Monday, January 19, 2009

The One gets Crowned/Worst Presidents Ever!

Tomorrow Barack Hussain Obama becomes President of these United States...Barry and his followers are determined to make it "The Socialist States of Amerika"...thanks to the Bush and Democratic Congressional bail outs, they already have a pretty good start. This guy is going to be a bad President, at least for the first 2 years. You need look no farther than his "plans" and his picks for his Cabinet....a group of Marxists, Socialists, and Greenly can bet his court appointments will be the same. The Junior Senator from the crime ridden capital of Illinois, Chicago, is way over his head. He's a guppy in a world of large mouth, tax spending, hungry Bass. In short, Obama, is out of his league.

I've made it a point to ignore politics, and not watch the crowning of Barry Soetoro, since the election...but even Fox News is gushing all over themselves in anticipation of the $150 million Inauguration party which starts tomorrow...Bush, who those with Bush Derangement have despised, well "W" and his cohorts spent only $42 Million. I actually heard Washington Post loudmouth Sally Quinn talk about the Obama's in the same vein as the Kennedy's...."Camelot", she they said the same thing about the gang of white trash that the Clintons brought to Washington....The media is so in tank with the Democrats, it is almost laughable, if it wasn't so sickening, and Obama so dangerous.

I've seen and read from Republicans and even some real Conservatives that they want Obama, after all he is our President, to be a success....I'm not going to lie, I want him to be a flop, a one term disaster, a total failure. Why? Because, if he succeeds, we become a Socialist or worse yet, a European style shithole...controlled by Washington and it's bureaRATS. A "Nanny State" which our kids and grandkids, and their kids, will never be able to pay off the debt for. So folks, I don't want Barry to be a success, I want him to be a one term failure. Why lie, like so many others are doing? I won't, I can't!

Tomorrow it begins, brace yourself, bend over, and grab your wallets!

Bush and the worst Presidents of my lifetime.

I voted for George W. Bush, not once, but twice. I don't regret it. However, I am disappointed in his record over the last 8 years....Bush is not the worst President of my lifetime...not even close, I can think of 3 disasters as President that were far worse.... but first off "W".

Bush 2 came to DC with solid Conservative credentials...he gave those away by failing to stop runaway Congressional spending(he would seldom veto anything), working with liberals, such as that drunken assclown Teddy Kennedy on bills like education. You never work with snakes, unless you are a Pentecostal Preacher. He supported the flood of illegals, let Border Agents be jailed(they are still there) for defending themselves and the border. And he spit in Israel's eye by calling Islam, "The Religion of Peace" and stifling our ally in it's efforts to bomb the Hell out of Iran.

Those more than offset his good work on the War on Terror and his court nominees, especially his 2 Supreme Court picks....Bush was a disappointment, but can you imagine if either Al Gore or John "Hanoi" Kerry has been sitting in the White House? A freaking disaster for sure.

I was born in 1949...Harry S Truman had won the White House on his own, defeating NY Governor Thomas Dewey. All I can say about Harry is, he ended the Second World War, and he did the right thing....Bombing the crap out of Japan, was the right thing.

Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower, was a war hero, and a moderate Republican....he built the Interstate President, I guess he was OK....myself, I would have much rather had someone like General George Patton in charge of both the war in Europe(he would have taken out the Soviets, saving us money and time) and White House, Patton would have probably kicked ass as President.

JFK? He wasn't in long enough to rate...a womanizer, Kennedy, despite what you read, was a fiscal conservative. The left would like you to think he was a hard core liberal...maybe in his sexual habits, but not in the running of the country. Sadly, he didn't last long enough to give him a thumbs up or down.

LBJ, Lydon Baines Johnson, ranks #2 on my list of worst Presidents of my lifetime....this corrupt son of a bitch got us into the war in Vietnam, based on lies, and then refused to win it....he was in bed with the industrial/Wall Street complex, who didn't want to piss of China. How's that working? China now freaking owns US. The second coming of the New Deal, aka The Great Society, was a disaster, as was his Civil Rights legislation....say what you will, those little items divided the country by class and race, they did not bring us together.

Nixon...much like Bush, Richard Nixon was a self proclaimed Conservative, he turned Washington into more rules and brought more Bureaucrats. Forget Watergate, I could care less, Nixon was a paranoid big spending politician, who decided to rub elbows with China, and like above with LBJ, they now own US.

Ford---never elected as President or Vice President, Gerald Ford was a good guy, it seems, and severed with honor....he was a transition President.

