Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dartball Downer/Winter Drags On

I long ago came to the conclusion that the National Weather Service, with the billions in funding, research, and equipment, is no better that the Farmers Almanac when it comes to prediction of the weather. They have been throwing out the "White Death" is on its way card for the past 4 days....so far we have maybe 2 inches of snow and a 1/2 inch of ice. They have dropped the Blizzard Warning, but continue to call for snow, especially tomorrow(Wednesday) and tomorrow night...with high winds...just don't take it to Vegas and bet the house on it.

So for now the games are on at Waynesfield tonight....and despite the winds, the weather is not bad, although the temps will be dropping out of sight for the next few days...by Thursday, so they say, we will see highs near Zero with lows in the single digits below Zero....farther north and west(Minnesota and North Dakota) temps will drop to -35 and more, with the winds, it's gonna be frigid(so they say).

Last night I finished up a Girls Freshman game here in Celina and then cleaned up and headed to our weekly Church Dartball League game....at home I have been hitting over .500 this season, but have slipped off the past few weeks, which saw my overall average drop from .481 down to .397....home cooking, against a team we usually dominate, should bring my average back to more normal range, so I thought!

In my 14 season, the worst night I ever remember was on the road a number of years ago, hitting just 1 for 11....since that time I had produced at least 2 hits a night, even on my bad ones......last night, neither I nor the team could get untracked in the first game, and we dropped a 1-0 decision in game #1....now 1-0 is something you don't see often in Dartball....sure we have some new players, and the older guys(like myself) have been inconsistent, but 1-0? Our lead off hitter got the only 2 measly hits....game 2 wasn't much better, but we did come out on top 3-0....the team finally got in tune the final game and came out with a 10-2 win, to move to 3 wins 3 loses in the second half of the season.

The team got untracked, but as for me...???? I went 1 for 11, equalling my worst night in memory, I punched across an RBI with my only hit, and dropped to .353 on the season with 12 RBIs....a blow to my dart throwing ego to say the least. Not sure if it was from running the floor officiating or not, but my throws were just off...usually one dart outs that either hit the wire or just missed the white and touched up the orange(see board).

Oh' well, always next week....another set at Rockford, after I do a Junior High double header....

That's about it for my busy lifestyle for today.....

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photos-Dartball Board and Darts we use...we throw underhanded from 20 feet using Widdydarts(shown).


Buck said...

Do you have to use Widdydarts in dart-ball? Or are you allowed to "run what ya brung?"

I attempted to play traditional darts in a pub league when I lived in Britain... but dropped out after one season. The guys I played with were freakin' GOOD, and the league I was in was way too danged serious for me. I was there for a good time, the other guys were there for BLOOD.

And so ended my darts career. ;-)

Pat Houseworth said...

Have to use the WiddyDarts Buck.....some teams take the stuff serious, but most of us are just trying to get the kids involved and keep the tradition and league alive....it's been around since 1938. One of our players was with the league when it started, and at 92 he's still batting in the mid to upper .300 range. The guys is amazing.