Friday, March 13, 2009

Bristol Palin/Ted Kennedy....and taking out the trash

Tomorrow begins the "Celina Yearly Trash Pickup". Each Spring(so why are they starting in late winter?) The City of Celina, Ohio, has a semi-restricted trash/junk Collection. My west and the southwest section of town are always first...meaning we get to toss our junk out, so the scavengers can come around, pick out what they want, and dump the rest in their yards before their section comes up. Usually anything with metal is gone within 5 minutes of laying the stuff at the curb of the yard...last year, I had plenty to toss...this year? Not so much.

I did tear down an old dog house yesterday that hadn't been used since L.T., our old adopted Beagle died a few years ago...Jack the Airedale used the backyard and kennel, so he never needed it(plus he was too damn big for that wooden/metal house)...Jack passed away a year and a half ago, leaving us with his daughter Reagan, who is the house dog. So anyway the dog house was dismantled, the metal siding separated from the wood and insulation, and is laying in the back yard, along with some old garden wire, the top of the kennel run(which I took off last summer) and a useless garden hose. Not much for the scavengers to pick over...a few things out of the garage will complete my "deposit" for this year. At least I've got nice weather to do the project.

I have been watching the Main Stream Media, along with the Radical Left Wing websites, dish it out to 18 year Bristol Palin, the 18 year old unmarried, but with child, daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Seems the left is masturbating themselves into bliss with the fact that Bristol and her boyfriend/father of her infant son, have broken off their marriage...Why is the loving left so gleeful you say? Well let's say, the left wing loons at MSNBC, The Daily Kos, Huffington Post, and the NY Times, despise her momma so much(because of her perceived Conservative agenda), that Bristol is fair game....yep, the compassioned left, aren't they great?

The left wing losers of America just can't get over the fact that middle America is saddled with the same problems the Palin family has....a unwed teen mother as a daughter, a handicapped child, and bills to pay....and the Palins do it without the nanny state Government paying the bills...well in a sense maybe they do(at least the folks in Alaska pay the bills, Sarah works for them you see)...but the Palins are proof you can survive life without the freaking US or State Government jumping in, telling you how to live. IMO Britol Palin is far more brave than the gutless bastards hiding behind fake names on the Internet, and the slime reporting from the major news someone with an adult mentally retarded daughter, I can tell you...she has more going for her, than anybody east of the Hudson River, especially those in the so-called elite media. The Palins are part of America, the left wing media, should be part of my city trash pickup tomorrow, the trash may be worth more.

Then there is Ted Kennedy. Seems old Teddy is heading towards Hell and the news media and aforementioned left wing blogs, are having a pity party for this Patriarch of the Inbred Kennedy Clan...the heroes of the American Elite and the American Brain Dead....Yep, Old Ted won't be around much longer, and who cares? I don't! The murdering bastard outlived his usefulness years ago...pardon me if I don't shed a tear when Teddy assumes room temperature.

Rush Limbaugh made light the other day about the bloated "Universal Health Care Bill"...and said by the time it is passed they can name it "The Teddy Kennedy Memorial Health Care Bill"...the left wing media(yep the same group that squeals in delight at the problems of an 18 year old girl, who has done nothing to them, except be born to what they consider the wrong mother), was crying out in anger..."How dare" they ask, "can Limbaugh make fun of a dying hero?"

Ted Kennedy as a hero? Well let's see...Old Teddy?, I'm not sure....Ted Kennedy drunken abuser. Ted Kennedy driving off a bridge with a co-worker, drunk...leaving said co-worker Mary Jo Kopechne to drown, while he swam away and hunted for an alibi. Ted Kennedy, championing any and every pro abortion bill that comes down the pike...thus continuing to be responsible in part for millions of innocent unborn being murdered without a voice. Ted Kennedy a Hero?

I don't think fact, unless I miss my guess, Ol' Teddy, the fat, slobbering, drunken product of inbreeding and an American Nazi, might, just might, be roasting in Hell before long....of course, that's not mine to judge. But I will make a comment on him, and I think I just did.
So, I ask you, who is more worthy of real America's compassion...Bristol Palin, or Ted Kennedy?....What you would answer says more about you, than about either of them.

Well that's enough ranting for this post....Friday and the weekend are almost here, and here is what is coming up for PRH.

This will be my last weekend as a 50 something semi-retired redneck...Monday will see my 60th birthday....I'll have something on that on Monday. Next week, weather permitting, the high school baseball season begins, with scrimmages in Lima, Russia(Rue-She), and Rockford...the regular season begins March leg seems to be pretty much back to normal, I will be doing some serious stretching before doing in base or plate work, y0u can count on that. Sam and his Ohio State University-Lima Branch baseball team begins it's 40 game season tomorrow with a double header at Xenia(about 75 miles south)...and the weather looks to be warming up and dry for the time being.

Enjoy your weekend...

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Photos-Top, my back yard trash being readied for dragging to the curb. Sarah Palin's daughter and teen mom, Bristol Palin, and the drunken, bloated Ted Kennedy...Hero of the American Left.


Sarge Charlie said...

I saw the crap on Orillie last nigh and was fumeing over what the bastards are willing to do to a teenage girl, just because they fear her mother.

Ted should have spent his life in prison.

Deborah Wilson said...

My vote is for Bristol Palin...

I have 2 adult mentally challenged step-brothers and I can tell you that it's not easy - but they are someone's children and don't belong to the lefties or marxists and certainly don't deserve their snide remarks - so respect to Sarah Palin for her dedication to human life and her child/children.

Ron Simpson said...

My whole question was: why is Bristol Palin's life news?
Just the left's attempt to smash anything conservative, no matter who they hurt.


Larry said...

I have a bootleg copy of the developing memoirs manuscript from The Admiral of Chappaquiddick [tentatively scheduled to come out in 2010] and here's the opening line of the last chapter:
"Unfortunately, I never learned to swim."

Even more unfortunately, Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment.

PRH....... said...

And this is for ANON...the gutless turd, who like all lefties, doesn't have the guts to leave a name(so you don't get posted). A little tidbit...I Vote, and unlike you, I have all 3 degrees, Associates, Bach, and Masters, and they are in a Biological Science.

Sorry about your luck trying to pigeon hole me, get back to work, the drive through is backing up, and you're lucky to have a job under Half Breed Barry.