Friday, March 6, 2009

Road to Nowhere/Boundary Water Canoe Trip part #2

Sun and in the mid 60s today...think after this rant I'll fire up my first cigar of the season and sit on the back stoop...but first a little political stuff.

Are all the folks out there happy with the New Messiah? I see the pompous ass is coming to Ohio today to brag about the 25 jobs he saved on the taxpayer's dime...25 cops in Ohio get to stay on duty now that the Obamanation has dropped a few bucks on Ohio.. And Oh' Thank you your Majesty. Meanwhile facts don't lie, but bureaucrats, the media, and politicians do.

Since his Majesty Obama was sworn in as Chief Thief...the Dow is down 15%, since he was elected in November it is down 30%...41% since the first "bail out" was announced by Bush and supported by the Monica knee pad wearing supporters of the is no longer Bush's Economy, get over belongs on the shoulders of one Barry Barack Soetoro Obama, and by-the-way, 4 Million Jobs lost since you elected this jackass....thanks America!

Okay, on to today's post:

Boundary Waters part #2______

After over packing, meeting up with Olson in Duluth, Minnesota, Jim and I headed to Ely, then on to the Boundary Waters and Moose Lake.

We arrived at Tom and Woods about 3 in the afternoon...lucky for us in the northwoods in early June, it stays light until 9PM or later...Jim and I were pretty well "in the mood" as we climbed into our rental the mood, as in a few beers under our belt. The young guide asks us "Do you guys know how to handle this large of a canoe?" "Sure" we replied...we had no clue..first off we jumped into it and began to paddle the thing bass ackwards...yes Virginia, there is a front and back of these things. The kid on the dock straightened us out, and shook his head and grinned. We, going in the right direction, headed a mile across Moose Lake to the portage area to our destination Finch Lake. Now, not knowing a lot about "how to portage a canoe"...once we reached the land spot, we realized that 2 drunks were not going to be able to portage this 200 pound canoe plus goods/supplies with one trip across the mile, we set out...first the canoe, one Hell of a lot of trouble for two, getting sober quick like, 20 somethings. To make it took us 3 portages... a total of 6 miles, the goods/supplies were not nearly as hard as the canoe itself.

Finally, with that done, we were on our way across our lake, hunting towards OUR island(see photo at top)...and yes, we were concerned. We didn't know just where the Island was on this lake...Finch is not a large lake, but it was getting to be dusk. After another half hour, we here "Hey Olson, is that you?"...and up ahead on top a small, but steep Island located a quarter mile from shore, we notice a camp light and see someone waving at us....WE HAD ARRIVED, and just before dark. They couldn't believe we found them and the Island, and frankly I still can't believe we did on that day, given our circumstances.

For the next 4 days, the 6 of us, Jim, me, Jim's North Dakota buddy CW, and 3 of his friends spent the time, fishing, drinking, catching some campfire smoke, and just was one enjoyable time. The fishing was only fair, more Rock Bass than anything else...but we saw wildlife a plenty on the shoreline, and relaxed and ate well the entire time. We had coolers full of meat, plenty of beer, and the other folks brought along several gallon milk jugs filled with Whiskey and Bourbon....the weather was great for the Boundary Water area in June, highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s with no rain, just some passing clouds the entire time.

After one outstanding time, Olson and I headed back a day before the rest...I had classes and would miss 2 days of those at Trans-American....however the memories we had, crazy and stupid as some were, were enough to last a life time. I'm not sure if I will ever get back that way...but you never know. On our way back to Duluth to drop Jim off at his car, we stopped at the USA Museum of Hockey in Eveleth, was a small Museum{I think it has been moved elsewhere these days}, as Hockey was just not that big a deal outside the upper midwest and New England back in 1978.

All-in-all, it was one Hell of a time....

The Fort Wayne(Indiana) Gun and Knife Show is slated for the Memorial Coliseum tomorrow and Sunday...I will hook up with Rick Pearson for this one, making 3 straight events I have been to in Fort Wayne. Maybe, this time I will buy something...always looking for bargains, if they are to be found.

Have a great weekend...

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Photos and descriptions--(1) top, the same as yesterday, from, our Island campsite as it looks today..I really like this photo, and it brings back the memories from that time back in 1978. (2) My supplies, not counting the full duffel bag of beer I would bring along..way too much for one person, Olson was about as bad.(3) Our Canoe, as we headed out of the portage, searching for the Island.(4) Our Campsite on top of the Island(5) Jim Olson and CW...(6) you can see if you click and enlarge the last 2, this was our second night on the Island and we were feeling no pain.


Larry said...

"The kid on the dock straightened us out, and shook his head and grinned."
I guess that's too funny NOT to tell, eh, Pat? Man, what beautiful country. [Never been.] I suspect the skeeters were big AND voracious up there in June, weren't they? [Sounds like they likely got pretty laid-back themselves!]

PRH....... said...

Larry: Black Flies are the problem, but actually we lucked out...the nightime temps were cold enough, and it had been cool right before we got there, that(as I remember 30+ years later), we were pretty well insect free. Or at least we had enough insect dope to keep em' away. It is quite a place.

Sarge Charlie said...

good stuff Pat, I just posted my final page. I would like to offer a special thanks to his highnes the obamamasser, personally I have lost 23,000 dollars since he took office.

PRH....... said...

Lots of folks are in deep financial and retirment trouble Sarge, and the only thin His Majesty Barry cares about are paying for overseas abortions, gutting the military, and the taxpayers footing the bill for every left wing social program he can sponsor....he is out of his league, and this country is out of their minds for putting this clown if office.

FHB said...

Awesome story! Loved the shots. Man back in the days of aluminum canoes! I can't imagine having to portage one of those heavy bitches over a trail. When we did it they were light, Kevlar jobs that were too light for the lake canoeing we were doing, but the only thing if you had to lug them. I think they weighed 30 lbs.