Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Collapse--The Obama/Soros plan to destroy America

Winter hangs on...7 degrees this morning, but sunny and 30 is forecast with temps in the 50s by Friday...we will see if that shakes out, and how long our moderation lasts.

One thing about being semi-retired, you have time, perhaps to much time to view the world and politics from not so "Rose Colored Glasses". The blog thread today is a review and a look at that.

After only 40 days in office, Barack Hussain Obama is quickly running this country down the road to financial and social ruin...it's as plain as the nose on one's face...anybody failing to see that, is either uninformed, a Marxist, hard core Socialist, or just a Gawddam Fool. No Conspiracy theorist am I...but I am a realist and a Christian(albeit a very flawed one). And it doesn't take someone with an IQ above 130 to figure out we, as a country, and the world, are in deep dung.

Obama and financier socialist George Soros have The US in their sites...their goal is power, absolute power, and the death of American Sovereignty and Capitalism. In case you haven't noticed, changes(as his majesty Barack promised) are coming at us like a speeding freight train, and I doubt if there is time to get out of the way. I believe, and many like minded folks believe, this was the grand plan of Obama and his minions all along. Of course many think we that think this way are just radical right wing wingnuts...Radical Right Wing? Perhaps, Nutjob? Perhaps....but I believe what I see...and it is happening at break neck speed.

The stock market is headed for a fall, Hell, it's already fallen...but that is not what is important in the grand scheme of things. What is important is...Obama is pushing us towards the Road to Serfdom...the cost will be our freedom, both financially and socially, we are being led by the nose(and the main stream media) towards Hell on earth, and sadly, most don't have a freaking clue.

Books worth the read_______

The following books are hardly the stuff written by untalented hacks, all are works of art and have been around for years....and all portell what is heading our way.

(1) Five Thousand Year Leap, by W. Cleon Skousen

(2) Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

(3) The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek

(4) 1984 by George Orwell(fiction yes, but still worth another look if you haven't read it since High School or never at all)

You don't have to read them in complete form....just the synopsis is a good start.

You don't have to believe me, I really don't care. I know what I believe, and I have come to the conclusions by myself...by reading, watching, searching, and digesting all that comes my way.

Obama and his mastermind George Soros are not your or America's friend. Take it for what's it's worth.....things are heading your way, you best be prepared. Sure the Stock Market will ebb and flow, but it will continue to drop deep in numbers...the Stimulus Package will fail, the US Government will continue to print money that we can't pay the interest on, let alone the debt itself, and the insane Bail Outs of "Businesses to big to fail"....we are heading for a major Disaster, ignore at your own peril.

For me, I plan on storing up bulk foods, guns, ammo, and praying to God, it doesn't happen like I see it.

"Wake Up America"{before it's to late}

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photos-The 1929 Crash...2009 is going to be worse! Obama and his financial henchman George Soros.


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

You are right Pat, and the sad thing is we can't do a damn thing about it. Unless the dumocraps wage up we will be done for. I have seen socialized medicine while in Australia, and I hope we don't see it here, but that is in the works as well. Stock up on ammo, it's very hard to find in Houston.

Anonymous said...

Have a good time at that gun show. You never know what will turn up at one of those.

Cookie..... said...

**sigh**, I hate it when yur right. You and I are tracking on the same wave-length.

You say wake up America. Yes, there are many under informed idiots that voted for, or support Obama for any number of reasons, many of them assinine, but as for the rest, I see a HUGE amount of DENIAL on the part of many folks who absolutely DO NOT see, or won't see the gravity of our nation's situation.

..."and the beat goes on...and the beat goes on."

PRH....... said...

Well Cookie, I never trusted this bastard...I don't care how charming, how well read, how smart, or how black, white, or inbetween he might be....He is a Socialist at best, hard core Marxist at worst.

I'm not one to say "I told you so", but it didn't take long for this tiger to show his stripes.

We are in deep do-do! All you can do is protect you and yours...and fight for what you believe, I plan on it.

Cookie..... said...

Agree'd Pat. I figured I'd at least give the sonofabitch a fair opportunity, and like you said, "it didn't take long at all."

The bastard, along with Pelosi, Reid, Frank, George Soros and all the other lying Socialist/Communist assholes are taking this once great nation right down the tubes, and I, like many, MANY others feel almost totally powerless to stop it. Our so called fucking political rep's do just what the hell they want and NOT what their constituants want.

In the next day or so I'm gonna post Glenn's 12 principles and beliefs, you know, the traditional values you and I grew up with in the movies and early TV and what our parents taught us. Stuff that the children today have almost no idea about. BOTH parties have failed us miserably so the system is badly broken, but not beyond repair. As you know, I tend to use humor, satire and comedy to make my point(s) in that I am not a very prolific writer like many others, including yourself. This is my format.

What I feel is that folks like you and I and many others can do is start fighting back on our blogs and articles. The battle isn't lost, in fact I see it as just beginning. I spilt blood for this nation, and maybe you as well, and I'm not going to cave and give in without doing whatever I can. If I sound depressed and saddened about the state of our nation, it's because I am. Folks like you, "Grandpa-Old Soldier", myself and all your patriotic readers need to be silent no longer. I'm beginning to feel a subtle, yet definate ground swell of discontent and stirring to life of people who love this country and are seeking answers as to how to begin to get organised and take it back.

Sorry about the rant, but from here on out I'm really gonna be expressing my thoughts and feelings and talking to as many folks as will listen. I hope you'll join me in this effort.

God Bless America, cause at this juncture in history, she really needs it.

PRH....... said...

I think the pot is boiling just below the surface Cookie...Beck and others are keeping those that want to be informed, informed...the rest are in ignorant bliss.....but they will find out soon enough.

In my 60 years(coming this month) I have never felt or seen anything like this...this is even more intense than the 60s when the hippy bastards were protesting us....the battle of will and wit is just beginning. I'm in for the long haul.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I did a post some time ago about the need for another Hartford Convention of 1814-15. This took place during the War of 1812 when the New England states met to put forth seven amendments to present to Washington DC in protest of the policies that threatened to bankrupt them. Sorry history teacher thing. We need that same spirit today to bring to light the utter insanity of Obamaism. I agree with you.

Trish said...

We've begun our own Conservative movement here in PA, called PACC and are getting a "We surround them" group together as well.
We personally have purchased firearms, and extra ammo, are taking safety courses and stocking up on canned food. That takes care of hubby and I but what will I be able to do for our children and their kids? Pray, I suppose!
Beck is right though, if any of the things he proposes occurs by themself, we are in trouble, but if a perfect storm occurs and multiple events happen, which I believe is what is being orchestrated by Soros Obama and company, we are in for true armageddon!

PRH....... said...

Right you are Trish....and the beat goes on.

FHB said...

The teacher's got a decent idea. We need some new amendments, like a personal liberty law... You run your life, not some bureaucrat!

But Hartford killed the Federalists. Nobody voted for them again. Republicans may be dead. We'll see.

Time to forge a new party that really believes in fiscal conservatism and individual rights, that isn't run by religious wackos and rhinos.