Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Storm Warning

Sent out an e-mail to many of you this morning, laughing at the so-called Winter Storm Warning we have in west don't get me wrong, my wife has to drive 10 miles or so each way in this mess, and Sam is at OSU-Lima then to Delphos for a basketball game and back to Lima for a college contest tonight....and the roads, especially the back ones have a layer of ice.....the Intrepid was sliding around this morning...the Jeep is on call for the next run up town.

But seriously...Winter Storm Warning...they are calling for 2 to 4 inches....this is hardly a "storm", a lite snow? Yes, slippery roads? Yep, but don't call it a STORM! I suspect we will get at least the 4 inches maybe some additional amounts, but nothing that the trusty snow blower(hauled out for the first time this season) can't handle....I've made one pass on the sidewalks along Brandon Avenue and Livingston Street, and done the 50 foot gravel driveway as well.....a nice layer of ice keeps the blower from sucking up the stones and toss them like missiles. Once more this afternoon should do the trick....our main concern is some wind and then the bottom drops out as far as temperatures....chill factors to -30 below tomorrow and Friday, I've seen worse, but still this sucks.
Did a Junior High boys double header last night at partner was a former High School Varsity Coach, who teaches at one of the Lima area schools....the second game, the 8th grade contest was a bear...we called 56 fouls, and could have called 100. And neither one of us is inclined to have a "quick whistle" was just one of those games that both teams seemed to be out of control.

In area baseball news, one of the better local Baseball Coaches from Parkway High School was "non-renewed" last night at the school board a 3-2 vote he was 'canned', despite the fact that the Athletic Director, Superintendent, and Principal wanted this successful coach came down to a board member being upset because his kid didn't play varsity as a as payback he got 2 others to join him in vote the coach out. Not a good situation, but since I work games there I will leave my personal opinions at that.

One final note on the last days of George Bush as President....a personal message........... Show some guts and make your miserable 8 years worth something...PARDON THE BORDER AGENTS! Ramos and Compean have been in prison for several years now for shooting a drug smuggling border jumper in the ass as he tried to one last thing to piss the left off...pardon or at the very least commute their sentences to time spent. You've had no guts when dealing with illegals and Mexico, so I expect you to sit on your ass on this one....making you the biggest asshole of all the RINOs claiming to be Republicans. We have enough suck ups with Obama in charge, do the right thing W and release these men before next Monday. Otherwise you are no better than that scumbag Johnny Sutton that prosecuted them. I voted for you twice, and supported the war on terror and Supreme Court picks, but the illegals and the bail outs have pissed me off big time!

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photos-The White Death strikes my yard and streets....we may get 4" or 5"....not exactly the blizzard of 1978, but the local news seems to think so.


Buck said...

Nice pics. And this is EXACTLY the way I prefer to see snow... in pictures taken somewhere other than where I am. ;-)

Stay warm, Pat.

Larry said...

I'm right with ya on the two border patrol guys, Pat. Both the wife and I have written to George about this. Yep, they've served enough time already. And their record deserves to be expunged via a pardon! Crappy weather here in N IL too. Tired of moving snow!

Deborah Wilson said...

Nice pics - but, yeah, keep the snow!!! It's 29 degrees this morning, getting down to 11 degrees tonight, that's cold enough for me...:)

Ramos and Compean:

They should never have been arrested much less prosecuted and sent to prison. But George W. Bush is not going to pardon them - at least I don't believe that he will.

It goes to show that Border Patrol Agents have no authority - makes me wonder why we have them on the border at all...

The drug cartels are apparently running Mexico. According to a report from WND a report prepared by USJFC states that Mexico is in danger of collapse because of drug rule.

To make matters even scarier, I thought I might drop D.A. Kings list of illegal immigration supporters to this comment. D. A. King is president of the Dustin Inman Society who is dedicated to secure borders and stopping illegal immigration. When you look at his list, it becomes very clear that the pro-illegal alien/open borders lobby is very large and very powerful.

Here is the link to D. A. King's list.

Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren supports and enforces the 287(g) program - and he is under fire aall the time from the newly formed Cobb Coalition - D.A. King takes a look at who they are.

This is going on all over the country - not just in Georgia, or Cobb County in particular. I think all Sheriff's should participate in the 287(g) program, especially southern Sheriff's. Because obviously the Border Patrol Agents no longer have the right to defend US borders - not so with County Sheriff's - if illegal get past the border, Sherriff's can nab them before they get far.

287(g) is a US Federal law and Americans have the right to enforce their laws and not be dictated by the drug cartels down in Mexico!

I don't think that Ramos and Compean have a snowball's chance in hell as long as the US keeps catering to *criminal elements* in Mexico (or elsewhere).

I'm adding D. A.'s website link to my blog today - time to help him out.

Note that Ford Company is also on D.A.'s list - Bailout's aside, here is another good reason not to buy a Ford.

Also note that the sleazy Southern Poverty Law Center is on the list. People should stop funding them immediately.

Maybe Obama will show mercy to the border agents - but I doubt it. I'm beginning to believe that American politicians are bought and paid for by the pro - alien lobby. Time will tell who is and who isn't in the Obama Administration.

Pat Houseworth said...

Thanks for the link Deb....Obama won't pardon them, doens't want to piss off his base...The Media. Europe, and Hollywood!