Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Favorite Outdoor Photos

After yesterday's rant about Our Majesty-in-Waiting, King Obama the First, I took a long deep breath, and decided just to post a few of my favorite outdoor photos...some by me, some before my time...enough time to revisit the coming Armageddon down the roads. Meanwhile tomorrow I will get back to looking at some "Trips to Nowhere"...with a look at 1978 and my visit to the Boundary Canoe Waters in far north Minnesota.

The weather is due for a warm up and that begins today with some sunshine and 40 degrees on the agenda. Despite the prospect of a few clouds and some rain over the weekend, we are looking at temperatures hitting the low 60s by the time I head to Fort Wayne Saturday for the Gun and Knife's about time the continuous frigid weather gives us a break.

Here is a look at some of my old favorites with their descriptions:(Click for large view)

(1)From the early 1940s...Buckhorn Lodge, located in the Sierra Mountains, south of Sacremento. Stan Houseworth(dad) was stationed at Mather Field and sent this real photo postcard to his mother/my grandmother Wilda Houseworth. (2) Coldwater Creek Road, Celina, Ohio...the swampy area on the western edge of the farm we lived at in the 1980...I took this photo one spring day in 1988, always liked the way the shadows fell over the woods on to the old abandoned horse stable.(3) February 1989 at Coldwater Creek, we had an old summer house, built around 1860, it was used to cure meat and other food goods when the farm house was first constructed...I shot this sunset photo through the open back "window".(4) A year or two later in the fall of 1990, I took this sunset photo across the crop land while the dark clouds pushed the sun into the earth.(5) Before my time, in my old hometown of Venice, Florida...the old Venice Beach Casino back when the area carried a population of 500 folks, this Casino/City Hall was torn down in 1960 and a new Beach House was built, and the City Hall moved into town on Venice Avenue.(6) 80 years ago, the Venice Jetties was loaded with all kinds of fish life...the two fisherman in this photo "harvested" this one in 1928...I saw one even bigger than this around 1960 swimming out to the Gulf of Mexico between the North and South Jetties.

Baseball Meeting at Van Wert tonight...back later>>>>>


Shrinky said...

What the heck is THAT critter? That's one amazing photo - wow! Ah, you sure have tread across some beautiful places Pat. Weather over here is back to winter again, sigh. Hope it's more clement over at your end.

PRH....... said...

A Giant Sting Ray, or Devil Ray as we called them in sunny Florida far as weather...60 but rain by the upcoming weekend. Spring is slowly peeking out from under it's winter blanket.

The Hermit said...

You spend a lot of time looking at the past, and I don't blame you. It's infinitely preferable to what our future holds. I find myself doing the same thing.

PRH....... said...

well heck Hermit, the blog is called "a day in the life...and a look at the past" I try to do both. But agree with you, things are not looking good, however, I think what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. As bad as things are going to be, I see a revolution rising from the heartland and southland...and I think that will be a good thing. Yes, it will be painful, but in the long run, it will be beneficial for our kids and the future generations. American needs to Get Tough, we have become a nation of whimps.

FHB said...

Jesus, that's a huge beast. I'd piss myself if I was swimmin' and somethin' like that bumped into me.

Hawaii Vacations said...

That sting ray is poor, they should have left it alone but the old photos are very sentimental. thanks for sharing.