Jimmy Carter--#1 on my list of Bad Presidents in my lifetime....this Georgian was no peach...he did however have a brain the size of the peanuts he planted. The worst President in my lifetime, and possibly the worst of all time was a disaster. Jimmy coined the phrase "Misery Index" then proceeded to put it to record the time we got this clown(much like Obama, way over his head) out of office, we had seen unemployment over 12% and interest rates at 21%. We had been shamed in the Iran failed rescue and watched as Carter slithered back to Georgia, disgraced and a failure....somehow this bastard keeps coming back, and the media, like they did in the 1970s, gives him a pass.

Ronald Reagan...simply the best President of my lifetime, no one else comes close.

Bush 1...a disappointment, he never embraced Reagan's policies, left Iraq and Kuwait before we finished business, and was in bed with Congress on tax increases. George Herbert Walker Bush was a mediocre President.

And then there is Clinton, or should I say the Clinton's. Like a bad smell under the house, we can't seem to get rid of these 2 and their friends. Hillary, rejected by the loons on the left has still managed to weasel her way into Secretary of State status under Obama....lots of luck Barry with that appointment.

Bill Clinton is #3 on my list of worst Presidents of my lifetime....a liar, a womanizer, and most likely a murderer....and those may be his good qualities. If nothing else Clinton was so bad, that the GOP gained control of Congress, both houses together, for the first time in 40 years in 1994. That however, did not stop him from appointing far left judges to all courts, selling nuclear secrets to China, with the help of VP Al Gore, for campaign cash, and corrupting the very foundations of Federal Government to the point it may and probably won't, ever recover.

So there you have it....for what's it worth(which isn't much), my list of past Presidents, and my outlook for the crowning of King Obama it or not, I will not sugar coat my distaste for everything Obama, and will point out his faults when necessary...his good qualities? Why should I point those out, if he has any? The media and slobbering morons of Hollywood and pop culture will do that.

In other news...the weather has stabilized, it is 5 above as I type this, the snow won't be melting anytime soon. But after a cold one today, another Federal Holiday no less, things will seem average for the next week or so. Congrats to Sam, he officially made the Deans' List at Ohio State-Lima with a 3.9 of a possible 4.0 in his first quarter back(after a 6 years layoff) majoring in Actuarial Science, keep it up Sam! Hal finished the first quarter of his Masters at Wright State with a 4.0...he will get his Masters in High School History Education this Spring, hopefully there will be some jobs out there, but if not, I guess he can drive truck until something pops up....not that he wants to, but its' good to have a back up.

Basketball at Columbus Grove tonight, with Dartball in Rockford to follow.

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Photos-Obama and his Very Rev Racist White, Bush and the 3 biggest assholes that seved as President in my lifetime.

And one more thing....I would be remiss if I didn't mention that you should celebrate the birth of a Great American on this day.....that would be one

GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE...born this day, January 19, 1807.

Who did you think I was talking about?


Cookie..... said...

Patrick, first off Mate, you never cease to amaze me... ;-)

Regarding the past Presidents, I like you, grew up in the same time period(s), and almost completely agree with your assesments of our past several leaders. I disliked Clinton and Carter the most.

You ended on a rather humorous note regarding Robert E...thought that was apropos...

I do have to disagree in one area though. I, as I'm sure you know, are as anti-Obama as anyone, However, for him to fail in his first term would drastically hurt our nation considering all that needs to be fixed. To wish him to fail is like "cutting your nose off to spite your face" dont'cha think my friend. As distastfull as is it to me, I wish him well and success, and yes, I know it will probably mean a second term if he is successful, but I must put my country first before my personal likes and dislikes, as I know you did back in the day (Nam)... ;-)

I'm sure that somewhere down deep, you would like to see him fix the nation first, and then not get elected for a second term.

Trish said...

Pat, I am with ya 100%. I don't want him to "succeed", because I do not agree with any of his plans or the policies he will likely enact. I want him to keep us safe, and not to do any more damage to our economy, but succeed, no. I want ths country to survive his presidency, and be ready to replace him in 2012. I want him not to appoint far left justices, but doubt I will get my wish. I want him not to screw up the wars in the middle east, but don't know that I will get that wish either.
I don't want anything he has promised to do to happen, so no I do not wish him success.

Pat Houseworth said...

Only because I think he's a Socialist Cookie....there is nothing personal about me wanting him to fail. I think if he is a success, it will mean Socialism or worse for US...and I don't want that at all. But I know where you are coming from brother.

Trish, you hit my thoughts on the head of the nail...thanks

Deborah Wilson said...

Good post, Pat.

Also, if anyone is interested in predictions, there is a good poll going on over on Scott Gallup's blog, Meltdown 2011, concerning the predictions of Obama being tested, by Joe Biden, Colin Powell, and Michelle Obama.

