Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do you have those days/weeks?

Where nothing seems to come out of your mind worth writing about? Well that is where I'm at now.....plenty on the table, but can't put it into words.

Gun Laws...Obama...Marxism...Obama...Coming Financial "Depression"...Obama....upcoming Vietnam Reunion at Wright-Patterson...Obama...coming down with another cold...Obama...Armaageddon...Obama...The end of Capitalism....Obama...2 months until spring...Obama....Hillzilla Clinton as Secretary of State...Obama!!

There you have it, plenty of stuff to write about, but the thought of this man leading the Free World trumps all....I see the Dow is down about 300 points at Noon, I see the Tax Cheat has passed committee 18-5(way to go RINOS) with the help of the GOP to become the Treasury Secretary....

So I have a mental block, sue me!

I'll be back with more tomorrow. Basketball, Girls League game at Lincolnview tonight.....

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photos-both of these make some folks feel good, one is good for you, the other isn't. I'll leave it to you to pick and choose.


Larry said...

the thought of this man leading the Free World trumps all
Yep, I mentioned to the wife at dinner last night that it all seems like a dream -- or, more accurately, a nightmare.

Trish said...

Yeah, I had a dream, that this would never happen! A full fledged Socialist in the White House that is...

FHB said...

Well, the booze looks good! Relax man. We've got 4 years to sit back and watch the commode overflow.

The Lonely Conservative said...

I know just how you feel Pat. Tuesday night I hugged my two little boys and cried. What sort of future will they have?

Nothing we can do now except try to spread the word. Most Americans don't want to live in socialism.

They were duped by a stealth candidate with the aid of the media and Hollywood.

JihadGene said...

Shit happens.
Barack Whosenamed Obama proves that.

Great Reader KIM Jong IL
Koweefornia, Norf Korea/USA