Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More White Death

The forecasters were calling for at first 1 to 2 inches in the Celina area, then 2 to 4, 3 to 5, and finally they said "Screw it" and called for 9 to 12 inches of snow...only then did they get it appears from my back yard ruler rule we got about 10 inches of the "White Death"...the schools and colleges are Hal a chance to leave the Dayton area and go skiing at Mad Mountain near Bellefountaine, Ohio, while Sam's break gave him the chance to help Ma and Pa Houseworth out with the digging, then going over Grandma's house and dig a path for his Uncle Mike to the car...which he won't be using anytime soon, as the alley where the car is next to has not been touched...I plowed the Jeep Wrangler into that alley and with the inch of ice on the bottom of all that snow, I slid off into the neighbor's side and had one Hell of a time getting out...even 4 wheel beasts like the Wrangler slip and slid on I did get though and plowed like a 16 year old through the side alleys...sometimes the kid in you has to come out.

The most snow we have had since last March, when the short lived 14 inches came our melted quickly, like most March snows however, when the temps climbed to 50 a couple of days later...this one will be sticking around awhile.

Even with Dayton getting a heavy snow, it should have little or no effect on our Mini-Reunion for Vietnam Air Force Cops on Saturday....we plan on taking shovels to dig out around the statue for Air Force Security Police for our prayer service honoring the men who died at TET on January 31, 2009. Then we will move inside for our tour of the Air Force Museum and a hello and BS session...we are still hopeful of a gathering of around 100...and even though it's a Midwest event, we have guys coming from Florida, Virginia, and even Montana. Should be a great day!
We did get our games in, Sam at Spencerville, while I made the slippery drive 50 miles north to Antwerp, sliding home in the intrepid before the roads deteriorated as they were this morning.

I could do some more ranting about the disgrace of Obama's $825 billion stimulus(see Pork) package...but the out of his league rookie has become a joke in his own right...he sees radio talk icon Rush Limbaugh as his arch enemy....maybe Barry should don a mask and with his trusty rusty sidekick, Joe "Hair Plug" Biden fight the evil Conservative "Talkers", Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck....

Obama is a Punk...his followers are gawd damn fools! And anybody that hasn't figured that out by now, is a hopeless dolt.

Stay warm, wherever you might be.....

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Photos---Various scenes of The Great White Death of 1/28/09 in my front and back, the picnic table ruler...says about 10.5 inches/The driveway before the work began, Patricia starts on the front porch/the view from Livingston Street, and the driveway once the shoveling and plowing was complete.


Anonymous said...

Four wheel drive just skitters on ice. I found that out the hard way a long time ago when I went around a "road closed" sign on a mountain pass thinking I had nothing to worry about.

BRUNO said...

Kinda like tryin' to steer those steel balls through the gates on a bumper-pool game---bounce off THIS, hit THAT, etc. BUT---eventually, you WILL go through, however it may be backwards, sideways, forwards---or any combination of the three!!!

It's all in the footwork. Not to mention loose elbow joints...!!!

Cookie..... said...

Hey some snow photygraffs posted over at The Shack that might jog a memory or two fer ya.... ;-)