Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mid Winter and other Events

Here we go, January 20, 2009, a so-called(by left wing loons and pundits) historic day in America. I agree, this is the day a hard core Socialist is installed as President of these United States. In a similar vein, I see where now fully 50% of our states have organized succession movements, are they related? Perhaps.

If you want to celebrate what is happening in this country...compare Ronald Reagan's inaugural speech and the one given today by Barack Obama....Obama is a Progressive, aka: Fascist! His followers and excuse makers are fools. As I said yesterday, I hope he fails miserably, because if he succeeds we, as a country, lose. Words mean something, and by Obama's very words, he is a Fascist, Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, whatever? He is something else....something, even the likes of Bill Clinton could not pull off....he is the tanned version of FDR, and that is not a good thing.

Ronald Reagan was a great President, Barack Obama will be a disaster.....and even the likes of Fox News(the so called Right Wing Network) are giving him a pass......I won't!

I won't be watching TV News today or perhaps for the next few days...my stomach has been rather unsettled of late, why make it worse?

Basketball and Dartball last night(where I continue to struggle going 3 for my last 29 at bats)...basketball at Lima Central Catholic tonight....

This morning, after an overnight low of 3, we got another inch of snow, then about 6AM the frozen fog rolled in for an hour, delaying schools, but that has cleared, and left us with the ice crystals on trees, shrubs, and wires.

That is it for today.....except to say a half hearted "Thank You" to George Bush for his release of the Border Agents yesterday....of course doing things the half-assed way, like he is used to. Bush only commuted their sentences, meaning he didn't have the guts to pardon them, instead releasing them(March 20th), with time spent....their crimes remain on the books. Better late than never George, but as usual, not quite good enough!

back later>>>>>

Photos-Ronald Reagan in Western Movie Garb...the Last Real American President, the rest have been wimps, whore mongers, and marxists./And some "icy" photos with crystals left by the overnight frozen fog.


Cookie..... said...

Without a doubt, the best President in my lifetime. I idolized that man.

Deborah Wilson said...

Hillary should have divorced Bill - if I were her, Slick Willie would have ended up in the dog house permanently. But, hey, his groovy personality saved the day!

The Hermit said...

That's beautiful there with the snow, but I'm about ready for some less beautiful but warmer scenery down here.

FHB said...

Very proud, still, that I voted for him. And it's friggin' 83 here today. Enjoy.