Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Emperor Strikes Back/Remembering My Lai

Did anybody watch our Presidential Ass Clown talk down to his loving supporters in the Press last night? I have to say...No, on my part. But I did catch snippets of the Emperor's work on Fox in between periods of the Hockey and NIT Basketball games last night. And nothing has changed, Obama is still out of his league, and it appears doesn't have a freaking clue what is going on...his only answers this time were scripted from a large TV in the back, rather than his usual teleprompters. The only one agreeing with his Majesty was fat assed Bob Beckel on Fox, even Juan Williams and other lefties are steering clear of this Bullshit Artist and his attempt to spread his own brand of American Marxism around.

I long ago concluded that this Harvard Educated piss ant is not only dangerous, he is truly stupid and unprepared as well. We are heading to Hell, and we've already lost the handbasket.

Did another scrimmage last night, this one in Convoy, at Crestview High School....then after the game and a couple of cold ones, I hit the sack, only to be awakened by the sound of strong winds from the southwest and rain hitting the bedroom windows upstairs. I can pretty well guess the trees over at mom's house have deposited a large number of old branches on the lawn...something else to get me out of the house...I am guessing there are a few on my sidewalks and in the yard as well.

Baseball meeting at Van Wert tonight, I've already met my quota, but will probably attend this one and the final one next week as well....a young umpire who went to the same umpire training school as Sam(Harry Wendelstadt in Daytona Beach) has been doing an excellent job of presenting rules and situations with video and power point over the past 6 weeks...making the 90 minute sessions worthwhile.

Tomorrow, if the fields dry, and that's a big if, I have a scrimmage at Rockford Parkway, then Friday back to Russia, and Saturday the final pre-season game at Coldwater....then it's on to the real games starting at Delphos St. Johns on Monday the 30th. Of course the games are all subject to the whims of the weather, especially these early season one...March and April in Ohio is pretty fickle.

Youngest son Hal called last night and asked me my opinions about the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam. The My Lai incident was the alleged killing of over 500 civilians by Lt. William Calley and his troops, on March 16, 1968(that happened to be my 19th birthday). I was a few months away from joining the Air Force when My Lai occured...and really don't remember the incident until the Calley Trial(Witch Hunt) began after I returned stateside from my summer trip to the RVN.
As I told Hal...I am not sure what happened. In reality, I suspect the reports by the media, the left wing hacks they were even back then, were written to bring disgrace and dishonor to those fighting in Vietnam. The media hated the US Government and those fighting through no fault of our own, in Vietnam. Most reporters were/are gutless bastards who didn't' have the soul or nuts to serve this country or anything but their own self interest(there are of course exceptions throughout history). That aside, I told him Calley was probably guilty of some form of genocide in the incident, and the slaughter of innocents, even in a time of war, and even if the adults in the town of My Lai were supporting the VC and NVA, could not be justified.

I also told him my problem with the whole trial of William Calley was that Calley, one man, was left to be the scapegoat for a few dozen others, especially his immediate superiors, who got off scott-free. The brass were given a turns out that William Calley was as well, serving a few years on house arrest, then let out to live with his own demons.

In summation, I told Hal, that I really didn't have thoughts other than those stated...but I did know at the time of the trial, the men I served with at Griffiss AFB, in Rome, NY, were almost to the man, supportive of Lt Calley and against the sentence...He(Hal) would have to go it alone when he gave his report on My Lai to the kids at Fairborn High School this morning. I, for one of the few times in my life, would have to sit the fence on this one.
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photos-top left, the Emperor himself King Barry Obama...A Time Magazine
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Sarge Charlie said...

I was in vietnam when My Lai happened, did not know about it at the time but it sure blew up later. I know a man who was a friend of Lt Calley, he is a Palm Beach lawere, and was a Platoon leader 2nd lt in the same unit. I will aske him some questions and work up a post on My Lai. He told me a couple of years back the Calley was a dollar store manager now.

PRH....... said...

That's what I heard Sarge, he divorced his wife and was working at a five and dime type outfit...when asked by reporters for his side of the story, Calley tells them, give me $ten thousand, and I'll give you my side. They usually go away without a story.

He lives in the Atlanta area.

Shrinky said...

We have storms over here too - the glen is strewn with tree limbs - hope it all passes soon. When the sea is rough the ferries don't get through and all the supermarket shelves are empty. Hey-ho, happy days, eh?

Cappy said...

Yep, pretty fickle weather in Oiho, Cleveland included. Too many liberals here.

PRH....... said...

Cleveland...Hell Cappy, you guys will still get some Lake Effect
snow before this one ends...remember 2 season ago, when the Tribe had to move the season's frist series to Milwaukee?

Gotta love Spring in Ohio....sometimes.

And Shriky, we know the wind always blows off the English coast...always! :)

The Lonely Conservative said...
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