Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama's Posse' /Bemidji State and Miami Redhawks

I see our beloved emperor Barry Soetoro Obama and his posse' are heading for Europe...with a gang of 500+ members of his staff, paid for by the US Taxpayer...can you imagine the outrage if Bush had taken along this many staffers on the taxpayer's dime? Of course our current useless Prez named Barry/Barack will get a pass...why not? He plans on bailing out the lapdog media if they fail too. How many of you morons that voted for this SOB are happy with the "change" you're getting? This Marxist clown is destroying the country from within?
And spare me, if you think I will stop calling this evil creature anything other what I have been calling him. Actually I'm being way nice in my mind....I just wonder if Queen Michelle will have her own entourage, separate from Barry? "Let them eat cake" you say Michelle?

All Hell is breaking loose in Washington DC....I wonder if the folks in the heartland, the majority anyway, have a clue that this country is being hijacked by a Chicago street punk, and his Brown Shirted Gang?

Glenn Beck's 912 Project being hacked

Beck reported this morning that his 912 project is being hacked and was shutdown for awhile over the weekend:

Click the above link, or you can also click on the snake on my left border, it is the only "real" 912's free, don't buy into the ones asking for "donations"...they are bogus.

Beck also reports that left wing hackers are trying to shut down the 912 Project, which now has more than 345,000 sign ups....the left wing media, and the Obamanation can't be can bet they will do anything, both legal and illegal, to try to discredit the project.

As I mentioned in my rare Sunday post yesterday, the NCAA Hockey Tournament has been superior to the Basketball Tournament in exciting play and close games...yesterday Top Ranked Boston University scored late to defeat New Hampshire. Then the lowest ranked team in the tournament, Bemidji State, knocked off Cornell, to join BU, Miami of Ohio, and Vermont at the Frozen Four in Washington DC, on April 9th and 11th. Miami and Bemidji are #4 seeds, Vermont a #3, and only BU was a #1 seed....remember, nobody is seeded lower than a 4, making this the first Frozen Four with a gaggle of lower ranked teams.

In addition, something I didn't know(or did many others from small town Celina), the starting Goalie from the Miami Redhawks is a kid from our town of 11,000...from a high school, Celina, without organized Hockey...his name is Cody Reichard. Cody just turned 22, and is now, along with his Redhawk teammates, heading for the final 4. It appears(although I don't know the entire story), that Cody honed his goal tending skills at the local Roller Hockey rinks..he previously played at Alaska Fairbanks. I was going to watch the Frozen 4 with a local kid, front and center, it is with renewed interest. Vermont will take on BU, and upstarts Miami and Bemidji will face off in the Semi-Finals on April 9th.

Play Ball(Maybe)_________

Today is opening day for the High School Varsity baseball season. I guess I should say, ground conditions permitting. Heavy rains Saturday night were followed by rain, wind, snow, and cold, yesterday...I'm not sure if this morning's sunshine is going to dry off many of the diamonds in west central and northwest Ohio where I ply my umpiring skills. So far though, I've received no cancellation notice for either Sam or me. He is scheduled for a Varsity game at St. Marys against Parkway, while I'm slated to be at the new diamond in Delphos, for a St. Johns vs Wapakoneta game. Tomorrow it is slated to be warmer, before rain moves in tomorrow night, and Garry Mosier and I will be at Wayne Trace against perennial power Defiance....the first week or so of spring baseball is always a crap shoot, if you get half the games in, you have to feel lucky.

The Fox Nation___

I see Fox News has come up with a new web site for Fox fans....this would excluded most of you dumbasses that voted for Obama or support his Socialist and Marxist policies....

Limbaugh and Beck are included in the opening day editorials....

You can go here for the new site:

back later>>>>>

Photos-Barry Soetoro Obama and his Posse' will be heading to Europe on the taxpayers dime(billions and billions of dimes). Hometown kid Cody Reichard of the Miami Redhawks is heading for the Frozen Four in DC(photo is when Cody was playing for Alaska Fairbanks)...and Chad Billingsley of the LA Dodgers...Chad iS from Defiance, Ohio, and I got to umpire his fast ball a few times during his high school and American Legion career...I am scheduled to ump his former school, tomorrow at Haviland Wayne Trace.


Deborah Wilson said...

Well, it might be a good thing that Obama is headed for Europe and the Summit -

Wednesday, tobacco tax goes waaaayyy up - think people are mad now just wait until they can't afford a cigarette. lol

Single Largest Cigarette Hike

Bette Davis would flip.

America didn't learn anything from the Prohibition years...look for a demand on the black market including hidden/camouflaged tobacco fields.

PRH....... said...

Damn Deb, I see where my hand rolled cigars are going up by about 40 cents a stick....lucky for me I only enjoy about 50-75 smokes a year.

But what makes this idiot and his follwers think that folks are going to pay the price and his Socialist Health Care will be paid for by tobacco taxes?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey GREAT article about the current LIAR IN CHIEF.

The Deception goes way back, to KENNEDY. He was the last true patriotic president. which is what they are supposed to be, not this socialistic, marxist bull-pucky we're seeing in office today.

I also believe that 9/11/2001 needs to be investigated as there are far too many questions that need why was only 1 million spent on an investigation?, and why in the history of steel-structured architecture NOT ONE sky-scraper has EVER fallen/collapsed into it's own footprint due to severe fire damage, YET ON 9/11 THREE DID!

On a lighter note, sort of..
I created a myspace profile in a comical light. Please check it out. :D Thank you and again THANKS FOR THE ARTICLE ON OBAMA/SOETORO. YOU ROCK!


Anonymous said...

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