I voted for Economic death spiral - but I'm still concerned about the possibilty of Klingons......:)


Yes, according to most historians, Robert E. Lee has been rated as the best-ever general, especially in character...

TexasFred said...

The WORST POTUS hasn't been sworn in yet, and they will pale when history judges them after tomorrow..

Happy Birthday Gen. Lee!!

Cookie..... said...

Thanks Deborah. From everything I've read about the man, it's a wonder the Union won the war, and yes, he was a man of outstanding character. Perhaps it was his character that lead him to the various decisions which cost the South...

Deborah Wilson said...


Perhaps, in part, it was his various decisions that cost the south. But not only his - other CSA Generals/Officers too. The issue has been debated over and over again - what if? - or what if they had done this? One thing that is agreed on is the main thing that cost the south was allowing the western union divisions to meet with the eastern union divisons - thereby empowering both Sherman and Sheridan.

The sad fact is that the CSA did not have the man power to start with that the north had - and at no time did the CSA have the option of refreshing their ranks as the north did - mainly of new immigrants. The CSA also had to make do/fight with less superior weapons and no medicine to fight pain and/or infections. Considering, I think General Lee did real well.

Most people today don't realize that the WBTS was actually federalist against anti-federlists - centeralized federal power - and not slavery, rather the expansion of slavery into the western territories, a secondary issue.

Another sad fact is that 50+ years before the WBTS, Americans allowed men of design to begin to cause regional division - they allowed it to happened.

Gen Lee was a fine Union General - when Lincoln ask him to lead the Union army against the south, Lee refused.


The 19th century mentality. The 19th century man considered his state and States Rights more important than Union. Gen Lee would not fight his state or his people. Plus, the Union was already dissolved - America was 2 different countries, the USA and the CSA.

Lincoln couldn't accept division because he would have to let go of southern tariffs (taxes).

So General Lee made the right decision for the South - and gave it his all.

But keep in mind that sympathies were abound in that war - north or south, both armies were still Americans - neighbors, friends, and in many instances, family.

Lee has been criticized for his many retreats - perhaps they were necessary - perhaps not.

Lt. Col. Martin received heavy criticism over his decision to stop the battle at Cheatham Hill, Dead Angle (Kennesaw Mt.) because union soldiers were burning to death...

Where does a man's sympathies and loyalities stop in war, if they ever do for those who are/once were fellow countrymen?

Perhaps it is these demonstrations of character ( Gen Lee and Lt. Col. Martin) that seperate those of the federalists, socialists and marxists and their greed. Do you think that Sherman or Sheridan would have stopped a battle because Confederate soldiers were burning alive??

If so, we may have a chance to see the true nature this beast in our life time - maybe then all Americans will have a chance to better understand what happened in the mid 19th century to cause that division - and what we are still fighting against today.

At least some are still fighting.

Tomorrow, I'm sure all commies will hold a toast to Karl Marx.

It is Karl Marx's crap that really cost the south - indeed the union - and the Constitution - and not General Lee, or Jefferson Davis, or any other southern leader.

But they don't teach all of this in school anymore....

Analyzing the results of the voting polls, it looks like schools are slacking on Civics 101 too!


Pat Houseworth said...

Good History Lessons Deb...thanks

Deborah Wilson said...

There for the ones who don't know or don't understand - high school history books are slacking these days. And not just about the WBTS.

An example to note:

If someone looked at the picasa album that I put together of the City/Confederate Cemetery, when they come across the pic of Mary Phagan's grave, most people (even locals) have no idea who she was or who Leo Frank was, nor will they know how both of them are connected to the anti-defamation league. If I stood at a certain spot about 2 blocks east from the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Roswell Rd., people will see a plaque dedicated to Frank, but 90% of people (again) will not know who he was or why horrors happened on/near that spot.

(Ironically, I too grew up 'not knowing' about this - no one talked about it. But I think it was more out of embarrassment/guilt rather than only a difference of opinion.)

It serves to show that time erases the public's interest and long periods of time (decades, centuries) can also erase the public's memory if parents and schools lose the desire/will to teach certain subjects especially those that pertain to history or regional culture. The past, and lessons that we learn from it are very important to the future.

Lest we forget.


George W. Bush fooled us all. Yesterday, I was glad to hear that he commuted the sentences of Compean and Ramos - although I think that they should be going home immediately and not have to wait until March. They deserve a full pardon...

The universe smiled on them, yesterday was a good day!

Ron Simpson said...

I will support President Obama just as much as he and his supporters supported the Presidents I have voted for.

Which is to say, I will fight his policies tooth and nail and will spit defiantly into the face of all liberalism.

Today begins the Resistence. Fight hard. Do not despair and never surrender.