Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OSU-Close But No Cigar!

Just stuck the camera out the landing window a minute ago....as you can see the snow has just started, it appears however, that that will turn into ugly sleet and freezing rain before long.....1/10 to 2/10ths is slated to fall, making travel a mess. Not much snow but plenty of rain and some ice continues in the flatlands of western Ohio.

Meanwhile the entire state of Ohio wakes up to another BCS hangover....our Ohio State Buckeyes have lost their 3rd straight BCS game, at least this one was not to a SEC school, wasn't in the National Championship Game, and was close and respectable.

The Buckeyes came from behind to take a 21-17 lead over the Texas Longhorns with 2 minutes left last night, only to see UT drive the field and win on a broken defensive play with 16 seconds left....OSU now stands at 4-4 under Jim Tressel in Bowl Games, and 3-3(with 3 straight losses) in BCS games playing for "The Vest"...or "The Weasel" as I like to call him. The good news locally was that St. Henry grad, Senior Todd Boeckman, finally got back on the field for some extended playing time, and was by far a better QB than FreshmanTerrell Pryor, Pryor is a outstanding athlete, but just does not throw a deep ball well enough yet.....so the Ohio State University comes up short again....28 seniors, including Boeckman, finish with 4 straight Big Ten Championships(2 shared, 2 outright), but only one bowl victory, that over Notre Dame in January 2006. Hopefully we will see Boeckman and a number of other seniors play in the NFL....despite the lackluster support on the coaching front from Tressel.

Depending on the weather, I return to basketball officiating this afternoon...Sam and I are at Waynesfield for a Junior High double header....

That's about it...however I would be remiss if I didn't say "Happy Birthday" to Buck and Lin's resident state of New Mexico....and aren't you guys glad to be getting Bill Richardson back as Gov? :)

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photos-top The snow getting started early this morning....and local kid Todd Boeckman and Ohio State lose a heartbreaker to Texas in the Fiesta Bowl.


Buck said...

...aren't you guys glad to be getting Bill Richardson back as Gov? :)

Well, in a way... yes. Billy-Boy might could have done some serious damage as SecCommerce; he's pretty much done all he can do to New Mexico. Dang... did I just type that? ;-)

Sorry about OSU. Great game, tho!

The Lonely Conservative said...

Sorry about your Buckeyes...but it could be worse-you could be an SU football fan. At least we have a basketball team!

Your weather is headed my way. Maybe the kids will get a weather delay and we can sleep in a bit in the AM:-)

Ron Simpson said...

Hey Pat. I have been fighting off a bad upper respiratory infection, so my blogging has been limited.
I had a hard time not rooting for Ohio State. But I had to support a Big 12 team, even if it was Texas. It left a bad taste in my mouth, like voting for McCain did, but I had to. Texas winning just improved OU's standings.

Pat Houseworth said...

Ron....Tressel leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I was rooting for the local kids..Boeckman(went to school where my wife teaches, and I work games with his brother, his dad is St Henry AD and former FB coach), and Ross Homan and his "little" brother from Coldwater.

I do like the fact that the last 3 BCS Championship games have been coached by Ohio born coaches on both sides...Tresell, Stoopes, Meyer, and Les Miles.....

I think tomorrow will be close, and Sam Bradford may make the difference.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

BCS sucks anyway, undefeated Utah are the real champs.