off the regular season, I'm at Delphos St. Johns with Wapakoneta.

Meanwhile Sam is with the OSU-Lima Barons baseball team in Kentucky, where it looks wet as well....not sure if Sam is all that pleased with his decision to play ball and give up a thousand bucks in umpire fees, his playing time(or lack of) seems to be the issue...but as I told him, you roll the dice, sometimes it comes up "snake eyes". Sam is a damn good high school umpire, and needless to say, I was somewhat surprised he gave up a full 40% of his varsity games to follow this 1 year dream...but at 27 that decision is strictly his to make.

The 9-12 Project

Talk Radio Host and Fox News Host Glenn Beck is mad as Hell, and he doesn't plan on taking it anymore. A few weeks ago Glenn came up with the "We Surround Them" project...a meeting place where like minded folks came together to let the world know that the majority of us are pissed off about bail outs, illegal immigration, excess spending in Washington DC, and the selling out of this country by the political hacks that "lead" us.

Now Glenn has created the 9-12 go there click on the snake on the top left of border of this blog, or at the link at the bottom.

Rather than me go into details about it, I suggest you go there are read the principals of 9-12. 9-12 is an attempt by Beck to bring us back to where we were and how we felt on the day after the planes crashed into the twin towers. The project is taking off like gang busters, within a week of it being kicked off, 9-12 has a quarter of a million signers. I urge you to sign up....there are no fees or requirements, except to say you agree with "most" not necessarly all of the 21 decrees.

Beck is #3 behind Limbaugh and Hannity on radio, his show can be listened to 9AM-12noon around the country or on XM Radio Channel 165. He is also on Fox News at 5PM Eastern(for you on the west coast, it's 2PM and a rerun at 11PM) for an hour Monday through Friday.

The loons on the left, like Keith Oldblowaman on MSNBC are getting their clocks cleaned by the Beck TV Show and have made him public enemy #1...their turf is being invaded, and I've got news for you sorry bastards of liberal land...GET USED TO IT! We ARE mad as Hell, because we have seen the enemy, and the UN and the American Left are.

Time to hit the shower and shave....I'll be back later.


Sarge Charlie said...

you can bet i am on board with glenn

Matthew Avitabile said...


Anonymous said...

beck and o'reilly have been discredited and dismissed by Olberman and Stewart. I don't know how I came upon your Blog, but as a Veteran like my father, I would hope you were speaking out about the way veterans and the military were being misled and mis-used by Bush/Cheney.

PRH....... said...

I hope you dad wasn't a Steward and Olblowaman ass kisser like you go back and kiss some more Islamic Terrorist/DNC ass, you seem to do it well.