Monday, January 5, 2009


Didn't really know what to call today's post, so hummmm it is...The Christmas season has come and gone, now we(at least here in the North country) can look forward to another 2 to 3 months of winter type weather. So far, it's been pretty normal, no deep cold spells, no big snow storm, but plenty of rain and some ice when the temps dip below freezing....if we keep this type of weather until mid March, I can deal with it.

Patricia headed back to school this morning, Sam back to OSU-Lima, and Anissa goes back to her usual routine....Hal is back in Fairborn, with classes set to begin at both Fariborn High School, and his grad schedule back at Wright State is beginning this week as well.

Guess I could talk about the International and National scene...The Israelis continue to pound and kick the crap out of the criminal element called Hamas and their trash followers in the Gaza Strip, you gotta wonder how much longer before Israel takes matters into their own hands and attacks the main problem, Iran? Because as long as Iran gets a free pass from Europe, UN, and the American Left, they will continue to build their nuclear arsenal, and be a threat to Israel....

Or I could talk about the totally corrupt politics of the American Left....Gov Blog-O and his hand picked Senate replacement for Barry, will he, Burris, be seated? Or more political fun..New Mexico's Governor, Bill Richardson, done before he was even confirmed as Secretary of Commerce, seems Billy Boy has taken some kick backs(although they use a different name now days, it's called Pay to Play)....I wonder if Richardson would take a IQ Test? My guess is, his is somewhere in the double digit range....not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

And how could I forget former Saturday Night Live and Air Amerika Radio failure Al Franken stealing, along with the courts and DNC, the Minnesota Senate anybody really surprised? The GOP really knows how to lose, don't they? The whimps go down without a fight, as usual.

How about football? The NFL first weekend of playoffs was pretty well ho-hum. I don't have a dog in the fight any longer, I was rooting for Miami, but they are 1 and done. So maybe I'll pick the sad sack Arizona Cardinals, they finally got their first win in the playoffs since the team was in Chicago back in 1947...they never won a playoff game in St. Louis, and this is it's first in Arizona...Go Cards! I guess?

Speaking of football...Ohio State goes against Texas tonight in the Fiesta Bowl....the Buckeyes, who have been whipped in the past 2 National Championship games, are big surprise there, so I'll pick Texas, and hope the reverse comes up....after being totally wrong in my predictions the past 2 years, maybe I can reverse OSU and my fortunes.

I, along with friend Rick, and his 2 sons went over to Fort Wayne to the first 2009 gun show Saturday...not a big crowd, because Lima and Dayton also had shows within 60 miles of Celina. A bit of an overkill I bargains, but I did get a gander at what I plan on buying, but I wanted to price compare. I have discovered that good(not great) personal protection can be had for reasonable money these days....the Manufacture is out of Ohio and their handguns are rifles are of the Hi-Point can pick up a 9MM pistol for a fraction of what a Glock or other high priced piece will cost you, and the reviews are pretty good, about 90% positive. This made the trip well worth while. I will be purchasing one or two in the next few weeks.

This month will be busy, I have 15 dates for basketball, and I have been the point man for our upcoming Air Force Vietnam Sky Cop Reunion on January 31st. It looks like, despite the Ohio winter, we will have a large group getting together with wives, at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton.....

And who could forget, "The Messiah" will be coming to a home near you January 20, 2009. One Barry Soetoro Obama will be crowned King of America by the press and liberal lap dogs....he will inherit a boat load of problems, and like any good Socialist, I suspect Obama will try throwing money and regulations at those problems, while our personal freedoms take another hit.

And Hell, to top it off, I turn 60 in March....yes sirree kiddies, 2009 is gonna be one hell of a time!

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Buck said...

Good luck to OSU tonite... I think they'll need it. Then again, wasn't Texas Tech favored? And didn't they get their clock cleaned... and quite well, at that? Point being: ya never know.

That said... I've found the bowl games to be rather disappointing this year. Which is rather strange, since I thought the regular season was pretty danged GOOD this year!

Sarge Charlie said...

I stole the robinhood, I am sure I will find a place to use it someday.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I'm on track to be there the 31st. I had to make sure I didn't have soccer stuff, school stuff, etc. Thanks for organizing this.

The Bucks, tried but fell short. That last part was like a dagger in the heart. I took some grief from kids in school but that's OK. I gave them a speech about my disdain for bandwagon jumpers, as stood wearing a Bengals shirt. Talk about loyalty.

Pat Houseworth said...

T&O Teach...the youngest son, the one at Fairborn, said it was his most devastating loss as a fan....told him, "Hey it's Football, nothing important..." But it is tough to lose one that you have won.

See you on the 31st.....looking forward to it.