Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama is....Out of his League!

Still in a battle with my second cold of the winter...and I've got to say, this is a nasty one. After going 3 years or so without any virus problems, this winter has taken it's toll...but at least my back is holding out, so far.

As I watch the first few days of the Obama Administration, one thing shines clear. The man is out of his league...a rookie, a lightweight, not ready for prime time. Whatever you want to call him, the one thing for sure is, this guy is not Presidential material.

He called for change, so what does he do? Hires retread after retread from the Clinton years. He wants to work across the isle(so he says), but responds to his GOP critics, "I won"(question is Barry, what have you won, except a thankless job, you aren't ready to handle?), he tells the GOP not to listen to Rush Limbaugh. Yep, that will work, as soon as you and your henchman put the "Hush Rush" Fairness Doctrine into place.

In addition to the retreads from the Clintons, he appoints a Treasury Secretary that is a tax cheat to run the IRS...nice move Barry! He plans to close down GITMO in Cuba...of course "The Ebony Messiah" has no clue what to do with the terrorists housed there....lots of luck with that one Barry. He appoints a hired gun, anti gun stooge, Eric Holder, as Attorney General...this is the guy who ordered his Jack Booted ATF agents to break into a young Cuba refugees home at gun point to kidnap him and return him to Castro's Cuba, against his dead mother's wishes.

In other brilliant moves, "The One" appoints his arch enemy Hillary Clinton and her baggage(see former President as husband) to be Secretary of she can report on the small arms fire she receives when visiting Bosnia and other 3rd world countries. He opens up the US Taxpayers wallets to pay for abortions in other countries...nice moves Barry, you idiot!

And this clown has not been in office a can bet other brilliant moves, including more assaults on the first and second Amendments are in store.

Barry Barack Obama=Out of his league/out of his mind! And for those that voted for this lightweight, choke on your change! The Islamic terror community has to be licking their chops at this guys ineptitude.
And no, the Republicans don't get a pass...all too many of those in Washington are all set to approve his Cabinet without questions, and pass his bullshit stimulus package. which will reach $2 Trillion before it's said and done. Nice work cowards of the GOP.
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Trish said...

You took the words out of my mouth Pat. Mr. Obama is in for a rude awakening, from his unhappy leftists who wanted ALL war to end, to his fawning press, who at some point will have to stop the adoration and actually report on facts.
We also have the Gaffer; he may be a lot of fun! Biden said Sunday that additional U.S. forces will be engaging the enemy more. Asked if that means the U.S. public should expect more American casualties, the vice president said: "I hate to say it, but yes, I think there will be. There will be an uptick."

Barry is not ready, as exhibited by his first days in office; he's already made some really bad decisions, like the closing of Gitmo without a having a plan to deal with the detainees! Bonehead move.
Looks like the next 4 years are going to be a bumpy ride!

Pat Houseworth said...

I agree Trish, and I'm not one who wants him to succeed....his agenda's success, is the nation's failure, a failure called radical Socialism.

Cookie..... said...

Hey mate, I just posted an article regarding the Jefferson quotes you sent me, and was over here just checking on something else, and almost missed the "DOPE" part of the poster....good one amigo! :-) :-)

Deborah Wilson said...


I haven't said a word - I'm watching and thinking about all of this... letting it all soak in...

After all, I don't want to mess up his first week of joy and the bliss that he must be feeling, weilding the pen!

And I still haven't seen a birth certificate...or college records...are the things that he's signing with that pen legal??

State Representatives should be finding out - or maybe they should be voted out.

Donald Douglas said...

Great essay, Pat!