Thursday, March 19, 2009

Washington DC Nuthouse

Our June-Like temperatures came to an abrupt end yesterday afternoon. It hit 70 during the early day sunshine, but that quickly slipped into dark skies by 4 O'Clock...around 5 the rains came and they lasted well into the night and were just clearing out when I hit the sack about 11pm. Today is it more March-like with low 50s and some sun in order...then 47 tomorrow and low 50s for the weekend, with rain back for late weekend and early next week.

Not sure how much rain we got, or they got down in Russia, Ohio, where I am slated to work a scrimmage tonight...if the fields are wet, I'll go out to eat tonight with Patricia, otherwise I'll settle for my first baseball work of the season, and test my back and my calf muscle....It's Hell getting old----

The insane asylum called Washington DC is in full bloom as we approach spring. Our out of his league Marxist President is off on a campaign tour...mainly because this Chicago punk isn't up to the task of leading a 4th grade softball team, let alone the United States of America. "Little Barry" will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno this evening....Why, you ask, is the President of these United State going on a talk show, while DC is burning?...Hell if I know, but I suspect it's because the situation in Washington(It's the Economy Stupid!) has big eared Barry realizing he's out of his league...the guy is clueless, so he's going back on the Campaign Trail. My question is..."Is Obama going to take his teleprompter along with him?" Because without it, His Majesty is pretty well lost.

While Big Eared Barry is out of town, the spectacle of Washington's resident loons is at it's finest. Here are some examples of what has happened this week.

The AIG furor over the bonuses is slapped in the headlines....Barney "The Banking Queen" Frank and Chris Dodd continue to make lying asses of themselves in calling out the $1 per year head of 80% taxpayer owned AIG. Dodd the soon-to-be Ex Connecticut Senator was caught in a lie yesterday(how could that be? A political hack lying to us) finally admitting he wrote the law that allowed the AIG bonuses to be paid to employees of the struggling insurance giant. The same company which appears to hold the fate of the American financial nation in it's hands. And the Republicans don't get a need look further than the idiotic statements made by Iowa Senator Charles Grassley, "....the (AIG) people should face the American citizens and commit suicide". Nice touch, Mr. Grassly...I would much rather see everyone of you son of a bitches drop over...a sort of American Body Flush. 500+ new members of Congress could do no worse than you clowns or the last 3 Presidents have done in damage to this nation.

Meanwhile the Stock Market is in a full "Rally"...up almost 600 points in the past week...blow the horns and toss the confetti...I've got news folks, let it rise a couple thousand more points(which is doubtful)...but if it does reach 9 or 10 thousand...sell, sell, sell. It's a sucker's market....and any boom is going to to bust! Expert?, me? Hardly...but I know the economy is in deep dung, and hyper-inflation is on the way. No way in Hell we can print and spend money like this and the crash not happen.

So Barry Soetoro Obama can jet off to Hollywood at taxpayers expense, Nanny State Pelosi, the rubber face hag with multi face lifts can fly in her private military jets, at taxpayer expense, Barney "fag" Frank can run male whore houses out of his DC digs, at taxpayers expense, and Chris Dodd can lie through his teeth, at taxpayer expense, because after all, the Conservatives are no longer in charge(actually they never were), and all is good in the main stream media...their boys and girls are running the show, and you won't hear squat about "their" mistakes. After all, they can still blame George Bush and the Republicans, because most of America is still watching "American Idol" and "Dancing with the Stars"....almost almost nobody cares, and those of us that actually do, are called crazy and can we dare question our first half black and half assed President?

Enough ranting for one morning...

photos-Our fearless leaders, loved by the media, morons, Marxists, and kiddies under the age of 12....otherwise, anybody without a brain or soul. And 2 of the culprits in the AIG scandal and the fall of the American Financial System...Barry Frank and Chis Dodd.
One more thing before I sign off for today....
It seems the Missouri State Government is compliling a list of what they consider "American Terrorists"....I think I'd be on that list today, and guess what? You probably are as are if you believe in God, the Second Amendment, a Libertarian, or happen to be a Conservative or especially a Christian Conservative. The American Terrorist are described by The American Thinker:
Check out the article from March 18th on the Missouri Police...
Be concerned, very concerned..Glenn Beck asked the questions on this morning's radio show...yep, it appears I am considered a Terrorist by the powers in Government that be....and my guess is, so are you.
Now, I'll be back later......unless the Jack Boots come after me first. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm probably an American terrorist. Depending on who the government is pissed off at this week.

Sarge Charlie said...

the only hope we have of stopping the crap is our rants, I have joined the9/

Trish said...

Right there with Sarge- we joined too!

The Lonely Conservative said...

Summer Wind - I haven't heard that since my wedding day! Thanks, I momentarily forgot about the rotten, incompetent, corrupt boobs running our country.